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Pope Says Harry Potter Seduces Kids And Distorts Christianity

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On Mars, we don’t have organized religion; those of us that believe in a Supreme Being don’t feel he is so insecure that he needs us to gather once a week to sing his praises, as people seem to believe on Earth. We also don’t see a need for “religious leaders” that tell us how God wants us to live our lives. We believe that it is each person’s job in life to find that out for themselves.

Oddly, though, on Earth this is not the case. People on the third planet seem to thrive on being told what to do and how to behave. Religious leaders on Earth are only too eager to take advantage of this human flaw. This wouldn’t be overly terrible if they would just focus on important things; sadly, in many cases they do not.

Take the Catholics’ leader, Pope Benedict:

BERLIN (Reuters) – Pope Benedict believes the Harry Potter books subtly seduce young readers and “distort Christianity in the soul” before it can develop properly, according to comments attributed to him by a German writer. (Story here.)

In this Martian’s humble opinion, a child actually reading a book instead of watching television or playing a video game is a good thing.

Regardless, I daresay that Harry Potter has probably harmed far less innocent children than, say, pedophilic Catholic priests.
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  • Stupid Pope.
    Stupid Harry Potter.

    I hate both of them.

  • Last I checked there wasn’t one single bit of heretical Christian doctrine or even anything remotely connected to religion of any variety in a Harry Potter book.


  • I think it’s more of an indirect thing. Magic is considered unholy and as a major part of the stories, that makes the sorceror Harry Potter enemy #1.

  • Omni Temporal

    Dear Martian Anthropologist,

    Take me to your leader. I vow to worship It. Would that It call upon It’s infinite wisdom in laying a path of guidance to inspire me, It’s humble servant, in discovering the true path to enlightenment, lest I seem unworthy in It’s omniscient sight.

    Best, etc.

  • I’ve never understood my fellow religious nuts’ aversion to Harry Potter. I’m not overly fond of the books, but I don’t see anything that will entice kids to do anything but read more books. And as a teacher, I think that is a good thing.

    I have read some of them (which is more than most who are against them are able to say) and can see the attraction. Too much of what passes as ‘Young Adult’ fiction is really sappy or just plain bad, but the Potter books are neither. The people against them probably don’t like Tolkien or Lewis, either. (Don’t get me started)

    My wife loves the things. She’s reasonably intelligent, and hasn’t tried to start a coven, so I would say that the books are safe for any kid with a brain. And the ones without brains are too busy playing video games to read Harry Potter.

  • A fan

    I’m a big fan of the new pope. Surely by the end of his reign he will have done so many un-modern, ultra-conservative, retarded things that the only people left in the catholic church will be elitist fanatics.

  • Harry Potter distort Christianity? That’s like saying St Paul, the Catholic Church, Protestantism and Pat Robertson have distorted Christianity. Oh crap, there goes my logic. Harry Potter is probably more Christian than the latter mentioned personalities.

  • I was thinking that too Silas…the catholic church distorts christianity!

  • Nancy

    *snicker* Ahhh, Bernie “the Rat” Ratzinger, aka Bennie the umpteenth, has pontificated (pun intentional) that Harry Potter is a threat to kids’ souls, eh? Truly one of the great minds of the 6th century, that. Pity he apparently doesn’t think priests sodomizing kids, and cardinals & bishops covering for these same pederastic priests, are equally a threat to kids’ souls, considering he was the moving force behind getting Bernard Law out of Boston before the law could arrest his pious butt & park it in prison for accessory & obstruction. Bennie the umpteenth has no credibility. Neither does the catholic church.

  • Nancy

    Oops, my bad. Haven’t had my coffee yet: should be JOE, not Bernie.

  • Becky

    It’s interesting that Ratzinger made these comments in 2003 (before he was Pope) in a private letter. He’s never made such comments publically.

    The other reason it is interesting is that around the same time what the Vatican was saying publically was this – http://www.cathnews.com/news/302/10.php

    My guess is he has never read the books themselves and was merely commenting on what he read in the anti-potter book he was commenting on to the author. I’m a conservative Catholic myself and I have my copy of Halfblood Prince prebooked.

  • I agree with Becky, I am a Christian, but I do not think anyone who has made a comment about the Potter series has ever read one. They just follow all the cattle into the shot. Last time I checked it was still a free country, so think for yourself.

  • annonymous


  • Nancy

    You need to get a firm grip on yourself & grow up. And by all means, DO study the catholic church: it’s a poster child for What Not To Do, as far as corruption, venality, & power mongering are concerned.

  • Anne

    Please tell me that the highly excited person with the shaky grasp of spelling who supports ‘Pople Benedict’ (pause while checks own spelling) was being ironic? Ah, no- apparently not. I am a Catholic and reasonably proud od my own religion. I am ashamed of many of the things that happened in Ireland paticularly with regards to the paedophilic priests and the cover-ups as is any right-thinking person.

    Now, as for the charge that the Harry Potter books are evil, morelly corrupt and a danger to our society, I’m with Nancy- get a flamin’ grip on yourselves! The books are about friendship, loyalty, courage and the battle between good and evil- is there anything more central to the Christian faith then that? So what’s the big deal, people? Have we all grown so insecure that we can’t deal with something else getting attention? Yeesh.

  • Anne

    Damn, considering I got on annoymous persons case about spelling, I missed some of my own mistakes, so sorry annoymous- that was a cheap shot. I respect your opinion, althoough not your lamentable lack of courage in putting a name down. Right, anyone want to flame me- my e-mail is up there- bring on the debate!
    [email address edited]

  • Anne

    Last one! That should have been ‘in not putting a name down’ with regards to my previous post. Right. Goodbye.

  • Nancy

    Flame you for what, Anne? Your spelling? Not I! Do it m’self all the time. 🙂

  • Harry Potter distorts Chrisianity?

    I think they did that to themselves years ago.

  • april

    relax, anonymous, it’s a book that uses magic. ok. diabolical literature? i can just see her laughing evilly at her computer chair, concocting up nasty plots to lead people away from christianty. am i being dramatic? oh well…just enjoy the story

  • gonzo marx

    “POPLE BENEDICT”….that is awesome…

    i may favor that over my own “German Shepard” nomenclature…

    but i digress….

    kill Harry Potter…for all our sakes, if not, diabetes will run rampant from too much sugary consumption, and the world will end in a huge conflaguration of insulin shock…

    nuff said?


  • Anne

    Is anyone getting the notion that we’re not taking this diabolical plot to corrupt the minds and souls of our so-impressionable young as seriously as some would have us? Oh well.

    How about “Harry Potter And The Sinister Plot To Take Over The Vatican” for Book 7?
    Or “HP And the Pissed Off Dude In White?”
    Or …”Harry Potter And The Comment Which, When Taken In Context, Probably Wasn’t Meant The Way It Came Out Because It Is Patently Ridiculus”

  • Kid Souls

    The pope does have a point. These books suggest to our young children that magic is ok and accepted, they get so drawn into the book that it distorts their reality and displaces religion. They say god works in mysterious ways, evil does too. We human beings are just like ants to God someone ask him through prayer for answers.


    I’m laughing at the people who thinks the Harry Potter books are evil! If you put all your energy to getting rid of poverty or wars the world would be a much better place! Harry Potter has helped many people! I wouldt made it without them, because everytime I’m feeling down they help me up again!!! I’ve read them a thousand times! And if I’m going to hell, well then I’ll go to hell! But who the would send teir kids to hell because they read a book??? Go Harry Potter and GO MAGIC… :p
    (Sorry about my bad English, I’m from Norway)

  • Anne

    Kid Souls- I don’t know what my position is on what people call ‘magic’-hey, i’m not entirely sure just what ‘magic’ is. But magic is incidental to the stories. The stories are about people- good against evil, wrong and right- THAT’S the message behind HP, not Magic is Good.

    Anyway, give me an example of magic. What exactly is magic, and howe can it be confused with ‘Alohomora’ or…er…another bit of dog-Latin. A couple hundred years ago electricity would have been considered magic. So is electricity evil? Magic seems to be science we haven’t discovered the whyfores of yet. So is science evil too?

    Please, people. Harry Potter is a story. Just like David Eddings’ books or Enid Blytons Fairy Tales. Taking that away from kids, telling them the magic is evil, that they can’t pretend to be fairy princesses with a magic wand or whatever, stealing their right to an imagination- THAT is evil, not some kids book.

  • Dom

    Okay, I know probably nobody will read this, but i want to fit in my two cents!! Okay well if you read Harry potter, they it doesn’t mean that you are going to hell!! If anyone says that, they are obviously wrong, but if you go buy occult/Wicca books and practice witchcraft, and therefore worship Satan by practicing his magicks, well then… you are most likely going to hell, but at that point, you’ll probably want to live in eternal flame + torture with Satan, because , after all, you’ll be worshipping him…why do people even do that?? Lol

    anyways, back to the point, I think that the Harry potter books themselves are not bad, but they do somehow(don’t ask me how…i don’t know how) promote witchcraft.
    proof: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33032

    okay ya, but its not like everyone who reads the books is like, “I WANT TO BE A WITCH NOW!!” but it does introduce magic as good. and its not…its actually extremely scary… believe me…I know personally.. ya…lets not talk about it.
    but ya, basically what I’m trying to say is that harry potter is good in the way that is sort of teaches good values, such as ‘save people’ or whatever, but if people become involved with wicca/occult/witchcraft(all the same things) because harry potter introduced it to them or whatever, then its bad. just don’t be a witch please, for your own safety, terrifying really(which you probably wont understand unless you’ve been in, or seen somebody else in witchcraft…aka…the devil being your god…) but the Harry potter stories themselves are fine

  • Crazything32

    i am a 16 year old and have read all of the Harry Potter books and I’m still a devout Christian and it has had no effect on me what so ever. it does NOT make me want to use ‘magic’ or to make concoctions or do anything of the such. it doesn’t make any difference if you read them or not. but don’t knock a book until you at least read it. then if you analyze it properly, you might have the right to judge it. anyways, if you don’t like it then don’t read it, it’s a free country and keep your opinion sto yourself!!!!

  • reggie von woic

    I’ve read the books (all of them), i’ve watched all the movies, and on top of that i’m a “frequenter” of JKR’s website. I agree that HP has had a massive impact on my life, but it did nothing to ‘distort Christianity my the soul’–find the thought of that even laughable.

    But bringing up the issue of pedophilic Catholic priests to counter the Pope’s remarks on Harry Potter is totally hitting below the belt.

  • RyMantys

    Oh god, I can’t believe it. Grown people saying Harry Potter promotes witchcraft… Nightmares are coming true…
    I will only state one fact, just for the sake of trying. Harry Potter is not even a little bit realistic. Some stories about magic take place in a realistic setting. Some mention I don’t know, sacrificing chicken and sumoning demons (and even then, a kid in our day and age is not supposed to think it’s real, unless his parents are bigots that believe in this themselves), But Harry Potter? For god’s sake did you even read some of the spells? They are practically jokes. I think Rowling has gotten actually out of her way to make it as unrealistic as can be.
    And see the bigger picture. It’s good against evil, you morons. It’s as if someone said Star Wars was evil because it shows aliens!
    Ok ok, I don’t expect any fanatic bigot to understand my argument anyway…

  • Anne (yup, me again!)

    Technically Wicca isn’t devil worship, it’s the mother goddess, the Feminine to the Masculine (of our religion) and actually partly taken from ou religion. (I think, I’m no expert on the whole deal) Worshipping demons has nothing at all to do with the price of fish.

  • Steve

    Magic is evil? Er, well, as an ex-Christian pastor I can tell you that the magic in books by Lewis and Tolkien is trumpeted. You all probably no this. Jesus torched such hypocrisy. Jesus also said that it isn’t what goes in, it is what comes out. Go check the Bible yourself. Gospel of Mark, chapter 7:

    “Hear me, all of you, and understand: 15 There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him.”

    Jesus is saying, friends, it isn’t what you see going into someone that condemns them, uit is evil coming forth from them. A man can read harry Potter and not be evil, but if he tries casting curses on his enemies, well..them…etc.

    I guess the Pope didn’t read that part of the Bible. (or has a different interpretation…religious people always do)

  • AM

    Yes, I agree that you could vaguely say HP books are not christian because they encourage the use of magic, however they do actually promote the church’s policies. Allow me to explain:
    Albus Dumbledore, a favoured, generally liked character in Harry Potter whom J.K. Rowling uses as a bit of a role model acitvely says love is the greatest power, just like the church.
    J.K. Rowling also says murdering is wrong if the people she akes us despise (voldemort, Severus Snape etc.) are anything to go by. I would say read Harry Potter as much as you like, just don’t jup of a building firmly gripping a broom. lol, let’s hope no one’s that soft in the head, if they are they deserve what’s coming to them.

  • sjc

    since you are from mars you must be a mind reader. but since you are not from mars. dont you think its odd that the church hasnt expressed thier offical view on the Harry Potter books, maybe you should write a letter to them before posting things like this.

  • Austin

    My whole family and I are Catholics, and I’ve read the books so many times I’ve lost count, and so has many others in my family, and not ONCE have we found evidence that the Harry Potter series is leading people astray. When kids dress up in black robes and wave a “wand” around, they’re not expressing their want to become a follower of Satan, they’re just using their imagination! And to be frank, I think that’s really nice to see nowdays when all kids want to do is play video games, watch tv, surf the net…

    Some people just tend to find what they want to in books. And like I said before, I’m a Catholic, and does it look like I’m a follower of Satan, even after reading the books countless times?

  • Austin

    My whole family and I are Catholics, and I’ve read the books so many times I’ve lost count, and so has many others in my family, and not ONCE have we found evidence that the Harry Potter series is leading people astray. When kids dress up in black robes and wave a “wand” around, they’re not expressing their want to become a follower of Satan, they’re just using their imagination! And to be frank, I think that’s really nice to see people using their imaginaion nowdays when all kids want to do is play video games, watch tv, surf the net…

    Some people just tend to find what they want to in books. And like I said before, I’m a Catholic, and does it look like I’m a follower of Satan, even after reading the books countless times?

  • Terri

    ALL PEOPLE WHO THINK HARRY POTTER IS “EVIL” NEED TO ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS. There is nothing, in any of the books or movies, that meantion ANYTHING whatsoever about religion of any kind, besides the fact that Harry has a godfather. And she’s not going around saying that magic is good, Harry’s aunt and uncle hate him because he’s magical, so J.K.’s giving both sides of the “issue”. She’s not trying to convert you to whatever religion you think Wizard is, and she’s not starting some secret cult. It’s a STORY, so get over it and get a life. There are so many books and movies and TV shows out there that have to do wqith magic: Matilda, Wizards of Waverly Place, Twilight (sort of), and lots of other stuff that the pope isn’t insulting! No where on this book does it say “THIS IS NONFICTION, BELIEVE AND REPEAT EVERYTHING YOU READ”. You don’t see kids yelling AVADA KEDAVRA and then shooting a person. And I bet half you people don’t even understand that because you’re too lazy to read so you just read the pope’s stupid reviews when he himself didn’t even read it!
    (And I read all the books)

  • J9

    I like to think of myself as an open thinker and I am catholic but I have a nine year old daughter who has been seeing dark things in the wee hours of the night and within her visions are the dark “characters” from Harry Potter. She’s read nearly every book and seen most of the movies and now I am dealing with dark things within my family… Hmmm I wonder what the Pope’s point is…. maybe messing with this type of thinking is dark and shouldn’t be allowed for young, imressionable children. You can’t turn evil away if you think it’s ok. This is like playing with fire so I am after seeing both sides in agreement with the Pope and am disappointed with myself for thinking it’s harmless. It is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!