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Pope Benedict needs to declare the fruitfulness and the multiplication as Mission Accomplished…

Pope Benedict declares the multiplication of Catholics as Mission Accomplished

“Immediately after creating man, God told him, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” (Genesis 1:28). After the flood, God gave Noah and his sons a similar commission, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9:1).” from: Be Fruitful and Multiply

So the Catholic Church seems to think that birth control is a bad thing? Partly at least, because of this whole Be Fruitful and Multiply thing in the Bible? It seems like maybe the new Pope is stuck with this rule even if it puts a heavy burden on families, especially on his poorest followers. And if God said it, the Pope would have to do it, even if it requires mankind to overpopulate the Earth and cause widespread starvation and devastation by expanding beyond what the environment can support?

But maybe the Pope and his theologians just don’t see what God was getting at. When God said to Be Fruitful and Multiply, maybe God didn’t intend for it to be done FOREVER. Does he or she say “multiply ENDLESSLY”? I mean any religion needs a good amount of followers to thrive and after a devastating flood you would need to replenish it back up to a thriving amount. Any deity worth their salt would want its followers to multiply up to a good safe amount to keep their religion going, wouldn’t they? It seems to me this business of multiplying without end is an added assumption that God is not saying in these quotes. Thinking that God is commanding some endless reproduction is assuming that God does not have a lick of common sense.

These kinds of edicts may make sense to a bunch of elderly celibate people who live off the donations of others, but for those of us in the reproductive front lines, we can’t be blamed for thinking that God might be as interested in our having the ability to nurture and cherish our children as he or she would be in their mass production. It seems the Pope and his Cardinals are giving God very little credit in this issue by thinking that God meant ENDLESS reproduction.

If we don’t make these assumptions for God (that is a bit presumptuous eh?), than the question instead would be, how many Christians would it take to make God happy? Well I know there are issues with whom the Catholic Church considers real Christians, so let’s consider only the population of Catholics.

“Catholics worldwide numbered 1.07 billion in 2002, and half of them were in the Americas, says the 2004 Pontifical Yearbook” from: AMERICAS HAVE HALF THE WORLD’S 1.07 BILLION CATHOLICS.

Well perhaps a BILLION CATHOLICS is enough of the multiplying already? I think God might be proud and satisfied with the work Catholics have done in this area. If a billion Catholics is NOT a fruitful and multiplied amount, than the only other answer is to wait until all the available space on Earth is covered inch by inch with starving Catholics. By putting this idea upon God that he meant to multiply forever, the Catholic Church is forced into a struggle against a world that feels like it has enough children of God and wants to slow down the multiplying while those children can still be nourished and given the support that each child deserves.

Is there any way that the Pope and the Catholic Church can change their mind on this issue? Have they backed themselves into a theological and ecological corner?

I think there is a way out…

Maybe Pope Benedict can just take a page from the playbook of our American Man of God(George Bush). Maybe Pope Benedict can put an end to the Catholic Churches struggle against the world’s reality over birth control. Maybe all it would take is declaring the goal of being fruitful and multiplying as Mission Accomplished.

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  • Gabriel

    The Catholic Church and the Pope should not be looked upon as an entity that is trying to enforce rules on you. Nothing that it teaches does it force on you or anybody. The purpose of the magesterium and the Pope is to ensure that the teachings of christ be handed down through all the ages until his second coming.

    The Church is 200x older than you and it will continue to exist long after we are all dead and Christ has come again. The Church does not believe that non-christians or non-catholics are damned. The Church just ensures that which Christ has promised and which does not contradict a SINGLE biblical text. That is the purpose of the Catholic Church. TO make sure bozoos dont try to enterprate the word of God outside of Context. You should learn the History of the Church, because your lies are unbecoming of men of action.

  • Gabriel

    One more thing, for those of you who would say the church is hypocritical you are wrong. It is men in the weakness of the dark who have free will that make the church look hyprocritical, but the church simply teaches the truth of christ and the moral absolute truths of all mankind.

    For those of you who say there is no absolute truth. Stop because such a claim would mean that you who denies absolute universal truth is making a declaration of universal statement.
    And that is contridictory to what you claim.

    For those of you who hate the church, stop because the church does nothing wrong to you. She has provided all christians with the Bible completed in its entirety in 399 AD. For our protostent brothers that means we are responcible for everything they have been handed down. Dont critisize the church because that is a critisism on Christ who sent the Church. Who has learned theology from liberal media and not from the time of christ and the early church fathers.

    In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Lord, who is Truth, Help us to know You. From dust we came and to dust we shall return. May we all realize that God is everything and we are but a spec in the cosmos, but we thank you God because you love the spec. You created all things good and all the Good we need must come from you. For this we pray through the Intercession of the New Eve the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of Mercy, God. In the Name of the Father, SOn, and the HOly Spirit.Amen.

  • Big Time Patriot

    “The Church is 200x older than you” ?
    I’m assuming the Catholic Church can’t possibly be considered more than 2005 years old. 200 times older than me would actually be about 8000 years ago. If you can’t reason out simple math I’m not certain you should trust your own judgments on the big questions of life. Another questionable point you make, “The Catholic Church and the Pope should not be looked upon as an entity that is trying to enforce rules on you.” What do you call it when the Church tries to affect the voters of America through instructions on how to treat various candidates who might have different views on the rights of women to control their own bodies than the views of a certain 80 year old, supposedly celibate man?

  • Silas Kain

    It is against dogma to spill one’s seed upon the ground, in the air or into a Kleenex. We won’t even go down the old sodomy path. FYI, sodomy isn’t only about back door sex, ask any follower of the Good Book. The seed of a male may only be deposited into the sacred female’s receptacle. Unless, of course, you need assistance from a fertility clinic. Then, all bets are off.

  • monco

    I have something to ad…sexual intercourse is considered the penis entering the vaginal cavity. With condom use, the penis enters a condom which enters the vagina…technically, it would not be sex (due to the milimeter of latex inbetween). So, this would suggest a few things. It would for one, suggest that all unmarried couples would HAVE to use a condom to get their rocks off; not be “spilling the seed upon the ground” because the sperm dies when it comes in contact with the spermicide; and also is a better way to prevent abortions. And also, what does an 80 year old dude who’s NEVER been laid know about sex?! No woman would want to get into bed with him, so of course he can say that and be alright with it, cause he ain’t getting none anyways. So all u unmarried couples, u better wear a condom if u want to be good christians. This is the 21st century, things are different then they were 2000 years ago! Thus, rules can change. Not everyone follows the diet rules of the bible, not everyone abstains from sex before marriage (yea, including ALL of u hypocrites who are against condoms and birth control, you did it too!), so WHY would u go and be all against birth control! You people need to get a life, and open your eyes to the new world…god let condoms and birth control come into existance, so be it…anything that is on this earth, is because of god letting it exist…we are his toys, if he creates the earth and heavens, then by his name JUST GO WITH THE FLOW! It’s not against the 10 original commandments! It’s not hurting anyone (unless an unwanted child comes to this world and is neglected, or someone gets AIDS…by supporting that, one would be a sinner!). I have nothing more to say….

  • Martin Lav

    1 year later, who needs to get a life?

  • David

    First of all, I am engaged and getting married this summer. My future bride and I are already using Natural Family Planning (NFP) and are not sexually active. We choose to follow the Church’s teachings, which apply to all persons, since all people, whether Catholic or not, have intrinsic value and dignity, and deserve to be treated with love and respect. It can be difficult at times, obviously, but it’s really not that hard, if you are accustomed to practicing virtue. I’ll try to anwer some questions.

    Dr. Janet E. Smith explains it on this FREE CD!!! Here’s a link to Dr. Janet Smith’s homepage.


    And now, in my own words…

    The Catholic Church’s teachings on contraception are there for your benefit. The Church teaches that THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO LOVE AS GOD LOVES. How does God love? He came to serve, not to be served, and gives himself totally and completely to us, with no selfish interests.

    Love gives of itself COMPLETELY, as we see in Christ on the Cross; not just when it’s convenient or feels good. Only this will bring you the happiness you search for.

    HUMAN BEINGS ARE MEANT FOR LOVE, never to be used as objects.

    SEX IS A GREAT GIFT! This was the original sacrament (sign) in the Garden of Eden, before sin. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL WAY IN WHICH WE ARE TO IMAGE GOD, and participate in his perfect, divine life.

    God is a trinity, a communion, a family, a relationship. GOD IS LIFE-GIVING LOVE! LOVE REQUIRES S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E!!! If you aren’t giving of yourself until it’s thoroughly painful, then you’re just another fair-weather friend. Love is not pragmatic.

    Contraception is not total self-giving, and is therefore CONTRACEPTION IS NOT LOVE. Abstinence requires self-control, virtue, respect for creation and for the body. Contraception is harmful psychologically, physically, and spritiually. You deserve better. You have more dignity and value than you realize.

    This doesn’t mean you should have a 50 kids. If you are in control of yourself (and you ought to be) then you have the freedom to CHOOSE whether to have sex, or whether to abstain. Both sex and abstinence can be expressions of Love and self-giving. (Choice? Interesting, Catholics believe in free will, but not in permitting the abuse of free will for selfish motives.)

    God is committed to you forever, and he chose you. ONLY A MONOGAMOUS MARRIAGE between one man and one woman, can image the love of Christ (the Bridegroom) for the Church (the Bride).

    In this analogy, God is always the initiator, and we are to open up to receive God’s love. We receive God into our hearts, and we receive his flesh into our bodies (the Eucharist) (John 6:51-55). The Mass is a wedding feast. Heaven is described as an eternal wedding feast.

    If you want to know if something is permitted or good, just ask yourself, “Does this image God?” “Is this life-giving, selfless, Love?” “Am I willing to humbly sacrifice my own desires and my own understanding, out of love for God and Man?”

    I hope this helps…

    p.s. check out the links at the top :) Have a full, joyful, life! ~David

  • David

    2 years later? Ha!