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Pop culture embodies the ideas, concerns and desires of people through the things that entertain them: for example, movies, advertisements, television, and fashion. Any form of expression that engages a large number of people becomes part of popular culture. It can also mean culture that is produced in large quantities for the so-called "masses."

Popular culture as a whole stands apart from "highbrow" or "high" culture, which is determined by the educated elite. Pop culture encompasses everything that appeals to a wide number of people: fads in clothing, trends in food, slang expressions and celebrity-watching. In fact, a pop culture trend can itself become a symbolic language that is understood by many people. Discussing pop culture trends is a way of connecting in the blogosphere, too.

The study of pop culture throughout history- such as in the Victorian period – can give one enormous insight into what truly gripped – sometimes even obsessed – people in earlier times.

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