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Pop Culture Digest: Bush Sees United 93, McPhee Joins Bocelli, Couric’s Goodbye

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President Bush will join his wife Laura Bush as well as family members of those who died on September 11, 2001 in a screening of the critically acclaimed film United 93. No information as to the exact date this will happen, but considering I have seen the movie and know how it portrays Bush and his administration's handling of the events on 9/11, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall while he screens this film. I mean, seriously, one of the lines is "Where is the president?" "We don't know." I do. Reading The Pet Goat.

[ADBLOCKHERE]It was confirmed yesterday that American Idol runner-up, bluesy songstress Katharine McPhee, will join Andrea Bocelli on his June tour. I don't know if you could really call it a tour, seeing as how all but two of the dates are in Los Angeles, but nonetheless it should be a hot summer ticket, although it’s no rival to the American Idols Live tour, which has sold out so quickly they've recently added 20 more dates. It only goes to show just how much more popular this show has become over the years. The tour, which at first was struggling so bad it was nearly scrapped altogether, has now become one of the hottest events of the summer. How will Katharine do Bocelli and Idol you ask? Well, Bocelli's tour is in June and the Idol tour doesn't begin until July.

In other interesting McPhee news, "Think" has been replaced with her signature song "Over The Rainbow" (which they have wrongly titled "Somewhere Over The Rainbow”), presumably the one she just recently recorded with big-time producer David Foster (Bocelli, Dion, Houston). Originally, Katharine's post-Idol single was to be the God-awful "My Destiny" with the Aretha Franklin cover from the Idol CD Encores as a B-Side, according to the image of her CD cover at Amazon. Oddly though, "Think" is still listed as the 2nd track. Looks like Katharine's got a busy year ahead of her considering the fact that she's got her album to develop and record, two tours to embark on, loads of press, a call from Steven Spielberg, and a rumored casting in Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman.

As to whether Katharine can act, this in from TV Guide:

According to producer-writer David Holden, who cast her in ill-fated mall-based MTV soap You Are Here (aka U R ?), she most definitely can act. "She was very, very convincing," he says of McPhee, who played a high-school outcast living in her younger sister's more popular shadow. And regarding the Wonder Woman thing, I passed your suggestion on to Kat herself when she dropped by our offices yesterday. Naturally she was all for it. "I would need to get a trainer first," she said with a laugh. "I haven't worked out in four months."

Today, Katie Couric said her final goodbyes on NBC's Today Show after weeks and weeks of re-visiting old clips and hearing well-wishes from interviewed celebrities that have appeared on the program. Speculation of Katie's move to the CBS Evening News created a whirlwind earlier this year and Couric finally came on the air to confirm the news, which then prompted NBC to replace her with The View's Meredith Vieira. Many wonder if the Today Show can survive without Couric, who apparently brought sex to daytime television. I for one have always found Matt Lauer to be sexier, but to each his own. Why do I get the feeling when she gives her goodbyes, she's gonna pop out with a red clown nose and a handful of confetti and shout it was a joke all along? Damn publicity stunts. In other daytime news, rumor has it Diane Sawyer is set to leave Good Morning America very soon as well.

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  • CSJ

    That’s Awesome news for Kat McPhee

    Looks like her career could be HOTTER than the Winner Taylor Hicks

    Good Luck to Her!

  • Ani

    Nice summary of what’s been going on with Katharine. That’s pretty incredible; maybe I’ve just been out of the loop with the past winners and runners-up of American Idol, but it seems to me that she’s already got a brighter future ahead of her than the rest of them!

  • charlie

    it will be no surprise to me if katharine mcphee has much greater success than taylor hicks or any of the other idol 5th season finalists. one has only to recall the comments that the pros like david foster and others made about her voice to realize that they viewed her as having huge potential. just one man’s opinion, but she has much more star power than any of the others.

  • ekso

    Looks like Kat McPhee has quite the career ahead of her.
    Bocelli, Foster, AND Spielberg?!
    How come I haven’t heard anything about mega-celebs teaming up with Hicks?

  • Because Hicks doesn’t have the star quality that Katharine does. Does that make him any less of an artist? No. And I’m sure he doesn’t give two shits that Katharine is getting these offers–he just wants to focus on his music. But Katharine has the looks, the voice, the talent to be a very very successful entertainer.

  • Mellie

    I saw Kat at the Nashville concert. Bless her heart, she has NO stage presence at all when it comes to musical performance. I have never been so bored as I was having to listen to her sing. She can’t hold a candle to Taylor when it comes to bringing an audience to their collective feet. There was no comparison at all. She may be a good actress but an entertainer she is NOT.

  • If you consider writhing around and shouting into the mic bringing an audience to their feet–then yes, Taylor takes the cake.