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Any record which induces me to run naked down the street shouting: “bless my sacred rod!” must be good. Or it might be the mushrooms. Together We’re Heavy is one of those records.

Despite local papers downgrading this big band wilsonish album, I can’t help but like it.

Mostly because I’ve been having a bad time, this album has done nothing but cheer me up. That they had a scene in one of my favourite sitcoms, “Scrubs” only added to my favour. This is happy music, and if you don’t like it, as your sour veep would say, go fuck yourself.

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  • The Theory

    I’m looking forward to this. “Begining Stages” made my top ten list for that year.

  • Tom, I don’t actually have a physical copy, cough, *bittorrent* cough. So I don’t have the DVD, but you can download a video from their official website. Without the packaging, I just have to deal with only the music, man.

  • How’s the DVD, Jim? I’m anxious for this release on Tuesday, partially just to see how they take off from the previous album, which wasn’t a favorite but had some really fun moments. But the inclusion of a DVD with a full concert? I’m totally there, especially for $9.99 at Best Buy.