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Polls (10/10/2004)

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The Washington Post tracking poll has Bush up 5 points, and over 50%

Zogby (this one’s always an outlier; see 2002 and 2000 for proof) has Kerry up 1

The Rasmussen tracking poll has Bush up 4, with Kerry’s numbers falling every day since the VP debate

The Battleground poll (conducted 10/03/2004 to 10/07/2004) shows Bush with either a 4 point lead or a 3 point lead, depending on how you view the data

So, it appears Bush still has a slight lead. Barring a gaffe-filled performance in debate number three, Bush will likely go into the homestretch with a narrow advantage over John F. Kerry.

Of course, these are national polls, and the national vote does not decide who wins the election. (Just ask Al Gore.) I may post another state-by-state analysis soon, but this will have to suffice for now.

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  • So which tastes better, Coke or Pepsi?
    Because that is just as valid a poll question.

    Polls are meaningless, I know it, you know it. But at least I admit polls are meaningless.

  • Vic

    And on election night if Bush wins I’m sure that shortly thereafter those polls will be declared meaningless as well.


  • I’d be more interested on a poll of Electors and court judges, since they are the folks who decide who makes up the board of directors of USA inc.

    Really, if all voting does is to affirm a corrupt system, why vote, only to have your effort perverted and abused by evil-minded little men. This hysteria is nothing more than sodomy of the public trust.

  • Polls are meaningless, Jim? So, you’re saying that Clinton signed GATT and NAFTA because they were in line with his ideology, and not poll-driven policy then? And Bush signed the expansion of medicare into law not because of polling info, but because of ideology? And Bush and Kerry are only campaigning in five states for what reason?

    Come on, Jim. Sober up.