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“Politics and the Internet” Academic Survey

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In case you haven’t been surveyed enough, these fine folks are conducting another; but at least this is about you, specifically:

    We are conducting an online survey that examines the motivations for accessing the Web, weblogs, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other Internet resources for political information.

    We are specifically looking for individuals who connect to online political information to fill out our survey. We’re just not able to get word out to enough people about the survey. You’d make our day if you could give us a link to our survey. All we are asking is for an icon that directs your readers to the survey URL. We will be collecting data until 11/16/04.

    Our survey has been approved by the University of Tennessee institutional review board and is being conducted for academic purposes only and follows strict privacy protocols. Additionally, all responses are confidential and anonymous.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated and we would be more than willing to share our findings with you.

    Survey URL


    Barbara K. Kaye, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    University of Tennessee-Knoxville

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