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Political Tidbits 2/8/06

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Republican or Democrat, American or Foreign, the politicos are fine subject for speculation, rumination and a bit of derision

George Galloway-It’s Serious Now

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George Galloway is a British politician who, as revealed by this post on the man, likes to make a fool of himself.

Besides his silly antics, the man is a liar and a thief. The United States government has the goods on this fellow and his involvement with the lovable Saddam Hussein. Galloway was hip deep in Saddam and Kofi’s oil-for-palaces scandal and George lied brazenly in front of an American congressional committee looking into the matter.

Thanks to Instapundit we find out that British investigators obtained many documents that are alleged to be proof of Galloway’s complicity in keeping the Iraqi people under Saddam’s oppression.

This guy is such a jerk. May he spend many fine years in jail.

George Galloway faces the prospect of a criminal investigation into his activities by the serious fraud office, which has collected evidence relating to the oil-for-food corruption scandal in Iraq.

A four-strong SFO team returned from Washington with what a source close to US investigators calls “thousands of documents” about the scandal. The team is expected to produce, within the next four weeks, a report for the SFO director, Robert Wardle, as to whether a full criminal investigation should be mounted into UK individuals and companies involved, including Mr Galloway.

Google and Porn

I watched Dateline on several occasions when child predators got caught. On camera and in living color.

In every instance, as one might imagine, the predators were sickening.

Yes they were lured by a decoy and a user posing as a child in various Internet chat rooms. But they thought it was real.

There is a law on the books to protect children against these predators, the 1998 Child Online Protection Act. That law, however, is under challenge by the ACLU. Tough job, defending child predators.

This administration is requesting that several of the major search engines provide a random sampling of one million searches over a one-week period.

It’s not clear, at least to me, what this sampling would provide or how it would help defend the law. I’m guessing the sample would illustrate, by the volume of searches for child porn, how serious the problem is. But it’s just a guess.

As for the random sampling, it’s not as if anyone specific is targeted. Although it would probably be small matter to obtain email addresses from such a list.

Google vows not to turn over any such thing and will fight the request vigorously.

I can understand, on some level, Google’s position. To willy-nilly turn over search requests would be a dangerous thing for a company whose main business is, well, Internet searches. People would not trust a search engine that they knew might turn over their search requests to authorities, even if on a random basis.

On another level, there’s nothing more precious than the children. They are our future. If they are in danger of being molested by strangers in their naiveté, it’s up to the adults to protect them.

According to the Dateline series on child sex predators, part of the problem is the perverts frequent those very web sites where children and adolescents hang out.

One must marvel at how the ACLU manages to come down on the anti-American side of every issue. Now they’re protecting child molesters.

As for Google, well we shall see.
From Zdnet.com:

Feds take porn fight to Google

Federal prosecutors preparing to defend a controversial Internet pornography law in court have asked Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and America Online to hand over millions of search records – a request that Google is adamantly denying.

In court documents filed Wednesday, the Bush administration asked a federal judge in San Jose, Calif., to force Google to comply with a subpoena for the information, which would reveal the search terms of a broad swath of the search engine’s visitors.

Prosecutors are requesting a “random sampling” of 1 million Internet addresses accessible though Google’s popular search engine, and a random sampling of 1 million search queries submitted to Google over a one-week period.

Google said in a statement sent to CNET News.com on Thursday that it will resist the request “vigorously.”

The Bush administration’s request is part of its attempts to defend the 1998 Child Online Protection Act, which is being challenged in court in Philadelphia by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU says Web sites cannot realistically comply with COPA and that the law violates the right to freedom of speech mandated by the First Amendment.

The search engine companies are not parties to the suit.

Why Have a War When It’s Easier to Kill Just One Guy?

Iran’s new slightly nuts President Ahmadinejad better watch his back. Because recently this fine fellow almost lost his head.

Somebody wants Ahmadinejad dead. Make that a whole planet full of somebodies.

I suspect this was an inside attempt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Lebanon’s al-Manar Television, run by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah terrorist group, announced today that President Ahmadinejad canceled his trip to Iran’s southern city of Ahvaz on Monday after a security tip warning him Arab dissidents planned to assassinate him with a series of bombings, World Net Daily reported.

Two separate bomb blasts went off in the restive southern city of Ahwaz on Tuesday at the time when President Ahmadinejad was expected to give a speech:

It Was Bound to Happen

Cindy Sheehan, mother of a slain soldier and darling of the anti-war left, announced her plans to run against current California Senator Diane Feinstein.

This was before the great State of the Union debacle that had Cindy kicked out. Now she’s really a hero.

Of course and as expected, a web site has been created to promote Cindy Sheehan for Senator.

Visit and contribute to the cause.

Rumors on Reid

I saw the show referenced in the quote when my own fine Senator Joe Biden acted all coy when asked about rumors on Harry Reid. Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, is rumored to be under pressure to step down from his position due to his contributions from the infamous Jack Abramoff.

For now matter how often DNC Chairman, Howard Dean, declares that Democrats have never accepted a penny from lobbyist Jack Abramoff, campaign finance records show this to be a lie.

This is a particularly juicy tidbit and, if true, will put the Democrats in a position where nothing they say will ever be believed again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) failed today to address rumors that Nevada Senator Harry Reid will step down next month as Senate Minority Leader. Reid has been stung by revelations that his political action committee (PAC) accepted more than $60,000 in contributions from Indian tribes linked to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Appearing on CNN’s Late Edition, Biden avoided discussing either the Reid situation or any upcoming changes in Senate Democratic leadership.

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  • zingzing

    the GOP has got a disease it’s not telling you about.

  • Bing

    Maybe all politicians are whores but at least the GOP is worth sleeping with.

  • Nancy

    Oh, they are, they are. 99.999% of Official Washington is probably quaking in their beds each night waiting for that Call from the FBI to come have a little chat. They’re all dirty, it’s just a question of degree, and at the moment, it’s the Republicans who’ve had the biggest & best chance recently to sink the deepest. That’s how they came to power, after all: the Dems were in command, were dirty, and the Republicans came in back in 94 vowing to Change All That & run a clean government. Ha. Har har har. I wonder if they meant it at the time, or whether even then they were just rubbing their greasy little hands in anticipation of being able to pick their share of pockets. Excuse me, I seem to be cynical about political ethics of ANY kind.

  • Justin Berry

    Agreed. You have to admit the irony of this situation is funny. I can see all kinds of politicians walking around Washington looking in mirrors and constantly asking each other “do I have egg on my face?”

  • Nancy

    ALL politicians are whores; you should know that by now. Party doesn’t matter: they’re interchangable. All of them are wealthy, all are vastly overprivileged, all are arrogant – and all need to spend the rest of their lives subject to Mao-style “re-education” in the fields, in my opinion.

  • Justin Berry

    How long as Abramoff been around? Werent hte dems in power at one time?

    Is that why the dems are so mad? they didnt get a bigger piece of the pie? Seems to me that anyone caught should be removed from congress no matter what party, and lets get this done before the midterm elections so we can go ahead and replace them with more sell-outs.

  • Nancy

    Justin, everybody knows (including other non-rightwingers) the Dems took money from Abramoff. They just didn’t take as much, as greedily, as arrogantly, and as blatantly … most likely because they aren’t the party in power or they would have. When judging corruption, you do have to take into consideration that old saw about “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So the party out of power can only be somewhat corrupt, altho they’ll change that fast enough should the situation change.

  • Justin Berry

    Shhh!! dont tell anyone that we know the Dems took money from Abramoff. We want to see how loud they scream about the republicans. Then we can open that can of crow and feed it to them.

  • Maurice


    you always get it right and are very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  • zingzing

    you aclu comment (anti-american?) is way off base. fighting child porn is a good thing, but this is not the way to do it. it’s an invasion of privacy for everyone, not just child molesters. i don’t really care about the privacy of actual child molesters, but i see no reason why i (or you) should be molested by the government because they want to touch some kiddy-parts.

    if protecting individual liberty is anti-american, then fuck america. and fuck americans. call me anti-american. i really couldn’t give two shits about what you call me, as long as you leave me alone. it’s amazing that some people don’t see the need for the aclu. they’re like the police. everyone hates them until they need them. the day when you need them will, if you continue to let the government invade your privacy, probably be here quite soon. just don’t go crying to mommy when they tell you to fuck off. (of course, they won’t, but that’s beside the point.)

  • Someone actually tried to kill Amina-whathisface? Cool! An innocent man works on destroying the Middle East and a bullet finds its way into his chest – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Too bad it didn’t.

  • Bing

    I’d sooner cut off my right hand than use it to give Cindy Sheehan a dime.

    That crazy bitch can go ask that world class douchebag George Soros for money if she wants to run for Senator.