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Political Symphony: When Politics Is the Family Business

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Politics has taken on the garb of business. The nuances of business are difficult to master. Business runs in families. The family business is now giving way to professional management. But in politics it is the other way around.

Politicians come and go. The family never entered into it. But now we find the family as a chief contributing force in our governance. There is so much domination and interference by family members that the administration suffers.

Using an interesting scenario that we are witnessing in South India as example will add merit to my interpretation.

Tamilnadu is a state in India. Chennai is the capital city. This state has made progress in manufacturing and agriculture to commendable levels. The people are modestly educated and hard working. Tamilnadu is ruled by the regional party, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). The Chief Minister is M. Karunanidhi, an 87-year-old man who has been in politics and media since he was in his 20s. He is a keen and astute politician. But his family has taken full control of the state, leading to a messy, chaotic scenario. His second son is the Deputy Chief Minister, his eldest son is a Central Minister, his nephew is also in the centre holding an important portfolio, and his daughter is a member of Parliament. The rest of the family is in media.

Their dominance has become so strong that not an event takes place in the state without their knowledge, not a transaction gets passed without their supervision.

Furthermore, the family, which came from a very humble background, has swollen with wealth in the form of real estate. They have full control over many manufacturing industries too.They are worth billions now.

An ordinary person in Tamilnadu is at the mercy of this family. The police department also does not function independently. The administration of the state is at the family’s beck and call. If anyone defies their supremacy he is treated badly.

Tamilnadu has to be recovered from the clutches of this family, lest it would become an empty bin bereft of its rich resources and credibility.

The political symphony is at its best in Tamilnadu, with the family getting involved in every endeavour. A musical symphony is at its best with perfect coordination. In Tamilnadu we detect a complete harmony and absolute understanding in running the government as they wish.

Power corrupts the mind.

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