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Political Stunner: Rove Resigns, Bush Quips

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In breaking news this morning, Karl Rove has resigned and will be leaving his post as chief advisor to President Bush at the end of August. His family and friends say he has been talking about resigning for the past few months. Rove wants to spend more time at his home in Ingram, Texas. His son attends college in nearby San Antonio. He has been under investigation and facing Congressional subpoenas since the scandal and convictions that led to the downfall of Lewis Libby.  

According to Democracy Now, he has refused to honor the subpoenas and obviously had no plans to testify before Congress on the improper firing of attorneys, among other things. He has been called “Bush’s brain.” And what a brain, a man who made “the constitutional cowboy” George Bush look presidential.

Who will replace Karl Rove? He has left a vast political void, and a brain drain for Bush. Without a doubt, the news of Rove’s resignation will resonate on the Hill. The obvious question: how does this bode for Alberto Gonzales? Will Gonzales be the straw man left holding the bag of kryptonite? I predict he too will return to Texas, via resignation. Exactly how many people have resigned, starting with Colin Powell (but not in order)? Let us count (some of them):

  • Colin Powell (2004) Secretary of State
  • Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman
  • Education Secretary Rod Paige
  • Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham
  • George Tenet, CIA Director
  • Michael Brown, Head of FEMA
  • Lewis “Scooter” Libby, VP Cheney’s Chief of Staff
  • House Counselor Dan Bartlett
  • Budget Director Rob Portman
  • Chief White House attorney (and unsuccessful Supreme Court nominee) Harriet Miers
  • Political Director Sara Taylor
  • Deputy National Security Adviser J.D. Crouch and Meghan O'Sullivan
  • Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (was forced out)

This list is by no means exhaustive. One would have to add the firings of the attorneys general under Gonzales’ alleged order.  

And Bush Quips

By now the whole country knows that our president needs someone to make him look and sound presentable. George does not mind self-deprecation. He makes fun of himself whenever the opportunity arises. You have got to love that about your commander in chief. Why just the other day when asked if he could say anything in French (light of President Sarkozy’s visit), he quipped, “I can barely speak English.”  

While resignations are not new or rare in a two-term administration, taking over 400 days vacation (418 to be exact) is novel. Bush will eclipse Reagan’s vacation day count (438), I predict, before the year’s end.  However, expecting Bush to quit, resign, or be impeached before the end of the year is much ado about nothing.

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  • Zedd


    Fun article.

    Tell your Prez to quit trippin with all that quipping.

    I know, corny…. but did you chuckle?

  • Zedd


    You are funny!

    I always laugh out loud. You must have some cojones tucked in those big boobs of yours!

  • moonraven

    His spanish is just as unrecognizable as his english–and yours.

    I seem to remember Jimmy Carter speaking spanish….

  • Lumpy

    He’s the first US president to speak Spanish. I would thinl that would appeal tp your multiculturalism.

  • moonraven

    Bush is linguistically challenged.

    Maybe that is why he is such a hero on this site?