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Political Hijinks and the Police State; the Battle for Wisconsin

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Last night, the political situation in Wisconsin took a dark step towards a constitutional police state as Democratic Rep. Nick Milroy was physically assaulted by Wisconsin Capitol Police for trying to return to his office and retrieve clothing. Despite the fact that Mr. Milroy is authorized to enter the building because of his status as an elected representative of the State of Wisconsin (South Range), he was physically manhandled, and wrestled to the ground by uniformed officers in front of cameras by local television station WISN-ABC 12.Rep. Nick Milroy Assaulted

After being let up from the ground, Rep. Milroy can be clearly heard telling the officers why he is there while trying to show his identification badge, yet he is still told to leave by the uniformed officers as they try to back up the press and create a camera-free perimeter. Clearly ignoring the issuing of a restraining order by Dane County Circuit Court Judge Daniel R. Moeser, it is obvious who is in control of the Wisconsin state capitol building: Governor Walker’s Capitol Police force.

On the same day as Rep. Malloy’s assault; in a move that is undeniably unconstitutional, Senate Republicans have issued detainment orders for their Democratic colleagues who have fled the state. In an effort to halt the Wisconsin Senate from reaching a quorum and pushing through their highly unpopular financial reform legislature, 14 Democratic senators have relocated to neighboring states in protest.

As quoted by many in the media recently, Section 15 of the Wisconsin state constitution clearly states:

[Exemption from arrest and civil process.] Members of the legislature shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest; nor shall they be subject to any civil process, during the session of the legislature, nor for fifteen days next before the commencement and after the termination of each session.

How long will this ridiculous display of power mad unconstitutional behavior last before the law enforcement and people of Wisconsin stand up and declare a vote of recall? How many lives have to be ruined by layoffs or physical assault? Hasn’t it become clear by now that Governor Walker and his cohorts are more obsessed with the power they wield then leading their state to financial solvency? These are all questions the people of Wisconsin should be asking themselves as another night begins to fall over the battle for Wisconsin.  Photo: AP

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  • GJPinks

    Milroy refused to provide identification after numerous requests. He has admitted that he was in the wrong.

  • John Galt

    They breached the peace!

  • Boeke

    So, now US citizens must produce Id for anyone who asks?

  • Andrew McInally

    Yes Boeke, if you’re a Democrat: ID please. That’s the world Conservatives salivate over.