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Political Correctness Run Amok – Punch bashed for bashing Bin Laden

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LONDON (AFP) – A puppeteer in Britain has been rapped for portraying Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as villains, a report said.

American-born Brent de Witt, 41, has been scolded for using the pair’s characters in the traditional children’s puppet play, Punch and Judy.

The show had crowds in fits of laughter — but a few dissenters at the seafront in Broadstairs, southeast England, failed to see the joke.

“I put them in the show as villains who would go and steal Punch’s sausages,” De Witt told the Daily Express. “It was very topical and just a bit of fun.

“But then we had a few people who did not care for it and instead of telling me they went straight to the council.

“They sent word down for me to take the characters out of the show.”

Osama bin Laden heads the Al-Qaeda global terror network, while ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is in US custody near Baghdad awaiting trial on charges of crimes against humanity.

Bin Laden, cast as the devil, is defeated by Mr Punch in traditional fashion: clobbered with a stick.

Something is definitely wrong in the world when Bin Laden, who has threatened to destroy Britain, can be defended by anyone in Britain as “not a villain.” The council (presumably town council) of Broadstairs should have told the complainers to shove it. Would the complainers have been incensed by a silly portrayal of Bush or Blair in the Punch and Judy puppet show? Likely not.

Britain went to war to oust Saddam’s barbaric regime – agree with the war or not, Saddam is a barbaric thug, a “villain” in just about anyone’s book. Portraying him in a Punch and Judy show may show a lack of discretion, but portraying him as a villain anywhere is completely justifiable.

Not to mention, it’s a PUPPET SHOW, people! Get a freaking clue.

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  • Perhaps people objected to the innaccuracy of placing the two individuals in the same context, and levied some social criticism on such an insane suggestion

  • One mass murderer is about the same as another whether they killed a few thousand (Bin Laden) or a few hundred thousand (Hussein). They both deserve to be ridiculed.

    Punch and Judy has always been political and social criticism. Updating it is entirely appropriate.

    The problem is that there are some people who just have no sense of humor at all and even find humor offensive.


  • I’m offended by your taking offence at my offence! Is there no defence against this offence? I’m incensed!

    My offence is the reference offence. Any other offence must show deference to the reference offence.

    Ach! This is getting too intense! Luckily in my case it’s all a pretence.

  • Eric Olsen

    the best defense is a good offense