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Police Interrogator Knew Alleged Victim in Assange Case

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According to the center-right Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen, the female police interrogator who first interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a personal friend of one of the two alleged victims of rape. This police interview weighed heavily in the prosecutor’s decision to arrest Assange in August of last year.

The paper reports Friday that the two women met through the Swedish Social Democratic Party, in which they were both active, as early as 16 months before the accusations of rape were made against Assange.

image of Julian Assange

In addition to a political connection, the two women also appear to have a personal connection, commenting on each other’s Facebook status updates and linking to and commenting on blog posts. As late as February 10, the alleged victim commented on one of the police interrogator’s Facebook status updates.

In April of 2009, the police interrogator quoted a blog post made by the woman who would later become one of the alleged Assange-victims, where she wrote about “white males who decide for themselves what is offensive or demeaning and what is not.” The police interrogator commented that what her fellow party member had written had “gone to the core of the issue and speaks for itself.”

The alleged victim replied in a personal message on the police interrogator’s blog, writing: “Hi! Thanks for the support 🙂 As I’ve said before, it’s strange how white men always have to defend the right to use offensive and demeaning language. Then of course they deny that these words are part of a system designed to keep their group positioned at the top of societal [power] structures.”

Recently, the police interrogator has commented negatively on Assange and the case against him on her Facebook page, despite being involved in the investigation. When the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet invited its readers to an online chat with Assange, the police interrogator commented: “What the h*** is this supposed to mean??? Zero judgement!!!”

The day before that, she’d posted a status update praising the two alleged victims’ support counsel: “Go Claes Borgström!!!”

In yet another status update, posted towards the end of February, the police interrogator wrote about the “over hyped, ready to burst bubble Assange.”

The police interrogator continued to work on the case and was also the first to interrogate the second alleged victim, never stopping to report a possible conflict of interest to her superiors or the prosecutor.

Police superintendent Ulf Göranzon told Expressen that he was not aware of any potential conflict of interest or that the police interrogator was a friend of one of the alleged victims. When asked to comment, he declined.

Julian Assange has claimed that it is impossible for him to get a fair trial in Sweden, which he has described as the “Saudi Arabia of feminism.”

(Image credit: Montage by Expressen.se, photo by Reuters)

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  • RE comrade scumbag assange,

    I think, in my ‘umble estimation, ‘ee should be more inclusive in his scumbaggery and less selective – I also suggest he begin by looking into the Comments Editors at Blogcritics as soon as he can set up his scumbag network of selective, leaked leaks in his deluxe, jail cell in Sweden – of which BTW, are bigger and better appointed than most of the apartments I have lived in my entire life.

  • Kenn Jacobine

    Christopher, you are absolutely right. Assange is a hero and deserves our support. It seems the police investigator and her friend are just dupes for the elite. There is something rotten in Denmark. I guess it is Sweden.

  • The whole affair has stunk ever since the Wikileaks leaks pushed a whole load of the global power elite out of the shadows and they have been striking back ever since.

    Let’s not forget that in part it was the Wikileaks revelations that caused Mohammad Bouazizi to commit suicide in Tunisia.

    Wikileaks and Julian Assange should be protected and respected, not hunted, in my view.

  • This whole Assange affair is starting to acquire a very nasty odor.