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Poetry Review: Make It Real by Brian Gaskill

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The wickedly artistic Brian Gaskill was born in Hawaii and raised in New Jersey. Gaskill graduated from SUNY Purchase’s esteemed Acting Conservatory.

Upon graduation, the enthralling Gaskill performed in The Lion in Winter at The Cleveland Playhouse, co-starring Tony Award winner Elizabeth Franz.

It was the perceptive Franz who persuaded Gaskill to pull up stakes and head to the city of Angels. Shortly after, Gaskill entered the land of glitz and glamour by nabbing a role on legendary juggernaut Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place spin-off Models Inc. Gaskill followed that introductory stint by securing the role of “Bobby Warner” on ABC’s All My Children.

There is no doubt the effulgent Gaskill is a thespian of the highest caliber, but that is just a mere glimpse into his ingeniously creative sphere.

Gaskill just released Make It Real, a mesmerizing mélange of vignettes which steals your breath away, manipulates your pulse, seduces every fiber, rises the body’s thermostat and invigorates the most languid of beings.

Gaskill is a natural as he delivers verses which effortlessly awakens the spirit of the listener. With a voice laced with an unpretentious swagger, an excruciating rawness, an urgency of longing, a hint of childlike wonder, a desolate youth, a glimpse of a troubled adolescent, an erotic beast that longs to be satiated, a tormented man, a remorseful chap, a primal individual, an insecure visionary, a vibrant philosopher, a tender daddy, an intelligent bloke, a fiery fellow, a displaced creature, a rising phoenix, and an empowering male Gaskill transports his audience to the deepest recesses of one’s humanity.

Gaskill’s studio recording is an intimate look into the inner etchings of a man’s soul. Gaskill’s raw prose is fluid and richly transparent giving the listener a deliciously wicked sense of voyeurism. Gaskill hypnotizes with his robust deliverance and you can’t stop craving for more – angst, joy, laughter, and wisdom. The style is a throwback to days gone by, smoky cafés along cobblestone Parisian streets, the scent of croissants wafting through the air, and finger snapping as the talented performer showcases his brilliant artwork – his painting… which is his entire being on display for the world to see.

Gaskill plans on recording more stories — stories of the heart and soul because his adventures are just taking flight.

Make it Real is so compelling, so organic and so hauntingly beautiful it touches even the most exhausted of hearts… infusing it with hope the arctic chains surrounding it will finally, finally melt!

Make It Real is available for digital download.

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