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POEM : Hot Water

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I have for many years now for at least half the time I’m in the shower, thought how lucky I am to have hot or cold water at my fingertips. Until I moved to Arizona, it was always hot water I cherished.

The past nine days of seeing all that dirty water in New Orleans doing no one any good, has only reinforced that idea and I finally put it down in writing.

I tried to “rap” this in a Debbie Harry type “Rapture” rap, but more spoken. That will be on the upcoming BC Radio Podcast.


I pull the curtain
So I can hide
I feel certain
Once inside

Under the shower head
Hot water steams
My skin turns red
And brings day dreams

I’m the luckiest damned
Person on this planet
I turn the tap
Get my climate

Too hot? Too hot?
I can turn it cold
Too cold? Too cold?
I can twist it bold

Water drops hit
Flow down my limbs
The splash sounds off
My anger dims

Here I stand in the shower
Hour after hour
after hour
after hour
No need to complain
I have the power

I know people
With no lights
With no food
They get in fights

I know people
High on the drug
Life hits hard
They just shrug

I’m in a desert
I feel fine
Yet in Nairobi and Sahara
People are dyin’
People are dyin’

I see people
poor and black
poor and black
See white brothers
Think they’ll never make it back
Never make it back

Here I stand in the shower
Hour after hour
after hour
after hour
No need to complain
I have the power

I’m the luckiest damned
Person here on Earth
I have my water
I have mirth

This inside rain
Crashes through my brain
Water drains
Eases my pains

Soothing, cooling
Feeling great
Running, cleansing
Dark dirt and hate

I have hot water

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Always been a writer, always maintained an interest in politics, how people communicate and fantasy worlds within photography and books. Previously wrote for Blogcritics back in 2005 and interested in exploring the issues and topics I'm interested - the changing landscape of entertainment. all from the POV of a creator first, consumer, second.
  • Nice, but a cold shower can be more refreshing and illuminating:)

  • A cold shower messes with the metaphor of comfort.

    And they are VERY short.

  • This is an awesome poem. I would like to feature it at my Web site http://hellicane.com — poems written by, for and about the vistims of Hurricane Katrina. May I have your permission to do so?

    San Diego, CA

  • steve

    get out of the shower and start helping people! actions speak louder than words..LoL…

  • Yes. Thanks. And thank you for asking permission. We’ve been having some problems with that around here.

    – Temple

  • Shark

    “planet” — “climate” –?


    Temple, you just gave up the right to criticize ANYTHING Shark has ever written.


  • Shark


    I zap the “Off” button
    So I can hide;
    I feel like a mutton
    fried inside.

    Under the images
    flowing like turds
    my mind goes numb
    from the flood of words.

    I feel kinda lucky
    since I pulled the plug;
    the death and destruction:
    a hard-to-kick drug.

    Too much? Too many?
    They starve on the roof.
    Prepared for Al Queda?
    We now have the proof.

    Water breaks levees
    and covers the town;
    The talking heads gather
    to tape as they drown.

    They stand in the shit piles
    Hour after hour —
    after hour —
    after hour…
    No one to complain to,
    and none seems in power.

    How FEMA left people
    With no lights – no food;
    and Lord of The Flies
    is in a bad mood.

    I know people
    Who would die for a drug,
    Diabetic survivors
    pushed under the rug.

    It’s an amoral desert
    but consumers feel fine
    ’cause in marketing meetings
    they are planning prime-time.

    One can see people
    poor and black
    but where is the help?
    Hey, they’re still in Iraq.

    We can’t turn off the shit
    there’s three more years;
    who voted for assholes
    based on their fears?

    No need to complain
    hour by hour;
    just watch the TV
    since you have no power.

    You’re the luckiest damned people
    at the top of the curve.
    And you have the government
    that you deserve.

    This shit-flood rain
    Crashes my brain
    Water drains
    vicarious pains…

    Scary, crazy
    to keep you in fear
    “The Christians will cleanse you!”
    “It can’t happen here!”

    A newsflash breaking;
    American’s “sin” —
    We’re asleep in a nightmare
    and This Just In…

  • Michael Jackson gets Weird Al Yankovic for satire… while you have to settle for Shark, Temple!

  • Did you pick the Wodehouse deliberately, or just because of the name?

  • Loved this one too, though getting a little too heavy on expletives for my site. But I’d like to consider putting it, along with your first one, on http://hellicane.blogspot.com

    May I if I decide to?


  • Sophie

    Omg I Wish I Could Write Poems Like Dat