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Podcast – The Mondo Irlando Radio Thing Episode 13!

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DisclaimerThe Mondo Irlando Podcast contains material some listeners may find offensive. Plenty F’s C’s and Shit’s get flung around the airwaves like nobody’s business. If in doubt, do not listen.

Mondo Irlando and Blogcritics.org let the digital bellies loosen cross the green fields a cyberspace, aye, The Mondo Podcast Thing Episode 13!

You don’t need no iPod’s or nothing to hear, just left-click the link to listen online, or right click to save the MP3 file someplace nice.

Mondo Irlando Podcast Episode 13.mp3

It’s taken its time, and most likely it wasn’t worth the wait, but still, fuck it, probably Podcast 14’ll be a damn masterpiece.

In addition to the swearing, the sexing discussions, the talk of superstitions and the like, you’ll hear music from folks along the lines of The Rakes, Bright Eyes, Babyshambles, Rilo Kiley, Nick Cave, Devendra Banhart, and some motherfucker by the name of Aaron McMullan. Hear he’s got some new net-record or something in the making.

Thanks folks.

Missed past Mondo Podcasts? Grab The Foul Bastards Here!

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About The Duke

  • So glad to be the first to comment.

    The riot squads have been disbanded.

    I am downloading it now.

    Welcome back to the Podcast Universe, Duke!

  • Damn, it’s back. Ram your snout against a tree, grind your gills against the filter, oh glory be, The Duke is back!

  • hey folks, thanks for the warm welcome ‘pon my return!
    since both you lads are podcastin pros, i feel i don’t need to point out how rusty one can get after a prolonged absense, so bear this in mind, if you would be so kind…
    Goodness. it’s been too long!

  • oh, and DJ, that burst a Conor is just for you! 😉

  • Now we just need Mr. Berlin to bring the Dumpster Bust show back. How ’bout it, EB?

    I am still downloading, Duke, on account of my internet running slower than blue fuck.

  • Ach… I wish! Too bloody overwhelmed with things even though I cut the various things I’m involved in by about half over the last three or four months.

    Thanks for the kind words though!

  • I had a feeling that might have had bad intentions.

  • The BC Podcast at the beginning is slightly confoozing with the, er BC Podcast.

    Can we change that?

    And yeah – downloading. …

  • Temple, certainly, change it. i always put that up there, but now, as you say, it’s likely to get confusing.

  • is it just coincidence that “The Torture Question” ad came at the same time as MIRTE?


  • Duke

    Finally! Shit, it has been nearly 6 months hasn’t it? You finally took my advice and got that bugger up. Did Sinead ever make it to co-host? No matter, am downloading it now.

    I am stoked. I have a 10 minute commute to work, but have a feeling tomorrow’s will be about 45 minutes.

    I’ll have something fine to say about it soon enough. Praise Duke!

    praise him

  • Lono, i hope you ain’t too dissapointed, man. i’m a lot rusty, been a while, as you’re aware.

    no co-host this time. half of the co-host tomfoolery is recorded, but we still have to get the other half done. hopefully in a couple podcasts time.

  • Woohoo! My life is once again complete, as The Duke is back on the air!

    Six podcasts on the feature list now, hmmm. We need more. 🙂

  • fantastic. this totally made my day. good to see you back duke.

    good call on Rilo Kiley. i reviewed ’em here. great record.

  • Listening now Duke and loving every second — great and fantastic to have you back.

    “Flying about on dragon back…”


  • Alec Baldwin in Glengary Glen Ross !!!

    One of the greatest scenes of the all time !!!

    “Get them to sign on the line that is dotted!”

    Oh my God, that’s the American bottom line prick ideal.

  • Indeed, EB.

    “third place is… your fired.”

  • Flaming fuck… that Rilo Kiley song is fabulous. Your podcast has just cost me money because I am going to have to own some RK.

  • yep, i’ve been meaning to get everything else that they’ve done ‘cuz More Adventurous was so great.

  • Duke, it wasn’t nearly as shite as you might have feared. It’s good to have you back, man. No more extended hiatuses. Or is that Hiati? Or Haiti? I don’t know. Whatever it is- don’t do it anymore. Keep the podcasts coming forth.

    And thanks for the shoutouts! I am honored (honoured, where you are I think).

  • And what I meant to say about not shite is that it is the opposite of shite- it’s great.

  • I couldn’t agree with DJR more, the show’s better than ever, Duke. You sound very self-assured and relaxed, which makes listening a breeze: entertaining, funny stuff. Love the conversational tone mixed in with the Scottish dude — I really think you’ve found a groove with him being your side kick who pops in with the occasional smatterings.

  • it’s the blogcritics podcast gold standard, i tell ya.

  • And: my God your music sounds fucking great, man! Love the tune and the backing instrumentation.

    I’m such a wannabe music producer, which is preface to saying: I’d love to hear a mix in which the the bass / drums / guitar is much louder in comparison to your vocals. I’d perhaps double your vocals in places as well… maybe even harmonize here and about.

    I dug the hell out of it though.

  • Saleski is right. It is the BC Gold Standard. Right now, I have myself as the tin standard. Or maybe aluminum. Whatever metal I am, it’s not gold. This is.

    The rest of us are mere boys trying to become men when it comes to podcasting. If I could just get you to quit playing that twat Conor you’d be platinum- the ultimate in Bling apparel… 😀

  • you know…i used to think the same thing about Conor until i heard:

    1. the freakin’ duet with Emmylou Harris
    2. “When The President Talks To God”

  • Man, those Rilo Kiley and Nick Cave tracks are outstanding… great stuff.

  • “When The President Talks to God?” Saleski, I was just about to confer Silver status on you up until the point of bringing that up!

    Seriously- I have a lot of Conor-supporting friends and the one thing I have to say to that is, “WHY? GOD, WHY?” I kid, I kid. I understand a lot of people really are digging the guy’s work. I am just not one of them and Duke and I have an ongoing “thing” in that regard.

    I like Emmylou’s duet with Ryan Adams better. But then I would.

  • …I was just about to confer Silver status on you up


  • Just finished listening and I can honestly say there are no cobwebs in sight, it was simply hilarious.

    And I must echo some of the other comments by saying I dug that Rilo Kiley. Wonderful stuff.

  • sweet lord, i didn’t expect this wealth of banter goin on! fellas, all the thank you’s in the world with regards the comments here.
    i’m glad you all dug it. and in podcast 12 i noticed how many times i said “holy fuck”, this time it’s “because why? because…” as a fine young lass pointed out just now to me.
    Glad you’re all lovin Rilo, and Mark, i’m gonna have to go inspect that review this second.
    Eric, there’s other tracks on the upcomin thingy that have double-tracked vocals goin on alongside the bass / drums tomfoolery. my voice is incredibly yelpy and far from listenable when it’s as high as it is in that particular track, but i ended up likin it anyhow, sorta. i’m glad you liked it, man.
    DJ – i apologise for costin you the green, but it’ll be worth it, i can tell you this much. And you have my full agreement on Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris. one more reason why Heartbreaker is maybe the best record about Ryan Adams’ baby done him bad in the history of ever.
    Sir Fleming! i’m pleased no end that you dug Rilo also, i wasn’t sure what you’d make of that. i meant to have the Ginsberg mp3 on this one also, following your much-obliged flinging of such in my direction. next time, for definate.
    Again, thanks folks! hopefully 14 won’t take so long.

  • Oh, and thanks for the website plug!

  • Sir Fleming, t’is a priveledge to be able to!
    ANd what did you all make of my beloved Babyshambles? debut album out next month, hells bells!

  • I just bought The Execution of All Things. Damn you, Duke! So far, I like it.

  • DJ, a fine choice! i picked up More Adventurous yesterday. it’s also amazing, but The Execution Of All Things is still my favourite. “A Better Son / Daughter” is just a stunning piece a work.

    “and sometimes when you’re on,
    you are REALLY fucking on”


  • Duke, it’s very cool we should be having our ‘threads’ conversation here at this time as I happened (coincidentally, I swears to it) to be listening to Execution all the while discussing these things with you.

    So far, “Paint’s Peeling” is my favorite. I am digging “The Execution of all Things” because for some reason the bassline pleases me.

    I fucking love the ‘non-traditional’ instruments on this record. It reminds me of how I felt the first time I listened to the title track from the new Fiona record: there should be room for stuff like this in the ‘pop’ music world.

  • And Duke… do you think that When The President Talks to God, he’s more on-key than the loveley Conor? I think he might be, but Conor probably pronounces the words better.

    I don’t know why I think that’s funny. I probably won’t in 10 minutes after I hit ‘post’ but right now I have a big, dumb grin on my face.

    I’m a moron. I’ve learned to accept that about myself.

  • hahahahaha! you fiend!

  • Should I prefer to be called a fiend or a cunt? =)

  • maybe a whole new genre – the fiend-cunt! (as opposed to the c**t-fiend, which is somethin else entirely, an not somethin i feel comfortable sayin).

    i just saw your Rilo Kiley message there! it does me all the good in the world to know that mine humble shite served this purpose. they are a truly remarkable buncha bastards. (the jealousy thing. i can’t help it.)

  • The FIEND-CUNT. I love it. Allow me to be so dubbed. Too fucking right.

    I know what you mean about feeling good when our shit between the songs helps get somebody into the songs. I have been trying to push Mark Lanegan for years… Eps 4 & 5 might have helped do the trick. And the response to Elliott has been a bit touching at times. ‘Cept for Saleski who refuses to be moved. It’s pretty cool when it happens.

  • i should get some points for listening to your podcast three times.

    sadly…mr. smith did not make the world move for me.

  • You get many points for having listened to it that many times. Many, many points. I hope I hit one out of the park for you in Episode 8.

  • And the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap.

    That song is a powder keg like a motherfucker!