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Podcast Review: MicroBusiness News Briefs

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This podcast review is about the podcast Microbusiness News Briefs by Dawn Rivers Baker of the Microbusiness Journal.

The Microbusiness News Briefs podcast is the audio version of the newsletter produced by Dawn and it exists to further the interests of microenterprise owners, and to aid and encourage microenterprises at every stage of their evolution

While the current inventory of available podcasts is not that large it is made up for by the content packed into each show. Dawn is on top of all the issues that are pertinent to a microbusiness, particularly those that involve the government and politics.

Her insight and knowledge regarding current issues and the latest (and I mean latest) knowledge of the state of actions around the issues is second to none that I have heard or read. Dawn provides the listener very little flash and sizzle in the audio but moves rapidly into the meat of her content, perspective and sometimes humorous observations.

Pluses: I think the audio is very clean, the length of each show makes it easily digestible (10-20 minutes on average) and new shows are produced on a weekly basis. I particularly like that with each blog post describing the show she puts in four or five relevant links to sources of more information and help around the issues discussed in that show.

Dawn also has a very pleasant voice for audio and her preparation and delivery is first class and obviously well practiced. In addition there is the opportunity to vote and rate her podcasts right on the podcast home page — nice touch!

Minuses: My only constructive advice is to make the podcast page a little more personal, a photo and easy access to a brief personal bio would help the listener feel greater proximity (a radio term for one to one communication) to Dawn as they listen to shows.

I also could not find any way on the site to subscribe to a feed (using RSS) for the podcasts so I can get them automatically delivered to me when available.

Overall I highly recommend that you add Microbusiness News Briefs to your must listen menu of podcasts.

by Steve Rucinski

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