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Pocket God Comics Goes Free to Celebrate 500k Downloads

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Ape Entertainment’s Pocket God Comics, based on the very successful Pocket God iOS game by Bolt Creative, has surpassed over the half million download mark, making it a breakout digital comic success. It’s no wonder that the comic is a success as the Pocket God game has more than seven million downloads on the app store and has been in the “Top 25” for more than two years.

Just like the game, the comic is beautifully crafted, with the rich storyline and content for which Ape Entertainment is known. bringing to the table. In addition to the success, the two companies have partnered with Free App A Day and Monster Free Apps to make the first issue free Thursday and Friday, respectively.

In addition, they’ve introduced issue No. 11, featuring 20 pages of all-new content. It also introduces Sun, the mysterious new female pygmy, who has convinced the tribe to help her on her quest to find the rest of her missing tribe mates and save them from the maleficent Newbie.

This all ties into the overall theme of the Pocket God pygmies living out their lives to understand their world and to stay alive as long as possible. Fans can follow Ooga, Booga, Klik, Klak, Nooby & Dooby as they get eaten by piranhas, hit by meteors, menaced by Sharks-with-Frickin-Lasers, and face even more horrible dangers.

“What makes Pocket God such a breakout hit is its attention to original characters and stories that play off the sadistic, episodic-based app that allows users to control the lives of a group of energetic pygmy islanders,” said Brent E. Erwin, Ape Co-Publisher. “We’re extremely pleased to see how well fans of Pocket God and fans of comic books have taken to the series.”

Featuring a combination of endearing characters, unique art style and a large community of followers, Pocket God Comics is now available on the App Store via iVerse Media, a digital distribution partner of Ape Entertainment.

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