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Plush Halloween

We had a pretty great Halloween this year, here and in real life. Once again I thank all Blogcritics who contributed to our Halloween special, which was an artistic and “commercial” success. Thanks to all our linkers, trackbackers and commenters as well.

I urge you all to work your way through the Halloween master post – there’s an awful lot of good stuff there you may have missed as it flooded in.

In the real world, the weather here in Northeast Ohio was incredibly mild – in the high 60s without a hint of chill in the air even after dark – and the warm, dry breeze reminded me of my SoCal childhood Trick-or-Treating my way through peaceful and cushy South Shores and Miraleste, feeling the Santa Ana’s blow through the holes in my mask, reaping a windfall of goodies and being at one with the world.

Friends of ours who live in a gated, cheerfully ostentatious development in Aurora, invited us to join them and their 4-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old girls for an evening of golf carted Trick-or-Treating within the friendly confines, and between the weather and the aura of self-satisfaction, it felt like home. Although I am certainly not a snob (no excuse to be at this point of my life), I feel most comfortable in the company of snobs – some elements of childhood are hard to shake. I’m not sure how I feel about this realization.

Our 4-year-old was (a very blonde) Snow White and theirs was Cinderella, and the two Disney princesses and their miniature giraffe companion were cute as hell. (My 16-year-old son was a rather convincing cheerleader off working another plush neighborhood with friends, don’t know what the 19-year-old was doing off at college.)

The golf cart angle turned out to be key as poor Dawn is now 8 months pregnant and not terribly comfortable at any time or in any position, and there is no way she could have trudged for two hours straight on foot dealing with a sniffly 4-year-old and her burgeoning bounty of sugary booty. But in the cart we literally cruised from doorstep to doorstep, cutting out virtually all trudgery – it was almost like the houses came to us.

Oh yeah, and we all got a covert little thrill ambling up to Jim Thome’s house and chatting neighborly-like with the former Indians slugger, who still spends the offseason in our fair city. Besides the candy we also snagged an autographed photo – I know The Theory will be jealous.

I guess Halloween really ends with The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” special tonight. I’m sorry to see it go this year.

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  • Natalie Davis

    Glad you had a great holiday! Little David (age 7) was a ninja Power Ranger; 15-year-old Chris refused to lower herself to participate, although she did scarf down lots of candy. We too are gearing up for the Treehouse of Horror. Should be spooky Simpsons fun…

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Nat, hope you all had a great time, especially the Ninja!

  • Eric Olsen

    My young friend The Theory has clearly not read this post, and for this his head should hang low.