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Plunder Wonder

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Jolly Solstice (or whatever winter holiday floats your boat) to you each.

Herein follow my tra la las for your amusement:

Plunder Wonder

In a sugar plum-colored daze,
May the bounty of days amaze.
The sheep’s plush fleece, the gossip of geese,
The cat purrs, licking her elegant whiskers.
Clowns somersault, salts clown around.
We’re lucky to have towels and trowels and vowels.
Pluck luck from your pudding like plums.
Succumb to plums. Steal style.
Flaunt jauntiness. Hail heartiness.
Be tickled by pickles, relish fellowship.
Butter is better. More butter is best.
When you feel insane,
Butter your brain.
Pirate the treasure of pleasure.
Happiness happens.
Saddle up, pard, and rope them days,
A hot bath, forgiven wrath.
Club a sandwich, belly up to a sandbar,
Have a fine purple purpose,
Flout and rout pouting.
Ponder wonder.
Remember vermilion, the color of embers.
The gilt lilies frothing the field have no guilt.
Ponder only wonder.

Be harmless and warm, eschew other arms.
Praise the prize of days, the surprise of days.
‘Frolic’ means ‘swift gladness’:
May your gladness be quick and tricksy.
Be facile with docility,
Salacious for salad. Prefer tortes to torture. Wreak wreaths, not havoc.
Have more siestas, more snoozes, more muses.
Be kind to your kind.
Under the grime of habit is the original shine,
Polish your time.
As you get old, pick courage, not rage.
The cartography of the heart
Is it a maze or a map?
Perhaps it’s better to be polite than right?
Get stunned by fun.
With gusto and lusto, be happy, be sappy.
The solstice, the return of light,
The retreat of night
Shining on us all, the same sun
Makes us one;
Equal under the high and shining sky,
All our hearts are star bright.

The only task is to bask
In the holy glow of the fruited earth.
Linger, watch, admire. Remember.
Be a barnacle to your day.
There’s lavender, provender, talent, gallantry,
There’s silk, salt, and succotash
Be bold, be brash,
Plunder the days for wonder.

Mirthfully yours,

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