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PlayStation Store Has Great Prices

For those who have a PS3, all 197,000 of you in the U.S., you can find some cheap entertainment at the PlayStation Store right now.

Forget $5 Xbox Live Arcade games. Lemmings costs $2.99 for 45 levels. Forty of which are new, and these are not easy, either! It was developed by the folks who made the recent PSP version, too.

For those who like numbers, Go! Sudoku is out with 12 free levels in four different difficulties. There are also four "packs" for $2.99 each, giving you a total of 1,000 puzzles to solve. A better deal than Lumines Live!

I would suggest grabbing Lemmings for the great price of $3, and grab the free version of Go! Sudoku.

Blast Factor has an "introductory" price of $7.99, and Cash Money Chaos is $9.99. These prices are in line with Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade. The $3 downloads were a surprise though.

Even more shocking are the prices for the PSone downloads. I figured they would cost at least $10, though each one will set you back $5.99.

Granted, you can only play the PSone downloads on a PSP right now, and you can only purchase and download them on the PS3 (making the PS3 possibly the most expensive PSP accessory ever). But a future magical firmware upgrade will allow the PS3 to play these downloads too.

I am quite pleased with the prices on the PlayStation Store so far. They are starting their download service out on the right foot.

Next up for the service, though no dates have been revealed, are Calling All Cars, Go! Puzzle, and flOw.

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