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PlayStation Portable Review: Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

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You will never want to sleep again… That is if you have a PSP and love strategy RPGs.

This game is of course the second installment of the Disgaea series, a series that has already claimed several millions of victims on the PS2 and the PSP. This installment features hundreds of hours worth of gameplay, just like in the first installment and the PS2 version of the game. If you are still thinking about buying this game and have the PS2 version, don't  think twice because not only are you getting all the content that was in the previous release, but they are upping the ante by giving you more chapters starring one of the characters from the story.

Speaking of said story, it is a heartfelt one. You are Adell, the only unaffected human in a world of humans turned demons, as state they entered into at the hands of the Overlord Zenon. As Adell you must find Zenon and destroy him so that the curse can be reversed for your family and the world.

In an attempt to summon Zenon with your cursed mother by your side; you actually call upon his daughter Rozalin by mistake. So, you and Rozalin now start the quest to find Zenon and along the way meet a lot of pretty interesting characters.

The battle system of the game is pretty standard, you essentially have a big board and you, along with your enemies, take turns moving along and attacking people within range. That is only where it begins; sometimes there are panels that appear on the battlefield. These are called Geo Panels. The panels alter the state of the person standing on them for better or for worse. Both teammates and enemies can be thrown off of the battlefield at anytime. Geo stones mark the panels that can be changed and these stones can be destroyed. If you do happen to destroy them you can rack up extreme amounts of damage. These will often give you extra bonuses at the end of the round as well. There is also a feature from Disgaea 3, called "Magichange" included in the game.  This lets you turn monsters that you have on your team into weapons for some really heavy damage.

Despite having over 100 hours of gameplay and new modes, there are still a couple of things that cause the game to fall short. The first problem is that there are a couple of misspelled words present the game, the same ones that were misspelled in the PS2 version (released in 2006). Also, if you have played the other Disgaea games you will notice that the level of storytelling is not up to the level of either the first or the third.

Overall, I believe that his is an amazing game despite some of the shortcomings. This game alone will stay in your PSP for hours (if you have the UMD, that is, the digital download can remain on the system forever). The game’s story is funny, the battle system amazing, and the game has both an English and Japanese voice track.  The biggest issue are the localization errors, and if you can stand those, you will enjoy the game.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for language, mild fantasy violence, and mild suggestive themes. This game can also be found on PS2.

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