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PlayStation Network Review: Suikoden

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I first purchased Suikoden as soon as it first came on PSN as I have been looking for an actual copy of the original game for as long as I have been a game collector. Since the RPG game is going for over 100 dollars regularly on Ebay, I can tell you that the PSN version is a great buy.

The game is a turned based strategy game in which you control up to six party members at once. However, you can recruit 108 people in total. All the menus that appear during combat are exactly what one would expect from the genre — attack, defend, magic, special attacks, etc. Different classes of characters are available in the game, too, — swordsmen, archer, and mage just to name a few.

Suikoden also has something called the rune system that is used in conjunction with magic. Runes are like special magic abilities that can give players added bonuses for attacks and defense and give players special magic attacks. However, runes have a limited capacity.

The game has more to it than regular battles though. A second type of fight, one akin to "rock, paper, scissors" exists which consists of attack, defend, and special.

The story here is pretty standard RPG, you control a nameless hero who is the son of general. Something happens and your father is called off and you are left alone to defend everyone that is left. Through the missions that you are given you find out what is happening to the people and must find a way to stop it.

Where the game really shines is in the music and the artwork. You have to remember what year, 1995, the game was made though. The game was definitely ahead of the curve with its artwork and the music is still top notch.

I still say and will always say that this game is a must buy if you are an RPG lover. The only downside is the story is bland, but the music more then makes up for it. Plus this game is only 5.99 from the PSN store. What can beat that?

Suikoden is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for mild language and mild violence. This game can also be found on the PlayStation.

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