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PlayStation Network Down

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If you haven’t heard, the PlayStation Network has been done since April 20th. For the course of this week, Sony had not been entirely forthcoming with information, slowly updating the news in dribs and drabs. As it turns out hackers got into the online service and obtained all personal information that was given at the time of one’s account creation. This information includes: your name, address, phone number, email address, password, security question and answers, as well as the credit card numbers that was used with the account. This is highly unacceptable. It look Sony a week to make any announcement detailing what happened and, even now, most people do not know exactly what happened. The only news coverage that has spoken about it is gaming sites.

So, the question is should we trust Sony or the PlayStation brand again? Most people I know have been buying PlayStation products since the original PlayStation and have several PlayStation Network games. There is no doubt that in my mind that some of those people will trade in their systems and move on to either the Wii or the Xbox 360, or even not use their credit cards for the system anymore. The only other choice would be to buy items with PSN gift cards rather than giving your credit card. However, how many “casual” gamers will actually go out and purchase the cards?

The lack of information that has been given out is certainly another problem. People will need to change their information. Starting with the password on their email account if they use the same password on their email address or any other account. People will need to cancel or heavily monitor their credit card for a couple of weeks. Doing so thankfully is very easy and credit cards can be cancelled by a quick phone call. However, sometimes this can reflect negatively on individual’s credit reports. Which is also not a good thing.

Again I say should we trust Sony or the PlayStation brand again?

How will Sony compensate to gamers, developers and publishers, who spent their hard earned money on development kits and games? I would not be surprised if this caused smaller companies to go in the hole because they are not earning any income. Of course Sony is not commenting on any of this right now. Everything seems to be at a standstill with no set date on when services will be restored; the only information we have states that it will hopefully be within a week.

Moving into the second week of the outage it seems clear Sony will need to make some sort of big gesture to improve everyone’s opinion about the company and the incident.

Sony the ball is in your court. Please don’t let us down.

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  • chris

    Does anybody think that we may have done this to ourselves. STOP PASSING CHAIN LETTERS. YOU MAY BE PASSING AROUND A VIRUS. Which would explain why some people can still get on Netflix. If you get a chain letter from someone on your friendlist delete them immediately. And if they aren’t on your friendlist don’t even open it

  • ryan

    i have a life i just get bored doing the same thang over every dam day so i need free time therefore i dont end up like alot of these losers with nothing because they dont give a shit so i just says i dont pay hundreds of dollars yeat for psn and some stupidd dum ass hackers screw it up now i have a right to play but people like the hackers who hacked it doesnt because they think there so smart and mess everthing so SCREW THE HACKERS BAN ALL OF THEMM!!!!!

  • Shinmigami

    Hey guys, new update even though we should get multi-player gaming this week. According to the Sony VP credit card numbers did get stolen. Plus SOE accounts got hacked as well and those credit card numbers are in fact stolen. So, this is even worst then everyone thought and from what Sony has been letting on.

  • chris

    Shinmigami do you think that we helped spread a vikrus through chain letters?

  • ryan

    good news psn supose to be up and running this weekend