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PlayStation Network Down

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If you haven’t heard, the PlayStation Network has been done since April 20th. For the course of this week, Sony had not been entirely forthcoming with information, slowly updating the news in dribs and drabs. As it turns out hackers got into the online service and obtained all personal information that was given at the time of one’s account creation. This information includes: your name, address, phone number, email address, password, security question and answers, as well as the credit card numbers that was used with the account. This is highly unacceptable. It look Sony a week to make any announcement detailing what happened and, even now, most people do not know exactly what happened. The only news coverage that has spoken about it is gaming sites.

So, the question is should we trust Sony or the PlayStation brand again? Most people I know have been buying PlayStation products since the original PlayStation and have several PlayStation Network games. There is no doubt that in my mind that some of those people will trade in their systems and move on to either the Wii or the Xbox 360, or even not use their credit cards for the system anymore. The only other choice would be to buy items with PSN gift cards rather than giving your credit card. However, how many “casual” gamers will actually go out and purchase the cards?

The lack of information that has been given out is certainly another problem. People will need to change their information. Starting with the password on their email account if they use the same password on their email address or any other account. People will need to cancel or heavily monitor their credit card for a couple of weeks. Doing so thankfully is very easy and credit cards can be cancelled by a quick phone call. However, sometimes this can reflect negatively on individual’s credit reports. Which is also not a good thing.

Again I say should we trust Sony or the PlayStation brand again?

How will Sony compensate to gamers, developers and publishers, who spent their hard earned money on development kits and games? I would not be surprised if this caused smaller companies to go in the hole because they are not earning any income. Of course Sony is not commenting on any of this right now. Everything seems to be at a standstill with no set date on when services will be restored; the only information we have states that it will hopefully be within a week.

Moving into the second week of the outage it seems clear Sony will need to make some sort of big gesture to improve everyone’s opinion about the company and the incident.

Sony the ball is in your court. Please don’t let us down.

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About Shinmigami

  • omar

    Give us the new black ops maps for free.that’s how ull sell a lot of people instead of giving free stuff to ur playstation plus members.not everyone is a playstationplus member I knw I’m not and many others aren’t either

  • Tim

    Then if you didn’t pay, there is no need to give you anything for free. Its a free service…go find a hobby.

  • popsicle

    give black ops maps for free would be good cause im 9 yers oldd and this maks me madd that i cant play cause i want to be like witeboy 7 street wen im olderr

  • Tim

    Anyone who trades thier ps3 in because they can’t get online, without a doubt, is a tool.

  • Zach

    Actually CNN.com has covered the situation in a few short articles. Im not too worried about it… Sony is building up their security now that they have learned it has been hacked… Just change card info and passwords, and you’re good to go. I just want PSN back so I can play my beloved Battlefield BC2!

  • nick

    If you have read this article do not listen to it. almost all of the info stated is completely worng. examples-
    1. it did not take a week for sony to say what happened. Try 4 days. it took that long because even sony was still learning all about what exactly happened.
    2. CREDIT CARD INFO WAS NOT STOLEN!!!!! there is virtually no chance this happened as that data was protected and sony cannot find any evidence of stolen credit cards. 3. Everyone knows exactly what happened because sony said exactly what happened
    4. Unlike what this article says, sony has provided more than enough info on the situation. They update their blog at least once a day.
    5. quote form article- “Of course Sony is not commenting on any of this right now.” Again, read their blog.
    6. there are multiple typos in the first paragraph so whoever wrote this wasnt paying attention.

    Please do not listen to this article. I read articles almost exactly identical to this 2 adys after PSN went down, which shows that the writer is not paying attention to sony’s information and is instead trying to make them out to be some evil company that wont tell anyone whats happening. I beg to differ. Shinmigami, (writer of article) you do not know what you are talking about. I suggest you do some research before you try to write another article on the status of PSN.

  • ryan

    well it been about 2 weeks for me saying psn gone under mainantce

  • Silent Rage

    Well everyones name, address, phone number is all open to anyone at anytime with the lovely freedom of information act. Anyone who has ever used a cc at any store has put their own info out to anyone because all it takes is 1 employee to look at the registry of any customer who used a cc and their card number is right there along with expiration date AND 3 digit code from the back. Sony serves never had the 3 digit code and without that ur card is pretty useless. I for one do trust Sony and will keep trusting until given a reason not to. Any jerk off with a computer can hack, just takes someone more determined then others to get what they want. People need to become smarter in the things they do with there money and stop living on plastic alone.

  • Changes4444

    Think about it…..what’s happened to Sony is inevitable; there is so much technology and knowledge out there -surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. The hackers are only hurting the players, not Sony -they have insurance and of course they will be ok.

  • Shinmigami

    I read the psn blog all the time. It went down on the 20th, the did not mention anything about what really happened was from the 27th and still we do not know what will happen to alot of the services. Like if there is money left on our accounts, are our trophies still going to be there, etc. Other reports have mentioned the fact that our cards were encrypted, that is the only fact that they do not have your credit card. However, if the data was not with the other packet they should not have mentioned anything about having people change their credit card numbers and putting more protection on your credit.

    You also taking number 6 out of context. I was commenting on the fact that there is no mention about how developers and us gamers are going to be compensated. All we have is what is written in the TOS which basically states that if anything were to happen to the PSN Sony does not have to give us anything.

  • Zach

    *Agrees with nick*

  • nick

    really? 2 weeks

  • nick

    Whatever you just said about number 6 doesn’t make sense. All I said was that there were a lot of typos. Nothing about compenstation from Sony. And Zach, thank you for agreeing with me.

  • A random guy

    I dont see why you want us to change from ps3 and other sony products to wii or xbox! 1. Wii is retarded, only crappy games for little children. 2. Xbox live costs money, so thats just waisting. I agree with Nick, whoever who wrote this havent payed attention and should read at sonys blog before writhing sh*t about sony and the playstation.

  • nick

    See that Shinmigami, I’m not the only one who thinks these things!

  • worst nightmare

    You all need to just chill the F OUT. this will be fixed before no time and i will get back on to cod or bfbc2 and merk u all dont worry!

  • keith

    will they should give us a brake on internet bill becouse some people have internet just becouse of ps3 i don’t play it on more becouse of that

  • Silent Rage

    What does “outside intrusion” mean to u #11? I think anyone with a brain knows hackers. Sorry but ur idea of it being the 27, u fail sir.

  • nick

    I’m no very upset at all about PSN being down. I am just mad that someone would write an article like this that is almost completely untrue.

  • Shadowphoenix21

    I’m still a Playstation fan. Always was, always will be. And I laughed so hard when the article said, “…those people will trade in their systems and move on to either the Wii…” Haha. The Wii is the biggest downgrade for any gamer, hardcore or not. And yes, I own all three. Prefer PS3 over the rest. Still, I would love for Sony to compensate in some way.

  • nick

    O.K. Shinmigami you are right. #6 is a little out of context because when i first read the article i was thinking that you meant they were not commenting on the status of PSN, which is what you talked about after you said sony wasn’t commenting. sorry for the misunderstanding. Still, the rest of my reasons are completely valid.

  • Nick is right..this article is complete nonsense and sounds like it could’ve been written by a child. The grammer is horrible and half the content of the article is speculation..

  • nick

    i am glad you all agree with me. i bet my comment (#7) will be deleted soon because this website doesnt want people to trash their articles. oh well…

  • Silent Rage

    Looks like its time for this site to get a new writer cause this one knows nothing of what he/she speaks.





  • Shinmigami

    Sony can not find any evidence right now. Just like earlier in the week when they did not know how much information was taken.

    I was mentioning number 6 sorry, but I was talking about this the Sony TOS. There can not be of service at anytime and when it does Sony does not owe us(gamers or developers anything). Basically we agree to a service that can get shut down, or taken down for any amount of time for any reason. There could never be any compensation for it.

    Plus I am thinking that you give too much credit from Sony. Any amount of time is unacceptable. If you have any time of system that has millions of people’s data in to shouldn’t all the information be encrypted? Why wasn’t there separate servers for everything?

    And I do read articles and podcast about this issue. Also the beginning updates meant nothing because they were just mentioning about how they were trying to understand what happened and that they should have more information in 2 days. Even now the say everything should be restored in the week. If they really did have to rebuild the psn, it could take months. Taking a week to insecure everything, it did not go though enough testing. How long do you think they tested the security before this? Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? This was not long enough.

    It sounds like to me that you are trusting them way too much.



  • Gomez_34

    I Don’t Care If PSN Went Down, Im Still Sticking With It!! PS3 Is Better Than Xbox And Wii!

  • cody

    hey tim maybe u should get a hobby replying to everybodys comments like that just shows what kind of person u r and in ur own words a TOOL also to everybody else dont use ur credit cards on psn anymore use those psn gift cards then nobody has to worry about that crap thats what i do, but you dont have to listen to what i say im just suggesting it for future use

  • Stu

    Wow. Fanboys sticking up for Sony. Didn’t see that one coming!

  • cedrick

    Hey guys, my bank card was cancelled and $2300 worth of charges.I just my bank and if u had a credit card on file,u better check with ur bank. Whoever said that our cards info was not hacked IS A DAMMM LIAR

  • Hec

    I need to cyber kill someone

  • yanmiller

    Shinmigami you suck at writing.

  • Greg

    Typical everyone wants something for free. Hey I have an idea, go out and work for it. The way society operates these days is everone thinks they are entitled to get things for free. Wake-up and start supporting yourself. I am really tired of supporting everyone who thinks everything is free. Go get a job you lazy people and realize you get what you pay for. I would pay for PSN if they would invest the money to keep up their systems. As long as it is a free service we really can not complain. You get what you pay for. As far as credit card info we all know signing up there is a chance this information can be compromised, that is why credit card companies have policies in place to address this.

  • cedrick

    Im just pissed

  • cedrick

    Sony should protect your info,theres already lawsuits for not notifying the people of this stupid ass hacker. By the way,i work two jobs

  • Midori

    yeah, i agree with nick . why would you switch to another gaming system when all you have to do is be patient and bear with sony. whats the point of going to go spend about $400+ on an xbox console and still have to PAY to use their network? i think its stupid and people should grow up and live their lives. its understandable that people havent been able to play online games, but if your that much of a freak you seriously need to get a life!

  • Locknload70

    i just want black opps up n running as well as lbp2 for my daughter. People hack into things all the time a we dont know it. Sony hurry up.

  • nick

    Shinmigami- Sony does have evidence that personal info (other than credit card info) was taken. Once again you should read their posts before commenting. I do agree that all of our information should have been encrypted but it is too late for that. Also, there were not seperate servers for everything because that would be a lot for anyone to manange and maintain.Plus it would add a lot of cost to an already free service. I believe it only takes a week to rebuild PSN because they are not rebuilding from scratch. They are simply taking the old PSN and updating/adding better and more advanced security measures. of course you might know this form reading their blog. Also they said that only “some “of the services would be restored in a week probably because they will repair/improve one part and then test that part of PSN then release it. Then they will do the same process for another part. This is why only “some” of the services will be online in a week.

  • PS3 server news

    I Agree even though some people are not plus members their information is still out there… address, phone, name, email, etc…

    There should be a compensation to all of the PS users to not make anyone change their gaming consoles

  • nick

    its funny to listen to people complain about other people complaining


    those who think this is sonys fault should read about how these services are hacked all the time without companies informing you WHATSOEVER

  • Greg

    Then by working 2 jobs you understand what I mean. If people would support themselves and not depend on other entities then you may only have to work one job. B/c people are used to getting handouts they think things should be free. Guess what, we are paying for them by taxes or increased cost for products and services. I just want people to take responsibility for themselves. If Sony can not provide the type of security we all expect then they should charge us for the service to help pay for it. At that point if we are losing services that we are paying for then we should be fairly compensated for our loses. Everyone is looking for a get rich quick scheme. We need to take responsibilty for ourselves and not depend on others.

  • ps3

    this whole thing is stupid

  • Leo

    I hate hackers. Why can’t they just get a life and stop ruining the fun for people

  • getoffmydik

    to big mouth at the #2 comment,i didnt get playstation plus neither,but i did by a game called socom 4,@ 62.00$,and the millions of ppl that bought the game,didnt by it cause they wanted to play the offline version,still havent been able to play 1 game online yet!!!fuck that shit if only the ppl that bought that plus shit get something,that plus shit,just gives you demos and so forth b4 ppl who dont have that plus shit.i dont want nothing,but to say,the ppl who bought that plus shit,should get something,is rediculous,they already get something,its called free games..

  • bamae55

    U can’t bitch a lot you don’t pay to play if you don’t like it goo to xbox. When you get tired of paying for what you had for free. Then you will be thankful for playstation.

  • Socom junkie

    Just can’t wait to get back on socom 4 Sony will do the right thing it’s free and just be patient

  • Broseph Stalin

    Remember when that airline had it’s employees go on the internet and blast people who criticized them? For scale it was about 3x as bad pr wise as that thing where Sony hired someone to devote a website to them and act like it was totally random.

    For anyone it might concern.

  • Socom junkie

    Trust me I hate just buying a game like socom that s pretty much known for it s multiplayer game and can’t play it but hopefully they keep us informed and get things back online soon it’s like getting a Christmas gift on christmas day but have no batteries 🙁

  • Broseph Stalin


    It doesn’t matter what they promised us or what they owe us. They can take a hit to their reputation and pay us off or they can take the hit then suck it while everyone goes off and plays Xbox. Paying for online service might be gay but it’s better than “people probably haven’t stolen your identity.”

  • rrrr

    lol nobody is gonna trade in a ps3 for a wii

  • Jason

    man you guys all need to chill the network is being repaired……i know cuz im workin on it right now we just have to step up our security and we will be up and running in a few months its just gonna take some time to figure out how they were able to get into our service sorry for any inconvienence

    Jason Marlowski

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 53

    We paid for the consoles, games, peripherals, and add-ons with the expectation that we could use them and that our sensitive information wouldn’t be stolen. This entire freaking thing is happening because Sony declared war on hackers who were illegally trying to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. What exactly did they think was going to happen.

  • jeff


  • Broseph Stalin


    Your security was compromised and you failed to do anything but update your blog, but it’s nice to know we can expect you to find your ass with both hands sometime in the next few months.

  • nick

    Jason- So you are saying that it will take months to completely repair?

  • Lpimp007

    RELAX go ride a bike or something…..

  • bob

    this is stupid

  • chris

    I am a gamer, I have always been a playstation fan since playstation one with twisted metal and tekken. I have ps1,2, and 3 I have a lot of money tied up in playstation. I play a lot, I have upwards of 40 games.(most of them for the kids) However I do play the call of duty games. Now it is true that playstation doesn’t owe us anything, but I think it would be in their best interest to give us something, not as repayment or a refund but as a token of appreciation to those of us who stick with them through this rough time. It would be easy to go and buy a Xbox360 but why??? I think if playstation never got back I would sell my stations for cheap and just not spend money on games. No other consoles are allowed in my house. Pray for the people in Alabama

  • Greg

    Right now is the time to make a non-proprietary on-line gaming site that incorporates both Sony and Xbox and allows users of both systems to battle it out on their console of preference.

  • whens it going to be fixed

    i like ham

  • Derek

    Your article seems a little ridiculous. Sony shut down the network in an attempt to protect us. Hackers are getting better all the time, and to say that Sony is responsible for this incident is like saying a rape victim is responsible for the rape. Just because it filtered down to us you feel that we should get compensation, which is just stupid.

    If you paid, you should get the money back for the time you missed. You didn’t pay. Everyone wants something for nothing.

    Blame who is responsible for this incident, the hackers, not Sony.

  • wullybully82

    3:42?…….time warp

  • Shinmigami

    Since I dont feel like arguing all day Im going to say two more things then I am done. The first is that I was referring to evidence about the credit cards. The fact of the matter is if any company tells you to cancel your credit cards, and enhance security on your credit as well as your name, birthday, email address, address, billing address, password, security question and security password was taken, but not your credit card number is just dumb. What stopped whoever did this from taken the credit card number?

    If you bank tells you that someone hacked into our system and took your address, name, email, password and saw how much money you have, but they did not get your account number would you believe them?

    Second we do not know how much they are rebuilding. Yes you could say they are only rebuilding part of it, but you have no evidence of that either. All you have is that some services will be up within a week from two days ago. I guess we will have to wait for whatever this some service is. My guess is that it will be access to the forums and blog since the only people able to comment right now are ones who have their cookies saved.

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 69

    Do you remember why Sony is being hacked? Because they attacked a completely benign problem being caused by remarkably dangerous people. I think I deserve to be compensated because my information has been imperiled due to Sony’s remarkably bad decisions.

  • tommy

    use spell check

  • Derek

    @72 I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t hold the same opinion had they not. Try suing a bank for the same issue, cause they’re not impervious to attack.

    What kind of compensation do you expect or feel that you deserve exactly?

  • chris.p

    just give us a date on when is gonna be back online already wtf its been 8 days already

  • KiTTy0nRoiDz

    Lol. I’m not too worried about all this. PS3 will be back up soon and hopefully Sony does compensate like some of you suggested. That would be nice. It is a little boring now though since the network is down.

  • god damn right

    well i really hope they take the time to fix all the cheating laggers and stupid people who jail break their ps3 and down load bs on it 2 cheat…!!!please fix socom confrontation!!somcom 4 sucks! for the one day i was able 2 play before all this bull shit!!!

  • T-lite

    Me myself hope that the down loads that i bought will still be in hard drive.WE Love you playstation.

  • nick

    Shinmigami- You probably wont read or respond to this but i would like to point out to you that I believe credit card info was not stolen alng with everything else because that info was encrypted. If someone told you that your lawn ornaments were stolen but the lawnmower inside your garage was not stolen would you believe them? That is the same as unprotected adresses, emails, etc. being stolen but protected credit info not being stolen. I would suggest reading the playstation blog. Again. 😀

  • brian

    @15 yes, Xbox live cost money.. thats why their online gaming is far superior to PS’s. I’ve had people who are lifetime fans of PS and they all agree that xbox live trumps psn.Oh and just so you know, this hack will cause PS to charge you for online services. Thats when you will be wasting money. Sony didnt develop to PS3 to be a online console. Microsoft built the xbox360 AROUND the online gaming. unlike PS who built the PS3 and was like holy crap we need an online system to and then tacted on a inferior online product.

  • brian

    further more sony stock (SNE) has drop 30% in 4 weeks.. they’re gonna want to make that up somewhere*.. *thats you guys..

  • ryan

    this is some fucking bullshit

  • socom player!!

    People should have known this was coming thats y you should never put anything personal (information) on the internet..nothing i put from name to adress..is real on the playstation network!!and when i gave them a credit card# i made sure that it was a reloadable credit card i put the money on it and they can take it off right away!! think people!!!

  • T-lite

    Hackers Beware,You’ve just dumped on all of us serious players,no one likes to be dumped on.

  • nick

    socom player- yeah my adress and other info was fake on PSN too. This wouldnt be such an identity problem if people actually used their brains and realized that online id theft is always possible

  • elliott

    this is bs i want to purstiage but now i cant wtf

  • Broseph Stalin


    Then you’re just difficult. I would sue the hell out of my bank if they went around trying to piss off hackers. I’m a law student aiming for the remarkably relevant field of Corporate Law so I will go ahead and give you some facts.

    I’m a big fan of Battlefield 1943, MAG, MGS4, MW2, Black Ops, and Fallout New Vegas.

    Being that the first two will not function offline I have suffered complete denial of service, since the next three are really just for the online play they are effectively working at half capacity and I should be entitled to the full fair market value of both of the first two and 50% of the next three for the duration of this kerfuffle. Fallout New Vegas on the other hand works as well as it ever did because it doesn’t play on line, the only compensation I deserve there is from Obsidian for selling me an L shaped condom (if you get the reference what’s up fellow dick joke enthusiast?)Even though there’s no recurring fee for use control of all of those discs which now can serve only in the capacity of throwing weapons was turned over to me on purchase their actions have damaged MY property.
    As for the endangerment of my information due to their bad decisions according to precedent set by Smith v. Van Gorko corporations are to be held accountable for gross negligence (EG sticking ones dick in the proverbial hornets nest and threatening the sensitive information of every single individual subscribing to their services.) I think they should offer me and everyone else they boned one free purchase on the PS store it’s realistically better than the bad publicity they’ll get for leaving everyone out to dry or going to court.

  • Derek


    Their stock… really? They don’t need to make that money back, it’ll go back up for sure.

    If all of you feel so strongly that you need compensation for this incident, invest in their stock. This is a setback, and has happened with thousands of companies before them. It’s not crippling. They’ll bounce back.

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 80 Microsoft should have probably built their system around basic hardware sense that’s why you have a 60% failure rate.

    @ 83 giving them false information violates their terms, it doesn’t hurt anyone but then again neither did GEOHAT.

  • Triple_Lagit

    how long can it take to fix their system im not a gameaholic but i paid to play

  • Broseph Stalin


    Wow if you don’t work for Playstation you make very bad decisions. When a company proves their weak you don’t try to get compensation by buying their stock.

  • T-lite

    Sony will probaly start charging us for what the hackers did,then they will have make sure this will never happen again???

  • chris

    Good point chris p. Again playstation doesn’t owe us anything, but this is just like anything else. It takes money to make money. Though they don’t owe us. Sony would not go broke if they gave out a free map pack. Now it is true that they are losing money too. Just remember we are the customers. Always take care of your customers. We are the reason they ride big and live In big houses. So yes I do empathise with sony, but theydont pay us. We pay them. If they never got back up running some of us would be upset but they just may have to make some financial decisions. In my opinion it is in their best interest to give out something free after this to the people who line their pockets though they are victoms as well

  • the beast

    is playstation back online

  • Broseph Stalin

    No, and they aren’t giving us any kind of timeframe.

  • Broseph Stalin

    9 times out of ten when someone complains about people cheating it’s because they can’t play, not because they’ve ever actually seen a cheater.

  • socom player!!

    and further more i wouldnt mind paying 4 their network!! only if they fix the prob. with people jail breaking lagging and all that bs,im a die hard socom confrontaion player!!and really want them to fix that game. socom 4 sucks!!and actually glad i cant play that game it reminds me of call of duty black ops and that game is for kids it takes no skill 2 play!!so please get this prob. takin care of so i can get back on confrontation and merk some fools!!! lol

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 97
    Jailbreaking and lagging aren’t your problem. The vast majority of laggers are actually just people with bad connections, what you’re looking for is a “make me good at this game” button. They don’t make those.

  • chris

    I bought Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. a few days ago before I knew the system was down. I like the game though it got bad reviews. I never got to play it online can someone tell me is the online play any good?

  • joshmeng

    i would be laughing if xbox got attacked the day before escalation comes out.

  • socom player!!

    make me good at this game huh??? lol no..i know im good at this game thats y i dont need all that cheating shit!!just pissis me off that i can be good as i want there will always be some geek who needs to jail break their systems and down load cheats to beat me!! wich means i will never be able to win…so ummm yes jail breakers are a prob!!

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 101

    Please explain for the class what “Jail breaking” is because I’m not sure you understand.

  • leomr86

    Silent rage. actually personal info is protected from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) under the Privacy Act.

    Reference: Me, I am a government employee and FOIA officer for my unit.

  • chris

    Good point chris p. Again playstation doesn’t owe us anything, but this is just like anything else. It takes money to make money. Though they don’t owe us. Sony would not go broke if they gave out a free map pack. Now it is true that they are losing money too. Just remember we are the customers. Always take care of your customers. We are the reason they ride big and live In big houses. So yes I do empathise with sony, but theydont pay us. We pay them. If they never got back up running some of us would be upset but they just may have to make some financial decisions. In my opinion it is in their best interest to give out something free after this to the people who line their pockets though they are victoms as well

  • jason lawrence

    either way when its said and done…im still loyal to sony

  • Dave

    Yeah give me Black Ops maps for free. Thats what I want crappy new maps for a crappy game. Yeah that will settle it for me. NO THANKS

  • socom player!!

    means that they hack into a game and get super man life wich means no matter what they cant be killed they get guns from their down loads all kind of crazy shit go to u tube and typ socom cheats and u will see what a jailbreaker is its unreal its almost the samething some1 just did 2 the network!!

  • chris

    Ok don’t give ou a free map pack take off a percentage in the store for 2days so dave can get what ever he wants

  • someone

    this is all becous sony let people hack there ps3 thats retarded

  • Broseph Stalin

    No it’s because they didn’t let people hack their ps3 they went after hackers who were breaking the terms but not actually hurting anybody and pissed them off.

  • Broseph Stalin

    They should give everyone one free purchase, and to all the people who say that’s going to bankrupt them, how? Because their production costs end immediately after they release it software is zero scarcity even if they gave infinite free purchases they wouldn’t actually be “losing money” they just wouldn’t be making any.

  • socom player!!

    so..did you find what a jailbreaker is????

  • dutch

    i agree with nick to

  • Broseph Stalin

    @ 112
    I know what a jailbreaker is you clearly don’t.

  • dutch


  • stephanie

    just upset i cant watch my netflixs lol

  • gio

    if you gave all the mappacks out for free there will be no problem or hackers

  • socom player!!

    yea ok slick!!you talk a good game!!! lol your prob . one of those stupid geeks!!! lol

  • gio

    who knows what will happen next for the playstation network

  • socom player!!

    ok okay enough about stupid ass playstation!!i cant wait to watch the royal weeding!!! lol the hell with the royal wedding!!so sick of seeing that, between that and the net work bs i dont know wich is worse!!!lol

  • nutsonurchin28

    really a whole other week,im going to shoot myself from bordism and be buried with my beloved playstation.im netflixed the hell out.need c.o.d. LMAO.

  • James4683

    im an xbox360 person and ps3 is soo easy to hack get a life get an xbox360

  • nick

    i think i rest my case

  • Broseph Stalin


    I’m a law student and I’m set up to make 500,000 dollars a year five years after graduation, I’m also a beast at Black Ops Battlefield and SOCOM, come to think of it I could also kick your ass I’m just a genuinely amazing person, I also know how to type.

  • socom player!!

    i think the least they can do (playstation net work) is let us know whats goin on a lil more then they have !!Just feels like with them not saying anything,that they are trying to hide or cover something up!! i know something like this takes time to fix, so im not to worried about when it will be back on!!i just feel like they should be more in the light!!i really dont want anything could care less about a free map!! lol or purchase on the network store!!! lol get real!! just promise me this wont happen again and fix their games i will be ok!!!

  • unknown

    I think it is taking sony way to long to fix the problem… with the money and technology that they have

  • socom player!!

    lol mr law man here!!!who cares what your going to school 4..or how much money your going to make!you say that…for what? does it matter im a active US.marine back from a 18 month deployment!!0321 recon 42nd 5th marines!!but non of that matters!! and i know this so you can miss us with all your smart man bull shit and if you were talkin about kicking my ass!?? i highly doubt it lol..

  • TunakTunakTun

    give us the black ops maps for free. yes i play black ops. thats all i wuld want

  • Rageking

    no i think they should give us alot of psn money

  • Rageking

    so then we can buy wat we want because i already have the maps

  • Shi Seikatsu

    I am sorry, however materialistic as we all may seem, the hackers have taken possibly our futures and yet you are all worried about Black Ops, and map packs, and shit you can download for games, why not think of your own personal safety first. After all, we are ALL to blame for giving out our personal information over the network, WE are ALL at fault for it crashing, and WE ARE ALL SUFFERING FOR IT HAPPENING. So pull your heads out of your asses and think more about password changes, card canceling and make an attempt to pry loose our fucking eyeballs from the televisions and go out and have fun with out kids, get some fresh air, make real friends in real circumstances and not live in the fantasy life we all created for this goddamn game society. I AM AN ADDICT TO GAMES, i am willing to admit it, but this crash of the system gave me a chance to play with my 2 yr old instead of sitting down playing games and worrying about the newest game or map pack. i actually thank whoever did it for giving me something even more precious than money back: MY LIFE!!!! And trust me, it feel sooooooo fuckin good getting outside and playing at the park with my 2 yr old.

  • Shi Seikatsu

    One added thing. Games are fun, but do you actually KNOW when it is time to put the controller down? and dont answer lightly, cuz i didnt know until i became a father. If you want to know the answer, then ask your kids running around inside without friends, or ask your ex-girlfriends or ex boyfriends, ex-spouses, ect. Because i guarantee they all know the answer, and if you figure it out by reading this your brilliant, if not, you will be doomed forever until someone slaps it in your face for you plainer than this. Ive said my bit on my opinion, and all i ask for from the PSN is everyone gets 3 free game downloads and 3 free add-on downloads, sounds fair to me, dows anyone else agree? and yes i am a complete hypocrite to what i said. yes i love gaming, yes i love my kid. but if i get free shyt outta this, then ill get a learning game for my kid.

  • CGC

    So what is ETA? Does anybody knows?

  • Jack

    It don’t matter what they said playstation sucks

  • Codak

    Get a life and srop cryin about a game u bitches

  • wow.

    @135 how about YOU get a life and stop coming on a comment board about playstation MULTIPLE times telling people to stop crying bout a game that you pretend to not care about..

  • diego

    im just 8 years old sell the new map pack for free well get done fast beacase i want to go ONLIINE BUT IM MAD BEACASE MY BLACK OPS GAME CEEPS FREAKEN FREZZING AND IM MAD BEACASE I WANT TO BUY THE DER RIESE MAP AND SHI NU NUMA MAP FOR WORLD AT WAR CALL OF DUTY BUT IT COST MONEY so that would be great if you send it for free thank you sony memberships

  • Anonymous

    I am not saying any game system is better but i would agree with the idea of trading in a ps3 for an xbox or wii. if you disagree with what i say keep your mouth shut i can not find a word to express how much i hate people that do crap like that.

  • Albo_666

    The best way for Sony to resolve this issue and fix the problem is to hire the hacker who hacked into the network 🙂

  • Steffan

    How bout giving the ps3 members the new call of duty black ops map pack early!? Like in the middle of May because we haven’t played since the 20th. The least y’all can do is that to make some people happy, I know I will be because if not we have to wait till June 3rd for the new map pack 🙁

  • Joe golob

    I saw this on national news days ago tardface do more research before posting a bad article.



  • frank

    All you people are crying about online get a life do something else instead of crying that u want to play cant u remember when their wasnt any online mode u guys are just spoiled just be patient and it will be up when its up you cant do anything about it but wait. plus xbox sucks weird controls too bulky

  • Vinman

    116 – Stephanie, I can still get on Netflix. Just keep trying to log on util it loads.

  • Vinman

    Xbox live has had downtimes in the past. I know in at least one case it was out for over a week. When it happened they claimed that it was undergoing maintenance, but who knows what information they were withholding from their customers. At least Sony is releasing information as they gather it. Also, I agree with many of the others. This is a very poorly written article. This author should not be allowed to write anything on the internet, ever…

  • aa

    shi seikatsu is right

  • ali

    hii every body dear sony some people want to play online games but suddenly in 20 th idont know whats happen so people be bored because of whats happen and i lisin people said that agroup do hakers only ihave this information please i hope you fixed it quickly as possible because i feel bored without online games

  • ali

    hii every body dear sony some people be bored without online until what it still down

  • ryan

    when you do any of you think that psn going to be back online ???

  • atzin

    well everybody is worried to play i only play about one hour a day cuz i have a life and a two yr old who i have to take care of and play all you people need to do something else with your lifes i totally agree with shi seikatsu its a shame some of you need something like this to realize that your are missing out on the real world

  • BishBashBosh06

    anonymous are just bunch of wee fat nerds that are good with computers oh wait u wouldnt acc have to be cause sony’s security was shit and let these wee fat bastards get in anyway! free £/$20.00 on playstation store for being patient for so long! 🙂

  • Wutever. Sony is screwed. I know they’ll recover, but how long will that take? Good luck and I’m sorry for PS3 users 🙁 Sad face.

  • chris

    As sad as it is I agree with shi seikatsu’s post number 127. Thanks.

  • chris

    And the post number 126. This person may have lost sony a customer. Or any system for that matter. I too am addicted to gaming, I’m no loser. Its just what I have always done. I remember atari with dig dug, super mario, sonic, street fighter, joe montana football, tecmo bowl, hell twisted metal, tekken. I won’t get rid of my games because my kids love it, and I do too, but I think I will let them have it. Thank you playstation.

  • chris


  • chris

    Does anybody think that we may have done this to ourselves. STOP PASSING CHAIN LETTERS. YOU MAY BE PASSING AROUND A VIRUS. Which would explain why some people can still get on Netflix. If you get a chain letter from someone on your friendlist delete them immediately. And if they aren’t on your friendlist don’t even open it

  • ryan

    i have a life i just get bored doing the same thang over every dam day so i need free time therefore i dont end up like alot of these losers with nothing because they dont give a shit so i just says i dont pay hundreds of dollars yeat for psn and some stupidd dum ass hackers screw it up now i have a right to play but people like the hackers who hacked it doesnt because they think there so smart and mess everthing so SCREW THE HACKERS BAN ALL OF THEMM!!!!!

  • Shinmigami

    Hey guys, new update even though we should get multi-player gaming this week. According to the Sony VP credit card numbers did get stolen. Plus SOE accounts got hacked as well and those credit card numbers are in fact stolen. So, this is even worst then everyone thought and from what Sony has been letting on.

  • chris

    Shinmigami do you think that we helped spread a vikrus through chain letters?

  • ryan

    good news psn supose to be up and running this weekend