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Playstation 3 Review: ModNation Racers

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Sony has brought a new game of the same ilk as highly successful Little Big Planet and is built around level creation with a twist. In ModNation Racers, the player controls an up-and-coming racer who has dreams of making it to the big time in the kart racing world. The players start from the bottom and have to win their way to the top, all the while unlocking different items to change the looks of the player, kart, and items and creating racetracks.

The game can be very unforgiving. The A.I. will use very cheap tactics to get ahead and then stay ahead. There are times at which catching up to the track leader will be almost impossible. The other kart racers also use a rubber band effect in racing, in which all the other characters on the track will catch up, coming from out of nowhere, in order to try to make it challenging. However, the game’s update corrected this problem, so I highly recommend updating the game before it is played in order to save some frustration.

Before and after each race, there are movies that instill humor and to progress the story. There are two announcer characters that provide commentary for the racing, which will keep the player laughing. In the intro movies, the player will be introduced to a rival character, that if this character is beaten special unlocks will awarded giving the player even more options when it comes to modding out different tracks.

ModNation Racers took a very interesting approach at navigation menus. Instead of the typical menu, the player controls the racer that is created. There are small buildings that serve as the menu points. This central hub also is the place where other players can be found if the Playstation 3 is connected online.

The real appeal to the game is the modding. Players will be able to change the look of their character, the kart and different tracks to their liking. There is also the ability to upload it to the ModNation servers for other players to be able to download and use their creations. There is a weekly voting system, which people who play the game vote on the best mods of the week and it is displayed on the Playstation Network blog.

The modding and deep track creation aspects of the game will keep people playing again and again. Along with weekly voting and content that is released on the Playstation Store, this game is a game to own and never put down.

ModNation Racers is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief. This game can be found on PSP

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