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Playstation 3 Review: Infamous 2

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In Infamous 2, players take control of Cole MacGrath. He is back for the second time, with a new look and loads of new powers. Cole is in a new city trying to power himself up in order to take on the beast that is referred to in the first Infamous.

The game plays exactly like the first one. Cole has electric powers and is going to a the new location, New Marais, to acquire more powers in order to defeat the beast. This time around, Cole doesn’t start off at square one as in Infamous. Instead, Cole keeps all the abilities that he has learned and starts off with a melee weapon that will aid him in the battle against the Militia, a group of people who are controlling New Marais. Going through the game, Cole liberates the city section by section.

Sucker Punch outdid themselves this time around, adding bigger enemies, more powers, and more content. Cole fightsenemies that are bigger than most buildings.  These enemies are able to go underground and can move faster than Cole. However, to aid this Sucker Punch has given Cole a number of new abilities that will be acquired through finding ray sphere fragments. Two new characters also give Cole an edge in fighting these new enemies as well as fighting the beast.

There is ever increasing content will be unlocked after a crucial point in the story, and user generated content(UGC)  can be played at anytime,all of which gives the game a much longer shelf life. The UGC tools are easy to use, but yet hard to master. There is the possibility to make stories set anywhere in the world and of any difficulty. Characters will be able to speak thanks to the use of text boxes and A.I. can be either friendly or hostile. There are even templates that can be adjusted as examples or start off points to help beginners.

The game itself, is an open world like the first one, which is great for showing off the new abilities that are picked up. However, there is a sense of emptiness in the world. If this is a city that was created in the image of New Orleans, then there is a need for more life. There are parts of the game where it just seems empty and people are all saying and doing the same things (if you’re evil, they’re attacking and if you’re good they’re cheering). Cole is even the same for the most part, playing evil gives your powers a red look and Cole’s personality is darker, while playing good the powers are blue and Cole’s personality is more light hearted.

Sucker Punch used their time to develop the game to make it look and play better. The textures standout more and players will be able to see better detail on buildings, on the ground and even on some enemies. Cole stills dies when touching large bodies of water, but the water looks better this time around.

The gameplay and movement are the same from the original. If you didn’t like the fact that Cole has the ability to grab onto everything, you’re not going to like the fact that he retains it here Enemies are often cheap as they will launch rockets from both far and close, especially when turning a corner. One direct hit will lead to death. Powers are unlocked through the game progression and depending on your karma choices. If the Infamous save is detected at the beginning of Infamous 2, Cole starts off with 2000 xp and a karma boost of either positive or negative karma depending on how the first game ended.

Infamous 2 is an improvement above the first. There is a lot more to do and everything is bigger and badder than before. With the aid of the user generated content, there is going to be enough content to keep any lover of the genre playing for a long time. With its sometime cheap gameplay there can be a little frustration, but those instances do not take away from the overall improvement over the first one. Any lover of Infamous will love the second entry in the franchise.

Infamous 2 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol and Violence. This game can only be found on PS3.

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