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PlayStation 3 Review: Grim Grimoire

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In the beginning of the PlayStation 3 era, all PS3s had the ability to play PlayStation 2 games. Then, all of the sudden, a new wave of PS3s were released and the full backward capabilities were taken away and replaced by software emulation. PS2 games could still be played, but not the full library. Then, another wave of PS3 games came out and the ability to play PS2 games went away completely. Sony must have kept in mind that gamers wanted to play PS2 games, because high definition upgrades to PS2 games have started appearing in collections. It was not until recently when a new part of the PlayStation Store opened for PS2 games that are not re-mastered, but released in their full PS2 glory.

One of the first games to be released this way is Grim Grimoire by NIS.

With these released to the store, they are not on the same field as new releases or even re-releases. Those all have received the High Definition treatment. The PS2 Classics (as they are referred to in the PSN store) are PlayStation 2 games in their full PS2 glory with no updated graphics, trophies or gameplay elements. The bugs that were in the game before are still in there now. One of the best perks of having games released and downloadable is not have any load times. This is a major plus for buying the released game.

Grim Grimoire‘s main character is Lillet Blan: a female mage who just been accepted in a school of magic called the Tower of Silver Star. Grim Grimoire gameplay is through a four-day period — because on that fifth day, everyone in the school dies. It is up to Lillet to find out what happened and why. During each of the four-day periods, any type of magic or skill that has been learned is retained. Lillet has the option to talk to her professors, classmates and discover the secrets about the magic school.

Grim Grimoire is an RTS combined with side-scroller. It works by giving commands to Familiars for fighting, defending or gathering resources. Grim Grimoire is also about Runes; which act as the source for everything in your base. The Runes create new Familiars, along with having the ability to upgrade classes during battles. During battles, areas of the map will show up as grey until Familiars scout the area. Lillet will learn more Grimoire’s that will create new items at each level.

There are four different magic schools, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: glamour, necromancy, sorcery and alchemy. Glamour is the summons familiar such as elves, fairies and unicorns. Necromancy summons undead units that are impervious to physical attacks. Sorcery deals with demonic style, while Alchemy focuses on more ranged attacks. Improvements can be made to the classes for more balancing; it seems like the Necromancy class will be used a lot since its strength can be over powered.

Grim Grimoire‘s art style is cell shaded. It is from a previous generation, so nothing is presented here in High Definition. There is a pixelated look throughout gameplay and cutscenes; this is due to the fact that it’s a last generation game and hasn’t been updated. However, it still looks decent for a last generation game.

Grim Grimoire is a pleasant surprise to all the FPS that have been released recently, and having a console RTS is a nice change of pace.

Grim Grimoire is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes. This game can also be found on: PS2.

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