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PlayStation 3 Review: Disney Universe

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Disney Universe for PS3 is an adventure game utilizing six worlds from Disney movies. The worlds visited are Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, WALL-E, Lion King, and Monsters Inc. While the game is clearly targeted at kids, it is fun for any Disney fan. The multitude of different sections and levels offers a wide variety of activities. The game play itself is simple, but the fun lies in moving through the different worlds and seeing what’s around the next corner.

In the opening of the game players are taken into the hub where a cute little computer cube called VIC explains how fun and safe the adventure will be. Just as I was thinking the emphasis on how “safe” the game is was a little too much, the hub was taken over by the evil HEX. HEX is the nemesis of VIC. He sends his robot minions throughout the worlds to wreak havoc upon the Disney Universe. It is up to the player to help VIC rid the universe of this evil scourge. If the player accepts the challenge they are sent out to get rid of bad guys and rescue the good guys.

The first world visited is Pirates of the Caribbean. There is no choice on this first round, but once points are built up different worlds can be chosen. The game play is pretty much the same throughout the different worlds, but the challenges are different. Fighting off bad guys typically involves punching and slamming the ground. Weapons can be found in different power up stations throughout the game. There are puzzles and mini-games throughout each section. Little Mickey Mouse coins are collected and they are used to unlock the other worlds.

Each world contains three levels, with the final level being a battle against a boss. The objective of each level is to free a “guest” that has been trapped there. Replay of a level allows a second guest to be freed. Though game play is not overly difficult, there are plenty of challenges. In the Pirates of the Caribbean world a pirate ship must be sunk by shooting several precise targets along the bow, all the while minions are invading your ship.

Each world is very detailed, which makes it fun to move through each level to see what’s there. The character the player controls is fairly simple and does not speak. The movements are also fairly basic. You can’t do much more than walk around and jump or hit things. However, everything moves fairly smoothly so it is easy to flow from one challenge to the next. The game provides hints and goals as you move through the levels so important steps are not missed during game play. This provides less of a challenge for experienced gamers, but is good for kids who might otherwise get frustrated with the many different challenges.

Overall this game is fun and a great family game. There is enough variety and replay value to the game to keep players occupied for a long time. It is nice having all the different worlds grouped together in one game, though there is not much for classic Disney fans. There are many different costumes that can be worn, and it doesn’t matter which universe they belong to. A Lion King costume can be worn in the Monster’s Inc. world. The game does not offer any on line game play, but can be played locally with up to four players.

Disney Universe is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence and Crude Humor. This game can also be found on: PC, Wii, and Xbox 360.

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