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PlayStation 3 Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

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 Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one of the top first person shooter games.  Bad Company 2 has been trying to wrestle the top spot in terms of online multiplayer first person shooter games from Call of Duty since March 2, 2010 when it was first released and now it has its first real expansion, Vietnam, which makes it quite evident that they are ratcheting up their efforts. 

Included in this expansion are five maps and six new vehicles to command including a Huey helicopter (happily, the helicopter is not armored and can be taken down with some lucky machine gun fire or larger arms).  Fifteen Vietnam era weapons including muddied and battle warn machine guns and bamboo camouflaged rocket launchers are also present.  

The setting for Battlefield Vietnam is Vietnam (surprise surprise).  You fight your way through the steamy bamboo forests; flooded rice patties; and of course, local villages.

One of the characteristics of the Battlefield Bad Company series is destructible buildings and environments. This adds a fun dynamic to the multiplayer experience, no longer can a lone soldier hope to outrun a tank by entering a building, said tank can completely demolish the building around the soldier. Not only will you see building crumble and grass huts burn, but you will also see lush trees and plant cover fall away and leave you with a very grim open field where cover is a luxury and death flies by in a constant barrage of bullets, fire, and explosions. Near the end of a battle, a player can see first hand how the fighting destroys an area when comparing the before and after.

Another key component of the Bad Company series is squad-based play. When storming an enemy camp, it is important to work together.  Your squad is made up of medics, engineers, soldiers, etc. who need to organize into a united front.  A Rambo mentality (army of one) will not get you very far in this game.  When progressing through the game, you can level up via kills, points, and team actions.  These unlock more customizations, better guns, and other perks.

The multiplayer game types include: Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, and Squad Deathmatch.  Conquest is a capture the flag match where players must keep control of three flags, for longer then their enemies.  In Rush, the players must either defend or destroy an M-Com station.  Squad based rush mode is similar and has two squads go head-to-head over an M-Com station.  And last but not least, Squad Deathmatch is a deathmatch mode with two squads and one vehicle.  Of the four modes, my favorite is Conquest.  There is nothing as satisfying as fighting your way through a band of soldiers and raising your own flag.  All the modes are fun, with the squad based modes being small with control, skill, and teamwork being of the utmost importance.

At the launch of the title, only four maps were made available.  The fifth map, the Battle of Hastings, will be available for free once a community goal of 69 million “team actions” (these include resupply, revive, heal, spot, and repair) are completed.  As of January 1st the PC platform has the map unlocked, while the Xbox 360 version has approximately 45.5 million completed actions and the PS3 version 35.8 million.

The maps of Bad Company 2 Vietnam are: Hill 137, Vantage Point, Phu Bai Valley, Cao Son Temple, and the aforementioned Operation Hastings. My personal favorite map, so far, is the Cao Son Temple.  in this map there is a sizable temple which is on a shoreline along which there is also a small village and a dock. This dock acts as a flag point and also a holding ground for a gun boat which, in the right hands, is a death machine. But with enough players coming together it is easily torn asunder. This can be done by using a few players as cannon fodder and a few others as the cannons. This level is mostly close combat soldier battles, with a few nice spots for snipers to camp.

The soundtrack is via radios within the game. Mostly radios are in vehicles and can be played while driving, but some are also scattered about in villages blaring loud music. The soundtrack is all songs from the ’60s (good ones, no junk) totaling over two hours of music. And, of course, for our trophies lovers there are ten new ones in this expansion as well.

The expansion is being sold on the PlayStation Network for $15 and is published by EA games. In order to play this expansion the full game Battlefield Bad Company 2 is required. I would suggest that if you haven’t gotten into the multiplayer aspect of Bad Company 2 yet, you should give this a shot. There are less gadgets to learn than in the regular multiplayer, giving the a new player a fighting chance. Download Vietnam, hone those skills in the jungle, then jump back into the regular multiplayer and show them what a Vietnam vet can do. Please remember Vietnam is multiplayer only, no single player campaign.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood, Violence, Strong Language. This game can also be found on Xbox 360.

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    That activity has had a whole lot time period clear of gaming. It truly is simply just freaking brilliant once you have the whole team connected with good friends therefore you band together for taking decrease this opponent. That may be in truth the very best section of the activity in front of them, the point that it is just a TEAM-based on the net present shooter. All people can certainly play a part. Despite the fact that include a tough time with infantry beat you possibly can generally position opponent soldiers, re-supply ones teammates, produce artillery service that has a reservoir, or maybe maintain front-lines living to be a medic. Truly a must-see with activity pattern. (Wow along with the Vietnam dlc is additionally kick-ass! Very best dlc I’ve truly previously ordered. )