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PlayStation 3 Bundles Are Pricey

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Gamers waiting to get their hands on the first PlayStation 3 bundles might want to start saving now. The prices are out on in the U.K., and they’re expensive.

From MTV: is selling the PlayStation 3 with the 60GB hard drive and three games for 549 pounds, roughly $1,016. The three games included are Warhawk, Formula One 06, and SingStar — perfect for gamers who like air combat, driving, and karaoke games.

That’s a whole lot of cash for a console and a few games. I’m interested in getting a PS3, but ouch. I realize the PS3 will do more than just play games, and that does make it very interesting indeed. But, when all the numbers are added up in bundle pricing, again I say ouch!

Another interesting thing to note is the fact is expecting shortages.

This from the site:

Due to an expected European shortage of the PS3, we are unable to guarantee delivery of your PS3 before Christmas. All pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and game titles in this package may be changed, subject to availability.

Does this mean the PS3 release is expected to go like the 360’s? If we saw those consoles selling for $10k over eBay, what does the holiday season hold in store for the PS3?

I’m afraid to even venture a guess.

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  • Taniaess

    The bundle is waaaay too much! How do they go from the playstaion3 at $600 to adding three games and making it over $1000? That doesn’t make since to me. My son wants this game sole for xmas. I’m definately NOT buying the bundle.Thanks for the update.