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Playlist: Songs That Sample “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton

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George Clinton is one of the most influential Funk artists on the planet, second only to James Brown. In addition to his solo work, he was the leader of the equally impressive Parliament and Funkadelic. He worked as a barber before his musical success, which may explain the creative hairstyles he’s known for. Although his hair may turn heads, it’s his music that continues to inspire and turn up in multitudes of rap recordings. Much of his music has been re-engineered, but the George Clinton song “Atomic Dog” is one of the most sampled tracks in rap music history.

Originally released in 1982 on the album “Computer Games” , the track Atomic Dog hit number 1 on the Billboard R&B Charts and reached #101 on the pop charts.
It became legendary to DJs across America and has been included in many successful rap songs over the last couple of decades.

This playlist starts with the original song by Mr. Clinton and is followed by 27 rap tracks that sample it. It’s an absorbing exercise to try and pick out the samples. You can also get an understanding of how a sample can be used differently, depending on the artist creating the new work. Although this list is not complete, it gives a detailed review of the influence the song “Atomic Dog” has had on music.

Songs That Sample “Atomic Dog” Playlist

1. Atomic Dog – George Clinton
2. Who Am I (What’s My Name)? – Snoop Doggy Dogg
3. Brothers Gonna Work It Out – Public Enemy
4. Ghetto Bird – Ice Cube
5. Funky Gripsta – Ice-T
6. Comatose – P.M. Dawn
7. Peace Treaty – Kam
8. I Gots Ta Get Over – Compton’s Most Wanted
9. The Basement – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
10. Can’t Truss It – Public Enemy
11. Doowutchyalike – Digital Underground
12. Diary Of A Madman – Scarface
13. Dog Talk – (featuring K-9 Corp/Pretty C) – George Clinton
14. Watch Yo Nuggets – Redman
15. Beej-N-Dem – Jay Dee
16. Man’s Best Friend – Ice Cube
17. Bitches On My Mind – Natas
18. D-O-G Me Out – Guy
19. Party – Kris Kross
20. Froggy Style – Nuttin’ Nyce
21. The Beef Is On – BDK
22. The Dragon – Biz Markie
23. Back Off – Fu-Schnickens
24. Pumps And A Bump – Hammer
25. Holler If You Hear Me – 2pac
26. Where’d You Get That Funk From – Schooly D
27. Coffee, Donuts & Death – Paris
28. Fuck Wit Dre Day – Dr. Dre

Robert Burke spends much of his time lovingly crafting thematic music playlists at the Rhapsody Radish.

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    Add “Style” by Prince (from Emancipation) to the list.

  • i always wanted to be a funkadelicmy mother forbided me hes jush great.

  • Wow – that’s an innovative list