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One of those fortuitous opportunities presented itself to me this weekend as I visited my newly expanded independent record shops. After searching through racks of music I either had no interest in or ever heard of I discovered Playgroup’s Playgroup. I had downloaded “Front 2 Back” the year before but didn’t think it worthy enough of getting the CD at the time. This time around, with a new paycheck in the bank, the impetuousness of fiscal irresponsibility presented itself to me and I was awarded with one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. Poppy, fun, and just damn funky, on the ride home I pumped up the bass as loud as possible and grooved to perfect summertime tunes. Fat basslines and an ecletic collection of sounds drawing from electro, retro 80s, and even reggae and dub, Playgroup’s Trevor Jackson twists it all into an audibly orgasmic journey for the cruise on a steamy, tropical afternoon or the beginning of a banging house party setting the mood to dance the night away.

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