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Planned Outage (Complete)

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As mentioned earlier today, updates will be prohibited for the next 30-45 minutes or so. I hope.

Read as much as you want, but comments will probably give you an error. If so, wait a while and try again. I’ll update this post when everything is up again.

I know I said I would update the last post, but then it drifted out of the spotlight, so I changed my mind. Sorry.

Update: 32 minutes later, the outage is over. Initial testing seems to show very slow access to the site. I hope that this will be resolved within the next day or so. Call it growing pains and please accept my apology. Posting and commenting are especially slow. 🙁

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  • Test comment, please ignore.

  • Oh my, that’s a lot slower than I expected. Ouch.

  • Eric Olsen

    Writers and commenters, please be patient throughout today (Saturday) as comments and posts will load slowly until the move to the new host is complete. Right now everything has to rebuild twice, hence the delay.

    Thanks for your help and support – all should be back to normal by tonight.