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Plame Leaker Protected By Federal Whistleblower Laws

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From Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek

It appears that the person who allegedly leaked Valerie Plame’s name would be protected by federal whistleblower laws in this circumstance.

As is now known, Valerie Plame lobbied and got her husband the job to go to Niger to investigate claims of getting nuclear material. He had no experience in this matter, produced shotty research, and used it as a platform to try to hatchet the President. The circumstances of his leaving the foreign service are unknown, but he was put in early retirement at 48 (with the minimum age being 50) indicating that his departure was not on good terms.

If an individual leaked to the press that Joseph Wilson got the job to go to Niger because of the influence of his wife, that would constitute an abuse of authority and possible misuse of funds, entitling the person who gave out that information to be protected by federal whistleblower laws. Spouses getting jobs for their husbands or wives is clearly unethical and in some cases illegal, and pointing that out in public entitles the whistleblower to protection.

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  • And now the extreme right and those a bit to the right of center will begin the systematic destruction of Joseph Wilson and his wife. The President has the power to put this whole thing to rest post haste. His failure to do so should result in nothing less than an official Congressional inquiry which could lead to impeachment.

  • You Have to allow yourself to got through some pretty amazing mental acrobatics to believe that Rove is somehow a whistleblower. This is but one in a long line of intellecually dishonest arguments that asserts KR is some how the victim. Even if all that KR did is confirm Plame’s name to reporters who already knew the situation, he did wrong. Officials are not allowed to discuss classified information with people who lack clearence period.

  • Rove wasn’t involved, not even Pelosi thinks that anymore.

    Let’s wait for the prosecution report to come out, then I’ll put up a nice post of Schedufreude (or however the heck its spelled)

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  • John you are struggling with the truth here. Read this article. Clearly KR was involved, and if her name was classified, then he did wrong. Also, if her name was not classified, why did the CIA call for an investigation, and why is the investigation still ongoing after 2 yrs?

    – RBP

  • The CIA cleared the disclosure. A leak is when an administration official makes contact with the press, not whether a member of the media calls them up and tells them a story and gets the response “I heard that too”.

    The CIA DIDN’T call for an investigation for about 3 months. And the investigation is still ongoing because of the stonewalling of the press and whether reporters could be compelled to release sources. That question made it’s way all the qay up to the Supreme Court, that takes time. As soon as Judith Miller ponies up, we’ll get the report and the right can again mock the left for being dumb.

  • Give me a mainstream source that states that “the CIA cleared the disclosure” and I’ll leave you alone. I’ve read every article I can find on Google News about PlameGate and don’t remember any of them saying what you just said. Give me a hyperlink please.

    Again, officials are not free to discuss (even if it is just confirmation) classified information with people who lack clearence. Otherwise, Osama could call up the CIA and say: “I heard that you know my whereabouts but that you want be able to mobilize an attack for 48 hr.” and… The CIA could say “yep you got it right Osama, so you better get on out of there.”


    – RBP

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    Tao, please try again man, I’d luv to see what you’re getting at.

  • it looks that way and seems appropriate is what I meant .. 🙂

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    Cause #15 looks good, and appropriate, to me.

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  • Yo Tao:

    Comment 15 worked for me. I saw it when you first posted it and then went for a walk. I laughed my ass off all the way down the st.

    – RBP

  • Tao Jonez

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  • Novak was clear that he called the CIA before the story ran… no one has since refuted that.

  • Give me a hyperlink John. No offense, but I don’t trust you.

    – RBP

  • OK. Sorry for continuing OT, but Comment #15 did not work when I first saw it. but now it does. Odd that.

    Not appropriate – though I like the detail of a wedding ring.

  • Tao Jonez

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  • dsierra

    The CIA did not clear the disclosure. They asked for an investigation. Wing-nuts come up with more BS. This is a criminal investigation and there are going to be some burned asses before it is over.

  • Tao:

    Google it… there are too articles Novak wrote on the Plame affair, it’s the second one. Why trust my links if you don’t have to?

    Look at what Novak said, he ran it by the CIA who didn’t stop the release.

  • goats

    “From Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek

    It appears that the person who allegedly leaked Valerie Plame’s name would be protected by federal whistleblower laws in this circumstance.

    As is now known, Valerie Plame lobbied and got her husband the job to go to Niger to investigate claims of getting nuclear material.”

    As is now known, by whom?
    What a wet dream.

    “He had no experience in this matter, produced shotty research, and used it as a platform to try to hatchet the President. The circumstances of his leaving the foreign service are unknown, but he was put in early retirement at 48 (with the minimum age being 50) indicating that his departure was not on good terms.”

    The word is shoddy, and the only thing that is shoddy here is the pathetic attempt to find any excuse to get Karl off the hook. Just more wet dreams of the wing nuts, that are spewing almost anything they can in deperation.

    Meanwhile, Karl twists slowly in the wind. Here’s hoping you hand in there Karl baby – keep a twistin’.

    It’s real entertainment watching McClellan stand up there and get totally hosed by the WH press corp.

    These attacks on Wilson EVEN IF TRUE does make not a damn bit of difference in court, and the guy that GW Bush appointed, that REPUBLICAN prosecutor, seems to be quite able to figure that out.

  • I have to say this is taking on a ‘through the looking glass’ kind of quality.

    On the one hand I see all these people like RBP and Tao and Goats who are absolutely 100% convinced that Rove did something wrong and is on the way to the ashheap of history.

    Then I read the current news articles – even the link to the WaPo which RBP provided – and the facts become increasingly clear to me showing that Rove is in no significant trouble at all.

    Twisting in the wind, Goats? He’s not even paying attention anymore.

    At this point an awful lot of straight, specific information about what happened is on the record.

    1. Someone other than Rove was the original leak.
    2. Rove’s only involvement was to confirm information brought to him by reporters who already knew, apparently from multiple sources, that Plame worked for the CIA.
    3. Plame was not actively undercover and the CIA did not consider her a covert operative and therefore gave Novak the go-ahead to print.

    Presumably the current investigation is now into who the original leak was so they can get a slap on the wrist.


  • Nancy

    There is an analogy between Rove & myself as a kid: I occasionally got smacked because if I hadn’t committed the naughtiness I was accused of, I certainly had done something else they hadn’t found out about & for which I deserved punishment. So w/Rove: even IF he isn’t ‘technically’ guilty of anything this time (which I doubt), I also have NO doubt there is plenty of nasty, dirty business he has committed but never been prosecuted for & for which the severest punishment is richly & well deserved. Given his innate corruption, twisted psychopathy, & amoral attitudes, however, I’m quite sure he’s no innocent lamb on this one, even if the right is doing its damnedest to spin this as just another partisan attack. They’re wasting their breath, ink, & what little credibility they’ve got left w/the world at large on defending someone who doesn’t deserve it. I look forward w/interest to Fitzgerald making public whatever it is he’s found. It must be something juicy, or the right wouldn’t be spending so much time & effort trying to eviscerate this whole thing, since the easier solution would be just to come clean – if nothing truly was wrong, & Rove or anyone else in the administration was really innocent of intentional wrongdoing. Also, don’t know why the media hasn’t picked up on this yet (maybe they have & I’ve just missed it?) but as usual SmirkCo. keeps changing their story on this, just like w/their reasons for the war in Iraq. Gee…wonder why I can’t believe them on this, either?

  • Nancy, you make some of the same points I make in the form of four questions on the Rove 101 Blog. In particular, if there was no wrong doing, why change tactics (i.e., emphatic denial to “no comment”). You also rightfully point out that diehard republicans like Dave (who is clearly fairly bright and well spoken but, in my opinion, still misguided) and John and all the talking heads like the RNC Chair and Brit Hume are trying to spin this thing in another direction. Even if as Dave claims… “Rove is innocent” the fact is that Cooper and Novak cited TWO ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS… so the administration is not out of the woods yet.

    – RBP

  • Nancy

    LOL – wouldn’t it be funny in a way if it were Bush & Cheney, in the white house with a computer, or Frist & DeLay on the hill with a phone? This is like Clue in real life.

  • If Rove were truly innocent of any wrong-doing, he would have come out two years ago when this started and told everyone the facts as he’s doing now.

  • Please try and keep up, lefties.

    There was a Senate hearing on Wilson’s claims. They turned up memos FROM Valerie Plame stumping for her husband to get the job. They actually turned up evidence on that one.

  • There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. Is there not a human among us that even remotely cares about getting to the truth? Lefties and righties, shut up. This is just another smokescreen in the scheme of things and frankly America doesn’t need it. The truth is what all sides should be demanding.

  • I’m all for the truth, Silas. I’m tired of the wild speculation from both sides. How so many words can be generated on so little substance is beyond me.


  • Hyperbole by any other name is propaganda.

  • I’m not sure that hyperbole is very good propaganda – it really only helps strengthen the hold on those already converted. It tends to alienate those who aren’t already in your camp. For the uncommitted and unconvinced subtle campaigns of disinformation and misrepresentation seem to work much better.


  • Tao Jonez

    ya should know, Dave.
    just fuckin with ya , man

  • gjc

    Kids, lets get real here.
    Anybody can sit in the woods or a gas station or one of several dozen other places and video record the license plates of every car entering and exiting the
    roads that connect to the
    access road that brings all the typical
    CIA employees to their place of work.

    Figuring out who or who does not work at the CIA is a simple matter for a private investigation team.

    Furthermore, banking and credit applications almost always contain information about one’s employment.
    Heck, applications for one’s children
    to attend private day care centers
    contain employment information.

    School Field Trip permission slips
    and summer camp records contain
    employment and emergency contact info.

    None of this stuff is classified.

    Its all much ado about nothing.

  • gonzo marx

    incorrect gjc…

    as is the postulate from sloop John B

    since the CIA classifies the agent as “covert”, and as has been released, the WH staffers has a memo, clearly marked “secret” with M. Plame’s name on it..that makes her identity classified

    when you sign for your security clearace, depending on the level you have, there are implicit instructions and guidelines for handling ANY material marked secret…at the very least, if you are not 100% certain…you ask someone above you and get them to sign off

    the case is still under Grand Jury, the Prosecutor seems to be doing a very complete job…even now checking testimonies to look for conflicts in testimony, and even the public record shows quite a bit of that

    we will see….but your humble Narrator is willing to wager a cookie that there will be some charges brought against some folks in the WH admin…possibilities with high probability woudl be ..Ari Fleischer(he had the memo on AF1 where folks with NO clearance could see it), Scooter Libby(possibly conflicts in testimony if nothing else..but possibly more…let the DA do his job)…and of course…Unkle Karl…there is also the distinct possibility that some of the journalists involved could be prosecuted for the conflicts in testimony instead of some of the WH officials…

    yeah…it could happen

    and blue monkeys could fly out of my butt…

    but it IS possible…