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PJ Harvey on Letterman

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Well… after all the spit-and-polish of “Stories From the City…” it’s nice to hear PJ Harvey is back to distorted guitars and caterwauling again, isn’t it?

I mean, that’s what I expected to feel anyway. I had heard that her new album was going to be more of a return to her roots. As much as I loved “Dry” and “Rid of Me”, I really expected to be happy about that. But listening to her perform, I found myself missing the more mature sound she has been moving steadily towards on her past 2 outings. You just can’t please some people I guess. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear the whole album so… stay tuned.

Dr. Dave

PS – what the hell was up with the yellow industrial work gloves??

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  • The yellow gloves were the ones Bill Murray was wearing earlier during his talk with Dave (in case you missed it, Murray was dressed in a clown suit with yellow gloves, talking about his summer job at Cirque de Soliel).

    One thing to note was Polly’s dress and shoes. Her new album (out today) is both a return to the sound of her first two albums, but with a more mature interpretation. Hence the dress with an image of her (first publicity photo from “Dry” in leather coat and Docs) and the red shoes from “50 Foot Queenie”.

  • I heard much of the album this weekend thanks to VH1.com’s album preview thingie and thought it was quite good – the few low points of Stories seemed to have been righted on this one. I wasn’t looking forward to it when I heard that it was a “return to her old style,” because that’s usually not only incorrect, it’s usually very forced sounding. I don’t really hear too much of her old sound in this other than that it’s slightly more raw sounding than Stories was, but I do hear a great album. Very much looking forward to picking it (and the new Sonic Youth) up today (Best Buy has both for $9.99, in case anyone’s looking for bargains. I know I am.)