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Pit Bulls Go On Rampage In Illinois

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Story here:

A 10-year-old boy was in critical condition Sunday after three pit bulls escaped from a home and went on a rampage, attacking six people before police shot and killed the dogs, authorities said.


Neighbors said the attacks started late Saturday afternoon when children going door-to-door for a fund-raiser arrived at the home of Scott Sword, 41, who owned the dogs.


“The screams were horrible,” she said. The dogs were “relentless, like they were possessed.”

The pit bulls attacked the two children, and when the dogs’ owner tried to stop them, the dogs turned on him and bit off his thumb, Nygren said. [emphasis mine]

Knowing just how dangerous these animals are, why do so many people insist on owning them? It just seems foolish to me, as well as reckless. Especially to own three of these snarling monsters.

I used to work with a gal not long ago who owned five or six of these dogs. She kept them in her backyard, and they were forever trying to jump the fence or dig under it. I used to tease her about it, telling her that one day she was going to come home and find little pieces of the mailman on her front porch.

But it’s really not funny at all. These dogs are ruthless killers, by their very nature. I know that people who are fond of this particular breed of dog will dispute that notion, but there is plenty of evidence available in the news media that shows the dangers of owning these animals.

We, as human beings, have managed to kill off harmless creatures like the dodo, and we have brought benevolent species like the manatee to the brink of extinction. Yet we seem intent upon ensuring the continued existence of the malicious pit bull. Why?

I say: kill ’em all. The extinction of the smallpox virus from the earth was not viewed as a negative thing; the intentional genocide of the pit bull should likewise be seen as a beneficial goal.

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  • One reason why there is plenty of evidence in the news media is that a dog involved in an attack will often be identified as a pit bull, without any proof of breed. By “nature” the dogs are bred to fight other dogs and to back off when handled by a human.

  • A little boy just got mauled here last week. My next door neighbors got a pit bull puppy a month ago. They have three little kids over there, are they crazy? And I realized cocker spaniels are more likely to bite than a pit bull, however they are not strong enough to rip you to shreds. But what can you do? People keep ten guns in a house with children as well. Always thinking, “it ain’t gonna happen to me…”

  • RJ

    “By “nature” the dogs are bred to fight other dogs and to back off when handled by a human.”

    Well, that sure as hell didn’t work in this case!

    The dogs attacked human children, and even tore off the thumb of their adult human owner.

    Somewhere in Illinois, a little kid who just wanted to raise some money for a good cause, is likely sobbing himself to sleep, in both intense physical pain as well as emotional agony.

    And his physical scars may heal, somewhat. But the psychological scars never will…

  • KYS

    Pit Bulls are victims of the genetics we’ve imposed upon them. Run-away Pit Bulls victims of genetics and their stupid owners who don’t have the sense to insure they are properly controlled.

    Here’s a tip for any dog owner: one dog is a pet. 2+ dogs are a pack, and the behavior can be quite different….

    It’s tragic what we’ve done with this breed. They a great house pets under the right circumstances but dog owners usually don’t know what the hell they’re doing with a breed this powerful (see also: Rotweillers, Mastiffs, German Shepherds_.

    The individual dogs will suffer the ultimate price for our foolishness

  • Carol Jawor

    The owner of these dogs let them run the neighborhood and left the door open for them to come and go as they pleased. Obviously there is more to this story than is being reported, as usual. These dogs were not being properly taken care of and the owner is the one who should pay the price. If you want these attacks to stop, banning the breed will probably not do it, severe jail time would probably be much more effective.

  • Susan

    I would like to predict the circumstances in the next “Pit Bull Mauling”.
    The next mauling will occur:

    1) By two or more roaming intact dogs that have not been properly trained or socialized
    2) A single intact dog that is left with a child unatteded and has not been properly trained or socialized
    3)An intact dog that has been abused, not trained and not socialized.

    You will be amazed how well I can predict the future.

  • T A Dodger

    Reasons a ban would be ridiculous

    1) There is little to no agreement as to what a “Pit Bull” is. The ADBA and the UKC recognize American Pit Bull Terriers as a breed, but the AKC recognizes two dogs that could be classified as PBTs (AmStaffs, Staff. Bull Terriers) but that some consider seperate breeds. Others say that there is no such thing as a Pit Bull breed, but rather the term is just applied to dogs that share certain characteristics.

    2) To be effective, the law would have to ban Pit mixes too (most bites are not from pure bred dogs) which would be problamatic because
    a) How much pit would a dog have to have before it was considered a “pit mix” and
    b) Absent breeding records, how could you determine whether the dog was really a pit mix or not?

    3) Other dogs would be bred for fighting / aggression. As has been pointed out on this thread, Pit Bulls were (and most still are) very friendly towards humans and even children (they were sometimes known as “nanny dogs” in the UK). It’s only recently that people have been breeding some of them to be human aggressive, which just goes to show how quickly you can breed in such a characteristic. Ban Pit Bulls and get Presa Canario attacks.

  • gonzo marx

    so…commit genocide on an entire breed of dogs because their owners fucked up in the raising/training of the animal…but it ain’t the owner who is Responsible, but the dog…

    now, take out the word “dog” and insert the word “gun”

    kinda puts it all in context eh?

    and here i had thought right-wingnuts were all about personal responsibility….but it’s all the dogs fault…

    oh yes…and how interesting would be a ratio comparison between every one of these dogs in the country versus incidents of unprovoked attacks?

    just for the hell of it, then compare that to death by firearm…

    not that i am for banning guns or anything like that…i just think it is as silly to blame the dog as it is to blame the gun

    your mileage may vary


  • TNT

    This is not a personal attack, almost three years ago, my fiance and I were in the woods and we came upon a pit bull who must’ve been hit by a car, he was brindled and scared, growling so loud you would’ve thought he’d attack us (but low and behold, he didn’t), after about half an hour of talking to him, we were able to pick up this bag of bones and through an hour of heaving and hoing, got him home and in our basement; he had a LARGE chain with a very large lock around his neck which we had to pull off. In short, we kept him for almost a year and healed him the best we could, he was so funny and lovable, he didn’t even know that he was a dog, he loved sitting in our laps. But like most pit bulls, he wanted all the attention, we had two dogs and two cats who didn’t enjoy him too much, my German/Husky female was spayed but that didn’t stop Tye from trying. We gave him to an old woman who had owned pit’s all her life, about a year later she came to visit us with him, he had certainly grown, she said he wouldn’t dare leave her side, stayed in the shower with her, anywhere, kids in her neighborhood loved him and always played with him, but if you came to that gate without her permission, believe me, he made sure you knew that you were going to lose something trying to get over it. A few months later, she came back and told us he had lost use of his back legs, she had bought him a little wheelchair, and he just dragged himself all around the house, and if you came to the gate or front door, you’d think that behind that door in the house was ferocious killer. My experience with pit bulls tells me that it’s the owner who decides the fate of the animal.

  • janet

    i know that all of you people are against pittbulls .. but have you ever thought that the owners make them mean .. how do you know if he is not being abuse by his owner… alot of people that own pittbulls hit them so they could listen any dog that has being hit or mistreat it will be mean.. i think is the owners fault is the way you raise them…

  • Queen Guayama

    I myself think dogs are ok. Im not really a dog person for the simple fact that they arent as clean as cats, there are some acceptions. All of the pitbulls I’ve seen everyday arent vicious. The pitbulls I have seen everyday are sweet dogs and the pitbulls I’ve seen that are vicious are that way because they used to run wild with other street dogs or their owner trained them to be that way. They have the potential to be vicious but so does EVERYTHING else. My boyfriends pitbull is loving and caring. All I have to say about this is the idea of killing pitbulls is just rediculous and is kind of sick and sounds kind of derranged. Alot of animals are vicious we dont kill all of them lol. When you think about it alot of animals are known for there viciousness and we havent killed all of them.

  • Sara

    Kill all pit bulls? That is disgusting! These are animals that you are talking about. Just try to kill my pit bull while she’s licking your toes and begging you to throw her ball. Also…”evidnce in news media”??! Give me a break! Since when did anything the media reports count as evidence? I guess the news in Justene’s town is the only unbiased news channel in America.

  • Anthony Grande

    “so…commit genocide on an entire breed of dogs because their owners fucked up in the raising/training of the animal…but it ain’t the owner who is Responsible, but the dog…”

    Why don’t you believe the same for abortion?

  • KYS

    Janet, I think you’ve misunderstood most of these posts. A great many of these posts blame the breeders/owners for the unfortunate situation of the breed…

  • Concerned Mom

    This is how I feel. People who own pit bulls have the right to do so. This is a free country. (Well, it’s supposed to be anyways) However, I have a seven year old beautiful daughter inside and out and I am not taking any chances when it comes to her safety! We have neighbors who own a pit bull. The pit bull is well cared for and does fairly well with the children in their home. Ages 10 and 4. However, he is aggressive no matter how well he is treated by them, and the children always have scratches on them from their pit getting to aggressive when playing. Their pit has escaped 3 times in the past year and one time ran to my house and came into my garage while I was having a garage sale. I was scared. The owner was running after him and got him out of my garage. I felt bad for the owner and the dog. I used to let my daughter have playdates at their house until last week when she came home with scratches all over her face. She told me the dog jumped on her as soon as she entered the home. Which was confirmed by the mother. Needless to say, there are no more playdates at their house and I feel bad for their children because I know I am not the only parent who feels that way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone should be responsible for their own actions or their pets actions. I am not against anyone owning a pit bull, I just will never let my child be around one again. I don’t care what anyone says about how safe they may or may not be. I personally will never take the chance, it’s not worth sacraficing my daughter’s safety.

  • KYS

    Agreed. The unfortunate circumstances of the breed do not remove the reality of the situation. If you have concerns, you are 100% right to keep your kids away. Though I love the breed, the safety of your kids is priority.

  • If the liberals can tie in gun ownership with this, then I’m goin to tie in something else too.

    If you vote not to ban ownership of these vicious dogs, in spite of the fact that some few people might be seriously hurt and/or killed by them, then vote as well not to ban herbal supplements (like Ephedra), in spite of the fact that some few people might get seriously ill and/or die from overdosing on them.

    Surely the right to be able to be in control of one’s own health is at least equally as worthy of being respected and protected as is the right to be able to own a killer dog!

  • Julie Paul

    I own a Pitbull Terrier. The funny thing is, they are rated one of the lowest in bite ratings and one of the highest in temperment ratings. That’s just a fact. Why is it they always blame the dogs? I mean why isn’t it ever why isn’t the dog on a leash or where was the owner? Yes, pitbulls are strong. That’s why when they bite, it is in the news. I’m sure many dogs bite everyday. They just don’t have the power to do what pitbulls do. But, if treated and trained correctly, this won’t happen. Many dogs “turn” on their owners. But you don’t always hear about it. Pitbulls were bred to be animal aggressive. That is true, but most who are socialized correctly, can be fine with other animals of any species. My pitbull lives with 7 cats and other than the normal playful chasing, she has not once, become aggressive with them or any other animal she has played with. When she’s around puppies, she lays down and lets them jump all over her. It’s all in the way they are raised. My dog is always on a leash and when in the front yard, which is fenced by the way, she is always supervised. That should go for any dog. I’ve come in contact with many aggressive dogs and not one was a pit. I work at a shelter and all of the pits that come in, even the ones that have been fought, were sweet as pie. I wish people would do the research.

  • KYS

    It’s apples and oranges. Pills in a bottle are predictable whereas unsupervised animals are not.

  • KYS,

    Wrong. It’s apples and apples.

    It is not predictable how people are going to use the pills in the bottle, any more than it is predictable how the owners of the dogs are going to handle them.

    Some dog owners are going to be responsible enough to keep a dog on a leash, if they know it’s capable of attacking poeple. Others are not. Likewise some users of an herbal supplement are going to be responsible enough to follow the dosage directions, consult with a nutritional specialist or doctor if they are immunocompromised, not in good health, etc. Others will choose not to exercise reasonable caution.

    There is one respect though in which it IS apples and oranges. And that is, that in case of pit bulls, it is not just the owner of the dog who is liable to get mauled – other people are endangered, as for example neighborhood children whose parents have chosen NOT to keep dangerous animals. In the case of nutritional supplements, on the other hand, it is only the person who ingests them unwisely who stands to get sick or die.

    All of which leads me to be much more sympathetic to the idea of banning pit bulls, than to banning Ephedra.

  • isabel gaudiosi

    I have a pit-bull myself and it is unfair how bad people think that they are. Before a got this breed i did a lot of research, they are very much friendly, they are bad if their owner makes them that way. My is the sweetest thing in the world wouldn’t ever hurt a fly, the only thing he always wants to do is play.
    please lets speak up for this breed!

  • Ron

    you people do not understand a pitt bull. They are a breed of hunting dogs. Start opening you eyes. It the owner that makes the dog attack or be nice.

  • josh

    i own a purebred american staffordshire he is very loveable, but he is a pitt bull and its in his nature to be agressive but he knows who to be aggressive towards. its all how the owner brings up the dog. if someone comes up to me he will sit and watch if i dont acknowledge the person and the person comes closer hell snapp. if he sees im not in danger and im talking to the person he wont do anything. i think its crazy that people can get sued if a dog bites somebody breaking into ur home. my dog knows the difference from danger and no danger but you always have to remember that they are animals and theres only so much u can accredit them with so its always good to be on the safe side and make sure theyre always undercontrol. either on a leash chain or in ur home

  • american staffordshire

    well i wouldnt have let my ten year old go knock door to door by him or herself i wouldve been there and atleast i wouldve got mauled intstead of my kid and people always wanna blame somebody for others misfortunes things happen u cant blame all foreigners for sept 11 even though somepeople do jus like u cant blame all pitt bulls for wut others do and how they were brought up thats jus crazy it doesnt make sense

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    well I own a pitt bull, he is 3 months old and he has never showed bad attitude. Plus a few of my friends have them also. One is 3 and same thing, no aggression, never. My brother owns a briddle female pit and all she does is lick you all the time. Thats all she wants to do. So, I think to kill them or ban them is not fair to the people who are not raising them to fight or to be mean. They are like anything else, for exanple, you can make any dog vicious. You can take a collie and make the dog just as mean as a pitt bull. Dogs are what their owners train them to be. If the owner trains them to be cruel or has been treated cruely, you can expect a down right nasty dog. There are many Pits that are not anywhere near as bad as what media portrays them to be. But then again, that’s all the media seems to care about. Making something look much worse then what it really is. There are plans for many more Pit bulls in my household. It isn’t fair that people blame the dogs for the owners they have. They didn’t chose their owners. Before you judge a pit bull, you should own one. They are just like any other dog you could own. Once again it goes back to.. It’s all the way the dog is raised and trained.

  • Keri

    Something I have been raised on was, “Life is what you make it.” So, why couldn’t the same thing go for dogs? There are many different ways that a dog can be raised. To list a few, kind and friendly, protective, soley to fight.

    There are some people that do raise Pit bulls to fight. BUT….pit bulls are NOT the only one’s that are raised that way.

    I also have a 3 month old Pit bull. His name is Koen and so far, he is the most adorable dog you could imagine. He doesn’t bark, he is very playful friendly.

    I have an 8 year old son, who he is very familiar with. My son has chores like any child, being it is his pet as well, he takes the dog out to make sure he does his business outside, instead of inside.
    Koen, like any other dog, chews on his toys, not on the furniture. He gets treats when he does something good and is disciplined when he does something he shouldn’t have.

    Dogs are very smart animals. If he does jump up on you, it’s because he wants attention or to play. You can’t tell me that no other dog does that. You also can’t tell me that no other dog has an instinct to protect itself when it feels it may be in danger. Which in most cases, you will find that the whole story is not being told. In some way or another, most dogs have to be or feel like they are in some kind of danger to react the way they do.

    I’ve seen several situations where, not necessarily a child, has teased a dog or done something to aggitate it or purposely try to provoke the dog to do something, it would not normally do. But of course, it’s never the person’s fault who was attacked. They were just ‘walking by’ and it happened on it’s own.

    I can’t say that all pit bulls are not aggressive or vicious in some way, because I’m sure they are. But so are other dogs. Do you ever hear of German Sheppards or other dogs attacking people?
    It doesn’t make the news as much as a Pit bull does.. but look here.. GERMAN SHEPHERD ATTACKS MAN; WINNETKA RESIDENT SUFFERS SEVERE CUTS TO FACE FROM LOOSE DOG. …Little Boy Mauled by German Shepherd…..Boy lies about pit bull attack, it was a German Shepard……..
    hmm, imagine that….
    or how about…Chihuahua mix bites several children at school, girl undergoing rabies treatment……Labrador/Boxer kills goat…..Chow attacks toddler…….Bull Mastiff Attacks…..Great Dane attacks child…….Beagle/Boxer/Lab mix attacks child……Collie Mix attacks 2 yr old… Instead of showing the headlines here… why not look at this page…

    It just goes to prove a point.. The pit bull is one that is blamed for all these horrific things, yet you don’t see all these other animal stories in the news, widely blown up as the pit bull.

    It is all how the owner trains and cares for its dogs. But it seems that now a days, people tend to forget that. They hear one bad thing on the media and try to take it to epic proportions or just blow it out of the water.

    The problem with people and media today is they want to make everything seem much worse then what it really is. They try to cover up things as well, so they can continue to make the one bad thing, continue to look just that much worse.
    So from reading the articles that are on the webpage I listed above. Instead of just ending life for pit bulls or putting judgement against them..Wouldn’t it be fair to put that judgement against ALL dogs?

    No.. it should be as the page stated.. and couldn’t be said any better… Punish the Deed.. NOT THE BREED!

    I love my dog and there isn’t anything I would do to change that. But I will say, if someone came up and started to aggitate my dog and provoke him in some way and they were to get attacked.. then they had what was coming to them. At that point, they should blame no one, but themselves for being dumb.

  • dmr

    I came across this site while doing research for a college paper I am doing on the controversy surrounding pit bull banning.

    I have accumulated a tremendous amount of data from both pro and anti-pit bull advocates and all I have to say is that I am sick and tired of hearing pit lovers say that the vicious ones are simply the product of the owners. “It’s not the dog it’s the irresponsible, abusive owners”, COME ON! Am I to believe that every pit bull that attacks has been trained to do so or is in some way abused?

    How do you account for all those cases in which the animal hasn’t been trained to attack or been abused? Are all those owners lying who say that the dog was raised properly but attacked anyway? In almost every single article I read its the same thing, “The dog never showed aggressive behavior before this incident” and I can’t begin to tell you how many of these incidences occurred in which the owners claim that the animal was a great pet but then went psycho and ate their children.

    I’m sure there are plenty of very nice pit bulls out there who will never hurt anyone but after doing this research I personally will never own one nor will I ever go near one. I believe anyone willing to take such a gamble with these animals should have their head examined. It is the equivilent of having a loaded gun sitting in plain site on the coffee table, maybe it will go off, maybe it won’t. But hey, GOOD LUCK to those of you who want to chance walking in and finding your 3 year old in pieces all over the backyard.

  • RJ

    Good article here

  • Keri

    not a personal attack… but just curious as to how much of all the posts above were read by dmr… for the simple thing… he instantly seemed to have gone into attacking towards pits because of a research paper… in the link following this count how many of the articles are about pit bulls… they aren’t… they about everyday dogs that are in every other household… it’s not fair to just put judgement on one breed of animal…

  • sr

    After reading the comments concerning pit bulls both pro and con, I must conclude pit bull owners are not aware of a system called spell check.Did some research on the pit bull terrier breed. My question is why do you want one over all the other dog breeds? What particular quality do they possess compared to other dog breeds which draws you towards them. Would like to know. I have met my share of pit bull owners which seem to be all male with a personality stuck on stupid. Both my french poodles Francis and She-che where attached by a vicious pit bull. The vet bill was over $5,000.00. Thank God they are almost back to normal. The pit bull died. To save my precious Francis and She-che I shot the pit bull in the head with my 45acp Glock. Lord what a mess that was. Look foward to your comments.


  • RJ

    A deadly attack by six pit bulls…

  • noanchorbabies

    The sheriff’s department will send the findings of its investigation to the Milam County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide if any criminal charges will be filed against Hernandez.

    Jeez, this jerk keeps not just one of these horrific beasts, but a whole attack battalion of them which he allows to prowl around terrorizing a residential neighborhood. And when a helpless old lady suffers a death more horrible than an Al Qaida beheading, the authorities have to scratch their fucking bureaucratic afraid-of-being-politically-incorrect heads wondering IF the stupid owner of these animals has any criminal responsibility!

    There is absolutely no difference between having six pit bulls and having six bengal tigers, and allowing them to be uncaged to wander around completely unrestrained in a populated area. Mr. Hernandez should be looking at some serious jail time, not just because he very well deserves it for what happened to this woman because of him, but to serve as a loud and clear warning to every other pit bull owner in this country to keep their dogs confined to their own property, or better yet get the hell rid of them.

  • sr


    Great job of making my point. All I can say is holy crap Batman. Meybee Keri kood inter the dogiees in spellibee. ya thunk.


  • dmr

    For those of you who are interested, I have finished my report! I still think anyone who owns a Pit is nuts but I do agree that the breed should not be banned,it is unfair to those of you who do take the proper precautions with your dogs. I my self have owned the next two dogs down on the list for fatal attackers, German Shepherds and Rotties. And I, like all of you bitching about your Pits would defend those breeds. However, lets face it Pits do have a more aggressive disposition generally speaking. They were bred to kill things and the fight instinct has been bred into them. I know nobody wants their breed banned and all I keep hearing about is how owners need to be responsible so why would it be so terrible if there were some regulations regarding Pit Bull ownership? If potential owners were required to attend a class educating them about the breed it may filter out those who decide this breed isn’t for them. Also require non-breeding/non-showing owners to spay/neuter Pits, screen out potentially bad owners and require new owners to attend socialization/obedience classes with their dogs. Wouldn’t that be better than having the breed banned altogether? But a lot of people are bitching about controls over ownership. I just don’t see how you can simply expect everyone who owns one of these dogs to magically become responsible owners without education and regulations. Until Pit owners can accept that this breed is going to continue to carry its bad reputation.

  • sr

    dmr, I think your on to something.Excellent perspective concerning pit bulls. For certain all breeds of dogs are different however pit bulls have the equipment to maim and kill all other breeds. How often do we hear about pit bulls getting their ass whipped by poodles?


  • Bob

    I have read this whole thread and thought I would present my two cents…Yes, I am a pit bull owner of a fantastic neutered 3 1/2 year old pit. Initially, I did not want this dog since I have been deluged by the media the last 10 years about the savageness of this breed, however, my daughter could not keep this 4 month old puppy and begged me to take him…so I relented. Being a dog lover all my life (past the half century mark), this dog is the most intelligent, loving and obedient dog I have ever owned…no wonder in the first half of this century pits were considered “America’s Dog”. All he wants to do is please me and becomes extremely upset if he feels I am upset with him. Pits are NOT for the NOVICE dog owner. They demand a lot of attention, exercise, supervision, and reinforcement of the “rules”, otherwise you may be in for some trouble. My pit ignores most other dogs (even the ones barking and growling at him), but will on occasion, take an extreme disliking for a particular dog. The same applies with people…he likes people and poses no threat, however, there is the very infrequent individual he immediately takes a dislike to, (kinda like us people, don’t you think?) however, being obediency trained, will not make an aggressive move outside of growling and barking. So again, if you did not have your pit trained and/or lack the physical strength to control him, don’t own one!

    As stated previously, I have had numerous dogs throughout my life and have been aggressively bitten without provocation by a German Shepard and a Siberian Husky. Granted if a pit bites, the strength of the jaws is more powerful than the aforementioned breeds, however, a severed artery is a severed artery, whether the bite was by a pit or other breed.

    When the time comes and my loyal pit is no longer around, I would never hesitate in owning another one. However, I would do the same…get my pit trained and socialized with other dogs from an early age…just my two cents.

  • Lyn

    There are NO bad dogs, just bad “owners”! People need to stop blaming animals because of their caretaker. Nobody ever wants animals to have rights, so they shouldn’t treat these dogs as people because people know what their doing animals don’t. The ban on pit bulls is crazy!!

  • Greg

    This article is crazy! How can this person say that all Pit Bulls should be killed? That is just as immoral saying it was ok for Hitler to try to exterminate all the Jews during the Holocaust. Anyone who has owned or knows anything about a real Pit Bull knows that they are in no way naturally vicous towards humans. these dogs were bred as fighters and they had to be controlled by humans who were often not their owners. No one would get in the ring with an animal they fear would attack them would they? The problem with everyone’s idea about the Pit Bull is that they hold onto this negative stigma that the media has created about the breed. The media has for years intentionally concentrated on Pit Bull attacks while minimizing stories about other breeds. Statistics show that more than 80% of Pit Bulls are well behaved dogs and that breeds such as the Poodle, the Labrador, and many other popular breeds are more likely to attack a person. It is true that there have been some bad Pit Bulls, but that is because they have not been blessed with good owners. A lot of people who own these dogs only want them for show or to make money. That is why the neglect and abuse their dogs to the point that we hear so many stories about the vicious Pit Bull. The media and people who are ignorant about these dogs need to research this subject more before they continue to publish nonsense advocating for the extermination of innocent dogs.

  • sr

    Greg, Are you compairing Jews to pit bulls? Why do you bring morality into this? The Holocaust killed millions of humans, not pit bulls. Where do you get your stats that 80% of pit bulls are well behaved. Behaved compared to what? Yes, poodles, labs and other dog breeds attack people however they dont KILL THEM. Dont you think if poodles were killing people that the media would be all over it? Of course they would. Trust me. My respect for the media is equal to my respect for attorneys which is zip. You sound intelligent and thoughful. Do you have children around the dogs? Many years ago I had to see a toehead type little boy who was ripped apart and killed by a dog. No it was not a pit bull. It was a sled dog and it was in Alaska. Well enough of this old mans bravo sierra. Greg Im trusting you.
    Just from an old coot.

  • cally

    i am saddened to hear so much judgement in the anti pit bull dialogue. i have had the pleasure of owning two pitbull in my life, both incredibly people sweet and affectionate. the first one had been shot and burned and i rescued her at 5,she succumed to a heart condition 3 years later. my new pet is a delight as well-always around and very gentle. she is seven she was turned into the pound because her owners felt her too old.
    in a society filled with judgemnent and stereotype i am aghast that someone would say such inceidiary language as kill the breed. i have never thought to have my dog off leash and can pick her up very quickly and easily – i am a very responsible owner… hence a responsible person i believe suvs are more dangerous over all than pit bulls as is cigarette smokining too but i digress ….i also would acknowelge the idea of citing the media as evidence is sophmoric. that would mean star magazine, us weekly, and people are true expamples of american lifestyle- which cleary millions of americans do not live as the magazines suggest…. so why would one assume some inflamatory tag line matieral catagorizing pits as evil is complete and i stress the word complete?
    in response to the manatee argument- angelic image cleverly used and respectfully reconized i do not know of a domesticated manatee that will offer compainship.loyality and affection. but i do know they stink..much like the unkind simple hearts that would kill a pit just because of the breed.

  • Maria

    I think #34 DRM is on the same track as most responsible owners should be. To own a Pit is not for the NOVICE, they do require training and exersice just as most breeds. I DO NOT agree with any kind of breed bans. I do agree with mandatory Spay/Neuter, unless you are a reputable breeder or the dog is an AKC show dog. If we ban this breed all the will happen is that another breed will be exploited, such as the PRESA, or the TOSA INU and many others that were bread to fight. Punish the Deed, not the BREED.

  • fos

    Just read about a town north of Sacramento Ca which will, believe it or not have a hunting season for l week only on ferrel cats and ferrel pit bulls. Not sure of the town. I think its Pacerervill or something like that. Guess their were several children attacked by both. Let me know about this if someone has info. Thanks.

  • cindy

    fos, just saw this frecking story from apwire. Dis dose really suck. How can them people dothis.
    I OWN many pits. What is ferrel. IS that like maybe a ferret animal or something. I also have well not anymore many cats. Not sure were they went. I will rite two the people so they not do this.
    from cindy

  • Mina

    Although the Pit Bull “CAN” be dangerous, it is not always the case. Pit Bulls are very friendly dogs as well, so long as the owner has socialized and trained it properly. Are you going to condemn an entire breed just because “some” of the breed has been aggressive towards people and/or animals? Honestly, if that is the case, then you may as well condemn Blacks, Iraqis, and Japanese people. I am not racist but if you think about our history, didn’t America treat slaves like they were animals? Weren’t Japanese Americans persecuted during World War II? They had NOTHING to do with the bombing, and yet they were persecuted just because they were Japanese. This has been the same for anyone who remotely looked Iraqi since 9-11. How about the Salem Witch Hunt? These were innocent people who were killed over some superstitious rumors. How is any of this different from the media ONLY reporting maulings by Pit Bulls? Just because the News Media says so means NOTHING. Why not believe in the Enquirer and all the “NEWS” they bring?

    A dog is like a weapon. People make them dangerous. A person can easily take a Golden Retriever, which is considered a “family dog,” and turn it into a “vicious monster” through the same regiment that fighting Pit Bulls are put through. Also, keep in mind that ALL dogs are HUNTERS. People need to understand that MANY people do not have the proper knowledge to even own a dog. Pits like other large “protection” dogs are NOT for the inexperienced owner. Aside from that, you also have people training their dogs to be fighters. These particular dogs are specifically trained to fight OTHER DOGS. They will be animal aggressive due to this training. Other people train their dogs to attack people, but you don’t see a police dog attacking someone other than the target. They are PROPERLY trained for their job.

    In the end, it is completely unfair to those who do own Pit Bulls for their beloved “CHILDREN” to be banned. Yes, I said CHILDREN. For many pet owners, their pets are their family. Just as a person who has no children could never truly understand the relationship and emotions between parent and child, a person who does not own a dog could never understand the love a pet owner has for his/her pet. The MOST the government should do is to create a Pit Bull License and screen prospective owners.

  • Keri

    sr.. maybe you should use the spell check yourself or proof-read before you go posting on wether or not someone can spell. attached by ??? or did you mean attack?

    I’m sure you being so knowledgeable of the english language, have never made a typo in your life.. ~RME~
    and to your point of… Behaved compared to what? Yes, poodles, labs and other dog breeds attack people however they dont KILL THEM.
    Maybe you should click the link and read about the 2 dogs that turned on their owner and KILLED her..they were NOT pit bulls.

    For those of you who know oh so much about pit bulls.. tell me how long it took you to get the RIGHT dog..http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html

    back to the point at hand.. DMR and Maria.
    It ISN’T for a NOVICE owner.
    Believe it or not, they are about the only animal , I have seen or owned with a human like instinct.
    They get offended easily if you do not give them attention. If my pup doesn’t get the attention he wants, he lays on the floor and pouts. But, all in all, he is a good pup. He doesn’t nip unless you play with him roughly. When he’s had enough, he will let you know.

    more facts of a pit bull, i’m sure people fail to realize, since they go off of media crap forced down our throats…
    Are ‘Pit Bulls’ Naturally Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?
    The short answer, “No.”
    It is more common than not to hear ‘pit bulls’ referred to as “dog-aggressive”. In fact, they aren’t. Some may become fearful around other dogs due to a lack of proper socialization. But this happens with all breeds of dogs, not just ‘pit bulls’.

    Citing the breed’s history as a dog fighter, some people believe there is some kind of magic “dog fighting” gene or brain chemistry that is passed along from sire and dam to puppy. The truth is, there is no such thing.

    While many circumstances may contribute to a fatal dog attack, the following three factors appear to play a critical role in the display of canine aggression towards humans;

    Function of the dog – (Includes: dogs acquired for fighting, guarding/protection or image enhancement)
    Owner responsibility – (Includes: dogs allowed to roam loose, chained dogs, dogs and/or children left unsupervised, dogs permitted or encouraged to behave aggressively, animal neglect and/or abuse)
    Reproductive status of dog – (Includes: unaltered males dogs, bitches with puppies, children coming between male dog and female dog in estrus)

    The American Canine Temperament Testing Association, which sponsors tests for temperament titles for dogs, reported that 95% of all APBTs (American Pit Bull Terrier..for those that didn’t know) that take the test pass, compared with a 77% passing rate for all breeds on average. The APBT’s passing rate was the fourth highest of all the breeds tested.

    Most people who think or say that “Pit Bulls” are inherently mean have most likely never met one and rely on the inaccurate media portrayal of “Pit Bulls” as the basis for their opinions. Like any other breed of dog, the key areas of focus for ensuring a happy, well adjusted American Pit Bull Terrier as a pet are: owner education, properly breeding, socialization, and training. A break down in any one or more of these areas could lead to problems down the road.

    The APBT is, contrary to popular belief, very human-friendly and will not naturally be aggressive towards humans. The APBT is, however, very loyal and eager to please, so that if an owner wants a dog to be aggressive toward humans and reinforces this behavior from an early age, the dog will most likely be aggressive towards humans as an adult.

    Many people equate or confuse aggressiveness towards other dogs with aggressiveness towards humans. I have seen newspaper reports in which “concerned neighbors” are quoted saying things like, “This time it killed a stray cat; tomorrow it may be my children.” Yet animal-aggressiveness is an entirely different thing from human-aggressiveness. There is no reason to infer from its killing a cat that a dog, any dog, not just an APBT–will ever show aggression toward human beings. Dogs can and do discriminate, even if irate neighbors cannot.

    One of the most enduring urban legends involving dogs is the one about Doberman Pinscher’s supposed tendency to suddenly “turn on” their loving owners. This violent change in behavior is said to be precipitated by a natural swelling of the dog’s brain at a certain age (the exact age differs according to the retelling). Of course this legend has no basis at all in fact. The “pit bull” has replaced the Doberman Pinscher as the stereotypical “vicious breed,” but the same human ignorance and credulity is behind the persistence of such legends.

    Search the American Temperament Test Society http://www.atts.org/. Pit bulls have an average score that beats even the “ultimate family dog”, the Golden Retriever.

    The Diane Whipple case. One of the first times the owner has been held responsible for the actions of their dog. Note that the breed involved was the Perro de Presa Canario (Canary Dog) from Spain, yet the brunt of the negative press again targeted the pit bull, an all but unrelated breed.

    Important Fact: The ADBA registered 220,000 APBTs in 1999, making them the #1 dog in America. According to the latest statistics, Pit Bulls do NOT top the chart when it comes to deadly dog attacks

  • Maria

    All of you out there that trully care and understand that Breeds specific Laws are useless, here’s a chance to voice your oppinion in a POLL. I called the Mayor’s office and they told me that a poll is being taken at
    311. Please call [Deleted] and tell them you are AGAINST dog breed
    banning. Let your voice be heard.

  • Maria

    Please participate in a POLL being conducted by the City of Chicago Mayors office. Call #311 and voice your opinion on Breed Specific Laws.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois


  • Migile

    first of all, i work for the city, and am employed by the chicago pd. There are more instances where chows are involved in attacking civilians. APTB are great pets if they are well breed and from a good bloodline. All these incidents of pit attacks are from backyard breeders who have no intelligence and are breeding for cash. So all pit haters hold ur tongue.

  • Fish

    I have a Pit Bull and she would never hurt a human, now dogs she doesn’t like but there is no way she would ever attack a person so if your a pit bull hater go to hell

  • sr

    Hey Fish Face, Guess Im going to hell. You make me question intelligent design. Genesis 7.32 says your right fish face. An the Lord said he whom dishonor and have hateful thoughts and shuneth the bull of the pits will burn in hell and pick his nose forever. Thanks for the enlightenment fish face. May I ofter you a booger?

  • Mindboggled

    sr and you have what kind of dog? It would seem to me that you are trying to show your own ignorance with what you say when you post. Do most people tend to have the same idiodicness as you? I have yet to see you make a valid point in any of your posts. The only thing I have seen is you slander or make some snide remark. Is that because you really have no arguement? If you are not going to post something that is worthwhile reading and taking up space, please find another place to annoy people.

  • Mina

    sr.. You say that you are an “old coot” are you really an adult? It’s not a personal attack, but really I can’t tell if you are really educated from the comments you have posted. They are more or less personal attacks on other people. Besides, how much research did you do on the breed? Are you aware that there is a lot of misidentification when it comes to the Pit Bull? Even my own dog, who by the way is “mostly” Chinese Shar-Pei can easily be identified as a Pit Bull mix by the untrained eye. Who’s to say if he is or isn’t one? Are you going to have him euthanized because he “looks” like he may be part Pit Bull? Honesetly, I just feel that you need to really do some more research into the breed. You hear about Pit Bulls and Rottweilers biting people a lot because they’re both very popular breeds for different reasons. For responsible owners, it is most likely the tempermant, or maybe they’ve been around them all their life. For the novice dog owner, average person/irresponsible person who wants protection of (insert subject here), or the dog fighter, gangster, drug dealer. It just just because the dog is tough, “looks” mean, and is powerful. I used to have a neighbor whose children would throw rocks at the dogs from my apartment complex, my dog included. Then their parents got them a German Shepherd for whatever reason (also includes the kids begging for a dog. Yes, the same ones who threw rocks at mine.) These people would leave their dog out on a weak chain meant for a small dog almost all the time. Their idea of a bath was to hose it down. When the dog developed a rash and came to my neighbor downstairs for advice, he didn’t know what dog shampoo was! One day the dog got loose. The kids were scrambling around and used the chain to try to “capture” the dog while it just stood there across the alley. Eventually the dog just disappeared because (it was chewing everything up). If this dog ended up running rampant and attacking people, whose fault will it be? Oh right, the dog, but not the irresponsible owners who were too ignorant and ill-equipped to care for the dog, let alone train it properly. It is the same with children. You have to teach your children properly for them to behave properly. So please, speak with a little more intelligence and knowledge of the breed and other dogs the next time you post.

  • Mina

    Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention… The media doesn’t really report any stories about how any dog saves a life let alone a Pit Bull, nor do they show how a Pit Bull is used as a therapy dog. Check these out: pitbullsontheweb.com
    Find the Pit Bull

    Oh yeah. There was a report that a poodle had attacked a Pit Bull. Just wanted to let you know.

  • sr

    Keri, You got me. Attached or did you mean attack.You are the only one to find my mistake. If I told you Im blind and my keyboard is set in braille, would you believe it? Dont think so because thats a lie. No you dont win the cruise ship tour for you and your dogs.


  • Keri

    sr…again.. you are here why? you seem to be the one with the personal attacks here. To be technical. You had more then one typo or grammatical error. But that isn’t what this forum is about. So why don’t you stick to the point in hand and concentrate on your arguements, then how other people type.

  • Glen

    I have read most of the co-herent comments made on this subject and have a suggestion. How about an ownership license for the people who wish to care for a pet. Notice I did say care for. Your fellow human being friends, as well as all our animal pals, deserve consideration. We could at least try to make sure any pet is going to have adequate care. The fees could be earmarked for animal workshops to teach the care and training needed for ourselves, our kids, and anyone loving animals enough to make this effort.
    Come to think of it, requiring a license or at least training in the love, care and feeding of our most precious children, wouldn’t be a half bad idea.

  • Steve

    fos#42. Thanks for the info. The town is called Placerville. Cost $200.00 for the state tag. The hunts opening day is Monday 01-02-06 through Friday 01-13-06. The Dept of Fish and Game will pay $25.00 per ferrel cat and $100.00 per ferrel pit bull. The state tag cost is not refundable and used for insurance. Almost forgot. Placerville is north of Sacramento ca. I think it was an old gold mining town. Understand also that a bunch of peteta or something like that will be protesting this hunt. Not sure about this however someone told me they saw it on CNN. Let me know any info on this. Thanks

  • Nicole

    People need to get their facts straight. Pitbulls are not “by nature” bred to fight! They were originally bred as a hunting dog for large game. Later they were used as farm dogs and butcher’s tools to help bring down bulls for slaughter. Later still.. people started using them for fighting and entertainment. They ARE “by nature” SUBMISSIVE to humans and are a naturally friendly dog. Pitbulls attack just as often as any other breed does. The exception is that the media loves to report pitbull attacks! People need to stop attacking these animals character because of their ignorance.

  • bro?ken

    steve i do not think thats far to the dogs do you or does anyone see the point in hunting pitt buuls

  • Angel

    I think that the way the animal is raised has alot to do with it. I know of plenty of other breeds of dogs that have attacked children and people. One was my stepmothers dog and he was a cocker spanial. I think the home environment has alot to do with it. My friend has a pit and the dog was trained at the vets office before he took it home and now one of my other friends has it and she (the dog) will let her kids and my son do what they want to her. I.E…try to ride her like a pony. She is very timid. I think this ban is absord why don’t they go through all the police reports/reports at the pound and see how many other breeds have “attacked” people. I think Pits are beautiful animals. First it was smoking in public places and now banning a dog. What next? Taking ill behaved children out in public?

  • T Bone

    Pitbulls are far less likely to bite a human than a german shepard or a doberman. The difference is that a pitbull instinctively grabs, shakes and holds on. An untrained german shepard defensively bites with his front teeth. A pitbull uses a full mouth bite. They bite less, but when they do the effects are much worse. When an irresponsible owner owns a lab and it bites someone the damage is usually minimal. Pitbull owners need to be more responsible and knowledgeable than a regular dog owner. I think a lot of the problems the pit is facing is due to ignorant owners. In turn, all dogs are different. You could raise and train two dogs the exact same and have to distinctly different behavioral patterns. 95% of the problem is bad owners. The other 5% is the dog itself. All the pits I have owned or known are usually good dogs. Some however had moments of superhyper or erratic behavior.

  • JR

    This is obsurd… Wy should anyone think they have the right to eliminate a single breed of dogs…Peaple are bit by every breed of dog on this planet every day. Wy not just eliminate all dogs, cats,etc. and since were playing god now. Lets just euthenize kids for fighting at school. That happens every day also… and by the way. What will GOD think about this??? What will he do??? Punish the owners… Not the breed peaple killing dogs is just as wrong as dogs killing peaple. Most importantly in gods eyes, and in mine.. Proudly own 3 APB’s

  • Keri

    Pit bull a hero in
    Holly Hill home fire

    HOLLY HILL – Barbara Tollison’s pit bull Buddy has become her hero.

    Barbara Tollison of Ormond Beach gives a hug to her 3-year-old pit bull, Buddy, as the pair were reunited at the Ormond Kennel and Pet Center in Ormond Beach on Tuesday.

    The dog, who’s lived with her more than two years, helped save both Tollison and her sister from a fire that erupted early last Wednesday in her Pine Ridge Road home.

    Tollison says she calls Buddy her “56-pound Chihuahua” because he acts more like timid lap dog than a dog that’s known as a fighting breed. The morning of the fire, Tollison says, she woke up at 4:30 a.m. to see off Pete Blount, who shares the house with her, as he headed for work. Then she went back to bed.

    Barely half an hour later, she says, she awoke and smelled smoke. She quickly explored the house and discovered the fire already ablaze in Blount’s bedroom. She ran to wake up her sister, Jane Ellol, who was visiting from Connecticut, and ran outside.

    Buddy followed her. Then, Buddy ran back inside and straight to Ellol’s bedroom, where she was still struggling to get out. Tollison says Ellol has arthritis and can’t move very quickly when she first gets up. Then, she became disoriented in the unfamiliar house, in the smoke.

    “He was whining real loud in her room for her. He was with her the whole time. I ran back in and when I got a hold of her, I pulled her out the door. She said she felt like a wet noodle. He came out right behind her,” Tollison says.

    While she says she doesn’t remember exactly what woke her up and saved their lives that morning, she’s convinced it was Buddy because there was no other noise in the house.

    “He kind of aroused me, that’s the only thing I can think of that got me up,” she says.

    Once he’d gotten the family out, Tollison said, Buddy ran down the road, clearly terrified, and disappeared.

    She called Blount, who returned from work as the firemen were dousing the fire in the house and they both frantically looked for Buddy, but they couldn’t find him.

    About five hours later, she recalls, a sheriff’s car approached and she somehow knew Buddy was inside before she could even see the dog.

    Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Richard Hansard had searched for the dog in the neighborhood and then driven to the Halifax Humane Society to look for the animal. As it happens, someone in the area had picked up Buddy and taken him to the shelter. Because Buddy had the required license and tags, the shelter was able to identify the dog they had in custody and turn him over to Hansard, who took Buddy back home to his very grateful family, Tollison said.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said Hansard has been recommended for a citation for going beyond the call of duty in finding and returning Buddy.

    Tollison said it will take 10 weeks to make the house livable again. Meanwhile, she’s living in an apartment and Buddy is living in an Ormond Beach boarding kennel. And, she says, when they do get back home, Buddy will be treated like the hero she’s sure he is.

    “I’m going to get him a jeweled collar and just treat him like royalty,” she said.

  • ~Mind~


    A pit bull saved a 7-year-old Coral Springs boy from serious injury after two other dogs attacked the boy.

    Anthony Romaro got the scare of his life Wednesday night when two Akita dogs, each weighing about 100 pounds, attacked him near his best friend’s home in Coral Springs.

    But another kind of dog — a type also known for vicious attacks — saved the boy from more serious injuries.

    Witnesses said a 2-year-old pit bull named Missy played the part of hero during the attack.

    Missy, witnesses say, pulled the two Akitas — Cella and Baci — off Anthony after several struggles during a 15-minute span.

    Anthony, a 7-year-old Hunt Elementary School second-grader, is recovering after surgery at Coral Springs Medical Center. The dogs ripped much of Anthony’s left ear and bit his skull before Missy fought them off of him, said Anthony’s mother, Stephanie McGuire.

    ”He’s doing better today,” McGuire said on Friday.

    Missy suffered scrapes and cuts on the shoulders and buttocks, received a few stitches, and is back home.

    ”Missy saved the day,” said her owner, Scott , who asked that The Herald not publish his last name. “She just went out there and broke the fight up.”

    Coral Springs police cited Sandra Ashley, the owner of the Akitas, for not putting a leash on the dogs, not attaching dog tags, not having proper rabies vaccinations and for biting Anthony. The fines are more than $800.

    McGuire, who is friends with Ashley, hasn’t decided whether to press charges.

    The two Akitas are at the Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Division as Coral Springs police complete a dangerous-dog investigation, said animal care spokesman Allan Siegel.

    Whether or not Anthony antagonized the dogs, and how the dogs got loose, are among the issues police are investigating.

    If the Akitas are found to be dangerous, one of three things could happen, Siegel said. The owner may keep the dogs if she meets certain requirements, such as muzzling them when she leaves the home, and putting a dangerous-dog sign on the property. She may also appeal the decision, or surrender the dogs and have them euthanized.

    Police and witnesses said Anthony and some friends were outside Ashley’s home when the dogs escaped just before 7 p.m. Wednesday.

    ”The dogs got out of the house,” said Sgt. Rich Nicorvo of the Coral Springs Police Department. “They bit him pretty bad.”

    Scott, the pit bull’s owner who lives next door, was drinking coffee outside his house when the attack started. He handed another witness a metal pipe to get the Akitas off Anthony.

    The unidentified person used the pipe to hit the dogs, but they continued attacking.

    ”They were really mauling him,” said Scott, whose son, James, is Anthony’s best friend.

    Scott then let Missy out of the house to break up the fight. Police did not document any information about the pit bull.

    Akitas have been known to attack humans. Last month, doctors euthanized an Akita owned by Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor after the dog bit 15-year-old Jonathon Raof on the arms and legs.

    The Akita Club of America Web site states the dogs have ”complex” personalities and, while intelligent and loyal, can ”exhibit aggressive tendencies,” though not necessarily toward people.

  • Linda

    Breed-specific laws target even heroic pit bulls

    When the deadly cottonmouth snake struck out at “her” children, Dixie never hesitated. The dog pushed the children aside, putting her 50-pound body between them and the snake. Dixie saved Frank Humphries, 9, and his 7-year-old twin siblings, Katie and Codi. But the venomous snake inflicted two bites on the face of the 16-month-old dog.

    Valerie Humphries of Fayetteville, Ga., — the children’s mother and Dixie’s co-owner — killed the snake with an ax and rushed the dog to veterinarian Francoise Tyler. “Seeing Dixie’s unconscious body in the arms of that doctor was one of the worst things I’ve ever been through,” Humphries said. “Dr. Tyler had to keep her for several days, hooked up to intravenous antibiotics.”

    Then the vet nominated Dixie for the Hero Dog category in a contest sponsored by the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association. Dixie won over 300 nominated dogs and this month is being inducted into the Georgia Animal Hall of Fame.

    Now here comes one of the cheapest writing tricks in the book — the “O’Henry ending”:

    Dixie is a pit bull.

    The breed of a hero-dog shouldn’t matter, really. But it does matter because this is a breed of dog that is feared, hated and reviled by so many people, including many who call themselves animal lovers.

    Many individuals and organizations, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are trying to outlaw this breed. They can’t stop at merely despising pit bulls and related breeds, including American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers. They want to outlaw pit bulls, even those owned by loving, responsible dog owners. Even child-loving life-savers like Dixie.

    Dixie is reason enough to rail against breed-specific legislation — laws that target an entire breed. Other breeds are under siege all over the country, especially rottweilers. Proposed legislation in other parts of the country target an ever-growing list of breeds, including boxers, Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Akitas, chow chows, German shepherds and Doberman pinschers.

    Call me pro-choice on dog ownership. I think people who love dogs should be free to own as many dogs as we can take care of — as long as we are loving, responsible owners and the dogs create no problems and pose no threat to people, property and other animals. We have the right to buy a pure-bred from a responsible breeder or to rescue a homeless mixed-breed from a shelter. And we should certainly be able to love the breed of our choice.

    I put the 55-pound child that I love more than life itself in the company of a 75-pound sharp-toothed carnivore. I trust them together implicitly, for Mickey the Labrador retriever gazes upon my son, Dante, with looks that can only be love. It’s what I love best about my dog and I would fight to keep him.

    I will continue to fight for the right of people like the Humphries to keep dogs like Dixie. There are laws to “punish” people who let their dogs attack and bite. Use those laws. Don’t target entire breeds.

  • Gus

    Heroic Pit Bull: Dog Finds Help For Injured Neighbor

    Move over Lassie. A pit bull terrier has shown Auburn’s Jim Roach that heroic dog deeds don’t just happen in the movies or on TV.

    Roach fell from a 12-foot-high ladder while picking peaches last month on his rural Mount Vernon Road property. Dazed and unable to move because of his injuries, he soon found renter Jeanne Davis’ two-year-old pit bull Gabby hovering over him and

    “I was unconscious pretty much,” Roach said Tuesday. “I remember a dog licking the side of my face and standing by me and barking and barking and barking.”

    But nobody came. That’s when Gabby did the heroically unexpected and went for help.

    About 100 yards away and not able to see or hear Roach, Davis heard Gabby furiously barking and thought perhaps someone had entered the property. But Roach’s dog, also nearby, wasn’t barking.

    Soon after she first noticed the barking, Gabby emerged.

    “She’s barking and then she looks at me and runs back,” Davis said. “It’s kind of like something Lassie would do.”

    So Davis followed Gabby. She found her landlord injured and moaning in pain near the pruning ladder.

    “I walked over to where he was and Gabby stopped barking,” Davis said.

    With Roach immobilized on the ground, a California Highway Patrol helicopter was dispatched to transport the seriously injured college instructor to Roseville Medical Center’s trauma unit for emergency treatment.

    Roach, a College of San Mateo instructor, said doctors diagnosed multiple injuries from the fall, including a fractured clavicle, four broken ribs, two cracked vertebrae, and bleeding on the brain.

    A towel wrapped around his head, Jason Williams-style, probably saved his life when his head hit the ground, Roach said.

    Roach said he spent a week in hospital. One of the first visitors after discharge was Gabby. He said the two now seem to have formed a strong bond as a result of the rescue.

    A psychology instructor, Roach said that the incident is a good example of the more endearing side of pit bulls that doesn’t receive media attention.

    “I’ve never felt they’ve been given a fair shake,” he said. “They’re just a terrier.”

    Davis said Gabby was abused before she adopted her. She’s been training the dog to become less apprehensive around people.

    “A lot of people said to put her down, that she’s going to do something bad,” Davis said. “I’m so proud of my dog.”

  • Keri

    I never recall seeing stuff like this on TV.. or in the paper.. Do you ever wonder if it’s because the press/media, want to keep portraying these animals as such horrible creatures? Check this out if you have time.

    [Linda/Keri/Gus: I have made your link live (and you’re welcome to add more ACTIVE links if you want), BUT it is against BlogCritics policy to use more than one identity so please don’t do it, then I won’t need to delete any of your comments. Thank you. Comments Editor]

  • Keri76

    I found oh yet another one.. Imagine that. Sorry I just think that Pit Bulls are such horrible animals as people want to say they are. Here is another one that I have found, why not take a look at this one too

  • Keri76

    in previous post I had a typo….it was meant to read..I just DON’T think that Pit Bulls are such horrible animals as people want to say they are.

  • T Bone

    No pit bull has ever killed anyone, huh? They are just live savers. Pit bull enthusiasts are in such denial. Maybe you should post under 8 more names 5 minutes apart. Noone will notice.

  • Maria

    I’m quite sure the records will show that dog attacks, not just Pitbull attacks have maybe lead to Deaths..But I’m certain Mr. T-Bone that there is a list of many dogs not just Pitbulls or Rotties. Unfortunatly bigger dogs can cause more damage than smaller. Any dog has the capability to do harm, especially in the hands of irresponsible and novice owners.

  • T Bone

    Read #62. FYI Pitbulls and Rotties are responsible for more than 50% of dog related deaths in the last ten years. People just need to stop acting like it is just the media or it is not happening. Bottom line: Pitbulls and Rotties are very popular with low class, ignorant people.

  • Keri

    Let me quote “All the pits I have owned or known are usually good dogs. Some however had moments of superhyper or erratic behavior.” This posted by TBone himself.. then later we have him saying… “Bottom line: Pitbulls and Rotties are very popular with low class, ignorant people. ”
    Are you saying that your ignorant and low class TBone? I’m not picking, I’m just tryin to understand why 1 minute you are defending and the next your not.

    Also, at no point in time did I say that PitBulls have never killed anyone, so read all of the posts before you put words into mine.

    The reason for the posts of the POSITIVES of the PitBull is because you NEVER hear anything good of them. Just everyone saying how mean and nasty they are.

    If you ever watch Animal Planet, on tonight’s show they were at people’s houses who were turned in for dog fighting. Yes, they had about 20 pit bulls there. Yes, they were being bred to fight. But, at least someone was smart enough to turn them in and have something done about it.

    At no point in time did I ever say that a Pit is better then any other breed either. The first dog I ever owned was a German/Shepard border collie mix. As a child, I grew up with Beagles and Bloodhounds.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    ok ok look at it like this – all dogs have teeth, so any dog can kill you. But it does not matter what the breed is or is not. If you look around the net, you will find not to much on the pit bull
    killers, as you guys say they are. I have never been bit by a pit bull. I have been bit by a
    dalmatian dog as well as some other breeds of dogs. I will state this – if they do get their way about banning the pit bull, come and try to take my pit bulls and see how far you get in that. You will play hell in that. I am opening a dog rescue and the pit bull breed of dog, will be my specialty. If you dont like that, sorry for your luck. So just quit putting the pit bull down. They are not bad dogs, its just people getting them and making them fighting dogs. Thats not what they are for, so if you get them to do that with, you are the one that should be put to sleep. Not the dogs, this kind of stuff makes me very upset. I think it’s bull shit to down the wonderfull bully breed.
    What’s next after the pit bull? Tell me. I would like to say to all of you that hates pit bull’s.. because you get a stupid fuck who wants to fight them then they let them get loose and they hurt someone like they have been trained to do. Like our men in uniforms are trained to kill other humans. Yet, we do nothing about them killing thousnds of people. Do you? You don’t talk shit about them. So why do it about the pit bull dogs? I think if your caught fighting pit bulls you should be shot and not the dogs.

  • Truth

    There is ignorance on both sides of the issue. Anti-pit people played up on media sensationalism, and some of the dumber pit people spouting the same thing over and over again about all blame falling on the pits owners, and not the dogs.
    Time to see some truth.

    1st, pit haters- a large number of “pit bull” maulings are not actually pit bulls. Few people can tell a pit bull from cane corso, Fila, boxer, or pretty much any other short haired dogs with jowls. Pretty much all mastiff/molosser breeds fit under this description. A lot of attacks you heard about attributed to pit bulls, don’t have pits involved at all.

    To the pit morons- No, it’s not just the way the dog is raised. Genetics play a huge role in the behavior of a dog. No matter what you try to do, a pure-bred retriever will always want to retrieve. A pointer will always want to point. And a pit will always be dog aggressive. It’s just the nature of the dog, bred in over hundreds of years.

    And it wasn’t the pit bull terrier’s original purpose to hold down bulls or hunt game. You’re thinking of the bull terrier, and various bull dogs. The APBT was bred for the pit, from a variety of those breeds.

    But, pit bull haters, animal aggression is very different from human aggression. In the pit fights, dog men would immediately kill dogs that showed aggressive tendencies towards people, preventing them from passing on this trait. Pure pits are very friendly towards people, to the point that they actually make poor guard dogs compared to breeds like the Fila. Rather than attack the intruder, they’ll try to make friends.
    These original pit bulls were 30-40 lbs, extremely loyal and dedicated to pleasing their owner.

    Remember that small dog with the brown spot over it’s eye, one of the crew of the little kids in little rascals? He was a 100% born and bred pit bull.

    So what’s with all the pits we hear about, that don’t display consistent behavior? Partly due to poor owners, but largely because of backyard breeders. With any breed that’s undergone an explosion of popularity there’ll be breeders who churn out low quality animals as fast as possible to meet the rising demand. Random matings with just any 2 pit bulls leads to unpredictable results. Dogs that should’ve been culled were sold for a good price. Just as golden retrievers once took a sharp dive in animal quality after it’s popularity explosion, pits are undergoing the same.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    i have 2 male pitt bull puppys 2 get rid off [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post contact info. Comments Editor.]

  • anthony

    man can control guns
    man cannot control animals
    point made.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    if man can conrol guns why so many muders

  • i am in favor of city city ordinances outlawing pit bulls

  • Keri


  • T Bone

    When I said most pits I have known have been good dogs it is because they were NOT raised by low class, ignorant people. The low class population that pits have become popular with are the last people that should own the breed. These people are less likely to properly train, socialize, and neuter their dogs. I am not against people owning pits. I’m against dumb asses owning pits. If you have a pitbull you should get PROFESSIONAL OB training.

    #76 had it right. Genetics plays a role. Pitbulls are bred for high gameness, and a high prey drive. They are very dangerous when the proper percautions are not taken. A pitbull owner needs to be more responsible than a lab owner. Sure labs bite, but a swift kick will send him running. You can hit a pit with a bat and if he doesn’t want to let go he won’t.

    Some dumb people train their pits to be gaurd dogs. Pits are not gaurd dogs. For one, they are not genetically suited for it. Never train a pitbull to be human aggressive. Its too dangerous. If your dog displays any unprovoked aggression seek professional help. If you want a gaurd dog get a AM Bulldog or a Pinscher.

    I wish people would properly train, socialize, and spay or neuter their dogs. If you are not willing to do these things, buy a cat.

  • Kevin

    I am a pit bull owner and Id like to say that he is a very gentle animal. He gets along with people, kids, dogs, and my two cats. He is well behaved and a joy to be around. I would like to go on and say that there are 4 million reported dog attacks each year….guess which breeds are at the top of that list……Sheppards and Chow Chows!! only 1 percent of all reported dog attacts are from pit bulls. In fact there are more attacks from black Labs and dalmations than pits. No dog breed is born “vicious” saying that is like saying all blacks are bad or all whites are uptight. you do have bad dogs….Id look to how they were raised and not so much into how they were bred.

  • Tranielle

    You say the news proves it all huh? Well atleast 50% of the news is full of shit!

    Do you people have any idea of how many times pitbulls are blamed for other breed type dog attacks? I am willing to bet most people dont even know what a pitbull looks like.

    To be honest that article pisses me off. Who ever typed that article should get better educated on animals. I have expirience with owning many dogs in the past and have been around dogs my whole life and have a lot of expirience with pitbull temperment and can honestly say that they are the most lovable loyal dog I have encountered and they are the best dog I have seen with children also.

    I think the person that wrote the article should be euthanized!

  • Tru

    Of course there’s going to be more attacks every year from labs than pitbulls- there’s a lot more labs than pitbulls.

    There’s also more deaths from people playing football than from being stabbed through both eye sockets by swords, does that mean playing a game of football is more dangerous than being stabbed?

    And it’s not all about how they’re raised. Ask any breeder, or the most basic book on dog breeds- certain temperaments were bred into certain dogs. Heck, check any online dog breed guide. They’ll list the general temperament of any specific breed, because that’s a part of what they are. Yes, the way a dog is raised and socialized has a big part in it’s eventual temperament. But it’s not everything. nature/nurture are about 50/50 in animals.

    It’s because of parrots repeating the same moronic statements over and over again -“It’s all the owners fault! My pit is an angel! It depends on how you raise them!” That the BSL have almost completely stopped taking pit advocates seriously. They think they know what we’re going to say before we say it. That we’ll just shout the same old rhetoric over and over again.

    But pits weren’t bred to be vicious. But true-blood pits are bred to be animal aggressive. Never human aggressive, but they will want to fight. It’s irresponsible people, who just want to make a quick buck by selling puppies by breeding any two random pitbulls together which creates such unpredictable dogs.

    Try a Fila Brasiliero. No matter how you socialize or raise it, it will never learn to like strangers. Never. Period. People have tried, and nobody has ever had long term results. It’s a born guardian. Trying to teach a breed like the Fila to like strangers, or a breed like a APBT to be an apathetic pooch, is like trying to teach a cat to act like a dog. You’re fighting hundreds of years of selective breeding to bring out those traits. Personality is passed on, generation to generation. Selective breeding is how the personalities of all dogs were created from the personalities of wolves- once completely wild, and likely to turn on it’s owner in a challenge for dominance.

    Pits, like any breed of dog, have good and bad points. They have gameness- a never say die attitude to get it’s job done. They’re extremely loyal and dedicated to making their owner happy. The same gameness can also make them very dangerous when they decide to attack.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    i just got a 7 month old bridel pitt bull she is so good with kids and other dogs she has a very good temp with food test and babys test and she has passed the tests we have givn her also and i have a 8 week old male she has not done anything to mean she licks and plays with him alot

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    well i got some more to say like we all say just is do you belive in all u hear , read on the news or in the news paper no do they make sure its a pitt bull or another dog that looks like a pittbull nonononono they just say it was a pitt bull i wish befor they putt it in the news they sould make 100 sure persent befor they open thier big mouths i think uh cuse all the good pitts and good owners are geting blamed in a way if you baned pits in illnois like my 2 pits are good sweet pups and why sould i have to get my dogs up becuse some assholes get them turn them mean and make a fighting dog out of it i think fighting dogs is bullshit to if you want to know

  • Keri
  • christopher philbeck in Illinois

    I had a german shepard dog at one time. He was a bit on the aggressive and protective side. He would let everyone know it. So see, its not the dog its the the way they are taught to be. I will own a pit bull puppy. My Uncle Kenny and Uncle Willy, both have female pit bulls. So, if you dont like me now, sorry. I will be kind to all the dogs I get. I will make sure that it is a pit bull dog type and it will be trained to be nice and to protect kids. To never bite unless told to in which I wouldn’t never let my pit bull bite a thing. I don’t play fight with my uncles pits. I only use toys with the puppys and they will be rasied together to like all other dogs. To only play fight.

  • Tru

    Chris in IL- please consider visiting a pit bull forum, or seeking the advice of an reputable, experienced breeder before acquiring your pit bull puppy. If you think you’re going to raise your pit bull to like all dogs and plan to take your dog to dog parks to just “play fight” with other dogs, you’re just going to hurt the image of the dog for the responsible owners.

    You seriously need to learn something about the breed before just jumping on one. Otherwise, your plan is just going to hurt the image of the animal, and the rights of responsible owners.

    You get a poorly bred animal from the shelter or your uncles random matings, you’ll get a wild card. If you get a real pit from good lines, your plan is a recipe for disaster.

    I own a Tosa… I’m sure glad the animals are rare enough here we don’t get people who just don’t know anything trying to pick one up on name recognition. Most BSL skips over us too, but if the APBT gets banned, the tosas, and filas, cane corsos, presa canarios, will probably follow too.

  • Tru

    Anyone else looking to get a pit bull, and raise it to “like other dogs and play well with them”, please read this

    We don’t need more bad owners like you, getting your dog into the news, or abandoning your pit at an animal shelter once it matures and starts showing animal-aggression. Pits have enough bad press as it is.

    However, I also want to mention you can definately keep your dog safely around your family. It will be loving and devoted. Get a dog from a good line, and the odds that it will be man-aggressive are basically non-existent. If you end up with an pit of unknown lines, please seek professional help or euthanize it if it ever starts to show aggressive tendencies towards people.

    Fighting dog owners have an adage, never trust your dog not to fight. We’ve been keeping these dogs for hundreds of years without problems like we’ve seen recently. It can be done, just with responsible dog-keeping.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    first of am his uncle asnd he wont get a dog thats bad ok i will make of that

  • Keri

    First of all Tru, Christopher is only 11 years old. Second, as he’s mentioned, both of his uncles own pit bulls. They do not “randomly mate” as you would like to think. Not all pit bull owners are as irresponsible as you would like to think.

    Christopher learns more everyday with the pit bulls that are in his family. He feels he has seen less aggression from the pits being raised in the family, then he has from the german shepard that was once owned.

    Christopher doesn’t have his own pit bull as of right now because he wants to experience being around them more and getting use to them. You can’t blame him for that. He’s heard all the stories about these dogs, including half the bullshit that is put in the news about them.

    I would of thought it to have been a bit ballsy to come off at a child like that. As yes, Christopher is still a child. To talk to him in such a negative tone was not appropriate. What I mean by negative tone is that you personally, do not know how his Uncle’s raise their Pit Bulls. Nor do you know what the blood lines of those dogs are. Yet you have already jumped yourself to the conclusion that they must not be of a good pure blood line.

    Kenny’s 10 week old pit bull Panzer is 1/2 Blue Pit and 1/2 Red Pit. Both of Panzer’s parents are not nasty dogs. They are very well trained and very respectful of their owners.

    Kenny’s 7 month old pit bull Taz, is a purebred Brindle Pit. She is not mixed with anything. Nor does Kenny have any intentions of mixing Taz with another type of Pit. Both of them have been through aggression tests. Both of them have already been enrolled in obedience training as well.

    Willy’s 8 month old Pit Bull, Mattie, is a Jacque Pit Bull from England. A high dollar was paid for her. She does not have a temperment problem. Mattie’s mom had a planned pregnancy, with a Pit of the same breed. With Papers and family tree print outs to boot.

    Kenny does accept stray Pits as well as Pits from people who don’t want them because they have moved and are not allowed to have them anymore. As well as accepting them from people who just don’t seem to have the time to raise them. With all the Pits that Kenny has brought into OUR home, we have only had problems with one of them. The proper thing was done with that Pit as well.

    Mattie, Panzer and Taz are always around children spread throughout different age ranges. Willy has 2 children of his own. Kenny and I have only one child. Christopher is around all the time, as we are a very close knit family.

    In many cases, Pit’s have been blamed for things that were later found to not have been there fault or their breed at all. I’m not going to say that all pits are good because they aren’t. Especially the ones who are raised to fight or be aggressive to others.

    I’m not saying that Christopher will learn everything he needs to from his uncles about the dogs. As far as I’m concerned, NO ONE knows everything about anything. There are many places he can go to for more information.

  • Man, ya just gotta love this site.

    People jumping up and down out of their skins to defend Pit Bulls’ “right to life” but who don’t even blink at the thought of millions of unborn babies being aborted.

    Just like a BB gun can’t do as much damage in untrained hands as a real gun, I think the same goes for different breeds of dogs and their owners. A Chihuahua or Cocker Spaniel may bite, but it’s not going to rip your friggin’ face off.

    There’s a family that owns a PB in the home behind mine. Dog has never been anything other than friendly/goofy. But if I ever go out into my back yard and that sucker growls at me, I’ll go back in, get a gun and take care of it. No way I’m risking my daughter’s safety over the “rights” of a dog.


  • Tru

    Sorry Keri, if Chris is your son. Obviously, from the distance of the internet, I would not be able to tell his age, as you cannot tell mine.

    By blood lines, I didn’t mean just not a mutt. If you mate two random, pure bred pitbulls together, you’ll still get some unpredictable dogs. I had meant the actual dogs the animals are descended from. As in the old Jeep, Sorrell’s, Redboy, Maverick bloodlines etc.

    It’s also an all too common myth that pit bulls trained to fight are human-aggressive. Just the opposite. Due to being required to work very closely with the dogs during the pit fights, the old dog men would not accept an animal that showed human aggressive tendencies during a fight. In fact, good line pit bulls are far LESS likely to bite their owner than other breeds of dog, which will lash out when under extreme stress or pain. It’s a shame so many of these animals are put down unnecessarily.

    The only actual training a pit bull used for fighting gets is aerobic and strength conditioning. No specific training on how to fight, or to bring out fighting attitudes is done. It’s simply unnecessary. The animals already have it hard wired into them by their genes, and are born knowing how to fight.


    Pitbullforum.com, and game-dog.com are also good pit bull communities for those who wish to learn more about the dogs.

  • Keri

    Screen Rant aka Vic I will agree with you in some instances.

    You said that they are the same people that don’t even blink an eye at unborn babies, abortions.
    I personally am against abortions. There are some cases where I would see it be beneficial. A crack addicted mother, incest or rape. In those 3 cases, it’s not fair to a child to be born with an addiction, let alone who knows what other problems it may develop from the mother’s usage. Incest, that is just nasty and for rape that should be self explanatory.
    Otherwise, my stand on that is if the mother was capable of laying down, she was capable of knowing the consequences. With that knowledge, if they didn’t want to accept what may have happened, they should of invested in a sextoy to feed their desire. Anyway, getting back on track.

    If they are so eager to want to kill off dogs that have attacked humans, why are they NOT so eager to do the same thing to humankind that feel they have the right to take another’s life? Wouldn’t that be less money tax payers would have to pay? Instead of sending them off to prison and having our money pay to feed, clothe and house them? Most of them get the opportunity after years of ‘serving time’to return to the streets and try to live what life they have left. Why should they be able to live a life at all, if they were capable of taking it away from someone else? Let alone put possibility of danger back on our streets.

    In cases of an ACTUAL pit bull mauling, put the animal to sleep. That would be the best thing to do. That I do agree with. But to ban or kill off an entire breed, I don’t think that’s fair at all.

    Tru……… tis okay. Christopher is not my son he’s my nephew. My son is 8 and is slowly getting use to dogs in general. Kenny is my son’s father and Christopher’s Uncle.

    I do know that our pit bulls get their feelings hurt easily. They want lots of attention and love to be petted.

  • KYS

    The fact is, after all the genetic manipulation, people are responsible for the problems we face with this breed. But it’s unlikely that those responsible will rectify the situation. Unfortunately, there is a lot of cash to be made by fighting these dogs, and the problem will not go away easily.

    Next time you see some guy walking down the street with a pit on a heavy link leash, you should wonder what he’s doing.

    If you are one of the losers posting bets on a dogfight, you need to get yourself a life and waste your spending money on a gamble that doesn’t end in disfiguration or death.

    Hey, how about a Nevada vacation?

    You know; what happens in Vegas…

  • bigdaddy

    sad its just so so sad 2 children get mauled hmm lets choose some1 to blame auh ya thats rght the dogs fault okay maybe alot of ppl arent really educated in training your dog maybe just maybe if you dum ass critics wearent so quick to blame some poor animal that just was doing what he thinks he has 2 do maybe u can maybe just maybe think hmmmmm maybe its the dum ass {OWNER}U NO THERE A REASON PPL TELL OWNERS 2 TRAIN there dogs properly 2 me this article sounds like some retard had fighting dogs and they got loose and did what they where trained 2 do 2 small children come preety close 2v2 dog fight same size blah blah they cant rule that out in there brain there in a fight 2 save there life survive i can go on me and my friend had 6 pitbulls at 1 house at the sametime never ever did we have a big problem wit ppl or other dogs or escaping u no a little TLC and training and a little socializing wit pppl other dogs cats at a young age can go a long way sry im just tired of watching ppl blame the dog and no im not a pitbull freak i perfer rotties and bullmastiff just stateing a fact that some ppl just may need 2 look into bye

  • RogerMDillon

    If you don’t want to get rid of the breed, then let’s all agree that if a dog kills someone and the dog is the provoker, we put their owners to death since it’s their fault, not the dogs.

    I’m going to start keeping mountain lions as pets. I’m going to train them to be docile. I’m sure none you will mind.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    and one more thing i must say there we go agign see you must not know anything about this type of breed if you dont know what you are doing dont get a lion or a pitt bull dog and they are two diff anamils and we are not talking about bandeing lions are we we are talking about a family dog uh i think thats it its name is pit bull terrirs say is that the dog we are trying to save yes it isssss silly guy so when you got something to say about pitt bulls plz let us all know thanks alot

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    tru if i take a 7 week old pup (pit) that is and neaver let it around others dogs then take another (pit)pup same age and let it around other dog etc then u putt the 2 dogs in the same pitt area do you think that the pup that was raised around dogs etc will figth no it will not it will let the other pit kill it i have seen it myself ok

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    This what am trying to ok if you dont show your kids the rigth wway how would they act?uh just like the bully breed of dog you must show them the rigth smart way if you want agood dog anything can be shoen how to be mean uh its our jobs to fix that and show the dogs the right to act its all up to us not the dogs

  • Keri

    Actually Roger, in the town where I grew up there was a Panther living in the town. The owner took it on walks and no one in the town seemed to have a problem with it. As a matter of fact, they changed the school mascot from a Mustang to the Panther in honor of the animal.

    Keep what you like. It wouldn’t bother me at all. That’s why they have such things as Exotic Pet Owner’s License.

  • sr

    Great day in the cornfield. What a blog. What comments. Is this the Jerry Springer Show or what. Keri #93. Both uncles own pit bulls and they do not randomly mate as you would think. Im not sure I want to go their. Vic #94. Right on my friend. Excellent comment. We are on the same page. Keri #96. says I personally am against abortions, however some case are beneficial. Hitler would have loved you my dear. As for the rest of your comments. Heck, what can I say. Of course Im still here Keri. You were hoping the bit bull fairy flew me to Peter Pans Island. #42 Fos and I are headed to Placerville Ca for the first ferrel pit bull hunt. Fos as the 300 Win Mag and Im using my Rem 7mm Mag. Wish us good hunting U ALL.

  • bigdaddy

    you such a big man a rifle and a dog try hunting one wit ur hands little more close 2 a fair fight and ill put my money on the pit ;)o good luck but really try wit out the rifle if u can get 1 ill give u major respect ;}

  • Luke

    Give pit bulls aposable thumbs and they’d take over the world, can we start banning breeds of human too? It’s been done before :/

  • Keri

    Glad to see that your still around sr. Apparently you must of missed me. Otherwise you wouldn’t single me out compared to others that post on here. Nice to know you have nothing better to do with your time then admire my words.

    You really think Hitler would of loved me? That just gets me all excited. ~RME~

    Honestly, if you don’t like what I say, the simply skip over the post and move on to the next one.

  • sr


  • Keri

    so it’s not just pits.. hmmmm how interesting.. they are bred for this as well.

    Tosa dogs are perceived by many to be ferocious, dangerous animals and cary much the same stigma as pit bulls. Dog breeders insist that this is not the case, and claim that the dogs are only aggressive towards other dogs.

    These have been banned from other countries…

    The dogs are banned from importation to many countries, though some breeders claim “We ship tosa into the US and England, Australia and the other countries too where ban tosa”.

    So these are basically mutts..

    To save face, Japanese dog breeders created the Tosa by breeding Shikoku dogs with several fierce Western breeds. What they created was a very large, strong and obedient dog with a high threshold to pain. Tosa dogs are extremely rare, and few Japanese have ever seen one. The ones fighting today mostly come from 12 dogs that were hidden in Aomori after WW2.

    Not a personal attack but just wanted to share about pits not being the only one who were supposedly raised and bred into it.

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois

    #106 (big daddy)i am telling you uh i dont think he would come back from the woods uh lololol 107 (luke) i think am going to have to say your rigth also I think if you hunt pit bulls your a sick kind of humen and you need some help

  • kenny philbeck in Illinois


  • kenny philbeck in Illinois


  • Wow.

    I think Kenny is wondering why.

  • Maria

    WOW…the ignorance. SR, I really think you need to seek help. If Hitler was alive I really think he would like you and not Keri. Your ideas and comments are much like the NAZIS. Is a matter of fact, I think you would be his BIATCH! Oh, and I would wish for nothing more that when you go shooting, for your rifle to backfire.

  • RogerMDillon

    Look, you are never going to deal with people whose selfish interests put a priority over other people’s safety. Just jail the owners and make them pay for the injuries they cause. If you their pet unjustifiably kills someone, give them the death penalty.

  • The popularity of Pit Bulls is due to the name of the breed. It satisfies the macho need to own a dog with a fierce name:

    “Pit” – an enclosed, usually sunken area in which animals, such as dogs or gamecocks, are placed for fighting

    “Bull” – an animal known for how ferocious and dangerous it is.

    And of course there are the negative side connotations:

    “the pits” – a miserable or depressing place or situation.

    “bull” – foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.

    The lowlife who choose to own this lethal breed of canine are understandably attracted to a name like this. It’s their in-your-face way of glorying in their depravity, serving the same function as death-image tattoos, face rings, etc.

  • Kayla

    I have 2 pitbulls that love anybody and everybody. I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician that took the time to train my dogs the way they should be trained. I have worked with animals since I was 14 volunteering at the local animal shelter. Never in my life have I been bitten by more dogs there. Never was I bitten by a pitbull. I have been bitten by plenty of chihuahuas, yorkies,daschunds,shi tzus, and pomeranians. My co worker was just attacked by a west highland white terrier for those of you that don’t know thats a 20 pound dog. He so vicously grabbed her hand and shook it ripping nerves she had to have plastic surgery on her hand so dont tell me these little dogs can’t do damage. I was bit in the face by a golden retriever when I was 17 he went from licking my face to biting me right in my chin leaving a puncture and plenty of blood. A lab also came running after me dragging the owner behind and slammed me into the wall biting at my face. If it wasn’t for the doctor stepping in front and kneeing the dog I would have been in the hospital getting my torn face put back together. So dont tell me pitbulls are vicious because you think you know but you have no idea until you worked with animals and actually know your dog breeds.

  • sr

    WOW Maria. My rifle backfire. Not sure how a rifle backfires. Would it hurt me? Wanted to wish you a ZIG-HILE. However being Jewish I’ll pass. HAPPY NEW YEAR. sr

  • sr

    DEAR MR BIGDADDY, would you hunt one wit ur hands? Beware of a catch 22 question. For all who want to know my views on Stinken Pit Bulls just read #116 MR RICHARD BRODIE. His comment speaks for me. Job well done Richard. THANK YOU. I guess Richard will be told to seek help also. Wonder who is in charge of this mental asylum. NUKE THE UNBORN GAY PIT BULLS. sr

  • I have 2 pitbulls that love anybody and everybody. I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician that took the time to train my dogs the way they should be trained.

    Well there ya go. As it should be for anyone
    owning a well-known aggressive breed like a PB, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepard, etc.

    Not everyone, but some people I’m sure get off on the “danger” aspect of owning an aggressive breed of dog.


  • PittGirl

    Wow….what a blog….I am happy to see the majority of the people here seem to be educated, and pitty lovers. I won’t bore any of you with my history and experience with Pit Bulls, but I must admit, once someone is determined to hate, they will stop at nothing to keep on hating. It is almost useless to try and sway them with the statistics that all pit bull owners know to be true. There are real problems when these intense dogs fall into the wrong hands or substandard dogs are bred, and I think more-often-than-not, this is where the problem starts. And of course the public blames the dog, because most are not able to handle the ugly truth of humanity and how cruel human beings really are…But, if you own a pit bull, then you already know what great animals they are, nuff said!! 🙂

  • Tru

    Keri…I havent’t been here for a while, but did you say Tosa = mutt? Of course not, how’d you get that? Because it was originally bred from other dogs? That’s how all dog breeds are created. You know pit bulls were too, right? From crossing terriers and bulldogs? It’s just after enough generations, after phenotype consistency is achieved that it’s recognized a breed of it’s own.

    Besides, they’re not considered monsters basically anywhere. Tosa related attacks on people are essentially unheard of. They tend to be very expensive animals, puppies can fetch $12,000 each, which keeps them out of the hands of most pit fighters, or anybody else who isn’t prepared to take good care of a considerable investment.

    It’s easily the most powerful fighting breed in the world, close to 200 lbs in fighting shape, which is why it’s banned in some countries. But attacks on people are essentially nonexistent.

  • witheld

    This is an effective non-story.

  • witheld

    like every thing else on this thread…

  • witheld

    like everything else on this site…

  • witheld

    somebody else’s opinion…

  • witheld

    go hug your kids…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I was reading through this thread just for the heck of it. I have a cat, not a dog. I have no opinions in favor or against pit bulls. Then I read comment #122. Tosa’s can sell for $15,000? That’s almost NIS 70,000! Wow!! One sale would keep me in clover for a while. That is worth thinking about…..

    Too bad I live in a city, eh?

  • In order to have a dog worth that much money you would have to invest at least that much money. You would have to show dogs, and go past regionals to nationals. That means usually an RV and lots of travel. Also lots of product. You’d need to know something about genetics, training and temperament. Few people make a living breeding dogs. Most people had this as a side business or hobby.

    As for the problem of pit bulls, I see many people who see nothing wrong with letting their lovely, well-mannered dog run loose. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict how dogs will act in a pack. A pack and being able to understand the dynamics of a pack is a still within itself. I notice that people, even those who own dogs, do not notice these dynamics.

    I would say having any aggressive dog in a pack with other aggressive dogs will lead to problems unless the owner/trainer is very aware and very diligent.

    As far as the dogs were concerned, the children were trespassing. The owner probably did not train the animals, separately as well as together.

    Also, anytime you break up a dog fight, even with your own dogs, you stand to get bitten or otherwise injured.

    Pit bulls, unlike some other dogs, have a high threshold/tolerance for pain. This means it will be harder to use pain to get them to release their hold on whatever they may bite.

    I have had a pit bull attack my dogs. The pit bull did not attempt to bite me. However, the pit bull would not have been so aggressive if it had not another dog, this one a boxer, that was more confident. The boxer was the instigator and the pit bull was the enforcer. Bad combination along with teh poor training of the owners.

    I find many dog owners, particularly in America have very funny notions of what constitutes responsible ownership.

    Just the other day, a neighbor scolded me for being “pig-headed” about walking my dogs past her house. Why? Because she has dogs. Her dogs have gotten out in the past. However, unlike other dogs and dog owners, my dogs aren’t afraid of hers. I have a pack of three. She only has a pack of two and neither is really an alpha.

    My dogs do not attack hers. Hers just sniff and run away down the street. My dogs do not bark when they pass her house unless her dogs are barking and usually I keep my dogs quiet (unless the other person’s dogs are running toward us).

    Apparently, she has frightened off other people and their dogs from walking on the sidewalk near her house. She has a Rottie and a Chow. Both black.

    Not bad dogs, but I’m sure if my dogs were less self-assured or if I panicked the outcome would be different.

    I pick up after my dogs. Not everyone does, I know.

    Not all pit bulls are bad. Training has a lot to do with what happens.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    If I understand you correctly. Purple Tigress, you are saying that a person who owns a dog, especially a hunter, needs to understand that he really is dealing with a domesticated wolf, and behave accordingly.

  • kirk

    one day mandy came home with a dog. she didn’t take care of it, we did. we didn’t want it but took care of it. scoobie loves us but not you. he is a pit bull. fixed,loving and devoted. i walk him 2 or 3 times a day and pick up after him. only a few dog can get near him. my wive is not allowed to walk him. he is strong. we have a fenced yard with no way to open the door from the outsided. went he is gone will not own another. he needs me. having more than one pit bull and a job/never be there,is not possible. keeping a pit bull outside year round is wrong. all animals should be a part of your family or don’t own them. there is nothing cool about owning a pit bull/pack of pill bulls, just to be cool. if your kids wants one say no!! the bling-bling attitude of owning a pit bull is short sided. mandy thought it was cool but her help is no where to be found. we will keep scoobie and love him and he love us but will will keep scoobie close by knowing what he doing . great dog. like i said “he loves us not you”

  • bigdaddy

    dear sr hell no i was drunk when i typed that i dont even think i read the hole thing happy new year all

  • sr

    Bigdaddy, Im always drunk. How else could I make the stupid comments on this blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR BIGDADDY. sr

  • Pit bulls would never hurt their owners!

  • Maria

    Kirk#131, that is why owning a PitBull is not for the novice. They are currently a “FAD” dog, thats the main reason why they are overpopulated. Most owners, unlike you though, will simply dispose of them one way or another. Thats why our shelters have so many, thats why they are found running around loose. If you have never owned a PitBull and your kids want one cause its cool, DON’T get one. And if you must, seek the help of professional trainers, socialize them as much as possible and Spay/Neuter your dog. Those things are nessesary when owning a PitBull, any dog really.

  • sr

    Comments be void on this blog. RIP. sr





  • sr

    Kenneth#138, Forgive. Not up on hip-hop. What is LOLOLOLOLOLO da da da or whatever?

  • DebiRN

    Never knew I would spend my days defending my sweet, loving, adorable, loyal Haile, when I adopted her two years ago as a pup from an animal shelter. Have had many dogs (typical family dogs) during my life-time, and my Staffordshire Terrier has won my heart like no other. So, I will continue to defend the breed day after day.

  • Dogs can be wolf-like, but they are not wolves.

    They do have a pack mentality and hierarchy like many social animals.

    The temperament of the pack depends upon the individuals and the leaders.

    To an extent the same can be said for human groups and also to a certain extent herds of horses. Horses being prey animals favor fleeing over fighting.

    Being able to understand the mentality of a pack isn’t a given and not all owners can adequately own and control every dog they own. There is no test for dogs and their owners.

    The examples I gave, of a pit bull that attacked my dogs, were not about bad dogs. The dog needed to be trained. The owner was incapable. Instead of asking for help (I offered), he tried to make do on his own. The result was the dog was impounded several times and they suddenly disappeared (the family) and the neighbors had unpleasant experiences.

    There are dogs that are mentally unstable and as dangerous as some crazy humans, but that goes across breeds and in mix breeds.

    I don’t see pit bulls as being bad dogs, but potentially dangerous dogs, much like some dobies and German shepherds and chows and cocker spaniels.

  • Gina

    I just have a quick question. My daughter’s boyfriend found a pit bull puppy of about 2 months. He is malnurished and has some scarring on his face as well as swelling to his jaw. I am a nurse and looked into his mouth to see the source of selling. It looks like his jaw was broken and there is a piece of fractured bone ~1″ above the gumline. It is infected. This is not a new injury. Is it possible that the bitch or sire did this?
    BTW, they are taking him to the humane society.

  • sr

    Gina#142. Shoot the bastard. He will turn on you. Shoot your daughters boyfriend also for bringing it into you house.

  • Gina

    The dog was taken to a rescue shelter/clinic. We have no idea what happened to him. They will not release that information. I am not a violent person and would not think of shooting anyone or anything. My daughter’s b/f was concerned about the dog and felt bad for him. Whatever the case, I was hoping to find out if this breed of dogs has a penchant for attacking their young. Why do you say “He will turn on you”? Is that true?

  • sr

    Gina, read all the comments on this thead and then make up your own mind. I do know their is a great difference between the English bull terrier and the American bull terrier(Pit Bull) Good luck.

    Do an internet seach on the subject.

  • wasnt the grand champion of the westminster dog show declared a dangerous breed?

  • sr

    Larry, I did not watch the Westminster dog show. Please let me know what I missed.
    Thanks, sr

  • Keri

    Ya know.. some things make me sick.. I spoke with my father last night on the phone and he was telling me that in Washington state, someone had found a small island that was full of nothing but pit bulls. He said something as to they are still unsure if it was being used to breed the dogs or if it was a place they were taking them to train them for fighting.

    Stuff like that I don’t agree with.

  • Sarah

    The pitbull breed has been bred to fight.Yes, this much is true, but when looking at only one side of the story arent we being just as bad as people say the pitbull is? Some only wish to look at the vicious side of the pitbull,the side that snarls and barks and gets into a fight. BUt all the while they seem to neglect the good side. The part where pitbulls romp and play with other dogs and cats. I own a pitbull myself. In my entire ownership of him hes been in a total of 2 fights. One was when the neighbors dog tried to attack me and my dog got in between and the other was when yet another dog tried to attack my nephew. My dog has faced horrible treatment as well because in this town there arent many Pitbulls. Hes been shot, hes had rocks thrown at him, people have called animal control to take him for no reason, hes even been let off his chain in hopes that he’ll get hit by a car. And through this all hes never once bitten or snappped at a human. Dogs who attack are victims of abuse. Victims who think everything is going to hurt them.There are pitbulls who have never in their lives bitten anyone or anything. To kill them all is unlawful and unprovoked murder.

  • trooper_D

    Like humans, there are good ones and bad ones. The bad ones have to be treated accordingly, and the good ones rewarded accordingly.

    Some states will penalize the dog’s owner(s) if they do harm onto human beings. They will also go as far as putting the dog to sleep, if it is proven that the attack was unprovoked. Stll, you cannot control an animal’s actions 100%. Owners of pit bulls should be held responsible for any liability incurred, if they intend on owning such an animal.

    If you keep such a dog at home, the best thing an owner can do to ensure that the animal doesn’t escape, is to build a kennel large enough for the animal to roam freely. And the owner should inspect the kennel every so often, to ensure that any problems are addressed accordingly to prevent the animal from doing harm onto others.

  • sr

    No answers and no comments. NUKE THE UNBORN GAY PIT BULLS.

  • as i set and make my words in here theres a briddle female at my feet it belongs to jessie my buddy i own a black male myself and like you said my dog has never been in a figth

    i have see this so called (bad breed of dog )no dog is bad ok it is just that semple ok its how you are to your dog.It is not becuse its a bad breed and am glad to hear that your dog does s its job just like my pit when someone knocks on my door my dog barks like it sould but to all the rest that downs pits well try it befor you knock it ok well dont try it till you take some classs s on it ok thanks {









  • isnt printing in all caps tantamount to shouting. boorish behavior in blog ettiqette. no?

  • kenny in ill

    nothing to say uh lets think uh

  • Dave

    All you dumbshit fucking tree huggers that want pit bulls eliminated deserve to be kicked in the ass. you are a bunch of mini van driving soccer moms who wouldnt know a quality dog if it bit you in the ass.

  • dave

    I think that blaming the breed for the actions of a few irresponsible owners is ridiculous.

  • Dave

    and to say “nuke the gay pit bulls” you deserve to be nuked

  • RogerMDillon

    Q: Who says pit bull owners aren’t bright?

    A: Anyone who knows Dave.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Dave you have an e-mail-and after reading #161 I’m a little worried…

  • sr

    Thank you Jerry Springer for sending all your fans in this direction. Where else can someone get renamed from sr to Corporal cum Dumpster, Mr Cock sucking fucking faggot and Ass pirate jag off. All I wanted was to hug my little sweet twee high up in the branches and enjoy nature, listen to the birds, watch the deer below prancing in the forest, and sometimes urinating on the pit bulls passing below. Being a mini van soccer mom with the inbred fat ass golden retriever Dave, I let the dog fuck me knowing its much better to be laid by a dog then moncho Dave. Knowing your delightful pit bull likes to lick his balls so you can kiss him. I dont think so big guy. Just because Im the soccer mom you think I am, at times I have squeezed the trigger from my 7mm mag high up in the branches of my sweet hug twee and blown the fucking brains out of pit bulls all over the forest floor. No prancing their if you get my drift. Well so much for that. Enjoyed shareing nature. Must get back to all the birds, bees, owls, prancing deer, and whatever comes along from my pearch high up with my huggie twee. “O” shit, forgive me. NUKE THE UNBORN GAY PIT BULLS.

    Easter wishers to all and to all a goodnight.

  • sal m

    people who don’t understand how there is a movement afoot to ban pit bulls obviously haven’t been paying attention to the trend that has developed in our society.

    if something is bad for someone – regardless of if this “badness” is inherent or user created – there are always people who want to ban this “something.”

    people who cheered over the banning of cigarette smoking sing a different tune when a habit that they enjoy becomes off-limits. in turn, the “pit bull banners” will be angry when a habit they enjoy becomes the target.

    the point is that a lot of peoples freedoms have been eroded and that once we started down this road there is no guarantee as to what the next target will be. is it fast food? is it video games? we’ll have to wait and see.

    so don’t be surprised or upset that people want to ban pitbulls.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Would someone please explain to me how the hell an article about pitt bulls turned into one of the worst and offensive fag jokes I’ve seen in a long time?

  • Jet in Columbus

    Wow, remind me never to push that button!

  • zingzing

    dave, would you like to have sex with me? you talk so dirty… it’s turning my asshole on…

  • zingzing

    killing all pit bulls isn’t the answer (how did they get that nasty name… i wonder…). personally, i find them to be smelly, slobbery little attention whores who have brains the size of peanuts… but that’s just my opinion. one of my friends owns one… he doesn’t mind it when i slap the little fucker should it get too close to slobbering on me. the dog once got ahold of my tobacco, ruining an entire pack. that didn’t piss me off half as bad as when it then decided to puke up my tobacco into my friend’s sister’s shoes. actually i kind of laughed at that.

    that said, they got a right to live. but i would treat them like child molesters. inform your neighbors.

  • Folks, dogs are not people. Anthropomorphizing them results in bizarre views.

    To say that a person cannot rise above the level of his or her genetic heritage is morally repugnant and demonstrably wrong. But to say that a dog — or any other animal — cannot rise above the level of its genetic heritage is not the same thing, and is repeatedly demonstrated to be true.

    These dogs are killers by heritage, and no amount of training is going to overcome that. It would take a concerted effort by breeders over many, many generations of dogs to turn things around, and by that time, they would be a different breed.

    No matter how many times I’ve seen people say, “Oh, but *my* Fi-fi is different,” that dog is just one bad day away from killing someone.

    For that matter, so is every person, but we have the higher brain function and moral structure that causes us to resist the urges when an animal can’t.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Oh GREAT, first Fungible, then hypocriticalness and now Anthropomorphizing!!!

    And by the way, I though that I was the gay one in these conversations????????

  • Jet in Columbus

    You know what Phillip? That sweet little “Petey” the pitt bull from the “Little Rascals” is going to raise up from the grave and bite you right on the ass if you’re not carefull!

  • Jet in Columbus

    PS sorry ZingZing, I didn’t mean to turn you on with that last comment $173

  • IgnatiusReilly

    “is it fast food? is it video games?”

    If only we could ban people from making incorrect analogies. Sal, when was the last time you saw fast food or a video game break free from its owner and kill someone.

    Dave, anyone who needs a pit bull should just go ahead with the penis enlargement.

  • Jet in Columbus

    And exactly what made you think he hasn’t?????

  • sr

    Phillip, the promblem is with the pit bull owners.
    It’s quite obvious just from the comments that the owners of pit bulls are allowing themselves to let Fido breed them. Dave is the perfect example. However Im sure positions are shared with each other just for fairplay. Of course Dave loves his big bad ass pit bull. How else can one enjoy that little tender kiss from your own pit bull after he licks is cute little testes all day. Dont you just love true romance.

  • Dave

    You all need a fucking hobby or something. Pit bulls got their name from the fact that they were bred to fight in pits. I think part of the problem is the fact that the general public by and large are a bunch of pussies. People allow these dogs to intimidate them when they should just scream and discipline the dogs.

  • zingzing

    yes it is, dave. are you enjoying your stay? your preoccupation with faggots is wonderful… i know that if we were together, you would always have me on your mind…

    people should just scream, eh? yes, people who get attacked may need to grow (back) some balls.

  • zingzing

    i think i’m going to take up pit bull fighting. but because my teeth aren’t as sharp, i think i shall carry a gun. who’s betting on the three-armed man?

  • Dave

    Pit bulls are a mans dog. anyone can own a shitty ass poodle but it takes a man to own a real dog. dog fighting is the ultimate competition. two beasts in a pit to fight to the death, for no reason other than to see who has the bigger balls. They don’t fight because of training or anything else, other than to please their owner and for the thrill of killing something. So other than that I don’t know how to explain it to you people. If you haven’t experienced it then your better off going to starbucks and ordering a mocha because you obviously aren’t man enough to compete.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Dave, I’ve owned two pit bulls, I WAS a republican, and I’m as fucking manly as anyone you can put up in comparison.

    I’m also gay, and goddamned not ashamed about it, which makes me one of the faggots you seem to hate so much.

    I take you constantly throwing the word around, about as well as a black man takes the work Nigger from a white man.

    Some of the toughest men this world has ever seen have been Gay, you just don’t know about them, and I’d appreciate it if you could find some other way of expressing yourself.

    I had one hell of a lot of respect for you until a day ago…


  • zingzing

    dave… it is so easy to wind you up. you better not come back around too much… “for the thrill of killing something…” it’s the thrill of killing a dog. killing dogs is mean.

    btw-i’m straighter than an arrow and i don’t have sex with little girls… unlike you seem to want… nasty perv dog killer.

    editors–feel free to delete this. fuck you, dave. hope you rot. thanks, editors.

  • Sorry guys, I had to send in the cleaners here

    JET: I’m guessing this is a different Dave…

  • Jet in Columbus

    Christopher Rose, the quote, “Oh ye of little faith!” comes to mind.
    Being new to this site, I rather stupidly thought “Dave” was “Dave Nalle”.

    I’d like to admit I was wrong in that assumption, and apologize right here and now.

    I’d like to say also that I was wrong for assuming, and it won’t happen again


  • I’m sure Dave will be delighted to learn of this, Jet.

    I know it can be a challenge to resist firing back at the occasional extremist loon that passes through here but, even if it’s a little late sometimes, anything truly offensive will be found. Sorry we have to occasionally desert our Blogcritics WorkStations to attend to some persistent illusion called er, life, I think it is.

    Actually, you might be moderately interested to learn that the Mr Nalle is far more tolerant of, shall we say, over-exhuberant comments than I. Goes on about something called freedom of speech or some such fancy when I want to delete a bunch of offensive crap. He says, correctly in my view, that censorship is a weak response to offensive remarks.

    Indeed it is says I, but who cares, a decent read, a virtual convo that doesn’t rip the very arse out of human decency is more important. You can get full, unrestrained freedom of speech on every street corner, in every teahouse or bar in the world. It’s the very act of drawing what are, i my view, some very wide and liberal lines in the sand that makes Blogcritics the labyrinthine multiplex jewel it so magnificently is. Or something.

    Anyhow, back to the topic in hand, I’m a dog person myself but utterly fail to understand the attraction of pit bulls and similar breeds, which are really ugly and seem to be bred simply to kill and destroy. I can’t quite grok the meaning of that. Maybe it’s different in the more heavily armed and intense US of A than in Europe?

  • troll

    re: 185/186 – easy to tell them apart…Dave Nalle can think and write


  • Dave

    You keep erasing my posts [Yes, and we’ll keep doing it until you learn that pottymouth is for babies and losers. Thank you. Comments Editor]

  • sal m

    Iggy Wrote”
    “is it fast food? is it video games?”

    If only we could ban people from making incorrect analogies. Sal, when was the last time you saw fast food or a video game break free from its owner and kill someone.

    Dave, anyone who needs a pit bull should just go ahead with the penis enlargement.”

    the point was not that fast food or video games actually kill, but that some people want to regulate or ban anything/everything that THEY deem as dangerous/unhealthy/bad. since we’ve been heading down this path, pit bull/dog lovers shouldn’t be surprised that people want to ban pit bulls.

    and try to use your big boy voice when you’re in the main room iggy, or ask an adult for an explaintion of any concept that rises above a personal attack.

  • Oh NO! Sal#190 don’t tell me you want to ban penis enlargements! I’ll die!!!!

    Dave if you thought I was having trouble with fungible, wait till I try to figure out what an “explaintion” is? (See above)

    …but of course that’s only my opinion

  • IgnatiusReilly

    Sal, pointing out your incorrect anology is not a personal attack, but your poor sports reporting probably has you on the defensive.

  • sr

    Zingzing. You sure make it difficult dip-stick. No I dont like you, however your comments on this blog made me laugh so frecking hard that. Tomorrow is just another day. Hey Dave, do you still.

  • zingzing

    sr: what? did you get edited? that made… no sense. glad to make you laugh. what have i ever done that you don’t like me though? hmm?

  • sr

    Zingzing, No I did not get edited. This fool writes foolish things. What would you expect from a fool like me. Im glad your glad you made me laugh. Makes this fool forget things like why I don’t like you. Have a pleasent evening dipstick, and dont let the gay pit bulls bite you in the ass. Thats what big Dave delights in since his fetish is licking the balls of his man dog.

  • zingzing


  • Krista

    I own an American Stafforshire, and he honestly the most obedient dong I have ever owned. And I have owned several dogs in my lifetime. He is one of five right now. I have a Husky, mixed mut, Shitzu,Llassa Apso, and the Pit. He loves everybody. He lives inside with the Shitzu and Llasa, all they do is snuggle and play. He is extrememly obedient, and does whatever I say. I think it is sad that Pit Bulls have such a bad rep, because they are awesome family pets when raised properly just as any other dog. In the news, you never hear about all of the dobermans, german shepherds, dalmations, or any other breed that has bitten or attacked somebody because it is never reported. But let a pit bull looking even get close to becoming aggressive, and that will be on every station and in every newspaper. I was attacked by a friend’s German Shepherd a few years ago. She had just had puppies, and I knew better than to get close but I did it anyway. She just about took my leg off. I had to have several stitches, and was very painful for quite a while. But I don’t hate all German Shepherds now. I love them, and think they are beautiful great dogs. If all of the German Shepherd bites and attacks were broadcast all over the news, the same thing would happen with this breed or any other breed. People would start to fear them, and that is crazy. If you had a report of all dog attacks, I am quite sure that Pitts would not be in the highest percentage. What is funny is that when people come to my house, they keep their eye on my Pit, meanwhile my Llasa Apso is the one that sneaks around and bites them in the ass.

  • #197 “I own an American Stafforshire, and he honestly the most obedient dong I have ever owned”

    Please tell me that’s a missprint!

  • sr

    Jet#198. A single sentence is worth a thousand words. And he honestly the most obedient DONG I have ever owned. Glad you got this before me. Would have been blowing sticks, stones, rocks, popcorn, raw oysters, dead frogs, and rats out my nose with uncontrollable laughter if I even attempted to make a comment. Then you come in with. Please tell me that’s a missprint. Im still laughting Jet. Thanks dude.

  • You’re very welcome…

  • See guys, SOMEBODY appreciates my sense of humor!

  • sr

    Dude, Im still laughing. Just wait for the day when PC screens can project out smell and objects.Holy dongs. sr

  • When I was a kid, I had a science teacher who speculated over something called “Smellovision”
    Now I shudder at the thought.

  • sr

    Jet, I remember hearing about Smellovision and also touchovision. I shudder at the thought that Rosie Odonald or Michael Moore might show up on my PC screen. Would like to hear comments on this subject and who do you want to see on the screen or not to see. Just a thought Jet. Can the screen receivee respond back. This can get quite interesting Jet.
    Im a gun nut, however this would have to have a gun free PC screen activated system montored by the BATF or the FBI. Jet, do you drink rum? Well dont. Sure would like to blast a fart at my ex.

  • i still cant believe this story.:O

    maybe you can add some pictures.

    thx joe:D

  • Dave, if you want something that bad I’d suggest the classifieds…

    …and be careful what you wish for!

  • sr

    Dave. FUCK ASS COCK BITCH OR WAS IT BITCH ASS FUCK COCK. OK dude let’s slow down. Im in your corner. Old Doc sr treats these types of disorders. Get back on your ritalin and follow it with your prozac. Sometimes a bowl of corn flakes with zoloft, heavy whipping cream, and a pinch of pepper and salt does wonders. Use kosher salt. Celery salt is a good substitute for kosher salt should it not be available in your area. Top this off with your favorite syrup. I usually recommend blueberry. The hot pepper syrup is only for pit bull enemas. Maybe this would be enjoyable for you also Dave. For the rest of you pit bull owners this is not my advice for you-all or Dave for that matter. Just made all this bullshit up. My disclaimer is Im not a frecking dr. If I were then my advice to Dave and pit bulls, like pit frecking bulls are reading this BS, would be the proper placement of a habanero pepper for constipation. Each owner and animal could share with each other the joy of insertion. If old Doc sr has not been helpful please contact Jets Vetinary Service in Columbus. Jet is a renowned Dr of veterinary medicine. Just call toll free at 1-800-PIT-BULL. Hope this has been helpful Dave. sr.

  • Oh great, now how am I supposed to get to sleep after that?????

  • yo

    i think u shud ban ’em i dont hate them or anytin but i dont agree wit any1 ownin’ them

  • ca

    I recently had a very bad experience with two pitbulls who were escaping from their yard and running loose in the neighborhod. I have two indoor cats and several outdoor cats. The dogs tore one of my outdoor cats to shreds right in front of my eyes. They were also aware of the two indoor cats and kept coming back and trying o break thru the metal security door on my porch to get my cats. Very scary. This went on for two weeks (it took that ong to figure out where they were comong from). These dogs would visit my house thre or four times a day.
    This experience was very stressful and terrifying. I stared reading everything I can about pitbulls. I can probably parrot every pro pitbull argument on the net as well as every anti pitbull argument. What I wish is that somewhere some of these “pitbull experts” would actually offer some constructive advice on what to do if a pitbull turns agressive on you.

  • sr

    Ca#211. NUKE UM. And people wonder why they had a hunting season in Calif on these stinken animals. It’s time for a hunting season on pit bull owners. It’s almost impossible to pick up a newspaper and see a story about another pit bull attack. Of course the dogs owner always will state his/her dog is just a sweetheart and it was provoked.

  • Keri

    That would be a good example of a owner doing their job. Dogs are not suppose to run freely through neighborhoods, or jump fences etc etc. Though they do, just means that the owner should get off their tuffs and build a bigger fence. Ahhhh. the expenses ownership can cause.
    If a dog turns aggressive..honestly, put it down. It’s like something strange happens to a dog once they’ve gotten a real good taste of blood. Kenny will probably disagree with me on that, but it’s okay.

    as for you sr.. you still make me laugh.. I’ll quote you…

    “It’s almost impossible to pick up a newspaper and see a story about another pit bull attack. ”

    of course it goes all the way back to where you were giving me a hardtime about a mis-spelling. You just lost your whole attack. I’m sure you meant to say (and in your opinion of course) impossible to pick up a newspaper and NOT see a story….but that’s not what you said.. teehehehehe.

  • Keri

    Let me quickly correct myself.. I had said a good example of an owner doing their job..

    It was meant to say, a good example of an owner NOT doing there job..

    and before you start sr…it’s in reference to a dog being able to get into that gentleman’s yard and go after his cats.

    Of course, who ever would of thought that a pet store would sell collars/shock collars, leashes, tie downs, stakes etc..

  • sr


  • ca

    Well, we got an estimate to have our front yard fenced in (our backyard already is. Over $3,000! Now, why should we have to pay all that money to protect ourselves from other people’s vicious, loose animals? We shouldn’t have to, right? But, there aren’t any laws to make them do things properly because their dogs have to attack a total of two domestic animals or humans before they are considered “dangerous” and have “dangerous dog” requirements slapped on them!

    I would think that responsible pitbull owners would support breed specific legislation that helps keep these dogs out of the wrong hands. I don’t mean outright bans, but restrictions. For example, only licensed breeders should be allowed to breed them. All others should be spayed/nuetered. Anyone with pitbulls should have special confinement requirements (humane ones). Pitbulls should be registered with the city. So on and so forth.

    Pitbulls are the most abused breed of dog and the most abandoned. You would think the people who love pitbulls would want restrictions in place to protect the pitbulls from bad owners and neighborhoods from their dogs.

    Speaking of a day doesn’t go by without a pitbull attack in the paper – see the front page of today’s Miami Herald 🙂

  • alene

    i think it is awful how people portray pit bulls in the media, besides the only reason we hear of them so much on our television is that that is the only time they make the story. when a larger dog attacks, i have a pit bull and have plenty of books on his breed. shitzus and poodles are more likely to bite than a well mannered pit. my dog is 1 1/2 yrs. old and is scared of everything from cats to squirrels, so although your entitled to your own opinion you should never judge a book by its cover. these animals have a warm heart and love to just sleep and play no matter how big they are. besides we are all creatures of this earth, so who are we to try to decide who has the right to live here or not.

  • sr

    Alene#217.A Shitzus and Poodle will bite. They just dont kill you in the process. Yes we are all creatures of this earth however I choose not to share my space with pit bulls.

    ca#216. Have you ever had a conversation with a pit bull owner let alone a responsible pit bull owner? Just preview the comments on this thread. It read’s like the Sunday comic’s.

  • Story – “New statistics show that pit bulls are responsible for more bites in Broward [County] than any other dog breed.”

  • Story – “Six people including two small children and a police officer were attacked Saturday afternoon by pit bull. The incident happened in front of a house on Maplehurst Street in DeKalb County, witnesses said.”

  • sr

    I carry a concealed 45ACP Glock at all times in Florida. It does wonders on pit bulls should you desire a walk. Would add them on the walls of my trophy room, however pit bulls do not match my decor taste.

    RJ, Thanks. Read the stories. No surprise their.


  • ca

    “ca#216. Have you ever had a conversation with a pit bull owner let alone a responsible pit bull owner? Just preview the comments on this thread. It read’s like the Sunday comic’s.”

    Well, Easter Sunday we went out side by the car and I looked down and saw the two pitbulls again – like two feet away from me. My friend started screaming at our cat to run. I yelled at her not to run. We stood frozen still. A neighbor came and screamed at the dogs and they ran away. I called the police to report it – again.
    Three squad cars showed up. While talking to the police a truck pulled up and a man gets out and asks if we’ve seen his dogs! I kind of lost it! I may have screamed at him – they killed my cat (he said “I know”) – they keep coming back – you were told not to let them run loose – its going to cost me $3,000 to put a fence up to keep YOUR dogs out of MY yard and its just now right.
    Ok – today I come come and find one of my cats wounded. I don’t know if it was those damn pitbulls again but most likely. I am fed up and tired of it and do not want to hear how sweet pitbulls are because they are not!
    Suggestion – if you love pitbulls – don’t argue with those of us who disagree with you about their temperment. Spend your time seeking out people like tghis guy who lets his dogs run free all of the time and educate them! They are the ones who are allowing their dogs to give your sweet little pitbulls a bad reputation. Deal with them!!!!

  • sr

    ca, may I suggest a 12gage pump shot-gun with double 00 buck or the Glock 45 ACP. Use the 12gage on the pitbulls and the Glock 45 ACP is then used on the former owners of the now defunked pitbulls.

    Good hunten ca

  • ca

    I’ve read in a few places that whenever a pitbull ban is proposed anywhere, a small but organized group of anti-pit bull pan proponents put the word out on the net and appeal to everyone to flood whatever city it is with e-mail, faxes and phone calls protesting the ban. Most of the people who do so do not even live in the communities that want the ban! Hey – if you don’t live there – butt out 🙂 In OK they hired an independent research firm to discover the truth – read on:

    “OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 15, 2005) – Oklahomans favor a ban on pit bulls by more than 20 percentage points, according to a survey conducted by pollsters Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates.

    State Rep. Paul Wesselhöft, R-Moore, is proposing a bill to effectively ban the pit bull terrier in Oklahoma. Those people currently owning pit bulls would have to meet certain requirements in order to keep their animals.

    “Some of my colleagues were under the impression that the majority of Oklahomans opposed the ban because legislators have received a flurry of calls and e-mails from people who were against banning pit bulls,” Wesselhöft said. “However, most of those contacts were generated by a strongly organized vocal minority of breeders and owners, many of whom were from out of state.”

    Wesselhöft said that Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates conducted the survey without his knowledge or involvement.

    He did say, however, that the results of the survey clearly demonstrate strong support for the ban across the state of Oklahoma and across both political parties, as well as among urban, rural, conservative, liberal and moderate voters.

    The poll of 500 registered voters across the state was conducted from August 8-11, 2005. The data shows 44 percent strongly favored a ban and 11 percent somewhat favored a ban, for a total of 55 percent. 17 percent strongly opposed a ban and 18 percent somewhat opposed a ban, for a total of 35 percent. 10 percent were undecided.

    Women favored the ban by 60 percent, while 30 percent did not. Men favored the ban by 49 percent, while 42 percent did not. Republicans favored the ban, 52 percent to 36 percent. Democrats favored the ban, 58 percent to 34 percent. Urban voters favored the ban, 56 percent to 35 percent. And rural voters favor the ban, 54 percent to 36 percent.

    Only 8 percent of respondents favored doing nothing at all about vicious dog attacks.

    Research has shown that children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to vicious pit bull attacks, and the poll shows that elderly Oklahomans favored the ban 61 percent to 28 percent.

    Wesselhöft predicted that his legislation to effectively ban pit bulls would pass and become law during the 2006 legislative session.”

  • sr

    Great comment ca#224. Im just trying to visualize phone conversations of pro-pit bull owners talking to an elected representative. Just read Dave’s comments on this blog and use your own imagination. A word of caution. Avoid eating cooked or uncooked rodents, burnt popcorn and fresh corn while reading. The corn is a little tough for nostril projection. Just remember the dong days of Summer nears.


  • sr

    For your interest. Im looking at the front page of our local newspaper. Jewel Estep, 89, lost her arm when the family pit bull, Hershey, attacked her and her daughter. She just has a stub at her shoulder. How wonderful it must be to live this long and have your right arm ripped off by a frecking stinken pit bull. The report continues with 13 of the 14 declared dangerous dogs in our area, 13 are pit bulls. Duh, no surprise here. The “pit bull” is actually a blanket description for three specific breeds-the American Staffordshire terrier, the American pit bull terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier. “Pit Bulls have physical characteristics that make them capable of becoming and extremely destructive force, a high theshold for pain and jaw strength. Then we had the mauling death of 81 year old Alice Broom by several pit bulls. I have not even mentioned about the several law enforcement officers attacked by, you guessed it, a stinken pit bull. Forunately the officers bullet found it’s target. Bite this you stinken pit bull. Irresponsible owners for sure. It’s a macho thing. Get rid of the breed. It will happen.


  • sr



    [Done, sr. I hope that you will be exercising a little more self-restraint yourself from now on, having felt at first hand what it is like to have to see such offensive remarks… Comments Editor]

  • Comments editor… Amen and absofuckinlootly. I’m glad you finally took action on my e-mail and probably many others. It’s not often that I get offended, but that was definately one of them.

    Sr take note about self-restraint. That’s a lessen I had to learn too.

  • Mike Jones

    What kind of animal is a pit bull?

  • Chris D

    Just a quick education, I could write pages of info but I will give u all a quick education on pitbulls. First there are three different breeds that some people call pitbulls 1. American Pit Bull Terrier. 2. American Staffordshire Terrier(they are generally only 30 to 40 pounds where as the APBT can range from 60 to 100 pounds, and 3. also the American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier, 3 separate breeds of dog, essentially 1st cousins in dummy dummy terms. I WILL MAKE IT SIMPLE– IF and only if, any of these 3 breeds are raised correctly, they are a great family dog, and are actually great with children, they are not the ferocious man eaters that some people make them out to be, that is if they are raised correctly. When I say raised correctly, I mean exactly this, these dogs NEED to be loved, cared for, and not neglected or abused. If these dogs are neglected or abused, then they will be vicious. They are kind of like a child that grows up in an abusive home who then grows up to become a sexual predator, murderer, criminal, etc. So Drug dealers, thugs, criminals, and all the other pieces of shit on this planet, should NOT own pitbulls, because they are a wonderful breed and are being ruined by all these scumbags. So I do feel quite sorry for someone who gets attacked by one of these pitbull breeds, but 99% percent of the time, the owner should be held responsible and the dog does have to be put to sleep. SO bottomline, not everyone should own pitbulls or other similar breeds, especially not the criminals and scum bags of the world. It takes a lot of work, but if done correctly, these dogs can be wonderful companions and again are good with children. They are not naturally vicious, they are made vicious by the jackasses that abuse and fight them. I could go on and on. I have two American Pit Bull terriers and the kids in my neighborhood love my dogs, and my dogs love them. Hope someone learns something from this, and I’m not just some crack pot, I’ve been working with and raising dogs, all breeds, my whole life, so when pitbulls attack, look at the owner, its probably some lowlife who is some form of criminal and most likey abuses human life as well, or they think they are some tough guy because they have a pit bull. So to all that read this, if your a dog lover and want to do something good, get a pit bull and raise it correctly, this breed is in trouble because of all the idiots that get them and dont know what they are doing. They are all born good, but can be made into a monster when in the wrong hands

  • jessie

    i think banning pit bulls is the wrong way to go because every breed can attack and turn on its owner. any dog can bite. so why blindly point to one breed of dog and ban it?whats banning them going to do?

  • ca

    I am not for banning as that s not fair to the people who are responsible owners. But, I am for putting certain restrictions in place – proper containment (ie: fencing), special registration, embedded ID chips, to name a few. I believe making it harder to have a pit bull would help keep them out of the hands of the wrong people.

    We have a Doberman Pinchser. A Doberman can also be a dangerous dog. I would not have a problem with imposing those types of restrictions on her as well. Our dog is a beloved pet and treated as such. Most pitbulls around here live outdoors and are anything but beloved pets. What’s wrong with doing something to restrict such practices?

  • kenny in ill

    lets see hey i got a new pittt and her and sep/cow and my black male rocky they all play so good and to whom says they will trun on ther owners ids not ture if u dont beat them all the time mt 2 pitts are sweet loveing pups ok so dont try to make them out to be bad if we put u on a chain and keep u outside and beat u for years u hate allso woundt un think about it//? and i cant wiat to make 13 more for the world to have my male is not fix and my femaale not fix and they will have puppys

  • kenny

    228 yes i would like ansewer to that also so they will neaver take my pitts from me what dogs next i wonder uh/?

  • sr

    Jet, THANK’S. Comment editor, THANK’S.

    Jet, will wait for your comments on #228, #230, and #231 if you so choose. These comments fit the territory. Remember that a great indian chief once said, it is far better that reasonable minds speak out then to have no direction with ones bowling ball not within alignment of the intended target. Chief Wahaleama (Wah-al-e-am-a). New Mexico Territory, 1856.


  • kenny in ill

    well i see nothing new to say uh anyways my pit rocky has been such aloveing dog i cant wait to get more of them if u dont have one you shoud go bye a pup

  • 228 to you

    ok am sure it will be a so called breed like rots/dobs/chows/shp /u know how its going happen uh thats what i think it will be like nopw you what do u think

  • Dave

    just checking in to let you all know that I have proudly purchased another pit bull for myself

  • zingzing

    fuck the last one to death, dave? (i love you editors!)

  • dave

    I really don’t see the need to edit my comments when I am simply … a … miserable cocksucker

  • zingzing

    oooh, that one was great. (i love you editors!)

  • Sorry, I love my dog, and I’m not likely to be swayed by any editorial that proclaims a solution such as “Killem’ All!”. And relying on the news media for facts can be dangerous, I have a friend that works in the news and from time to time his news director will call them into a meeting and say “Scare the hell out of them!” or “Make them feel safe!” Depending on the Neilson ratings. Go to tvspy.com and read the message boards and you’ll see that this is a common occurance in newsrooms across the country.

  • Maybe we should ban humans. Do you have any idea how many humans kill or injure other humans & animals every year? They are vicious creatures!

  • sr

    Yes Kathy, we all agree that pit bulls are vicious animals and kill humans. Thank you for your insight.

  • Keri

    April 15, 2006

    awww your not getting soft on me are you SR?

    I hope your easter was a good one as well. Thanks.

    and my pup Panzer is still doing well. Enjoying his obdience classes and his special days at the Puppy Spa.

  • sr

    Soft in the gut only. It’s an age thing.

    Thanks for the comment Keri and have a gread day.


  • Luke bradshaw

    All you dumb people that dont understand a damn thing about dogs shouldnt even open your stupid mouth. First of all pit bulls cause less than 2 percent of all dog attacks; Labradors and German Sheppards are at the top of the list. If you had any idea about dogs neglect and training are the only things that make dogs turn bad. Pit bulls, Amstaffs, Bull terriers were all bread for the same purpose, there gameness. When you meet an ambassador of the breed you will see what a high quality, trained, determined, and well obeyed animal a bully breed can be. PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!

  • David

    I live in a trailer park and most folks living hear own pit bulls. This is not good. Between the alian abductions, tornadoes, and Elvis sighting it make it difficult living hear. Im also blind which makes it hard to here when the pit bulls get into my trash and eat my cats. Only have 37 cats left now. Cant dial 911 since my phone was turned off. Thank u.

  • Sadly enough, David, yours was one of the most reasonable, well-written, and lucid posts on this entire thread… :-/

  • sr

    Prince has been voted the “world’s sexiest vegetarian” in PETA’S annual online poll, the animal rights group announced Monday. A strict vegan, Prince, 47, wrote in the liner notes of his 1999 album, “Rave Un2 the joy Fantastic,” about the ills behind wool production. (YA, I BET HE/SHE WOULD LIKE TO BEHINING A LAMB.) sr interjection on that. Prince believes the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. This honor is shared with Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman, Nicollette Saran Wrap and Joaquin Phoenix. No clue who these bird brains are nor do I care. Just Cannon fodder to me.

    What does this have to do with Pit Bulls you ask. Just maybe Pit Bull owners care more about their macho DOOOOOG which seems to take priority over their own children. This is not the time, at least not yet for the Proverbial Lion lying down with the lamb.

    Pit bulls are soooooo sweet. Bull frecking s—. Love this one. Well cats scratch, and other types of dog breeds bite. YA THUNK. They just are not equiped to KILL YOUR FRECKING ASS. DUH.

    Not sure if the owner of this stinken pit bull breed should be put down first or the stinken dog. Brain sustenance both being equal.

    Comments welcomed if you can speak english.

  • sr

    Pit bulls kill three children playing basketball over Memorial Day. Ages range from 11 to 14. No surprise Im sure even if it was in Sanducee.

  • Keri

    gee does that mean you didn’t like the video that you removed the link I posted?

  • sr

    What video and what was removed from the link you posted?


  • Keri

    sr I had posted a link to a video and it’s not here anymore.. that’s okay though… sorryagain.com

    How have ya been?

  • sr

    Just older. Thanks Keri. Your comment is appreciated and I believe you have a big heart.

    Did spend some time viewing the website you mentioned. Think I will keep my mouth shut for now and view other comments.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  • Another horrific story:

    Ms Thornton said she wanted to thank the two men who saved her life by killing the dog which ‘chewed her like a bone’.

    She told the Plymouth Herald newspaper: “It was a horrific, scary attack. I owe my life to these two men. They made sure the dog didn’t kill me.”

    She said the mauling lasted about 10 minutes before neighbour Mr Davis stabbed the dog first with one knife then, when it broke, with a second.

    Ms Thornton said the dog slowly died and released its grip on her arm. “I had seen Nero once or twice before. He was always friendly to me. But I know he had bitten people before.”

  • A great journalist writes articles based on facts. Snot nosed punks with little penises write articles to merely attract attention and shock people. I say we KILL all journalists with little penises!!

  • “Snot nosed punks with little penises write articles to merely attract attention and shock people. I say we KILL all journalists with little penises!”

    What does Dan Le Batard have to do with pit bull attacks?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Question for commenter at #254 (boy, RJ, this article has had a long life)! Do you know for a fact that RJ has a small penis? Would you be willing to explain your source of knowledge to a candid and waiting world?

    Your forthrightness could make a global village even smaller…

  • I was going to delete the remark aimed at RJ but now that you two have answered back, I’m leaving it…

  • Keri

    sr… sometimes my heart is to big for my own good. Glad your doing good…

    Keeping your mouth shut? That surprises me.. Why for?


    I would just like to reply that I own a PURE BREED pit bull that is a family dog who loves kids. He has never snapped at anybody or ever shown any aggression. He plays with our cats even. To say “Kill ’em all” is just your fear of something you don’t understand. It is PEOPLE that make dogs mean. The only reason that people use pit bulls for fighting is that pit bulls love their owners so much that they will do WHATEVER their owners tell them to do. My dog loves people and would never harm us in any way. [Edited]


    People can be brutal killers. So do you deserve to die???

  • sr

    The shoe always fits.

    Real sweet #259/260. Jet where art thou? Will avoid easy street.


  • Kill all unborn gay Ruff Ruffs? Is that what you wanted SR? Sorry I’m no expert on small penises, sounds more like Boings department.

  • sr

    Thanks but-head. Just excreted all my good Captain Morgan Rum through my nostrils Jet with that comment. Im still laughing.

  • Heloise

    PIT BULLS the dog of choice for Mexicans. Your homies or home boys are some of the main people pushing pit bulls and breeding them. It’s no secret that this is the dog of choice for drug dealers and illegals and the criminally insane.

    I am so sick of mexican kids and son of illegal aliens talking about those damn, goddamn pit bulls. Unfortunately it would just be another law on the books banning those fucking dogs from hell.

    Can you tell I’m mad?


  • sr

    Heloise, My friend Jet hunts pit bulls. Just do a search for HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, WIRE JET SAN FRAN. He also nukes unborn gay pit bulls.

  • Uh huh Uh HUH I’m bad…

    How did I get into this?

  • sr

    Search me.

  • SR how many times do I have to tell you that strip searches are only done on Sundays?

  • i thought mexicans liked chijuajua

  • Keri

    wow somewhere in the midsts of all the debating.. it went from people thinking pits should be banned and people defending them to racism… amazing isn’t it?

    Another mark for the uneducated and closed minded individuals please.

    I’m not Mexican and I don’t run drugs. Yet I own a Pit, so what does that make me?

    and sr… no nukes on the Pit’s please.

    I will say.. if they are actually able to pass such an law to ban Pitts and kill the breed, then the next law that needs to be passed is that ANY criminal, neither how small or big the crime commited, should be put to death by lethal injection. It would save us all some tax dollars and then maybe the strain we are all feeling in our pockets from high gas costs won’t feel so bad.

  • Dozer

    You sure do talk allot of shit sr. Sure would like to see how much shit you would talk were we face to face. I gaurantee it wouldn’t be much. But back to the real subject here i just want to say that i think that pit bulls are one of the best dogs out there and if a person would take the time to do a little research on the breed they would understand why. My daughter’s crawl all over my pit bulls, sit on their heads they never bother occassionaly they will get up and move but that’s it. Punish the deed not the Breed

  • sr

    Ms.Dozer. Not sure what your point is. Since Im hearing impaired it is difficult reading the comment you set before me. Face of a face. Im confused. Did you mean the face of a dog? Sure like them cute pups I see on planet of the animals. Let me know Ms. Dozer and you have a happy day.


  • Dozer

    You know you are definately one of a kind aren’t you. If you can’t figure out what i was getting at then that’s your problem not mine.

  • sr

    Ms. Dozer. Yes Im one of a kind. Thank you for the recognition. Speaking of recognition do you recall the words of the great indian chief Wahaukeetau(Wa-ha-u-kee-tau) Nebraska Territory 1841? Chief Wahaukeetau said the buffalo(bru-tunk-au) are many. My warriors are many. Our TP,s are tall and strong. One day see the arrows fly and smoke from soldiers guns. Hills turn brown and gone are the praire oyster. Speaking of oysters. Was just thinking about eating raw oysters. Will buy some tomorrow. Maybe drink a little Captain Morgan. Make my own special hot sauce for raw oysters. Would you care for the receipt? OK, back to the subject. Michael Jackson did give some face once. Maybe. Almost forgot bull dozer.

    Happy Day,


  • Another pit bull attack…and this one is funny: on msnbc.msn.com

  • sr

    RJ. Just read the story. Guess Senor Galani with lack of nose wont have the pleasure of smelling his pit bull,s ass. HORAU

  • Dozer

    You must have extremely low self-esteem sr, would you agree that that’s accurate or are you in denial? I think you just some one to open up to and talk to. To release some of that built up pain and anger that you have built up inside from whatever sick things were done to you as a kid. Would you agree with that? You keep your head up sr and hang in there things will get better for you someday.

  • sr

    Thanks Dr. Dozer. All you stated about me is true. I feel so much better now. Makes me want to sing the old spiritual song “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT”.

  • Dozer

    Dr. Dozer i like the sound of that. I think you have just inspired me to do something new with my life Thank You.

  • Gary from Indiana

    #253- The dog mentioned is a bullmastiff. Bulldog-mastiff cross, hence the name. Not a pitbull. Should we kill all the bulldogs and mastiffs, or just bullmastiffs? It might be the cross that makes them deadly. Kind of like when you mix mentos and diet coke.

    We shouldn’t kill all the pitbulls. Although, I am in favor of killing the gay unborn ones.

  • sr

    Gary from Indiana. Killing the gay unborn ones. Where have I heard that before?

  • Dozer

    Check out this site make sure you go to the legislation link on the left hand side and read what it has to say!

  • sr

    Doc, checked out the site. Have a good day.

  • Dozer

    so what did yoy think of the site?

  • sr

    Dozer. If you were the spokesman and Keri was the spokeswomen for Pit Bulls instead of 99% of the commenters on this thread just maybe a little sunlight will come through. Of course I checked the site out. Thats why I just made the above comment. At least you and Keri have an IQ. For the rest of the commenters, myself included our IQ was left in the outhouse. Hope you had a great 4th. You also Keri. sr

  • Keri

    Be still my heart… I think it skipped a beat when I read a compliment from you. I as well hope you had a great 4th. For once I had the day off and was able to enjoy it with my family.

  • sr

    A sincer compliment it was. Glad you had the day off on the 4th. Sounds like you had a great time with friends and family. Have a grand weekend. sr

  • Sick

  • Keri

    I have to agree with you there RJ…

    That story really made me angry.. But also a good example of people who 1.) Should NOT have dogs. Let alone have children.

    Another mark against Pit’s due to ignorant owners.

  • kenny in ill

    i see folks still running there mouths about stuff they dont know about uh what a shame to blame the dog my buddy has 10 new pitt bull puppys 1 week old i cant wait to see them grow into well behave pets

  • Keri

    Kenny.. you know people will never stop talking crap.. I’m enjoying watching Panzer grow up very much. I will continue to as well.
    You should also know that people are to superfical to except the fact that they are largely to blame and will but that blame off on anything that is NOT them.

  • brian

    i can only assume that most of the people making these comments know nothing about the nature of pit bulls, they are extremely loyal and make very good family dogs just like people there are bad apples every where you look young girls being raped people being murderd husbands killing wives, wives killing husbands genocides going on right around us the breed is not evil they are not any more aggressive than any other brred its a priven fact its the owners!!!! i haved owned these dogs my whole life and never had a single problem or sign of agression towrds any human being the breed does not even rank in the top ten in dog bites reported do some research on german shepards rottweillers dobermans and the presa canario which is commonly mistaken for a pit bull and blamed for many pit attacks!! the answer is not the genocide of a race a dogs the answer is commited responsible owners who truly love their pits as a family pet and not a body guard

  • More Pit Bull Fun! Here:

    WAUKEGAN, Ill. A pit bull owner in Waukegan has been charged with reckless conduct after his dogs mauled a little girl.

    CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the savage attack has some city lawmakers looking to strengthen Waukegan’s dangerous dog ordinance.

    Fifty stitches and three days after being attacked by two pit bulls, 8-year-old Sierra Riley is recovering while playing with her own dogs. The third grader was playing on the slide at Waukegan’s Roosevelt Park Sunday when police say the pit bulls forced open their owner’s basement window, ran for the park and attacked.

    “I started yelling and I tried to push them off me when they jumped on me,” Riley said.

  • Oops!

    Let’s try “this:

    WAUKEGAN, Ill. A pit bull owner in Waukegan has been charged with reckless conduct after his dogs mauled a little girl.

    CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the savage attack has some city lawmakers looking to strengthen Waukegan’s dangerous dog ordinance.

    Fifty stitches and three days after being attacked by two pit bulls, 8-year-old Sierra Riley is recovering while playing with her own dogs. The third grader was playing on the slide at Waukegan’s Roosevelt Park Sunday when police say the pit bulls forced open their owner’s basement window, ran for the park and attacked.

    “I started yelling and I tried to push them off me when they jumped on me,” Riley said.

  • More “fun” with pit bulls!

    A 2-year-old boy was mauled by three pit bulls last week outside the county’s Animal Control building.

    Linda Stackowitz, 46, of Glen Burnie, said she had just pulled her grandson from his car seat about 9 a.m. Friday and was working with her muzzled pit bull when the dogs leaped from a nearby pickup truck and attacked her grandson and dog.

    “You’d think that would be one of the safest places to take an animal, but it is not,” she said. “It’s like getting mugged outside a police station.”

    Her grandson, Jacob Bowers, was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center and received 23 stitches in his right cheek. He was home that night.

    Her dog, P.J., suffered bites on her right leg and left ear.

    Mrs. Stackowitz was at Animal Control in Millersville to get P.J. spayed.

    No charges have been filed against the owner of the three attacking pit bulls, Jeanne Davis of Brooklyn Park, but the attack is still under investigation. All three dogs – which were at Animal Control because they had attacked someone else – were put to sleep.

  • How many innocent children have to be mauled and scarred-for-life before you mouth-breathing idiots realize that your “pets” would just as soon eat you as “play” with you?

  • dave

    this author is an ignorant ass. there is no such thing as a bad dog..instead there are bad owners or dogs subjected to bad upbringing. i am a vet tech and i see pitts, rottis, dobes, and all other “killer breeds” every day. the truth is i see mean labs, golden retrievers(including my neighbor’s), schiperkes(however its spelled), min-pins, and all other types of landsharks far more often than i see a pitt whos only aggresion is to lick my face or wack my knee with his/her tail.
    i infact own a Presa Canario(another so called bully-breed and “killer dog”. for those of you unfamiliar with the breed they are about 2x as tall, about 2x as heavy and very bulky like a pitt(but far more beautiful and not so overly muscular). my friends even call him a pitt on stilts..well he is as sweet as any lab, as well behaved as any police dog(minus the chewing everything that puppies do), and as beautiful as any poodle and i will be damned if i will sit idle as my dog or any other dog whos only mistake was that they tend to get singled out by bad people as potential fighters and are raised to be morons.
    point being-do some research before you run your mouth about a breed in it’s entirety. such as no breed of dog has more than a .01% attack rate.(meaning atleast 99.9% of EVERY breed of dog is exumed from your rediculous comments)look that one up, took me less than 5 minutes after reading this nonsense.-late

  • Rico in Kaneohe

    Anyone who condems a dog breed for the actions of a few tragically stupid/cruel owners is pitifully naive. If you want to “regulate” something, fight to pass a law that only certain “stable” people with the ability to properly take care of a dog can own them. Banning pitbulls/mastiff breeds for the actions of a few horrible dogs (which were made horrible by awful owners..probally stupid rednecks or ghetto fabulous people) is akin to banning cars because a few people drink and drive. Obviously cars are more essential than pets, but where could the line be drawn? Maybe we should ban television and metal because a few outcasts were influenced enough to shoot up a school.

    This author is naive, and should consider doing research before posting a blog. He will find that there is actually a problem in the pitbull underworld with champion fighting dogs being stolen by other people because they are innately friendly towards people.

  • Keri

    ~waves~ yes.. hi again.. I’m back.. I just wanted to share this because I found it interesting…

    The Center for Disease released a study on fatal dog attacks from
    1979 – 1998.
    The CDC study assistance from the HSUS an organization
    supporting the end to domestic pet ownership. The CDC study was
    bias and serves no scientific purpose. The study was done
    intentionally to support breed specific legislation by making claim
    that Rottweilers and Pit Bulls were responsible for the majority of
    fatal dog attacks during 1979 – 1998. The CDC study failed to
    include the populations of breeds responsible for fatal attacks and
    without populations of breeds to make a statement that specific
    breeds are responsible for the majority of fatal attacks is intentional.

    The CDC has been used by organizations lobbying to pass breed specific legislation in an attempt
    to target Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. Data shows us apx. 22 people die each year from using hiar
    dryers while standing in bath tubs filled with water. For the last 40 years between 12 -25 people
    each year have died from dog attacks and the numbers have not changed even though the
    populations of canines has increased.

    The main cause of fatal dog attacks is irresponsible dog owners who do not properly train and
    socalize their dogs which leads to aggressive behavior and irresponsible parents who leave young
    children unattended around dogs.

    Breed is not a contributing factor to fatal dog attacks and spay and neutering does not
    reduce canine aggression.


  • Keri

    oh wait.. I have more…

    Canada –

    There have been at least 41 documented fatal dog attacks from 1960 to the present (2006) which have occurred in Canada.

    Of these 41 fatal attacks, only one case involved a breed commonly known as the “Pit bull”. (That case occurred in 1995 and involved 2 American StaffordshireTerriers that appeared to have attacked their vicitm under provocation). In 2006, another fatality involved a mixed breed dog with some apparent Pit bull and Labrador Retriever characteristics.

    The other 39 (out of 41) cases of fatal dog attacks in Canada involved breeds of dogs unrelated to any of the “Pit bull” breeds.

    Yet, incredibly, in 2005, Ontario, under the urging of Attorney General Michael Bryant decided the solution to canine aggression was to rid the province of one breed of dog, namely, “Pit bulls”.

    in case you missed that…go back and re-read that… ONLY ONE!!! was a Pit related..and they were PROVOKED!!!
    the other 39… UNRELATED to pits… ~scratches chin~

  • Keri

    sorry have another one.. wow.. amazing.. i see other names popping up on this one ALOT more then I see Pit Bull…..oh and Pit Bull type.. doesn’t mean it was a Pit Bill…

    Listing of Date, Number & Breed of Dogs, State & Contributory Factor

    Jan. 1994 (1) Mixed breed IL Family dog
    Jan. 1994 (1) Rottweiler FL Female w/puppies
    Feb. 1994 (2) Rottweilers IL Guard dogs
    Feb. 1994 (1) Am Staff MD Visiting child
    Mar. 1994 (2) Rottweilers WA Child climbed over fence
    Jul. 1994 (1) Sib.Husky AK Chained dog
    Aug. 1994 (2) Rott & Mixed TN Loose dogs
    Aug. 1994 (1) Rottweiler OK Unsupervised child
    Sept.1994 (2) Pit Bulls NY Son’s dogs
    Sept.1994 (1) Chow/RottX OK Unsupervised child
    Sept.1994 (1) Rottweiler OK Unsupervised child
    Oct. 1994 (2) Mixed breeds NY Unsupervised child
    Oct. 1994 (1) Rottweiler CO Recently obtained for protection
    Nov. 1994 (2) Pit Bulls CA Mother threw baby to dogs

    Jan. 1995 (1) Wolf dog SD Chained dog
    Jan. 1995 (1) Sib. Husky AK Chained dog
    Apr. 1995 (1) Mixed breed KS Chained dog
    Apr. 1995 (1) Mixed CO Grandmother’s dog
    May 1995 (?) Mixed PA Neighbor’s loose dogs
    May 1995 (1) Rottweiler FL Chained dog
    Jun. 1995 (3) German Shep CA Guard dogs
    Jul. 1995 (1) Pit-bull-type CA Unsupervised child
    Sept.1995 (1) Chow Chow PA Infant death
    Sept.1995 (6) Pit-bull-type SD Loose roaming dogs
    Oct. 1995 (3) Rottweilers NC Loose roaming dogs
    Oct. 1995 (2) Pit Bulls WA Loose roaming dogs
    Nov. 1995 (1) Rottweiler CT Uncle’s dog

    Feb. 1996 (2) Rott & GSD FL Unsupervised child
    Mar. 1996 (1) Sib. Husky PA Infant death
    Mar. 1996 (2) Rottweilers TN Loose neighbor’s dogs
    Mar. 1996 (1) Rottweiler CA Infant death
    Apr. 1996 (1) Mixed TX Dog attacked owner
    May 1996 (6) Chow Xs AR Neighbor’s loose dogs
    Jun. 1996 (1) Wolf dog AZ 1-day-old infant left w/dog
    Jun. 1996 (2) Rottweilers CA Children teasing dogs
    Jun. 1996 (1) Rottweiler MA Chained dog
    Jul. 1996 (1) Rottweiler MO Chained dog
    Jul. 1996 (1) Husky-type AK Unsupervised child
    Aug. 1996 (1) Husky-type AK Chained dog
    Oct. 1996 (2) Great Danes AR Feeding neighbor’s dogs
    Nov. 1996 (6) Rottweilers FL Loose roaming dogs
    Nov. 1996 (2) Husky & Chow OH Chained dogs
    Dec. 1996 (2) Wolf dogs CO Putting dogs in pen
    Dec. 1996 (3) Pit-bull-type NY Grandson’s dogs

    Jan. 1997 (1) Rottweiler CA Unsupervised child
    Jan. 1997 (1) Doberman KS Grandparent’s guard dog
    Mar. 1997 (1) Sib. Husky WI Infant death
    Mar. 1997 (1) Labrador X SD Chained dog
    Apr. 1997 (1) Rottweiler NC Grandfather’s guard dog
    Apr. 1997 (3) Rottweilers KS Loose roaming dogs
    Apr. 1997 (2) Pit-bull-type MO Unsupervised child
    May 1997 (1) West Highland MA Attacked elderly woman
    Jun. 1997 (1) Sled dog AK Chained dog
    Jun. 1997 (1) St. Bernard WI Unsupervised child
    Jun. 1997 (1) Mixed breed GA Attacked elderly owner
    Jun. 1997 (1) Rottweiler CA Elderly woman entered yard w/dog
    Jul. 1997 (1) Pit bull NY Trying to protect his dog
    Jul. 1997 (1) Mixed CA Aunt’s dog
    Aug. 1997 (1) Pit-bull-type FL Boy running from dog
    Sept.1997 (1) Rottweiler CA Aunt’s dog
    Oct. 1997 (3) GrDn & Mixed TX Loose roaming dogs
    Oct. 1997 (2) Pit-bull-type TX Feeding nephew’s dogs
    Dec. 1997 (4) Rotts & Lab AL Unsupervised child
    Dec. 1997 (2) Rottweilers GA Unsupervised child

    Jan. 1998 (3) Pit-bull-type NC Neighbor’s loose dogs
    Jan. 1998 (1) St. Bernard KY Unsupervised child
    Mar. 1998 (1) Rottweiler TN Chained dog
    Jun. 1998 (1) Mixed CO Family dog
    Sept.1998 (2) Rottweilers CA Trained attack dogs
    Sept.1998 (3) Mastiff & StB NC Climbed into dogs’ yard
    Sept.1998 (2) Pit bulls MI Attacked neighor – owner in prison
    Oct. 1998 (1) Rottweiler GA Guard dog
    Oct. 1998 (1) Rottweiler AR Grandmother’s dog

    Jan. 1999 (1) Rottweiler IL Unsupervised child
    Feb. 1999 (1) Chow X OR Chained dog
    Feb. 1999 (2) Mix breeds WI Newly acquired dogs
    Feb. 1999 (2) Mix breeds MT Uncle’s dogs
    Feb. 1999 (1) Pit-bull-type CA Unsupervised child w/guard dog
    Feb. 1999 (1) Pit-bull-type GA Highly aggressive due to owner
    Mar. 1999 (1) Airedale Terr KS Infant death
    Mar. 1999 (?) Stray dogs OK Loose roaming dogs
    Apr. 1999 (1) Husky NC Chained dog
    May 1999 (1) Sled dog AK Chained dog
    Jun. 1999 (1) Briard WA Daughter’s dog
    Jun. 1999 (1) Mixed CA Babysitter’s dog
    Jul. 1999 (4) Pit bulls FL Newly acquired dogs
    Aug. 1999 (1) SharPei/Chow X TX Chained dog
    Aug. 1999 (1) Rottweiler WI Newly acquired dog
    Aug. 1999 (1) Bulldog X TN Chained dog
    Aug. 1999 (1) Wolf dog MI Child playing in yard
    Sept.1999 (2) Rottweilers LA Father’s dogs
    Oct. 1999 (10) Mixed KY Unsupervised child
    Oct. 1999 (1) Gr. Shep X CA Infant death
    Oct. 1999 (1) Gr.Shepherd ME Child tripped on sleeping dog
    Oct. 1999 (2) Chow & Dachs MD Infant in baby swing
    Oct. 1999 (1) Rottweiler AR Chained dog
    Nov. 1999 (2) Mixed AZ Loose roaming dogs
    Dec. 1999 (2) Pit bulls SC Loose roaming dogs

    Fatal Dog Attacks: 2001 – 2003

    Jan. 2001 (1) Bullmastiff MI Adult female/brother’s dogs
    Jan. 2001 (1) German Shep X GA Infant death
    Jan. 2001 (2) Presa Canario CA Neighbor’s dogs
    Mar. 2001 (?) Strays/Unknown MO Boy killed in park
    Mar. 2001 (1) Rott X KY Grandmother’s dog
    Mar. 2001 (1) Pit Bull CA Boy wandered to chained dog
    Apr. 2001 (1) Chow Chow LA Owner trying to leash dog
    Apr. 2001 (1) Wolf dog IL Boy wandered to chained dog
    Apr. 2001 (1) Rottweiler IL Infant death
    Jun. 2001 (1) Pit Bull UT Chained, breeding guard dog
    Jun. 2001 (1) Rottweiler MA Boy released dog f/kennel
    Jun. 2001 (1) Pit bull HI Chained dog
    Jul. 2001 (1) Pit bull GA Chained dog
    Jul. 2001 (2) Pit bulls AZ Trespasser / Guard dogs at business
    Jul. 2001 (2) Bulldogs IL Dogs attacked elderly owner
    Aug. 2001 (?) Mixed breeds SC Neighbor’s loose dogs
    Aug. 2001 (1) Rottweiler IL Chained dog broke loose
    Sept.2001 (1) Rottweiler KS Infant at grandmother’s
    Oct. 2001 (3) Pit bulls AR Neighbor’s loose dogs
    Oct. 2001 (1) Rottweiler WY Chained, emaciated dog
    Nov. 2001 (2) GSD & mixed OH Infant death
    Nov. 2001 (1) Siberian husky CA Infant death
    Dec. 2001 (2) Rottweilers AL Child wandered to dogs

    Jan. 2002 (1) Wolf dog NM Breaking up dog fight
    Feb. 2002 (2) Rott/Pug Xs CA Escaped from yard

    Feb. 2002 (6) Rottweilers WI Unsupervised child
    Apr. 2002 (?) Pack of strays GA Unsupervised child
    Apr. 2002 (1) Rottweiler CA Grandmother’s dog
    Apr. 2002 (1) Am Staff DE Chained dog
    Jun. 2002 (1) German Shep NE Police dog in training

    Jun. 2002 (1) Wolf dog KY Chained dog
    Jul. 2002 (4) Pit bulls TX Victim had possible seizure
    Aug. 2002 (1) Pit bull IA Chained dog
    Oct. 2002 (2) Mixed breeds GA Chained dogs
    Oct. 2002 (1) Doberman WI Provocation
    Nov. 2002 (1) Mixed breed MO Chained dog
    Dec. 2002 (1) Malamute X CA Infant death
    Dec. 2002 (1) German Shep NC Chained, starving dog

    Fatal Dog Attacks – 2003
    There were 25 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. in 2003

    Fatal Dog Attacks – 2004
    There were 22 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. in 2004.

    Fatalites by State 1965 – Present
    Alabama 10 Montana 2
    Alaska 27 Nebraska 5
    Arizona 10 Nevada 3
    Arkansas 8 New Hampshire 2
    California 57 New Jersey 5
    Colorado 9 New Mexico 5
    Connecticut 2 New York 20
    Delaware 2 N.Carolina 20
    Florida 27 N.Dakota 0
    Georgia 25 Ohio 16
    Hawaii 3 Oklahoma 11
    Idaho 3 Oregon 4
    Illinois 22 Pennsylvania 16
    Indiana 8 RhodeIsland 1
    Iowa 2 S. Carolina 12
    Kansas 11 S. Dakota 5
    Kentucky 14 Tennessee 17
    Louisiana 4 Texas 38
    Maine 1 Utah 2
    Maryland 10 Vermont 1
    Massachusetts 4 Virginia 9
    Michigan 22 Washington 9
    Minnesota 2 Wisconsin 12
    Mississippi 4 W. Virginia 2
    Missouri 12 Wyoming 3
    Puerto Rico 1

    Updated to: December 2, 2005
    Information above was provided with full permission from:

    National Canine Research Foundaiton http://ncrf2004.tripod.com

  • dave

    oh did i mention my presa canario, another so called killer dog, is a therapy dog and a blood donor for other dogs? and that the only thing he mauls is his food bowl and my face with his tongue?

  • dave

    this just in: a lapdog, small varieties of canines also known as land sharks, just attacked a _____ this afternoon in _______,_____. police said it was unprovoked but its not uncommon with these pieces of crap for such an incident to occur.
    i guarantee somewhere in any state you can think of a small dog just attacked someone, why no fuss? cus it isnt a pit. granted getting bitten by a min pin or toy poodle is considerably more humerous than anything but why not kill them off too while youre at it? i mean im willing to bet that any 1 single breed of land sharks has more than double the attack rate than any bully-type breed. id be willing to bet golden retrievers attack more often than all bully breeds combined. as far as that .01% stat i mentioned before it didnt say who had what exact % but it did mention however that pits had amoungst the lowest.
    this has been another episode of did you know

  • More fun with Pit Bulls!


    “A Kansas City, Kansas, man will go to a trial on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a woman attacked by a pit bull.”


    Court records show Kenneth Brainerd, 9, suffered injuries to his back, ribs and leg, exposing bone and requiring more than 25 stitches. He was playing in his apartment building’s parking lot at 820 North St. when the [pit bull] reportedly broke loose from its chain. Attempts to contact the Brainerd family Wednesday were unsuccessful.

    “The reason this is so important is because I believe it can create awareness and understanding,” said attorney Richard Bernstein. “These are not dog bites. These are vicious attacks. We’re talking about children losing their faces or their ears. Money is not the reason for this. It is a true crisis, and more importantly it is totally and wholly preventable.”

    Bernstein said the 10 cases represent a small portion of the dog attacks within the state and nationwide.

    He cited national studies that showed children are the victims in nearly 80 percent of fatal dog attacks, and added that Michigan ranks sixth in deaths from dog attacks and such attacks are the second-leading cause for emergency room visits.

  • Here:

    Most of the time when Bobbie Jo Tomlin looks at her daughter, she sees a playful, giggling, blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler not unlike herself at that age.

    Because most of the time, Tomlin looks with a mother’s heart.

    She is not ignoring the reality of the May 26 dog attack on the Southwestside that left Amaya May Hess near death, in a coma for two months and in the hospital for four months altogether. The little girl would endure 101/2 hours of surgery that first day and nine more operations before coming home.

    Amaya’s little face was horribly disfigured, half of her scalp torn away and her right cheek, ear and eye mangled.

    Tomlin knows Amaya faces many more surgeries. She doesn’t know how many, when they will happen or how the bills will be paid.

    And here:

    Sondra Ann Stabler was teaching her 4-year-old son his letters and numbers Friday when it happened.

    “I heard a little yelp outside but didn’t think anything about it,” Stabler said.

    About five minutes later, Stabler went outside to get Mikie, her Pomeranian.

    “He’s gone,” Stabler said. “His collar’s laying there and the leash.”

    So Stabler and her son, Michael, went looking. They did not find Mikie, but they ran into two pit bullterriers that followed them back to Stabler’s home. Frightened, Stabler called the Pinellas Park police, who sent an officer to investigate.

    “He came back and told me that my dog was lying in (a neighbor’s) yard. Dead,” Stabler said, fighting off tears. Stabler asked if she should take Mikie to a vet, but the officer said, “No, he’s gone.”

    Pinellas Park police Officer Bradley Serata, who found Mikie’s body, described the scene in his report.

    “I examined the dog’s body and noticed the body had two large bite marks: one on the neck region and the other on the belly region,” Serata wrote. “The bite marks appeared to be from a dog approximately the size of the two pit bullterriers described by Stabler.”

    For Stabler, it was clear what had happened. The pit bulls had “jerked him off his leash and broke his neck.”

    Please note that all of these stories are very recent. They all happened in the US of A. They all involved pit bulls. And these were just the recent attacks picked up by the MSM…countless others never get reported.

    Anyone who owns a pit bull and has children is a negligent parent. Anyone who owns a pit bull and lets it outside is a menace to society.

  • Keri

    guess we are gonna have to knock off the entire Coyote population…..

    Hugh Rogers is recovering at his Washington home after needing 15 stitches from what he and officials believe was an attack by a coyote.
    An animal — perhaps a rabid coyote — attacked a jogger in Washington, Conn., early Tuesday morning, then harassed a man walking his dog. The first attack occurred on West Church Hill Road before dawn, the second on Lower Church Hill Road at about 11:30 a.m.

    “It’s possible there’s a rabid coyote in the area,” said Dennis Schain, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection. “We urge people in that neighborhood to be very cautious.”

    The animal first attacked Hugh Rogers, 56, who was out jogging before 6 a.m. on West Church Hill Road, about a mile from his home.

    Rogers said as he ran, he heard something rustling near him. Turning to see what it was, Rogers came face to face with a wild animal, weighing 20 to 30 pounds, which leapt at him.

    “I know bobcat and fox — they’re very cat-like,” Rogers said. “This had more substance. I think it was a coyote.” But in the pre-dawn darkness, Rogers said he was unable to identify the animal.

    Rogers fought the creature off once, but not before it had bitten him on the right arm, left hand and left leg. He tried to run away, but the animal attacked him again.

    “He came at me again, I kicked him, and that seemed to keep him down,” Rogers said.

    Although the animal continued to act aggressively, Rogers said he managed to run to his home on Moody Bridge Road without further attacks. Rogers then drove himself to New Milford Hospital, where the emergency room staff treated his puncture wounds and used 15 stitches to close the wound on his right arm. As a precautionary measure, he was also treated for rabies.

    Fritz Wieting who lives in the neighborhood of the attacks, said he hadn’t heard of Tuesday’s incidents. Wieting said he has seen coyotes around his farm for years. They never threatened him.

    Coyote attacks rare

    “They’re shy,” Wieting said. “They used to chase the cattle. I haven’t seen any for a couple of years.”

    Schain of the DEP said the second incident occurred about 11:30 a.m. when a wild animal rushed at a man walking his dog on Lower Church Hill Road. The man — whom Schain was unable to identify — escaped without being hurt.

    Rosemary Heyne jogs on Walker Brook, which meets West Church Hill, and sometimes she turns up West Church Hill Road.

    “I jog on that road all the time,” she said. “I saw a coyote at dusk a couple of weeks ago. We hear them all the time.”

    Heyne said she will probably take a break from jogging for a week or so.

    “I’m going to stay inside,” Heyne said. “I hear lots of rustling in the woods. I used to think they’d never come out because they were more afraid of me than I am of them. They’re normally afraid of you.”

    Rabid animals

    These are the rabies cases, as of December 2005, confirmed since 1991, when the disease returned to Connecticut.

    4,297 raccoons

    1,095 skunks

    98 cats

    7 dogs

    3 bobcats

    3 coyotes

    Source: The state Department of Environmental Protection

    Paul Rego, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Environmental Protection, said it’s rare — but not unheard of — for coyotes to attack humans. Normally, the animals are nocturnal hunters and wary of people.

    Rego said he knows of only one incident in the state when a coyote became aggressive toward people. That was this summer at a rest stop along I-95.

    “Nationwide, there have been cases of coyotes going after people,” Rego said. “It’s not unheard of. But it’s very infrequent.”

    The DEP estimates there are 3,000 to 5,000 coyotes in Connecticut.

    Rego said only three rabid coyotes have been found in the state in the past 15 years. None of those cases involved human contact.

    Washington First Selectman Richard Sears said the towns’s wildlife control officer and police are now patrolling the neighborhood with DEP conservation officers.

    “It’s a very rural area,” Sears said.

    Reporter Mark Langlois contributed to this story.

    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Keri

    Oh man.. does that mean that goats are next???

    (CBS4) SUTTON A Sutton woman who is five months pregnant was attacked by a goat over the weekend.

    The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was out walking her dog on Purgatory Road when the goat became aggressive with her. The woman became scared and called 911.

    She was saved by a truck driver who let her into his vehicle. But the goat wouldn’t quit and kept coming after them even though they were inside the truck.

    Police arrived on scene a short time later and shot and killed the animal.

    Frank Kudla, the goat’s owner, was not happy with the officers’ decision to shoot the animal.

    “Very inappropiate….Was he life-threatening? Who did he bite? Who did he injure?”

    Lt. Dennis Towle of the Sutton Police defends the officers actions, saying the goat reared up on its hind legs and threatened them.

    (© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

  • Keri

    Where in this article does it say pitbull??

    Did you pay attention to the title.. Owners to blame…

    Owners to blame for increase in dog attacks

    26 September 2006 09:24

    Natasha Dunne, who was scarred for life after being attacked by a dog, with her mother, Cherie.
    It is not the dogs but their owners who are to blame for the surge in animals attacking youngsters, according to dog owners and animal charities in Norfolk.

    The two Rottweilers who mauled to death a five-month-old baby at a pub in Leicester on Sunday are the latest in a string of dogs savaging children across the country.

    Just weeks ago a seven-week-old baby, from Stevenson Road, North Earlham in the city lost three of her fingers after she was savaged by her family’s cross breed terrier puppy.

    Keith Hall, of Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, is calling for all dogs to be muzzled and for owners to have licences.

    He said: “Dogs are lovely creatures but in the wrong hands they can be dangerous. A car is dangerous and a gun is dangerous and for both you have to have a licence. So why do you not have to have a licence for a dog?

    “We need serious law changes and for people to understand they have a responsibility to the dog, themselves and the general public. Every dog should be muzzled unless it is completely controlled and by law you should have to have insurance for your dog.”

    He added that it is important people had basic training on how to look after their pets.

    The injuries suffered by Natasha Dunne when she was attacked by a dog.
    “Dogs must know who the master is. It is lovely having a pet but you must make sure you are in command.”

    He said one reason for the high amount of animal attacks was because more people were keeping “macho dogs” like Rottweilers.

    But he added: “Really the dog is not the problem. It is the people who have the animal.

    “We have some of the most dangerous dogs come to this sanctuary and when they leave here they are different animals because they know who is in charge.”

    He said that is was important children were educated about looking after pets to help stop this problem.

    Gaynor Myhill, 37 and from Colgate, has a Rottweiler called Puppy and a Chihuahua called Freddie, as well two children John-Charles, 10, and Matilda, 17 months.

    She said: “I do not think it is anything to do with the dogs at all, it is all about how they are brought up. Puppy’s dad was a security dog and Puppy should have been too but he has been brought up to know his place and is a lovely pet. People should vet who they sell their dogs to and any dog that snarls and is aggressive should be put down. Once they overstep the mark you have problems.”

    Rachel Dwyer, 36, of Pride Way, Dussindale, has a son Tommy Brewer, five, and a Patterdale Terrier called Spot.

    She said: “If you have children, you have to make them aware that they have to be careful around dogs. Tommy always asks if a dog is friendly before he goes up to it and I have no trouble with him and Spot.

    “I think big dogs and temperamental dogs should have to wear a muzzle.”

    A spokeswoman for the east region of the RSPCA said: “Owners have got to be aware of the problems of leaving dogs alone with young children. People need to be aware that these attacks are not deliberate, calculated attacks by the dogs. Owners of any dog should make sure their dogs are trained properly and controlled.”

    Two-year-old Shontai-Lily Ford, from Bacon Road, Norwich, was bitten by a German Shepherd in July. She had to have an emergency operation and has been left with permanent scarring to her face.

    Sprowston First School pupil Natasha Dunne, seven, was attacked by a border collie/spaniel cross at the Mustard Pot, Thorpe Road. She was left scarred for life and needs plastic surgery on her face after the incident in April.

  • Keri

    do you hate me yet?

    Dog Attacks 2-Year-Old Girl

    POSTED: 10:09 am CDT October 10, 2006
    UPDATED: 10:15 am CDT October 10, 2006

    DICKINSON, Texas — A 2-year-old girl was in critical condition Tuesday from a dog attack in Galveston County, KPRC Local 2 reported.

    The girl was in her back yard in the 3500 block of Ohio in Dickinson at about 12:25 p.m. Monday when the family dog, a Rottweiler mix, attacked her, according to authorities.

    An officer said the dog was on the front porch when he arrived at the home and the dog charged at him. The officer then shot the animal, which hid under the front porch.

    The girl was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition. She suffered several large lacerations and puncture wounds.

    There is no word yet on what happened to the dog or if charges will be filed.

  • Keri

    again..not a pit…

    Akita Dog Attacks Owner In Bourne
    Man Suffered Severe Arm Injury
    (CBS4) BOSTON A Bourne man was reportedly transported to Falmouth Hospital after being attacked on the arm by his Akita dog that also attacked responding officers and was put down at the scene Thursday night.

    Fire officials said the victim has a sever arm injury. Police on scene called it in to Fire/EMS as a possible arm amputation case. The incident happened at a business on Millennium Drive in the parking lot off of Route 28A on the Bourne-Falmouth line.

    Police on scene told fire officials that the man only had the Akita dog for a few days.

    (© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

  • Keri

    Dog Owner Suitability Tests… this I can agree with…

    and I’m done blogging for today cause I’m sure R.J. Elliot wants me to shut up

    Dog Attacks: Dog Owner Suitability Tests are the Obvious Answer

    We’re off again. The News of the World (Britain’s top selling Sunday newspaper) has joined its sister title, The Sun in calling for a change to dog legislation.

    They are calling for owners of dogs who attack people, whether on their own property or not to be liable for criminal prosecution.

    Whilts this is not exactly the same stance as The Sun, who are calling specifically for the muzzling of Rottweilers at home and in public, at least it appears that this is what they were calling for (you can read it here.), both newspapers are keen to see ‘devil dogs’ and their owners legislated against.

    Both newspapers are calling for something to happen in the style of we want change, we want it now and we want children protected. We agree, change is needed. But change for change’s sake won’t prevent a single death or future dog attack. There is a solution, both newspapers have missed it.

    The thing is, this whole debate is rapidly turning into a ‘them and us’ situation when in reality the dog owning community want the same thing. Nobody wants to see people injured as a result of a dog attack but surely prevention has got to be better than cure.

    The News of The World’s campaign is supported by the views of Clare Carey and Mark Lawrence, the parents of little Harvey Lawrence the boy who received horrendous injuries when he was attacked by a Rottweiler last week.

    Clare stormed:

    “Dangerous animals in zoos are kept behind bars. Dogs like Rottweilers have the same kind of characteristics so even putting them on a lead is not enough. They’re stronger than a person.

    “We’ve seen the damage this dog’s teeth did to Harvey’s skull and his face and I wouldn’t want any other parent to have to go through this.

    “Children shouldn’t have to live in fear of animals. We must do something to protect them.

    “The law needs to be changed. People who own dogs need to take responsibility.”

    Comparing “dogs like Rottweilers” as having similar characteristics to dangerous zoo animals is understandable in part. In many ways, they do. They are capable of delivering fatal attacks, physically they can indeed be stronger than many people and yes, they are animals. They are not wild animals though and belong to a group of animals who are collectively known as our best friend, the Rottweiler is not an exmption from that description. There are many reasons for this.

    The main difference between animals in zoos and dogs is that canines were domesticated and are absolutely predisposed to accept training and psychological conditioning delivered by humans. Punishing the people who chose to ignore their responsibility to train their dogs is fine (see how much we’re still agreeing here). But at what point does the punishment actually prevent the attack in the first place? Surely this has to be the aim because unlike 99.9% of crimes, it’s rare that the owner of an attacking dog actually wanted the crime to happen, they didn’t chose for it to happen and they certainly don’t profit from it when it occurs. Negligence is the issue and the way to combat negligence is by demanding that owners are aware of their responsibilities.

    A dog ownership suitability test would ensure that dog owners knew of their legal and social responsibilities. A dog ownership suitability test would make certain that would-be dog owners were required to understand dog law, learn how the dangerous dogs act relates to them, understand how dog body language works, realise how powerful certain breeds are and what makes them tick. A dog ownership suitability test WOULD prevent dog attacks, WOULD go a long way toward stopping the wrong people owning dogs that were unsuitable for their level of experience or lifestyle and WOULD guarantee that all dog owners were equipped with at the very least, a basic level of understanding of what their responsibilities were to their dog and to society.

    The dangerous dogs act is quite unique in that it is a piece of legislation, a much criticised piece of legislation at that, where the group of people it’s aimed at (dog owners) widely don’t know what’s in it and the specific group it legislates against (dogs) can’t actually read it. The truth is, the dangerous dogs act could be the finest piece of law making in British legal history but would still be rendered next to useless if the people it’s meant for don’t know what’s in it and the section of society it was brought in for can’t read the thing.

    Given that we have taken dogs to new levels of achievement over the past 100 years – think guide dogs, cancer detection dogs, Police dogs, drug detection dogs, bomb detection dogs (Rottweilers playing a role in many of these disciplines), it still remains unlikely that we’ll ever be able to teach man’s best friend to read and understand the complexities of the British legal system. With that in mind the only sensible way to ensure that the dangerous dogs act offers a benefit to society is to try and think of a system that obligates dog owners to understand it. How can we do that? A dog ownership suitability test or, ‘Doggie Driving Licence’ would do exactly that.

    A dog ownership suitability test would take care of this and then some. If dog owners still don’t understand their responsibilities after that and their dogs are attacking people, fouling the streets or causing a nuisance to innocent members of society then yes, let’s see them prosecuted as criminals.

    If we didn’t have driving tests, theory exams and laws of the road legislating for speeding, dangerous driving, understanding traffic signals etc, laws which are understood by the vast majority of the people they were designed to apply to, drivers, and are there not just to protect the people behind the wheel but other members of society who inevitably come into contact with them, would we honestly be surprised if accidents occur as a result of sheer ignorance/negligence? Seems illogical that we don’t seek to apply the same theory to dog owners.

    Breed specific legislation will not stop people dying and being injured as a result of dog attacks. Muzzling orders will not stop people dying and being injured as a result of dog attacks. Prosecuting negligent dog owners whose dogs injure or kill is fine in theory but it’s still retrospective, somebody has still been killed or attacked. Let’s try and prevent dog attacks, prevent abuse of dogs as a result of owner negligence and let’s make something positive come out of a tragic week. Dog ownership suitability tests are the prevention, criminalisation is only the cure.

  • AJ

    I think it was the owners fault for not controling his dogs. But people have to jump on the band wagon and start shouting that “oh no- it was because it was a pit-bull!” I am so sick of hearing it. Yes, I have had a pit-bull before, and yes I have a child. I NEVER had a pit bull bite ANYONE. I also had my dog trained people! And I made sure he always listened. He was smart and loveable. Maybe this was a once in a lifetime instance…but I doubt it. I blame PEOPLE for not being RESPONSIBLE owners of their DOGS! If you are scared to have a particular breed, don’t get it, and don’t hassle someone else for having one. Chihuahuas bite people all the time, so do terriers, but I guess that’s cute and thus okay…I DON’T THINK SO!!!! But we don’t here people complain about that in the news do we?

  • dave

    actually i heard a few months ago some mini poodle kept nipping at some dude jogging down the street, he repeatedly tapped the dog with his foot to get it away, then eventually he all-out kicked it across the street and it got all sorts of fucked up. good times, all landsharks should be put down, small dogs= nippy, growly, non housebroken, irritable pieces of shit anyway

  • dave

    lady who owned the dog tried to sue but lost i believe

  • dave

    its too bad i cant post pics or id post my little monster(a perro de presa canario) with my neice Raven in a kennel, litteraly, sharing territory with a child….monstrosities i mean killer dogs cant dare give ground to children can they????apparently

  • Nicole

    Hey everyone, we must remember the most important thing here and that’s exercise. A tired pitbull ( or any other dog for that matter) doesn’t have the energy to run off and get into trouble. People think that they can just get any old kind of dog, leave him in the yard all day, and everything will be peachy. But this is not the case. Pit Bulls were bred to be super atheltes, and their high prey drive was expoilted so that they had a tendecy to attack anything that looked like food to them. Now what that food might be is left up to the owner to deicde. I have two cats and they rule my pitbulls world because he has been taught that these cats are not food they rank higher then the our pitbull in our pack and therefore are off limits. People also need to be more informed about were they get their dogs, and pitbull should be purchased from a reputable breeder who has the dogs but interest at heart and not the money. Any good breeder does not make a profit from breeding dgos. If anything it should pay for it self and if a breeder is doing an excellent job then breeding is just a very expensive hobby. PLEASE PEOPLE realize that is not the dogs fault that it is the way it is, the the people who bought him into exsitence that are respondsiable.

  • Dave #315, nobody has ever suggested that a pit bull can’t ever be nice to a human being. Statistically speaking, though, the odds are better than even that your sweet little monster will one day bite someone, and if it does, that person is likely to be pretty seriously injured.

    It’s common math, simple statistics, folks.

  • dave

    Hes not a pitt, but speaking of statistics…less than 1.7% of pitts will bite someone. Odd thing is that they ALONE share the lowest ranked bites-per-breed % of any breed. Highest you might ask…golden retrievers and cocker spaniels…hmm i feel a little ignorant myself.

  • Dave

    Seriously…if only every person on earth had a 40oz Steel Reserve and a bully-breed dog we’d all live in harmony

  • Ryan Box

    OK,OK. Pits are evil, blah, blah, blah. I am the owner of a three year old rednose pit bull. I was extremely reluctant to take this dog as a puppy from our neighbor who could not keep him.My decision was vetoed by my fiance’ and my young son. The dog moved in. I immediately started spending alot of time training the pup. He housebroke with ease, learned a variety of tricks, was and still is extremely obedient and is by far the most loyal and intelligent dog I have ever shared my home with. I researched the hell out of this breed, know all of the horror stories and have yet to see any signs of my dog trying to rip anything to shreds.Love,training and a big back yard. OWNER RESPONSIBILITY.

  • kenny

    ok i dislike pepple who blames a lower being such as the pit know about this dog dont get one ok

    or peps that dont bulls its all the peps who dont know how to rasie a dog of this breed so plz if u dont know what your talking about then dont talk about it at all ok and f

  • kenny in ill

    i see that does no0t sound right uh
    so i will tell u agian ok why do u talk bam about the dog its not breed its the way u rasie your dogs like my buddy has a dog named pazenr pit of curse and he not mean my brothers pit not mean shwans pitt is not mean my pit not mean my bubbys pit jessis is not mean so u tell me how many pits is that uh

  • kenny in ill

    i got more friends with pits also ok amanda she has a big male pitt and panzer is a good size pit so maddy and sticth is a shorty so boss then cloe is still a pit puppy u got gordie is a shorty aslo then buddys a large pitt so now mommy dog is a dark blue pitt then my cuoshaso ill stop for now ok sin was has a pit named s

  • sr

    Keri. All I can do is read the last three comments and wait for you to chime in. Have fun and good luck. sr

  • Is there something seriously wrong with you, Kenny? You type like a stroke victim.

  • sr

    RJ. I just call it easy prey. Think I’ll kick the sand off my sandals, pat my trusted camel on the ass and walk off into the desert.

  • Keri

    umm sr.. I am absolutely speechless by what I just read.. I just don’t know how to respond to that. I suppose that because I know Kenny, being that he’s my son’s father, that I can try to understand what he’s saying. But WOW! I think I’m still stuck in the second one trying to make some kind of sense.

    Um. ~wiping the sweat from my brow and starts to whistle, “I’ll be working on the grammar errors.. all the live long day….”

    I think I’m even slightly offended that he can’t spell my dog’s name correctly.

    so sr… get any snow yet?? ~LOL~

  • sr

    Not in central Florida Keri. G-day to you. sr

  • Keri

    Okay so I had to print that out and read it over and over again. I have nothing to say with that because I still do not understand what the world he was saying. (Even after 8 hours of looking over it.)
    I’ll leave it with, I’m sure he knew what he was trying to say, but it will have to be left clueless to the rest of us.

    Central Florida eh? Then I’m moving.. it’s to cold for me in Pennsylvania.

  • hey, its so unfortunate to see pit bulls killed here n there coz of some myths n misconceptions. One of my aunty has a pit bull n she is doing fine with it..

  • sr

    This thread is still going RJ. Thats all I have to offer, however keri always has a fresh perspective. For me Im into miniature Schnauzers because my wife loves the barking little freaks. Heck. I use to run sled dogs in Alaska. How the world changes, ya thunk. sr

  • Megan


    All pitbulls should be wiped out, and anyone who owns such breed is a menace?

    No, sorry.

    The worst part of this article isn’t that it’s against pitbulls, it’s that it is completely lacking in ANY factual evidence, and research.

    There are people who are EXPERTS on this subject, dog behaviorists, handlers, and trainers.

    As a STATE CERTIFIED dog handler, I can tell you right now that this argument is absolutely ludicrous.
    Know some facts before you decide to state an argument to kill off an entire ‘breed’ of dog-

    1. The term pit bull is disputed as to whether it’s an actual breed, or just a name to put onto dogs that seem similar in size, shape and temperament. Most “Pit Bulls” reported in the news are actually MIXED breeds of dog, and many of them are American Bulldogs, a breed that looks similar to, but is nothing like a Pit Bull.

    2. Pit Bulls are ruthless killers by their very nature- The ancestors of pit bulls were actually bred to only attack certain other animals, such as dogs, vermin, bears and bulls. When Victorian dog fighting became popular, it was necessary for any fighting dog to have a very good temperament towards humans. It was required that a referee of a dog fight be able to pick up a dog (even in the middle of it being attacked or attacking) and not have the dog hurt the referee. Dogs that bit the referee were culled. As a result, fighting dogs became well known for their stable temperament, and became a very commonplace family dog in Europe.
    The only time a pit bull can become INHERENTLY aggressive is around certain animals and other dogs. All other acts of aggression are due to a bad dog owner.

    3. Pit Bulls are an incredibly loyal and very smart breed. They are quick learners and despite their high energy- can be very patient. Typically pit bulls that are owned by responsible owners make excellent family dogs.(there are exceptions to this breed, just as there are to ANY dog breed, as in the case of the article above)

    4. Pit Bulls have better score in temperament tests than most dalmatians, cocker spaniels, and poodles. These are rigorous tests done on thousands of dogs that test them in many different areas of temperament. They are very thorough and very accurate.

    5. The Center for Disease Control published a study concerning canine bites towards humans and correlations between breeds. The CDC later admitted that the statistics are highly inaccurate, as more than 90 of the dog breeds in the study weren’t actually known, but rather guessed upon. Breeds reported to be responsible for attacks in the study were all based on eye witness or victim statements and were never actually verified either through professional identification or registration papers. This is the same study that is widely cited by those who oppose the ownership of pit bulls. The CDC itself cautions against using these statistics as a reliable source.

    6. The breed specific banning in Ontario, Denver, Winnipeg have all shown that breed banning is NOT an effective option. In all three instances, cases of dog bites per year did not lessen. In fact in some instances, cases of biting and attacking went up dramatically in other breeds.

    7. Every single attack by a domestic dog can be traced back to the lack of proper handling by the owner. Dogs are not humans, they are animals. They do not contain a sense of right and wrong, they operate on instinct. Many pitbulls today are victims to irresponsible and inexperienced handlers. The pit bull is like many other breeds of large dogs, in that it STRICTLY REQUIRES and experienced, strong handler.

    8. Dangerous Dog Laws that hold an owner responsible for their pet (completely regardless of breed) have proved to be very very successful and lowering the number of canine attacks per year. These laws punish the owner, rather than the dog. Breed banning has never shown any improvement to dog bit statistics, dangerous dog laws have.

    9. Citing newspaper and media articles as evidence that pit bulls or any other breed are inherently dangerous or vicious is a simple act of STUPIDITY.
    They are hardly the most valid data available, as they rarely contain any scientific research on the subject, and they are very rarely written by a professional on the subject.

    Feel free to call this stance liberal, but I prefer to call it INTELLIGENT.

  • sr

    Great day in the cornfield.

  • Put pit bulls in CAMPS!!!


  • sr

    RJ. Each laugh makes my rum comsumption excellerate.

    Thanks for the contrebluetation.

  • Christine in Illinois

    Okay so was reading this the other day…

    I think that Kenny was trying to say on 12/7/06 that he knows several people that are responsible pit owner and serveral good examples of pits. Kenny and I had a year and half old pit named Stitch that he now has. She was a rescue and she was so neglected when we got her this summer. But she is nothing but a sweet and loving dog. Great with kids, other dogs and also the best dog I ever owned. I miss her so much, but hopefully she is enjoying living with Kenny.

    I know that truely a dog can turn mean, no matter what type. I was bitten by my Chow-Shephard mix dog this summer. She had to be put down because something was wrong. So far 4 out of the liter of 12 has been put down. I have been attacked by other “bully breeds” and also by a yellow lab.

    It really matters how you raise your dogs but also if there is something wrong in their brain chemistry.

    Hope everyone had a great holiday.

  • Keri

    I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say. Knowing how big his heart is when it comes to dogs, he would take them all if he could. He just has a hard time expressing himself because he gets a bit excited. In the short time that Kenny was living with me and his son, we took in at least close to a dozen of these dogs and took care of them. There was only one that we had to get rid of because of it’s behavior.
    If Stitch is living with Kenny, I would at least hope that she is in a stable environment and not jumping from place to place.
    The only reason I have Panzer is because at the time Kenny and I split up, which is when he started cheating on me with you, is because he never stayed in one place to long and I wasn’t going to have that happening with Panzer too. Spent to much money on him for him to live that way.

    I can already see the arguements coming so I will stop here and be quiet now since that’s not what this string is about. Sorry RJ, minor personal tangent.

    sr .. think i’ll join you on some of that rum..

  • Christine in Illinois

    Well we all learn things about dogs and people. Like they say hindsight is 20/20. I helped take care of many pits over this summer and learned what great dogs they are. I also learned that not everyone is willing to be honest about everything. People make assumptions that dogs are vicious based on the breed. I think Megan did a great job presenting the facts in her entry. Fighting dogs in Europe around the 1700-1800 had to be able to be trusted around humans. Many years of human mistreatment have caused these great dogs to be feared and not loved by the population at large.

    Keri-I didn’t know your history at the time. I am sorry if I hurt you. You seem like a great person and I am sorry about what happened last February. (Enough personnal history)…

    Rum…always preferred whiskey.

  • RJ

    This is like a soap opera…

  • RJ

    Seeing as how this article is about vicious pit bull attacks, maybe it’s General Hospital?

  • Christine in Illinois

    Well I have yet to meet a vicious pit bull but I have encountered vicious gossip.

    As I am currently writing a speech regarding government’s involvement in personal choice I find that this is a good reference and using some of the information gathered here. This hopefully will help me get the scholarship that I have applied for. So thank you all for your great information.

    I am getting a new pit puppy soon. She is 4 months and a friend is unable to keep her. Another sweet dog that has to be turned out due to misunderstanding of the breed.

    RJ-I saw a chance to apoligize to Keri and I took it. If this offends you – sorry.

  • sr


  • Keri

    RJ I even apologized for going off subject, guess it was one of those “typical woman” moments.

  • RJ

    Chris – Why did you delete my last comment on this thread?

    [Possibly because I deleted the comment it was a response to?]

  • sr

    RJ. What was deleted? Cris, what did you delete. Well delete this $!!%^^&*#^@#@!^^&()$$$#@%^@&*#*$.

  • Keri

    So I have a question.. Found in unsanitary conditions? If they “knew they were in over their heads.” Why didn’t they reach out and ask for help? “Acting in the best interests of the dogs,” my ASS! This was suppose to be a shelter for animals. To me it shows the lack of or sense of responsibilty by the human race. Take notice they have not yet filed charges… guess that means it was the animals fault that the people in charge of them didn’t properly take care of them…
    ~RME~ people make me sick sometimes… sheesh…

    HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Harrisburg Humane Society is seeing a huge response from potential adoptees following an alleged animal cruelty case that brought dozens of animals into the shelter. The Humane Society took in 103 animals, dogs and cats, after authorities found them in what they call unsanitary conditions at the Dauphin Borough animal shelter.

    Linda Corson of Dauphin Boro operated the shelter.

    Her sister and business partner, Megs Brunner said they regret the condition of the shelter and admits they were in over their heads.

    “Linda’s only ever acted in the best interest of the pets that have been dumped on her or basically given to her,” said Megs Brunner.

    Charges have not been filed against Linda Corson.

    Today, people came in droves to adopt the animals after hearing about the case.

    “And what’s really great is it’s giving us a lot of positive press coverage that we really need to get some of the animals that have been here for a year or two out…not just the animals involved in this particular cruelty case,” said Amy Kauna of the Harrisburg Humane Society.

    The Humane Society expects all of the rescued animals to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals, you can call the shelter at

    HEY!! Yeah I wanna know what you deleted too.. I’m nosy!! Come on!!! I’ll give you a cookie!

  • mike

    Thanks for the cut and paste article that you can read on just about every other anti pitbull webiste RJ. I’m really impressed by your article and the fact that you like pierced blondes. You are the number one reason this country is as ignorant and uninformed about pretty much every issue covered by the media. You say kill em all? I would love to see you come and try to kill my pitbull RJ. Please just quit writing dumb articles.

  • guess who

    pitbulls are not vicious,they passed their temperament test at a 83.5 % better than a cocker spaniel.AND NO pitbulls are NOT bred to fight they are bred to be LOVED like any other dog.they are only vicious if you train them to be like that,so if you get mauled,too bad

  • Jennifer Johnson

    I am the proud owner of a adorable, sensitive, pit bull corgie mix named Aliyah. She is the absolute joy and light of my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. I hate this stigma that all pits are mean and vicous. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

  • rey matos

    i guess it’s the pitbulls turn.back in the 90’s people where making this statements about the doberman pincher.i confess that i myself jumped on the pitbulls are dangerous band wagon,but after the many positive experiences with this breed it is the only one for me.if you are ever at my door you can count on my dog pablo to welcome all who enter with that beatifull pitbull smile.why did the lab that bit my hand not on the news?maybe next year

  • sr

    Holy dog crap. Now we have beautiful smiling pit bulls and if we get mauled too bad. Du.

  • kenny philbeck

    ok lets see you know i want to ask all that come here what dogs are going to be next for them to kill uh after the pitbulls uh i think what they did at the H/S/ WHAT THE HELL UH and jennifer am happy to hear that my brother still has his pitbul and the same no mean bone in her so why dont they putt there att on something thats truely bad I think if you are caught fighting a pitt you should go to prison no ifs ands or buts ok back to what i was saying o by the way thiers a pit bull/bull terrier mixed sleping at my my feet right plus the GSD under the intable asleep to and they get along so good so see not all pits are bad just the ones that are being made to be Ithink thats very sick of humen beings to do that to them they dont know any better ok its not the dog its the man or woman who owns the dog ok think about that befor they let u buy or breed they sould check your history all of it like i said befor what dogs are next german sheppreds or rotts wolfdogs coydogs someone tell me plz so i know what kind of dog to get next to save becuse we all know they wont stop when all the pits are gone if they get thier way uh think about that

  • kenny philbeck

    make sure befor you by a pitbull you need to read up on proper care of the pet you get

  • Ironpitbulls

    You are ignorant. You have no idea about real pitbulls. The problem is there are a lot of poorley bred dogs out there that have not been bred for the breed standard for several generations. These dogs are much larger than the true APBT. They are mostly blue dogs. Not all blue dogs are poorly bred, but most are. Razors Edge, Gaff, Muggleston, and several other breeders who breed dogs like the mentioned are ruining the breed. Pitbulls were never ment to be man aggressive and are not supposed to be bred (or raised) to be guard dogs. Man aggression was not tolerated in breeding programs of the past, and if you had a man aggressive dog it was culled, and most certianly was not bred into your line. So screw you man. You are ignorant and have no idea about this great breed. You have no right to talk about these dogs in the manner you do. I also work in law enforcement. There are several of these dogs used by the military and police agencies in the u.s. and around the world. Go back to hugging trees you liberal panzy.

  • Keri

    Hahahaha.. he said liberal panzy!

  • RJ

    Trying telling me a chihuahua or a poodle is capable of this

  • Tiffany

    Yes, well i have THREE blue nose pit Bull’s and i have a two year old they LOVE LOVE LOVE him, he hits them and yet they still love him its NOT the breed it’s all about how you raise them dont talk shit about Pit’s dumb asses need to go do the breed!

  • RJ

    Anyone who owns more than one pit bull needs his/her head examined. And anyone who lets their young children play aggressively with one of these monsters should be in jail for child neglect and reckless endangerment.

  • Haley

    “Pitbulls do this, pitbulls do that”.

    Do any of you guys know what the hell you’re talking about? 1/4th of the people who posted here have probably actually been 5 feet away from a pitbull in there life. Ovbiously. If you had actually been with one that was raised the RIGHT way, you would notice how family oriented and sweet these dogs are. I cannot believe anyone would actually say “let’s just kill em’ all! Woohoo! Rock on!” What. The…..It is no nature for a pit to be agressive, this is purely a reflection of the dog fighting owners that raised them.


  • Driveby

    Haley, I done do agree dude fer bannning stupid people. glad ya smart like me dude. I have 4 pits and they sweet with me 8 kids. My oldlady like em 2. she big and fat an me think dogs are scared of the hairy old bitch.

  • cowboywaltz

    Hmm, methinks this “RJ Elliot” needs to change his field of study…. if he wants all pitbulls banned because they are “ovewrwhelmingly guilty”, then how’s he going to fare in a field where the prison systemis overburdened with Afro-Americans? I think I’ve found the “Church of the Creator” its latest acolyte, and David Duke his best disciple… no?

  • RJ

    An old (but still relevant) article about pitbulls – and their scumbag owners – from City Journal.

  • RJ


  • RJ

    Did the pro-pit trash all leave the building?

  • Keri

    ~raises hand~ Nope. Still here… Guess you should consider a new ‘garbage man’ or pay better…none of them have gone anywhere

  • Keri

    “Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping after, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late: the jest is over, and the tale has had its effect.” – Jonathan Swift

    Like the pharmacologically inactive sugar pill dispensed to pacify a patient who supposes it to be medicine, eradication of the Pit bull is heralded as the cure for severe dog attacks. However, a placebo is administered solely to appease a person’s mental duress. In the present day climate of fear and misinformation about Pit bulls and dog attacks, eradication of the Pit bull is the placebo administered to ease the public’s mental anxiety. This, of course, does not address the underlying causes of why dogs attack and how they have been allowed access to their victims.

  • Keri

    Ok so it won’t let me post all the links.. but here ya go…

    go to http://www.youtube.com and search dog attacks.. no specific’s just dog attacks.. there are alot more video’s there then of just pit bulls.. and the pit bull video’s you see are one where idiots are training them to be that way..

    anyway..serious or silly.. that’s neither here or there.. point is.. there are more videos of dogs..and yes.. there are some pits included… but if you watch it.. In 90% of the videos.. they are provoking the dogs to do something.. Things like that are what show the irresponsibility of the owners.. it’s another way of teaching a dog that it’s okay.. because just like children.. they learn what they live.. It’s our responsibility to raise our children right, so it’s our responsibility to raise a dog right.

    Not long ago, my son was attacked by another student on the bus, my son’s reaction was to protect himself.. hmmmm someone makes a dog feel intimidated or attacks at a dog first.. dog’s reaction to attack back… imagine that.. it must be an instinct..

  • GShepdad

    Loved reading all of the comments about Pits Bulls, both Pro and con.

    I see that the nutty side (CON) has ONCE AGAIN lumped all APBT type dogs together and why not… Its always easier with a broad paint brush to damn all because of a few.. Yes, just one instance of an American Pit Bull Terrier attacking any child is too many.

    I love that the pseudo-intellectuals that consistently infer that only ‘ignorant’ segments of society are the ones with pitbulls. I know one PhD and a cardiologist that went to puppy obedience classes with Flash, APBT, and I. They had Flash’s littermates.

    A couple of decades back, the German Shepherd was almost irradicated – because it was overbred, abused and too many instances of vicious attacks took place.
    Then came the Doberman Pinscher; that uncontrolled and inept backyard breeding program let to a spat of vicious attacks all because of a ‘smaller brain pan’ causing pressure on a large brain mass. They managed to weather that travesty caused by humankind.
    Along came the Rotweiller, it was bred for an overall large body and somehow their aggressive behavior was said to have grown exponentially right along side the size of the animal.

    Now comes the Pit Bull. Known in previous generations as a family dog, loyal and loving. Helen Keller’s ABPT pup, Sgt Stumpy (he was a valuable aid to WW1’s infantry men and a decorated canine with his medals pinned on by Black Jack Pershing) and OF COURSE Petey (Little Rascals fame) were all Pit Bulls.

    Myself, Part of my family is comprised of 1 each of the following: German Shepherd, AmStaff, Peagle (pitBull/ Beagle mix) and a red-nose Pit. All someone’s cast-offs, rescued from Shelters in New Mexico and Arizona.
    That’s right, my dog is the Pit. I have had Retrievers, Dobies, (5) GSDs, Collie crosses, chihuahuas, a Lab Setter cross and (2) APBTs.

    My grandnephew is about 18 months old and crawls all over Flash who knows all the police officers in town and most of the local Sheriff’s deputies because he’s everyone’s buddy. Not a mean bone in his body unless you are a cat – I can’t do anything about that. Did I mention thet my mom’s 12 YO shitzu loves being groomed by my 70 pound lagdog.

    Flash is the king of this small corner of the universe as well as its court jester.

    I will tell you one thing that I have observed and while detrimental to the cause of Pit Bulls can be seen across the board with most breeds: NO DOG can be an integral part of the family, loved and be socialized when staked out in the back yard. When you see a dog chained up and no one is around, the danger factor goes up a thousand fold.

    Although Its been said many times, many ways: Ban Bad Owners, Not the Breed.

    FYI: The least dangerous thing in and around my house is the PitBull.

    Semper Fi.

  • mandi

    a pit bull will only attack if not properly socialized with people, if it was abused previously, or if a person or thing is pissing it off. it’s not the dog, it’s the owner. if people would buy pit bulls for love of the breed and not to have the badass dog on the block, there wouldn’t be controversy. if gang members didn’t buy pit bulls to fight other dogs, no one would feel intimidated by them. go on the ATTS site, look up American Pit Bull Terrier, they performed better than a damn golden retriever. Politicians and media twist stories around to make the general populace fear pit bulls, and if there is an attack it doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, they will say it was a pit. Before any of you go judging a pit bull, why don’t you look up some facts first.

  • That’s simply incorrect mandi. Any dog can have sudden fits of bad temper or rage without any warning and five minutes later be as playful as a puppy. When it happens to a dog as powerful as a pit bull, anyone near it is vulnerable, especially kids.

  • Silvio

    I had a cat that used to attack my feet when I was sleeping. I could feel her neck tensing when she stuck her teeth in my feet and ankles. I always woke up screaming. A few weeks after she passed I ran into the women who gave the cat to me when she was just a little kitty. It turns out the kitty’s mother was an alley cat and the father a pit bull. I knew that cat had bad blood. Kill them damn pit bulls they’re doing our kittys now. No one is safe.

  • RJ



  • josh

    i didn’t read everything on this page but i do have my novice advice. i’m sure it has been said several times already but “punish the deed, not the breed” my wife just got a little pitty a week ago and it is the sweetest dog i’ve ever met. all she does is snuggle and lick our faces, she is aleady great with the kids and she and both cats sleep together.
    all those how thing that the mass genocide of a whole breed of any pet just because of stupid ass owners needs to open their eyes, it in not right at all.
    i had a couple of friends who had pitbulls and they were raised in a good home, these dogs would not even hurt a fly unlike these older people i’ve met with these little annoying lap dogs that bit anything and everyone that was within range.
    long live the pitbulls short live dumbass owners.
    punish the deed not the breed

  • Keri

    Quite honestly I’m more scared of my sister’s Jack Russell w/ an underbite, then I am my own Pit..

    now back to today’s story.. This is the kind of stuff that makes me angry!

    By Steve Tuttle
    Updated: 11:04 a.m. ET June 4, 2007
    June 4, 2007 – The recent discovery of dozens of dogs and dog-fighting paraphernalia at a house owned by NFL superstar Michael Vick has drawn much media attention to this centuries-old blood sport. Illegal in all 50 states, dog fighting still has a loyal underground following. Millions of dollars are wagered annually on the outcomes of these outlaw matches, and the Humane Society of the United States estimates that participants and spectators number in the tens of thousands.

    NEWSWEEK’s Steve Tuttle talked to Detective C. R. Beals of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to better understand just exactly what goes on at one of these gory fights. Beals, who has focused on this type of crime for over a decade, has been an expert witness in a number of dog-fighting cases and is his department’s blood sport authority, which also includes cockfighting. Excerpts:

    NEWSWEEK: What happens at a typical organized dog fight?
    C. R. Beals: There are three basic types of dog fighting. There are the professional dog fights—I hate to use the word professional and dog fighting in the same sentence. There are the hobbyists, or the persons who aspire to be professional dog fighters, and then there are the street-level fighters, the gangbangers who torture their dogs into being mean and they’ll fight anything.

    What about the professionals?
    On the professional level it’s very well organized. The secrecy is very, very heavy. They will fly dogs across the United States. The matches are set up either by phone or by Internet and the meet can be a neutral place for both parties. The dogs are fought in a very strict weight class. If your dog doesn’t come in at the weight it’s supposed to for the match, you forfeit the entry fee, which can be pretty heavy sometimes. At a fight back East several years back the police took over $500,000 from the participants and spectators there. Let’s be honest, if I’m willing to put my dog on a plane to fly to a neutral spot to fight your dog, I’m not going to do it just for grins.

    Describe the start of a fight.
    The handlers say, “Face your dogs!” At that point, the dogs are turned around and faced toward each other. There is what they call the scratch line, and when the dog crosses that line he is “scratched,” meaning he has full intent to get involved in the fight. The dogs are released from the corner, they “scratch,” and then engage. At times the impact of the dogs blocking up is audible, you can hear them collide with one another. It’s unbelievable. There is no collar, nothing. They’re completely void of any type of control or restraint.

    How do you know who wins?
    If a dog refuses to scratch, or if the dog jumps out of the ring or refuses to fight, it’s over. If a dog gets a lucky shot, if you get a dog that zips in and hits just right and takes out a jugular, the dog is all done. If you get a dog with a broken limb or a broken leg, it’s over. Broken limbs are common. You just see how much punishment the other dog will take until he just gives up or he’s incapacitated so he can’t fight any more.

    How long can a fight last?
    It varies; it’s like a boxing match. But there are timed rounds and they have rest periods and go at it again.

    How big do the crowds get?
    For security reasons, the crowds are kept as small as possible.

    What are the venues like?
    The venue can be anything, anywhere. It can be a barn, a commercial building. I have actually seen where they have gone into a housing tract and they broke into a new home and used one of the rooms for a pit. It can be any place that will afford the secrecy they need to prevent getting apprehended.

    How are the dogs isolated from the people at a fight?
    In the professional world, a man-eater, or a dog that will bite other people, cannot be tolerated and will most likely be destroyed. There are two handlers, either the owner or designated handler, and a referee in the pit with the dogs. The dog has to concentrate on the other dog.

    Don’t they have a wall?
    They do separate and contain the dogs, because they lock up and start tumbling around. The walls are usually 18 to 25 feet, round or square, and usually two and a half to four feet high. They use plyboard, hay bales, any type of barrier. The preference is dirt floor but they also use carpeting to allow dogs to get good traction.

    How do they separate them if they’re locked up?
    They use what they call a “breaking stick.” It’s a misnomer that the pit bull’s jaw locks, but they have such hellacious tenacity that once they get a hold they are not going to let go. Both handlers will have a breaking stick in their pocket, nine to 15 inches long with a flat point on one end of it. It’s generally something rigid made of wood or white nylon like cutting boards or plastic. They pry the jaws apart and pull the dogs back to the corner and sponge them like a boxer.

    How many dogs are killed in the fights?
    Most likely the dogs will be stopped short of death, however there are a number of other things that go beyond that and it just depends on how good of a vet the owner is. You can’t go to the neighborhood vet with a dog that you fought because you’d be turned in. Most of them practice their own style of veterinary medicine. Dogs die of infection, they die of shock after the fight, or they’re injured so bad they just expire. The actual death in the ring is probably not as often as one might think.

    What do they do with dogs that aren’t good fighters?
    They think, why waste dog food on them. We’re talking dollars and cents. If it isn’t going to make a yield there’s no reason to feed it. That sounds cold, but I’m being bluntly honest. I have actually gone to a place where one of the ways to get rid of a dog was simply attaching a raw electrode to the dog’s tongue and a raw electrode to his testicles and then plugging it into the wall. That’s sick.

    How do they train the dogs?
    These dogs are conditioned, not trained. That entails such things as treadmills, or cat-mills—they’ll either use a caged cat or a rabbit. They’ll simply tie a cat or rabbit to a hot walker like for a horse—it’s a big thing that looks like a merry go round with spokes on it. They’ll tie a dead cat or a live cat to one of the spokes and tie the dog to one of the other spokes and let him tug that around all day. They use weight training where they have the dogs pull weighted sleds. Then they have the spring pole, which is simply either a tree or a large pole with a spring or a cable or tire on it and the dog will jump up and grab it. He will actually hang on to it and bounce and have his own personal tug of war.

    What is the “keep?”
    The keep is the intense conditioning period in prep for the fight. During that period of time the dog is handled regularly, exercised regularly. His diet is monitored, he is given vitamins, and his weight is monitored.

    What is the rape box?
    These dogs are trained to be nasty towards another dog, so consequently if you’re going to breed you don’t want a female that’s in heat tearing up your stud. So you put her in a rape box, which means you basically tie her to a barrel. Then you put him in there with a muzzle on and he does his thing and leaves.

    How do bets get placed?
    There will be an entry fee into the thing. That comprises the purse and the winner gets that. Then the owners of the dogs will have side bets between themselves. They’ll probably cover some action with other people in the audience, and there will be side bets between people in the audience. Sometimes they take outside action and actually film the fight, so you can view it at a later date if you disagree about how your money was won or lost and you weren’t among the chosen few who attended.

    Are the fights moving away from pit bulls to other breeds?
    You hear that from time to time. Over history there have been a number of dogs tried—the Shar-Pei was raised as a pit dog but now they’re a trendy pet. But pound for pound they always come back to the little pit bull terrier because they’re more bang for your buck, they’re the best things going. They’re small, they’re compact, and they work well for that kind of scenario. The only reason for dog fighting is gambling, period. It’s just like cock fighting. It’s strictly a gambling scenario, nothing more. They raised Rhodesian Ridgebacks for fighting; Rottweilers are something you’d see on the street level.

    How big is this subculture?
    The level that garners the most attention is street level because it’s in your face and it’s practiced by gangs. They’ll use anything that has four legs, preferably if it looks like a pit bull, but they’ll use Rots or anything else. But professional dog fighting is also there, and it’s very, very hard to stumble on. It’s real hard to say exactly how big it is, but it is prevalent.

    How do you catch these guys?
    We use informants, we use people in the neighborhood that call in, we use something as simple as somebody driving by who saw a bunch of dogs staked out. People love animals and when they see something that doesn’t look right and they’re likely to tell someone and it filters back to us. There are informants, people who didn’t think they got a fair shake at a fight who will turn in folks.

    Why do you think professional athletes would be into something like this?
    I will be very honest—and I hate to say it—but there have been law-enforcement officers involved, professional athletes, professional people, blue-collar people, gangster people. It’s a mixed bag.

    Where do they house these dogs?
    Wherever they can. Sometimes warehouses, garages, sometimes “on the yard” as they refer to it. That means they drive a car axle into the ground, put a piece of chain on the axle, and put a dog on the end of the chain, and that’s where the dog lives.

    Is it bigger than cockfighting?
    I wouldn’t say which is largest; it depends on where you are geographically in the country. It’s a gambling “sport,” and wherever they can do either one they will.

    How do they keep the fight locations secret?
    They use countersurveillance—or as we call it dry cleaning—they use background checks, phone calls. There’s secrecy, mystique. You might make an arrangement for a fight and they say show up at the Howdy Doody Motel at 6 o’clock Wednesday evening on the 24th. And when you go there and you check in pretty soon you get a phone call in your room that says go to this corner. A car will pick you up, take you someplace else, and then you’ll be offloaded out of the car and onto a bus or something. It’s very, very cloak and dagger.

    I guess they feel like they have to do all that?
    Yes, because there are people who are animal lovers who would do everything up to and including put a bullet into some of these clowns.

    And yes..very much so.. I’d like to take any person who purposely trains these dogs to be so nasty and vicious, and put then them over my knee and beat their ass w/ a paddle full of rusted nails, while having someone shove bamboo shoots up their nails.. It irritates me to high heaven that they don’t get severe punishment for it either. Cruelty to animals in that matter should be equal to the death penalty. A Dog is almost like a child, it needs us to care for it and raise it with the same love and affection we would give a child.

    Hell my sister’s neighbor takes her dog out in a baby stroller if the ground is wet. haha

  • Keri

    here’s the link if your interested for all the comments made to that story…

    and another thing that upsets me about it is all he’s getting is a fine? So since more children die at the hands of their own parents every year, should they just get a slap on the wrist and a fine as well?

  • Pete

    Perhaps if we are fortunate enough, someone will have a blog somewhere advocating the extinction of people like yourself.

  • sr

    I cant believe this thread is still going. I will not comment on pits and I do have respect for Keri because she has brains. Must admit Silvio and RJ’S comments had me laughing my ass off. So guy’s keep up the good work. Silvio what would you think of a pit/muslim cross.

  • Pepper’sMommy

    RJ… you are an uneducated ass. As an animal lover and owner, and most importantly and educated individual… I ask you: have you read any of the recent SCIENTIFIC research of breed specific behaviors and breed banning??? If not, I suggest you do before you write another word. There is absolutely NO SCIENTIFIC evidence to support your fanatical ideas. What makes you look like even MORE of an ass is that you use media hype as evidence to support your opinions.

    To all the other ignorant jackasses who have supported RJ, the only difference between a Pitbull, a Golden Retriever, or even a ferret, for that matter, is that the Pitbull just so happens to have the physical ability that can tend to cause harm when provoked or mistreated. The same could be said of my husband who is 6’4″ and weighs 300 lbs. Should we also kill all of the offensive linemen as well… purely because they possess the ability to do harm, not the predisposition?

    And to Keri… thank you for your support of this tragicly misunderstood breed.

  • love

    I haven’t even gotten to read very many of these but i agree that rj is an ass.
    I own 2 pitbulls and have a 4month old son and everything is fine you are one of the people that believe only what you read and have nothing else to go by. A pit bull is one of the best breeds to have as a family pet a service dog and a dog to educate young kids how to handle dogs. they can teach you more than you ever know. all you listen to is the stories that come across the news. rather than see how these wonderfull dogs really are.

  • Keri

    #377 — June 12, 2007 @ 14:38PM — Pete
    Perhaps if we are fortunate enough, someone will have a blog somewhere advocating the extinction of people like yourself.

    Since there is no specific’s here, I’m not sure if your throwing that comment at myself, or at RJ.

    sr – Again, thank you for the kind words. I’ll even admit that I found humor in Silvo’s post.

    Now onto what else I felt relevant to add. My Aunt’s have 2 thearpy dogs. Certified and the whole 9 yards of it that comes along with the deal. One of the dogs is a Jack Russell, the other I’m not quite sure, but she’s got alot of hair and lays around alot.

    The leader of the therapy group they work with has 5 dogs of her own, who are ALL certified as well. Can you believe that 3 of them are Pitbulls? Those 3 dogs are the ones she originally started with. They have been therapy dogs for over 5 years and they started as pups. Two of those dogs are recused animals. The nursing homes here are not afraid to let them in to show affection to the elderly. They attend dog shows and are graded on their performances for the rally runs. They are VERY well behaved dogs.

    I’ll be brave enough to admit that rescued dogs sometimes make me nervous, as the depth of the abuse they recieved is not always known and therefore, makes an unpredictable dog. How would you know if you do something that sparks a memory in them and causes them to lash out. But, this is true for any dog that has been abused. Not just the PitBull.

    Some things heal overtime and can be forgotten, some things never do. If the abuse a dog has substained over a period of time is to great, honestly I myself would give up the thought that they could be turned around and brought back to the way things should be. Some are strong enough to fight back to the better things in life and some are not.

    In that aspect, the same goes for people as well. Some will experience something in their life that will change them forever and make them appreciate things more and how lucky they are to have what they have, or to make them determined to work that much more for something better. Whereas, you also have those people that are just so gone because of the negativity they grew up with, or around, to turn back. Those you see everyday, are the ones that are constantly in trouble over and over again, because they can’t seem to learn the lesson from it. Umm, does that mean we should knock them off as well? That way they are taking money from the tax payers to house them in a jail cell that provides them food and water, and TV, and extracuricular activities, weightrooms, education etc..

    What’s my point? Point is, there are alot of good dogs out there that are Pits and there are alot of bad I’m sure. If you ever watch Animal Planet’s Animal Precinct you will see that. Some of the stories are amazing and bring a tear to my eye, while others outrage me and make me want to hunt them down and do the exact same thing to them to see if they can comprehend the torture they have put those animals through.

    Most of the reports you see, the dogs are mis-identified. Again, here’s a link… and remember… only one of them is correct.
    But those dogs you see are commonly mistaken as a pit bull.

    Anyway, I’ll stop here and say only this… It’s not right to punish an entire breed because of actions you hear about. There never really has been someone around to witness the entire thing to know if they provoked or not, wether it was intentional or unintentional. (By this I mean, if it’s not your dog, you don’t know how it’s going to react if you do something to them, therefore it’s best to just leave them alone. It’s like sticking your hand down the kitchen drain and turning on the compactor thinking it won’t cut off your hand.) If every single one of them were doing the same thing maybe. But that then would be saying that there are no gay people in the world, no short people, no tall people, no fat people, no skinny people, no child abusers, no sex offenders, no thiefs, and everyone would be employed because everyone would be a mirroring image of the other. It will never happen.

    Pepper’sMommy – your welcome. But ask Kenny, he knows how I feel on the whole idea of things.

  • Keri

    oh and if the comment was directed towards me. Pick a number, there are alot of people who would like to see me extinct because they can’t handle the nature of my bitchiness.

    Thanks again.

  • Keri

    This could become the newest threat to mankind.. we are gonna have to ban all squirrels now..

    German squirrel on a rampage injures 3 people
    72-year-retiree dispatches rowdy rodent with a crutch

    BERLIN – An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch.

    The squirrel first ran into a house in the southern town of Passau, leapt from behind on a 70-year-old woman, and sank its teeth into her hand, a local police spokesman said on Thursday.

    With the squirrel still hanging from her hand, the woman ran onto the street in panic, where she managed to shake it off.

    The animal then entered a building site and jumped on a construction worker, injuring him on the hand and arm, before he managed to fight it off with a measuring pole.

    “After that, the squirrel went into the 72-year-old man’s garden and massively attacked him on the arms, hand and thigh,” the spokesman said. “Then he killed it with his crutch.”

    The spokesman said experts thought the attack may have been linked to the mating season or because the squirrel was ill.

  • Keri

    The extinction of this fricking jack-off would be well supported….


    At least 17 dogs killed in shed fire
    Saturday, June 16, 2007BY BARBARA MILLEROf Our Palmyra Bureau
    At least 17 dogs died in a fire Thursday night, hours after state and county officials inspected the Bethel Twp. property on a “puppy mill” allegation.

    Carl Johnson, Lebanon County Humane Society investigator, said he plans to issue 19 animal cruelty citations to property owner Howard Dice of the 100 block of Maple Drive.

    The fire was in a shed in which dogs were caged on two levels.

    There were 19 dogs on the property, said Chris Ryder, state agriculture department spokesman. Four were alive when firefighters and Johnson arrived around 8 p.m. Thursday, Johnson said.

    Two were euthanized, one died and one is under a veterinarian’s care, he said. The surviving dog has burns on its back and might be blind from the smoke, Johnson said.

    There are unconfirmed reports that a dog remains on the Dice property, Johnson said.

    Johnson said that he noticed an “obvious smell of lighter fluid, like you would use to light charcoal” on and around the dogs. A state police fire marshal is investigating.

    Attempts to reach the homeowners yesterday were unsuccessful.

    Johnson said that the state dog law officer, a township zoning officer and a police officer who inspected the property Thursday found “deplorable living conditions, and that the air quality inside was very poor” in the dog shed.

    After an investigator told the residents to give up the dogs, a family member told her, “No, I’ll kill them before I’ll give them away to anyone,” Johnson said.

    The state dog law officer has cited Dianne Dice, the dogs’ owner, for having four dogs without rabies vaccinations and one without a license, Ryder said.

    Johnson said he had received calls about the conditions of dogs on the property.

    Issuing a citation for operating a kennel without a license, commonly referred to as operating a “puppy mill,” requires 26 dogs, Ryder said. He said he had intended to go to the property yesterday morning with a warrant to seize the dogs and issue citations. Ryder said there were no previous citations on file against Dianne Dice.

    The Dices also could face township zoning violations, because Bethel Twp. has an ordinance that limits residents to three dogs without a kennel license, Johnson said.

    Harold Dice owns a Lebanon apartment building that caught fire Thursday because of unauthorized use of extension cords, authorities said. City public safety officials condemned the building.

  • LONNIE Craigg


  • RJ

    The comments in this section are strong supporting evidence of my theory that people who like pit bulls are almost always illiterate morons.

  • Keri

    The ones who only go based on what they read or what they are told are no different.

    I face judgement everyday, not only for my choice of animal, but also for other beliefs. The result of the ignorance in judgement there is because of the lack of education or rather self-education.

  • Sarah

    I am a lover of amimals, however after reading and hearing about the morbid and brutal killings of numerous people, children, babies and other animals by pit bulls in the later years, I decided to do some research.

    To put it simply, pit bulls have a split personality, inbred, rooted and ingrained in them. They WILL attack even those who love them, without reason.

    Yesterday, my sweet lovable, fat black kitty, sitting in my front yard was attacked and killed by two pit bulls within seconds of going into my house to get a glass of milk. I live in a secluded area and have for 30 years, and my animals have never been in danger.

    Two weeks ago the same pit bulls walked right into my house and into my living room toward one of my absolutely adorable Himalayan cats Boo Boo, (I also have her brother Yogi) who was sitting on the sofa. I turned around from what I was doing and Yelled “NO” and they ran, but later they tried to return. I told them to “GET”, (I have a very strong voice) and they left. I Didn’t see them again till yesterday July 22, 2007. A week ago they killed a dog a couple of blocks away.

    They are smart though, because the animal control cannot seem to find them, which means, they WILL be back.

    Pit bulls should be either banned or licenced in every city and state. They are VERY dangerous and those who choose to let them live among themselves and their children, are in GRAVE DANGER.

    I pray for everyone who owns these demon inbred animals, that their children and themselves are not malled to death and eaten alive like so many others who also loved and adored their sweet and loveable doggy.

    If you love yourself and your children, you would NOT own one, nor let them come near you. They should be banned, and breeders of pitbulls should be fined and imprisoned for every life their creation destroys.

  • sr

    Pepper’s Mommy. Do you know what a pit bull and Paris Hilton have in common?

  • RJ

    From here:

    Last September, two weeks after Crash died. My sister was savagely attacked by two pit bulls in her own driveway.

    She was inside her house but her garage door was open. She heard strange noises and her inside dogs were barking at the door that led to the garage.
    She opened the door and looked around. The first thing she saw was blood.
    She looked further and at the end of her driveway where two pit bulls standing over something bloody and with orange fur. She knew immediately it was her cat, Rocky. The dogs had cornered her cat in the garage, killed him and dragged him out into the street.
    The dogs were walking away from her cat’s body so she ran out there to see if by some miracle he was still alive.
    When she saw that there was no way he could be alive, she cried out.
    The dogs heard her and turned and charged her.
    Without turning her back to them, she ran back into her driveway but they were on her before she could do anything.
    They were lunging for her arms and hands and trying to knock her down.
    She was so terrified that she didn’t notice they were tearing pieces of her flesh from her upper arms.
    She backed herself into her garage but they had her cornered.
    Her husband had a huge metal shop fan that he would turn on while he was working on his hobby, motorcycles, so she crouched down and tried to hide behind it but the dogs would grab her arms, trying to pull her out from behind the fan.
    Even though traumatized, she had the sudden idea of turning the fan on. It was so loud that her own dogs and cats were afraid of it.
    It worked. As soon as she flipped the switch, the sound of the fan startled the dogs and they ran into the driveway.
    She took this opportunity to run to the door and hit the garage door opener/closer.

    She then called 911, my mom and Sister #2.
    She was hysterical. My mom couldn’t understand what she was saying, she was just screaming and screaming.
    Mom was at work and my sister was about 3 miles away and they both made it to Sister #1’s house before the ambulance and police did.

    On the way, Mom called Sister #3 and then she called me.

    What Mom and Sister #2 saw when they got there will haunt them forever. Sister #1 was in shock and covered in blood. They had never seen so much blood. Sister #2 said her eyes were wild and her pupils were fully dilated.
    Luckily, the ambulance arrived soon after and I actually beat the ambulance to the ER.
    I didn’t know the details of what happened, just that she had been attacked by pit bulls. Suddenly, everything I had ever heard on the news about these attacks came flooding back and the only thing I could remember were all the people who had been killed and I prayed the entire way there.

    She was lucky. The dogs never got her face or her throat. She was able to remain standing during the attack but they ripped up her right upper arm, tearing tissue and muscle away from bone and she’ll be forever disfigured. They also broke her left wrist. It was considered a compound fracture because they ripped the skin, exposing the broken bone.
    That is how unbelievably strong these dogs are. One of them grabbed her wrist and broke it with it’s jaws!
    She had to have multiple surgeries and had a cast up to her armpit for months because it just wouldn’t heal.

    The story of the pit bulls was what has become a cliche. The woman who owned the house was keeping them for her ex. She didn’t know they got out and claimed it was the first time.
    Animal control said that they had picked the dogs up before, so no, it wasn’t the first time. They had a history of getting out.

    The story was immediately picked up by news stations and the newspapers and that began months long debates over the dangers of pit bulls. People fought about it day after day in the letters to the editor section of the local paper…all because of my sister.

    The CBS affiliate interviewed a neighbor of the pit bull owner and he said “I let my 4yr old nephew play with those dogs all the time. They were really sweet.”

    All my sister said was, “I’m glad it was me, then, because there wouldn’t be anything left of that 4 yr old.”

  • RJ

    I’m terribly sorry about your loss, Sarah. You really need to buy a gun, for your own safety.

    Remember: If a strange dog is on your property, shoot first and ask questions later.

  • RJ

    From here:

    Okay. First the pit bull attack last week, and then two nights ago ANOTHER pit bull in ANOTHER yard came halfway over its fence (it was literally hanging on to the lattice work at the top of the 8-foot fence, like a rabid monkey), and then yesterday morning, I shit you not, YET ANOTHER one in YET ANOTHER yard over YET ANOTHER fence. But that one ran away immediately; maybe these poor dogs are just trying to escape their asshole owners. I don’t blame them.

    The reason I didn’t post yesterday is because I spent all my free time researching dog attacks, what to do and how to avoid them, blah blah. The more I thought about the one who fought Sunny, the more worried I got, mostly because I realized I didn’t have a clue what to do. After all my reading yesterday, now I know I handled it mostly right but partly wrong. The main wrong thing I did was look the pit bull in his eyes, which is the #1 thing all the dog experts say NOT to do (I couldn’t help it, he was staring at me and I was terrified). I did everything else right though, because I’ve been around dogs enough to know that you don’t turn and run (they’ll chase you and they WILL catch you), you don’t make any sudden movements, you don’t scream, et cetera. But mostly what I did right was somehow convincing Sunny to love me all these years, enough to get between me and a pit bull and to kick the pit’s ass. I still can’t get over what she did. I LOVE THAT DOG.

    I read a lot about pit bulls yesterday. Those dogs are trouble, and not necessarily inherently – the problem is that they’re naturally aggressive and high energy, but the people who own them almost never bother even trying to channel and control those things. They just get a couple of pits and stick them in a tiny back yard and tell all their friends how bad-ass their dogs are. Fools. Pits are the #1 cause of dog-on-human deaths. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Anyway so now I’m better prepared. The experts say the best way to fend off an attacking dog (if holding still, avoiding eye contact, etc doesn’t work and he actually makes contact with you) is to shove something down his throat, even your own arm if you have to. Nice. I can’t wait. So now I’m going to carry a compact umbrella with me for that purpose. Oh they also said a good thing to do is to use an open umbrella as a shield between yourself and the dog because it distracts them and also gives them something else to focus on. I also bought some dog mace but that’s apparently only effective 75% of the time. Hey, every little thing helps. I’m also going to get serious about getting a CHL so I can carry my gun with me.

    One last thing – I learned that the pit bull jumping over its fence and attacking my dog might be classified as assault and battery. So if it happens again, I’m calling the cops.

    Anyway. That’s why no posts yesterday. Too busy figuring out how not to get mauled by crazed animals in my suburban neighborhood. What are we, cave people? Jesus.

  • Sarah

    I called the police department to find out the consequences of killing a dog “especially a pit bull” and they told me if I kill it I will go to jail, and I cannot go to jail because I have other animals depending on me. And if I shoot one, what is the other one going to do?

    Oh, for those who don’t believe it is inbred, I will have the full details hopefully tomorrow. Yes, they were “bred” to fight and kill, it is in their blood.

  • One more thing. Like I said before, I love animals, I take in stray dog and cats and find homes for them. Animals LOVE me, but this is the third time I have seen a pit bull attack. Once a pit bull saw me at the vets office and the dog looked straight at me. The owner said, “Oh she won’t hurt you, she’s a dolly, then the pit bull charged straight at me and she had to contain it. another time at a persons home, same response. Their sweet, innocent baby. I sincerely beleive they know I know who and what they are and that they can’t buffallo me. I am seeking a ban on pit bulls in the city I live, if it passes I will take it worldwide. People’s lives are at stake with these wild, uncontrollable animals, and it must come to a stop.

    Please visit my website that has been active for 7 years. You will see I am for animals, not against them… They are one of God’s greatest creations. But God did not create the pit bull, man did.

  • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean worldwide, I meant nationwide.

  • How can anyone say that it is simply the owners fault. Are you trying to say that every pit bull that attacks their owner and their children, it is the owners fault. There are good, good people that have owned pit bulls, people who loved them dearly that attacked, mauled and killed the person who tried to give them a good, comfortable life.

  • Click on the links below. I’m sure you will find it interesting the statistics on pit bull killings, verses all other dog killings. Half of the killings are done by pit bulls, mostly children, and half of those were attacks on the owners.

  • Thank you RJ for your concern. I really appreciate it.


    Unfortunately, far too many Americans, in my opinion, are really poor pet owners. They buy large energetic dogs that need a lot of room, attention and exercise, but the owners work 10-12 hour days and don’t have time to take care of the animal. Pretty irresponsible.

    The worst part of this is, if you see a stray dog in the neighborhood, you don’t know if it is harmless or not, and I am no longer in the mood to give an animal the benefit of the doubt around my kids.

  • I am on a pit bull hunt. I have searched back yards, alleys, streets and amazingly I have found that in a variety of areas, there are half a dozen pit bulls on every block. Mostly in the drug infested areas. These dogs are chosen to protect the dealers because they are the most vicious of them all.

    Looking into a pit bulls eyes is tantamount to looking into the eyes of murderers. Cold…Cruel…unfeeling.

    They even look like mass murderers. Surely many think these pit bulls are cute as a puppy, but Charles Manson, Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker and her clan and the like, were also cute as babies.

    Do not be deceived, pit bulls are taking over. They are killing little animals, and our streets will eventually be filled with these vicious animals if we don’t admit the truth…these animals are wicked, deep, deep, inside.

    Interestingly, a women sitting on her porch, when on my mission, I asked if she had seen 2 identical Brendel pit bulls. She said, “I have a pit bull, but only one, I also have my little shitzu. I do not walk my shitzu because I’m afraid the pit bulls will kill her.”
    She doesn’t even trust them.

    When the truth comes alive, even pit bull owners know the truth.

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a toy poodle or a pit bull, the first thing you have to establish with a dog is you are the dominant and they are the submissive. They’re pack animals, much like we are, and they want to understand their place in the social order. That doesn’t mean you exert your power over the animal by beating it. Puppies have no idea why you’re smacking them with a newspaper or rubbing their noses in their waste when you’re housebreaking them. It’s the responsibility of the owner to realize that it’s about time for the pup to–well– take a dump. If you don’t have the patience to work with the dog, you’re better off with goldfish.

    Dogs want to please. It’s what they live for. But you have to be the Alpha of the pack, even if the pack is just you and the dog. But you also different breeds were bred for different things–humans caused that kind of specialization. Greyhounds were bred to run fast–they’re sweet dogs but not very bright. Pit bulls were bred to fight in the pits for humans’ amusement. They’re naturally aggressive, and steadfastly loyal to one person.

    These are facts–not opinions. It’s incumbent on people to do a little research before they get a dog. You don’t put a Great Dane in an efficiency apartment, and you don’t leave a pit bull unattended.

    I’ve been around dogs of all types all my life, and not one has ever bitten me. So I have to go with the camp that says it’s more a case of the human than the dog. Most people in America I think are getting dogs to satisfy some craving in their own egos.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I take in strays, but I have never been ignorant enough to take in a pit bull.

  • I called the police department to find out the consequences of killing a dog “especially a pit bull” and they told me if I kill it I will go to jail

    Not if you kill it on your property. Not in any state in the union. Once that dog crosses onto your land if you consider it a threat to livestock, pets or even your possessions, you can shoot it with impunity.


  • Sarah

    I also have been around animals all my life and have never been bitten. And I am not going to take the chance of it happening now.

    You said, “Pit bulls were bred to fight in the pits for humans’ amusement. They’re naturally aggressive,” is putting it very mildly. They were BRED TO KILL. They were bred to go into fight until death do they part. People thrived off this type of grotesque amusement, and unfortunately they still do.

    Once bitten by a pit, the pit will fight you and your children until death. Even a gun cannot come up against a pit, you would have to shoot it 4 or 5 times before it would give up, maybe more. And if you miss, God help you.

  • Sarah

    Yes, that’s is what everyone is trying to tell me, that if it comes on my property, I can kill it. But, that isn’t the case. Now, if I kill it and bring it into my home and say I killed it there, then I am not held responsible.

    I am not going to kill these pit bulls. I have never killed an animal in my life, nor a mouse, nor a spider…. I do have a plan however, and I will keep you up to date.

  • Absolutely right, Sarah. I was trying to avoid the gory details so as not to give the pit bull crowd another weapon.
    There is absolutely no justification for owning a pit bull in a crowded urban environment. But I wouldn’t call for their wholesale extermination, either. As I said, the humans who don’t understand the responsibilities of pet ownership should be held criminally accountable if their dog goes rogue. In fact, thre is a bill pending in Texas that addresses that very issue.

  • Sarah

    I know what I am going up against when I fight for the pit bull ban law. I have found however, that an astranomical amount of cities have that law already in effect, even around the city I live.

    But, I love people and children also, and if someone doesn’t step up to the plate and help them become aware, then I would be just as dangerous as the pit bulls themselves.

    And yes, it is the breeders that are the main culprits. Anyone knowing they are breeding a killer animal, should be held highly responsible.

    A persian cat wondered into my yard backhome, I used to live in Illinois, and seeing her, I picked her up, took her in my bathroom and I was shocked.

    BREEDERS overbred her. They took a persian kitten with the flattest face and breed it with another kitten from another litter with the flattest face. (The flatter the face, the MORE MONEY) Well, when these babies were born they all sufficated, but her. There were 7 breeders involved, all were fined and went to jail.

    The good news is, she was 7 when she arrived at my home, and lived 4 more years. I was up with her every 4 hours at night for about a year with vix and Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, and a she was a miracle baby. I still love her to pieces.

  • Sarah

    That’s pretty much is what a ban is Ray. No pit bulls are allowed to come into the city or area, no more breeding, and the ones that are already here must be registered and insured. A ban doesn’t kill the ones that are already here, it just takes control over the situation, before the pit bulls take control over us.

    Just like what is happening now. If those pits were registered I would know where they were and this situation would be put to an end. If there is a ban, however long it takes, those pits will have to be registered, then I can find out who they are.

    And the law MUST BE inforced.

    At the moment I am afraid to let my cat’s outside, and they are used to coming and going as they please, except at night when they must stay in. I myself am not afraid. I practically live on my front porch in the summertime, and these dogs are not going to steal, kill, and destroy my joy. I do look over my shoulder and I am cautious, but I will not let them encage me, or I will be in the pits along with them.

    When a situation gets tough Ray, you must get tougher than the situation, and not lay down and let it roll over on you.

  • “When a situation gets tough Ray, you must get tougher than the situation, and not lay down and let it roll over on you.”

    That pretty much applies to life in general, Sarah. But I would just add it’s not enough to get tougher, you have to get smarter than your foe. Fighting fire with fire usually ends with earth getting scorched, and not much else.

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry ray. I am only 5’2″ and 58 years old, nowhere a match for fighting a dog, especially 2 pit bulls. Tough in thought, wisdom, and of course, Faith.

  • Sarah

    Do you have any sugestions Ray, on how to trap 2 pit bulls? I was going to hire someone to watch the yard for the next few weeks, someone who knew pit bulls, so he could trap them, but that could get quite expensive. And you never know when they will show up again. What 1 week, 2 weeks – 3????

    I have a shed I thought about putting food in during the day, (they come in the daytime,) but I would have to close the door quick and get into my house before they knocked down the door. It’s just a shed door.


    I think maybe someone is unable to keep them in their yard. They can jump over a 6 foot fence and dig out from under any fence. They are the most difficult animal to contain. That’s probably why they only come here once in a while.

  • I don’t know your situation, Sarah, but I would focus on putting the fear of God in the owners, rather than the dogs themselves. Taking on the dogs directly is not working for you, obviously.

  • The animal control cannot find the owners of the dogs. I have been all over this town trying to find out where they live. You have to know who the owners are before you can confront them. But you are right, God WILL take care of this situation.



    The breed known as the American Pit Bull Terrier was selectively bred specifically with the idea of it becoming the ultimate canine gladiator, to fight until death.

    The breed is reported to have been pitted against leopards in the ancient Roman arenas.

    The Neapolitan Mastiff is a descendant of the Molossus, the mammoth war dogs of the Middle East, and was frequently used in the Roman arenas pitted against lions, bears, and gladiators for entertainment. As dogs of war, they fought alongside the Roman legions, and in this way they were spread throughout Europe. Eventually the descendants of the Roman Molossian splintered into several different Mastiff breeds known across Europe.

    The origins of the breed can be traced back to antiquity and the Molossian family of dogs. The Molossian family of dogs bears the name of the people with whom they were most often associated – the Molossi tribe, a group of people who lived in ancient Greece and favored the use of robust, muscular dogs in warfare. Officially termed canus molossi (dogs of the Molossi), these animals were reknowned for their fierceness, and for their innate ability to intimidate the enemies of the tribe.

    The Molossians gave rise to another family of dogs known as the Mastiffs. The early Britons employed a variation of the Mastiffs as pugnaces – fighting dogs that could be used in either a guardianship or warfare capacity. When the Roman emperor Claudius defeated the Briton Chief Caractacus in 50 AD, the powerful pugnaces piqued his interest. He quickly seized on the opportunity and began exporting select quantities of the dogs back home to satiate his countrymen’s appetite for entertainment in the arenas and coliseums of Rome.

    Once in Rome, the British dogs were crossbred with their Roman counterparts. From the years 50 AD to 410 AD, the breed was widely disseminated throughout the Roman Empire for use as fighting dogs. Along the way they mixed with other indigenous breeds throughout Europe, creating a genetic melting pot for the bulldogs that are the immediate antecedents of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    Fighting bulldogs were bred with terriers who were known for their feistiness and indefatigable focus. The result was the bull-and-terrier, more commonly known as the first pit bull terrier – a muscular, canine gladiator bred specifically for combat with other dogs.

  • Yesterday the animal control gave me an address to see if I could identify the two pits that killed my cat. I drove over to the address given, went into the back alley and I was saddened through and through. There were two Brendil pits encaged in a pen not much bigger than their bodies. One in one part of the cage – in a cage in frong, the other in a cage behind. I was appaled. I stopped my car in front of the cage and asked the pit in front, “Do you remember me”? I looked at him in his eyes, and they were very, very sad.

    My heart went out to him. There is something I always do with my cats and that is make eyes at them, which means I look them in the eye and close my eyes slowly, then again. They always make eyes back, that is a sign of love and trust. The pit did the same. I cannot believe the animal control said these were family pits, but obviously they don’t know animals as well as they think. These were breeding pits, and these breeders need to be fined and jailed. I don’t believe any animal should live outside, they need a home with loving care, but to live under these conditions, I would rather be dead, and I can assure you, so would they.

    No it’s not the pit bulls fault. It’s the breeders and every breeder knows the consquences of their actions. They know the multitudes of maulings, maimings and deaths of innocent people, yet they continue to breed the pit. They know that out of each litter born, that a minuet few are going to get into the right hands. And the way the world is today, it’s only going to get worse, not better.

    Banning is the only solution. You’ll not help the pit if you don’t ban the breeders. A ban doesn’t mean kill the pit, it means not to allow any more be born, and those who already have them must register them. Registration of the dog involves having a microchip implanted under the dog’s skin, spayed/nutured, a tattoo applied to its leg, an up-to-date photograph of the dog as well as a $50,000 liability insurance policy. It would also require a cement floor and a roof on the top. A HOME is what they need. They are no different than us. Even death row affords a bed with a mattress in their room.

    If this law were already in effect, I could find these pits, and live again in peace. Oh yes, I could not make a 100% identification. Maybe it was them, maybe not. I couldn’t see their entire bodies because they were laying on their sides. I took a good long look at them though, and if it is them I will know next time, when they come back. Then I will hold the owners responsible.

    We need laws not only for the pit, but for every animal deprived of a good home life with their loved ones. Cages should only be used for exercise, and fun. The head of Springfield Mo, human society said to me one time, “there is an amazingly amount of people who own animals simply to have something to control. They will get a dog and either chain them outside, or leave them to live their lives in a caged yard. These animals lose their spirit and ability to learn. Then their children see the way their parents raise animals and follow suit. It’s become an epidemic, and it’s enough to break any animal lovers heart.”

  • Pepper’sMommy

    Sarah, you seem to be observing pits in a very unhealthy environment. What it sound like you see are what I call “ghetto pits”. These are animals owned and bred by ignorant human beings whose only focus is to extort their inbred flaws for purposes such as fighting, “protection” and to keep their drug business safe. These examples are NOT what “normal” pits are like. You are correct, however, about how pathetic and abused these animals are in situations like this. These idiots are literally USING the poor animal for their own sick purposes. “Normal” pits are truly sweet, loving and big lap dogs!
    I wish you could see a pit in a normal situation. If you do some more research into the positives of pits, you will find that they rank VERY highly on reputable temperament tests. In fact, there are many that are search/rescue dogs and therapy dogs! I believe that only people who understand the breed and are willing to PROPERLY train and socialize their animal should own a pit. I believe that this is true with ANY large dog, regardless of breed. There is no internal trigger that causes the dog to one-day snap. To be vicious towards humans… this is a learned behavior and it HAS to be TAUGHT.
    Breed Specific Legislation would do nothing to stop the “bad” type of breeding. Much like illegal drugs, drunk driving, prostitution, and pot smoking… it WILL continue to happen. They will just be more sneaky about it and it will be MUCH more dangerous. The people who breed these “ghetto” pits will ABSOLUTELY continue to breed in this horrible way. They still make meth in their basements, right?
    The legitimate breeders will be the ones to suffer. Law abiding citizens that truly have the best intentions for the breed will be forced to stop breeding quality, non-inbred animals. The pure form or the breed will be wiped out, and all that would be left are the kind that shouldn’t exist in the first place.
    BSL would not solve this unfortunate problem. It is definitely not the dog’s fault, as they are just a product of their environment. The ONLY way to solve this problem is to severely punish the owners/breeders that abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, the government does not have the resources to effectively control this problem, much like they cannot effectively control the drug problem.
    You sound like a very decent person, a Christian perhaps? I am sorry for the loss of your pet. That would be HORRIBLE! I thank you for not wanting to kill the dogs and wanting to humanely trap them. I respect you for that. Please don’t become a supporter of BSL, because it will not stop the problem and those of us who are responsible will ultimately be punished.

    RJ- “The comments in this section are strong supporting evidence of my theory that people who like pit bulls are almost always illiterate morons.”
    Absolutely NOT true. I am a teacher, professional, educated, and certainly not moronic. It is unfortunate that you have to latch on to such weak “co-relations” to prove your point. That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with your argument. For instance, there appears to be a strong correlation between rape and ice cream consumption… but in truth, it is purely other unrelated variables that create the appearance of a relationship. You can make almost anything look related on the surface. You have to actually do some research to prove a point.

  • sr


  • Sarah

    I live in a very nice area, but I go into the pits to find the pits…that is where one finds them. I’m sorry, I guess you didn’t read. I live in a secludede area…A beautiful country, secluded area.

    I have a list of over 300 pit bull maulings and killings from 2005 – 2007. About 200 since Feb. 2007. The list will be completed and put on the web tomorrow.

  • Click on the link below for a partial list of the most recent Pit Bull Attacks on the web. I think you will be AMAZED. Like I said, this is just a partial list. I will continue tomorrow.

  • Sarah

    Peppers Mommy,

    Yes, I am a Christian and one thing we are to do is love other people…it’s the second commandment, Jesus commanded, “Love One Another”. When animals maul and kill people and other animals in such an abundance, it must be put to a stop. The only way one can stop it is by prosecuting the breeders, and the only way breeders can be fined and imprisioned is by banning pit bulls.

    I myself have seen enough pit bulls for a life time. These are not the first pits that I have had an encounter with. One at the vet when the girl came out of the office with her as she said, “She is so lovable, she wouldn’t hurt a fly,” then I looked at the pit and the pit charged me.

    Those same words and the same thing happened another time also. No one can convince me that pits are sweet and loveable. I feel sorry for them, but I believe human lives are much, much more important.

  • I would like to add. Perhaps some may think pit bulls are gentle and loving, so was blackie. There was not a more lovable cat. EVERYBODY loved Blackie, and he was a very sick kitty with FIV, and a surviver…a miracle sent from God. When your pit attacks you or your children, your story will be told…but unfortunately not by you.

  • Friday afternoon July 6, 2007, the animal control came to the house and informed me that 2 Brendle pit bulls killed 4 cats the night before. They had the girl pit in the humane society, they could not get the boy yet, however, they knew where he lived and were going to arrest him that evening.

    Every one of the cat’s owners signed complaints, and they wanted me to go the the shelter to identify the pit bulls. I was informed where they lived a week ago, but they didn’t seem to look like the ones that came into my house, then later came back to kill my cat.

    Then the gentleman from the animal control said there were two pit bulls that lived over the hill where I lived then down 2 blocks. He gave me the address, and Glory Be To God, there was one of them in the front yard. Same beautiful color, same age, same everything that I described the day they came into my house, then again two weeks later when they came back to kill blackie. The fence around the pit’s owners was so low that the pit’s could practically walk over it. The pits are teen agers, what could have happened when they matured?

    I called the animal control and they said they are getting a warrent for the pit’s arrest. They are bringing papers for me to sign, one for the killing of Blackie, the other for when they came into my home uninvited…Traspassing. The owners WILL pay for their neglegence. The gentleman at the animal control was surpirsed, putting it midly, when he discovered there were two sets of brendle pits stalking the streets, killing animals. It opened up a whole new can of worms.

    This is what will happen. The owners will be fined $50, consume the vet bills, (which was not much because he died shortly after he got to the vet’s), a micro-chip must be put in his head and a cage with a top must be provided for the pit bulls. A mere pentance for a precious life.

    I have a hearing with the city counsol Monday. A pit bull ban is the only way I can save all the innocent little animals, the old people and the children of God. I pray you want to save God’s children the same.

  • sr

    Sarah, please buy a 12 gage shotgun or a 44 mag. Would you like to know what I recommend for rounds to blow the head off a pitt?

  • Keri


  • Keri

    part of it’s not only stupid and irresponsible owners.. but a lack in the judical systems..

    having just read the article on Michael Vick in my home paper…
    “If convicted on the travel portion of the charge, each man faces up to 5 years in federal prison. If convicted of dog fighting, each is looking at one year.”

    He will get up to 5 years on the charge of interstating and 1 year for murdering an animal..

    People like that have no business owning animals and are parts of the reasons why some of these animals have such a trashed out name.. Yet the reprocussion of the problem is small. In turn, just making them try to be smarter about it the next time.

    A more severe punishment would be appreciated, not just by those that fear the animals, but also by those that love the animals.

    So for all those that love animals regardless of what kind it is.. do you really think that 5 or 6 years makes up for it? If they are considered as members of a family because of the closeness you share with them from raising an animal like it were your own child.. is it fair?

    Does that mean if someone were to go out and kill someone at random on the street, they to should only get 5 or 6 years for that? I think the punishments for animal cruelty should be alot higher then what they are. It pisses me off that it’s not.

    Yes, I do think owners should be held responsible for what their animals do. Even if my own pit were to ever attack or harm someone, I would accept any charges brought against me. But, I do the best I can to make sure that doesn’t happy. He’s not kept away from other people, he has been raised to be around many different people so to not make him so skittish if they were around him. I don’t keep him locked in a cage or make him stay inside the house.
    He gets ample outside time as well. He goes for walks, he plays with other dogs, he plays with children, he goes along on trips as if he were a member of the family. He is given alot of love and alot of care in my house. You’d think he was a giant lap dog, if you weren’t a narrow minded baffoon and could get past the Pit bull part.

    Not all of them are evil. Not all of them are such cruel and monsterous creatures as people want to make them to be.

    Back to the point.. Michael Vick deserves a hell of alot longer then 5 – 6 years for his crimes.. They are saying at least 8 dogs… well it should be that long at the minimum for EACH dog and maybe I would feel some kind of justice in it..But then again.. I probably wouldn’t really either.

    If dog is man’s best friend..and that man could take that best friends life.. why not charge him with something worse then animal cruelty.. why not make the sentence for said such animal cruelty have the same outcomes for if it were a real man that were murdered..
    If you murdered your neighbor and were given life.. why not give a life sentence as well for killing an animal? It’s all the same if you ask me.. It shouldn’t matter who or what you killed…but just the fact that you killed..

    I still stand on my position that not all of the Pit species are cruel and as harmful as everyone would like to believe. As well as, not everyone can actually distingush the difference between pits and some other dogs that have a closness in looks. (Yet, think they know it all and by such are quick to say the animal was a pit, when not all cases of that are true.)

    hmm I’m irritated.. I’m ticked off and I think I’m going to watch some TV or take a nap to get my mind off it.. Sorry for my rambling, cause I know I did it..

  • MarcusBrutus

    Yes, I am a Christian and one thing we are to do is love other people…it’s the second commandment, Jesus commanded, “Love One Another”. When animals maul and kill people and other animals in such an abundance, it must be put to a stop. The only way one can stop it is by prosecuting the breeders, and the only way breeders can be fined and imprisioned is by banning pit bulls.

    You could have stopped at “I am a Christian..” and we would have understood the depths of your ignorance… Your view is as convoluted as your religion, your “only way” is is circular and disgusting.

  • bluepitlover

    if u are dumb enough to think that the dog was born with that agression then why are there hundres of FAMILYS with PITBULLS who have not only been gental loving members of the family but have also given there life when there family was being robbed or awoke the family when there house was on fire,most oven giving there life so there own can live. now if the dogs own beats him and only shows agression tword the dog natrualy the dog is going to think that every human is a threat. i have 5 pitbulls who spend every day with my younger siblings nieces and nephews and i wouldn’t feel safe with out them.

  • RJ

    The Michael Vick indictment

  • Heath Nunn

    one of our friends just came over crying saying that 2 pitbulls just came in her yard and killed both of their cats in masoncity il and all the police are gonna do is fine the owners well if they come way they will be taking a dirt nap and i feel that if i shoot the dogs i should just get a fine because that all they got anyways just venting thanks

  • Keri

    Honestly, I feel that when dogs attack and actually kill, they should be automatically euthanised.. Wether it be pit bulls or not.
    As well as giving the owner a fine. Not only should the owner pay a fine, but the costs of having the animal euthanised.

    BUT.. I do not agree with killing off an entire breed or banning them because of it. My love for Pits have not changed and I still stand on being against what they are trying to do to the Pit Bull breed.

    But, make the rules clear and across the board for all dogs.. Treat them like they would treat one of us if it were us commiting the actual crime.

    Only difference is we end up with prison time, as where they would not. Least our tax dollars wouldn’t be going to house a bunch of people and the free ride they get while they are there.

  • Tammy

    I own 2 pitbulls and let me tell you!! I have 4 children and 2 cats, my Pits are the most gentle, loving dogs I have ever met. I grew up with a toy pomeranian, and she was more aggressive then my Pitbulls. It’s the media that has made society turn this breed into a sterotype, biased people who only beleive what they hear. You can’t judge every pitbull for every bad deed. Black labs have attacked; but you don’t hear of people wanting to ban them. Did you know that Pitbulls are one of the lowest on the list for dog bites? Pit Bulls score an 83.4% passing rate with the American Temperament Test Society. That’s better than the popular Border Collie (a breed who scores 79.6%). View the ATTS stats here.
    know your facts before you judge. Not all pits are bad, most are very loving. It’s the irresponsable owners that give these dogs the rep they have.

  • I wonder how many people have actually been hurt by Pomeranians?

  • Keri

    The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family’s Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby’s uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. (“Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog,” Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)

  • RJ

    More fun with “harmless” pit bulls:

    GIG HARBOR, Wash. (AP) – Two pit bull terriers broke into a house through a pet door Tuesday and attacked a woman in her bed, mauling her badly, a Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman said.

    The woman was able to grab a gun and try to shoot the dogs, then break away from the attack and lock herself in her car, where she called 911, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.

    The woman, who was not immediately identified, was taken to a hospital in Tacoma, where she was listed in serious condition.

    Officers planned to talk to the dogs’ owner.

    The pit bulls also killed a neighbor’s Jack Russell terrier, which entered the house during the attack, Troyer said.

    “The thought is that the Jack Russell heard noise in the neighbor’s house, came in and was attacked by the dogs,” Troyer said.

    Firefighters responded first, locking the dogs in the house, treating the woman and calling for an ambulance.

    Officers “had to pepper spray and fight the dogs until they were detained. We almost had to shoot them on site,” Troyer said.

  • You think maybe Michael Vick can be their cellmate?

  • Keri

    I can agree with that.. I don’t give a rats patut if Vick was a football player. I don’t care that he was black, that stupid lil SOB should get a HELL of alot more time then what he’s gonna get.

    I’d feel the same wether or not it was a pitbull or damn gerbil..

  • Hugh Martin

    you all are crazy to think that it is right to ban an entire due to a few dogs actions.I’ll bet anything that those were raised by idiots,and probaly werent even apbt.If a white man kills someone do you ban his entire race,no I dont think so.Alligators bite,snakes bite,poodles bite.Ban ignorant people not a wonderful breed like the Amstaff or Apbt.I’ve been bitten by one dog my whole life and it was a Collie.Are you gonna ban Lassie?

  • Randy Robinson

    Since I was young (I’m 23 now) a mojority of our dogs have been Pitbulls. We have never had not one show any signs of aggression. Most have been outside dogs but my grandmother has had the same Pit, as an inside dog, for 10 years. Not once has she showed any signs of aggression. My three cousins lived with her for awhile (ages 1,4,6) and Shiloh (the Pit) was never mean. She would sleep with them and play with them all the time. Of course, they would get scratches but they get scratches from the neighbors Chiwawa (sp).

    I now own a year old Pit and she is the sweetest dog you could ever want. All she does is lick you and want attention. If you act like you are going to take her food (or toys) from her, all she will do is lick you and scoot it closer for you to have. Now does that sound aggressive or vicious?

    Read the articles in the site. They are about different dog attacks. The point of the site is to stop chaining dogs but still, very few of the atacking dogs are Pits.

  • I think that all the people that have “media evidence” are idiots! I own a pit bull, and to be honest… I will never own anything different than a pit bull. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog around.
    There are 28 different breeds that are commonly mistaken for a pit bull everyday… Do you think honestly, that you would be able to tell the differece? no. people that hate on pit bulls associate 28 different breeds with them…
    I have a 2 year old niece, and whenever she comes over…they are best friends. My dog protects her, kisses her, and does not leave her side.
    Pit Bulls are also often used as service dogs. Hellen Keller… owned a pitbull as her companion and service dog. Stubbs, the first dog ever to aid in a war (WWI) was a pit bull. The pit bull also has the nickname of “the nanny dog” in many dog books.
    I say get your facts straight before ever saying…”well, they own a pit bull honey, Ill have to cancel all playdates”…
    Well thats fine… shouldnt you be taking the kids to soccer practice anyways?!
    Of course, you should never leave a child with a dog alone.. but that goes for ANY dog. That type of situation should always have the owner or a responsible adult around supervising.

    And for the owner whos precious poodles were attacked and cost him $5,000 in vet bills… GOOD! Your little punters shouldnt be called dogs anyways.

  • RJ

    “And for the owner whos [sic] precious poodles were attacked and cost him $5,000 in vet bills… GOOD! Your little punters shouldnt [sic] be called dogs anyways.”

    And that’s just the sort of class we’ve come to expect from pit bull owners…

  • I dont care what sort of class you expect. Banning a breed isnt going to make the problem go away (dog attacks). Get your facts straight before you go pointing fingers… Pits arent the only dogs that have attacked…

    And poodles arent real dogs anyways…at least not with those god awful haircuts.

  • Golfer girl

    I have to take issue with most of the comments but especially the one from Kirk #131.

    Why is your wife not allowed to walk your dog? Why must you also insist that he loves you more and air out your issues on a message board, and why would you not own another APBT?

    I have a pit mix. He is the second pit bull type dog I have owned. I did not get him for his breed, I actually fostered his terrier/basinji mix mother while she was pregnant, and the litter until they found homes. He was the only one left and we decided to keep him. My first pit bull type dog was a rescue of sorts. He was roaming around the parking lot of Wal-Mart, and we kept him to prevent him from being euthanized by the city. They had all of our information, and if someone called about him, his owners could come find him. No one every called. Apparently he was a former fighting dog, due to all the wounds he had. I later found out he was indeed a fighting dog, and had lost his last match and his owner let him go due to that. I did not nor would I ever get a dog to hype up my “image”, if that was the case, I would not own a beagle and a mini schnauzer, lol.

    I know the negative image that the APBT has in the media and people’s minds in this day and age. But if you look back to the 40’s and 50’s and before then, you would NEVER hear of a “pit bull” attack on a human. Why? Due to the PROPER breeding and responsible ownership of these animals. I am against fighting dogs, as I always have been; but I give the dogmen of old credit where credit is due. None of their animals were ever PTS due to human agression, nor were they hard to handle or unable to be around strangers. They laid the foundation for the dogs I have had/have currently.

    It is just recently in the last 20-25 yrs or so that the APBT has had such a horrible reputation. Why? Due to ill breeding practices, and idiot ownership. I am sure most of the population is ignorant to what a true standard APBT actually is.

    I can tell you it is NOT one of those blue, low riding, 100+lbs 32″ head, pig looking things. A true to standard APBT is between 30-55lbs, very lean, athletic, and very people loving. If you are unsure by what I mean with that. please Google Chinaman, Mayday, or Petey (Little Rascal’s) and you will have a better idea of the look I mean.

    I chose this breed, due to their ability to excell at ANYTHING you ask them to do. Field trials, agility, hunting, dock dogs, flyball, weight pull, SARS (search and rescue), therapy dog, blind persons assistance, Schutzhund (which I DO NOT recommend for APBT!!!), not to mention a very loving loyal family pet.

    They can literally do anything you ask them to. My pit mix now can and will play hide and go seek, fetch specific toys from his toy box, open the fridge to get you a drink, put his toys away, play dead before he is a Yankee fan (bad joke for some of you. I ask him “would you rather be dead, or a Yankee fan”? and he falls over playing dead.), not to mention he is CGC certified, and is currently working on his therapy certification so he can offer companionship to the elderly in homes.

    He is wary of strangers, but not agressive, and due to extensive training I have no worries that he will be another statistic. You see, I took the time and effort to make sure that does not happen.

    Why would you not want a dog that can be whatever you want them to be? He is just as happy lying on the floor watching movies with my child, as he is on the golf course with me, or running 5 miles daily with my husband.

  • Golfer girl

    Phillip #316, That is a lie.

    Since APBT’s are the most favorite breed of canine currenty in the US today, it makes sense that there would be more issues with them. But statistically speaking, there are less bites from that breed than other breeds. Let’s break it down simply.

    Say there are 1,000 pit bull type dogs in an area, and 500 poodles, and 200 labs.

    Say that 10 bites come from the pit bull type dogs, 10 from the poodles and 10 from the labs.

    you odds of getting bit my a pit bull in that area are 1 on 100, while the poodle is 1 in 50 and the lab is 1 in 20. Who is actually doing the more biting here? The lab of course!

    Which means in that hypothetical area, you have a 5% chance of being bitten by a lab, a 2% chance of being bitten by a poodle and a less that half of a % of being bitten by a pit bull, but a 60%+ chance of getting into a car wreck. So let’s ban cars instead!

  • Golfer girl

    To Sarah #388.

    You feel that “pit bull” type dogs are deamons?

    Hun, slow your role, they are ANIMALS.

    I have been bitten countless times by many different animals, during my stints as a voluenteer at our local shelters, and working with the local zoo. Out of all those bites, never have I once been bitten by a “pit bull” type dog, but I have in fact been bitten by quite a few animals. By FAR the worst bite I recieved was from a cat.

    Should ALL cats be banned and demonized now?

  • Golfer girl

    “I am on a pit bull hunt. I have searched back yards, alleys, streets and amazingly I have found that in a variety of areas, there are half a dozen pit bulls on every block. Mostly in the drug infested areas. These dogs are chosen to protect the dealers because they are the most vicious of them all.

    Looking into a pit bulls eyes is tantamount to looking into the eyes of murderers. Cold…Cruel…unfeeling.” ~Sarah

    You are on a hunt for pit bulls? What will you do when you find them?

    You come to my home on a witch hunt like that, it will NOT be my pit bull that you have to worry about, I assure you of that. He is a HORRIBLE “guard dog”, lol. If you were to break into my home, he would lead you to the goodies, as long as you gave him a piece of ice as a treat.

    In this home it is not the dog you have to worry about, it is the owner. As I seriously doubt you we be able to just walk onto a military base that easily anyway.

  • DW

    I can’t beleive someone would actually want to eradicate a whole breed of dog because of an incident. I hear the stories of these pitbulls attacking people, and i feel for the victims and there families. but to kill the breed, that makes no sence. that’s like saying, “oh, look at all the teens killing in schools and malls across the U.S.A.” why not kill all the kids. i mean come on. if someone comes to my door, and i’m eating dinner, and i have a no soliciting sign on my door, i’d hope my dog would take care of them. the pit bull breed was formed to protect the owner, and that’s why it made a great fighting dog. it’s hard to find a pitbull that’s part of a fighting family these days. how ignorite do you have to be to say “it’s drug infested areas and gangs who have these dogs” it’s a great breed for the whole family, but you have to love and take care of them. if you neglect your teen, he might shoot up his school. seriously, quite breed bashing, unless you know or understand the breed, you have no write to say anything. do your history first, find the facts.

  • Yet another semi-literate posting using the same “arguments” that have already been made here about a hundred times. Thanks for playing.

  • Animalloverofallkinds

    Okay, first of all, let’s talk about horses. Beautiful, graceful, affectionate, companions. They are also about ton of muscle and hard hooves. When “acting out,” they buck, rear up, kick and bite, just like any other animal naturally would. But, they are not in threat of species genocide because a kid falls and breaks a leg. They are not on the chopping block as being “dangerous” and “innapropriate” to have around children. Christopher Reeves didn’t ask horses to be banned because they were a threat to safety. Jesus. You talk about a dog like it’s a killing machine…it’s an ANIMAL. Expect it to ACT like one. I think that’s the real issue here. People get dogs and expect them to act like people. They don’t think like a person, act like a person, or even have the same morals and ethics as people do. When dealing with ANY breed of dog, you are not accepting the dog into your home as a pet. You are accepting the dog into your PACK as member that needs to know his place in the pecking order.

    You want to talk about the safety of your children, yet you strap your kid into a large metal death trap we call a “car” every day. There are more child fatalities in cars than by dogs, but you have an issue with dogs??? Where the hell are priorities, here? In my opinion, the most dangerous animal on the planet is a person!

    Just like stricter gun laws do not keep them from the hands of criminals; stricter dog laws are not going to keep them from irresponsible, uneducated handlers. And they CERTAINLY won’t guarantee dogs will be “nicer,” according to “human” standards.

  • Animalloverofallkinds

    “the pit bull breed was formed to protect the owner, and that’s why it made a great fighting dog.”

    And you are WRONG. The breed was formed to FIGHT animals for entertainment, hunting, and sport. There is a big difference between animal aggression and people aggression. A pitbull does NOT make a good personal protection dog because they were bred to be specifically PEOPLE FRIENDLY. When the breed was introduced, these dogs had to be handled in the middle of a fight by their owners, which is the MOST dangerous time to handle a dog. Any dog that bit it’s handler or another person was either immediately put down or nuetered, as to NOT spread the people-aggressive gene. This was intolerable and unaccepted as a breed standard. These vicious dogs roaming neighborhoods attacking people are NOT a TRUE pitbull. These are the dogs that have been bred by uneducated fools that THINK that’s what they were meant for. And, because of their mistreatment, attack training, and abuse, their aggression is indeed passed down to their pups, who in turn, become people-aggressive, and recieve the blunt end of the media propoganda. There is a difference between a true pitubll and a street pit. A true pitbull always sees a person as dominant, EVEN STRANGERS!! Which is why they are so easily stolen. A street pit is usually bred FOR agression, and should NOT be a representation of the breed. In fact, it would do the TRUE pitbull justice to change it’s name.

  • allilore

    The media and stupid people have taken a brilliant, people loving breed, and totally destroyed it. Its seems as if any dog that attacks is sensationalized as a “pitbull attack” because it gets more attention than “chow chow attack”. The caption on the news is “pitbull attack” they show the dog, it is not even a pitbull, but some mix breed! All this because some ghetto assholes think its cool to own a strong dog. So they cross breed pitbulls with other dogs to make them have bigger heads, be more muscular and so on. Then the dogs are abused, not sociallized, not exercised, chained up all day, bred to have puppies that will grow up and live in same conditions. And when the dog bites someone, everyone wants to ban the whole breed instead of punishing the owner. People who are not responsible members of society should not be allowed to own dogs. If pitbulls are banned these thugs are going to find or create some other “breed” of dog to make them feel important. Where will it end? What’s next? I know people that have been bitten by beagles and pomeranians (just to name a few). And maybe a beagle or pom might not do the damage that a larger dog could do, but all dogs can “attack”. Maybe we should ban every dog that has teeth, would that make you happy? Or maybe we should ban all dogs that aren’t little and fluffy. Breed specific legislation is the biggest waste of tax dollars and time and it doesn’t work. So for all the people that want to kill all the “pit bulls” and the people who back away from my sweet 14 year-old grey in the face amstaff/pitbull terrier because of their own ignorance, I say get your information straight. Leave our pitbulls alone!

  • “Leave our pitbulls alone!”

    Leave Britney alone!

  • a nonny moose

    i think pit bulls is a pretty good animal he is nice and doesn’t afraid of anything

  • kk

    people need to have more common sense when owning a apbt this is true. there is no shortage of stupid people that end up owning one or more of these wonderfull dogs, and they cant control them (like giving a gun to five year old). a pitbull will fight to the death to please or more likely to protect his master, and people exploit this fact. band stupid people not our dogs, we already are losing our rights to smoke, to drive old cars , freedom of speech, and now what kind of dog we can have for a pet? there is not many things left these days that are american, lets not give up another one to these weekminded whiners who think they know whats good for every one else !!

  • Renee’

    Hey lets just ban everything and become a country that falls for knee jerk reaction to stereo types.

    Lets make everyone responsible for what everyone else does …yeah thats the ticket.

    Pit Bulls




    Flu Medicine

    Anything that can hurt anyone and lets also get rid of free speech too, kind of like the right to free speech you have for typing up this blog.

    Then we will be one big happy people living in the good old USA and we will be safe dammit!!!

    So where do we sign up to for the “we are all the same t-shirts”? Pal?

    You got a cell phone? Do you drive around talking on it and come close to hitting innocent by standers because your too busy gabbing and not paying attention to the road?

    Lets get creative here and think of all of the stereo types we can put each other into and call for banning things from people who actually are responsible with said item.

    Then we can live up to the laughing stalk of Americans that we are, promote freedom yet take it away from others due to some who are not held responsible for their own actions.

    Yeah, good idea….

  • I think that pit bulls have a bad rep. I think that it is how they are raised that makes most of them behave the way they do. That they have this rep so people get them to keep that rep. If people didnt raise them to be mean and to fight then I dont think they would be like that.

  • James

    Kill All pitbulls ? Your a psycho bud.

    Want us to burn all books because they may offer ideas that allow us to hurt one another ?

    In fact, lets burn all the left wing crazies while we are at it ? They may hurt us too.

    I can keep going but I think I made my point. Where does it stop ? Ban anything that may hurt people ? Table corners ? cars ? Tobacco ? Alcohol ? Guns ? Blacks ? Latinos ? Irish ?

    You seriously scare me with your words. I will remember your name, I promise.

    Did you know, Pitbulls were the most commonly used dog in Child Cancer wings. Not because they were some kind of monster, but rather because they try so hard to please. They are very affectionate dogs, and with the proper, responsible owner, it shows. Ever owned one of these dogs ? Or are you basing your knowledge off the bias media ? You do know Labs bite more humans then any other breed ? It was already stated, but Pitbulls are one of the last ranked dogs for human bites. Why should the lowest rung on the ladder be wiped out ? If thats the case, all dogs should be wiped out. You know how dangerous it would be to try and take away people’s dogs. Some people WILL go out fighting for them. Trust me, I have been trainging dogs (including Pits and Staffies) for over 6 years. I Have seen some animal owners who are VERY attached to their pet, including me.

  • casey

    i disagree for many pit bulls can be very sweet it depends on how they are raised and sadly many of these dogs end up dead because of their foolish owners i myself have owned pitbulls and i love them to dealth they are very gorgeous animals but they can be dangerous but just because there are some bad ones doesnt mean that any one has the right to punish the good ones for the bad ones doings.Pit bulls are awesome and i miss my baby rebel every day.

  • pissed off

    Golden Retrievers and labs each kill more people per year worldwide than all the breeds that are lumped into the “pitbull” category combined (even counting the fact that all it takes for an attack to be recorded as a “pitbull” attack is the word of the complaintant…& we all know people NEVER jump to snap judgements and mis-identify the dogs). Look it up. & I’m getting really tired of you people letting your labs off their leashes to attack my leashed staffie and then giving ME the third degree.

  • Actually, a judge uttered the very words, “Kill all pit bulls.”

    On December 8, 2006, Garfield County Court Judge Jason Jovanovich said that pit bulls are too dangerous to be loose in society, and if he could he would kill every pit bull. He made the remarks while sentencing the owner of a pit bull that violently attacked a 74-year old Silt woman.

    “If I had a big red button right here that would kill all the pit bulls, I wouldn’t hesitate to press it,” Jovanovich said. ”I think they should be as illegal as owning a lion, and they belong in zoos.”

    The pit bull named “Butterbean” savagely attacked Judy McGruder back in September. McGruder was forced to undergo four hours of surgery and needed more than 200 stitches to close wounds on her hand, arm, leg and head. The victim said in the hearing that she will likely face more surgery in the future.

  • Send Jocanovich to the Zoo

    Just because a judge says it, it makes it right, huh?

    “The victim, Judy McGruder, said today she may face more surgery on her hand in the wake of the Sept. 22 attack, which happened when she went to the home of Julie Dawn Sullivan by mistake.”

    Give me a break. The woman, a strange person, wanders into the house of the dog and somehow none of this responsibility falls upon her?
    Am Staffs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are the ONLY two breeds which pass the AKC temperment tests to be around children. Anyone can cherry-pick an isolated incident and use it to demonize an entire breed. So let’s stoop to your level and play your game & try this one on for size:

    ‘It’s usually the perfect combination – a loving youngster and a gentle dog.

    But something went horribly wrong at an Oshawa home Tuesday and now a three-year-old girl is facing the possibility of having plastic surgery.

    Police say the youngster was being cared for by neighbours at 506 Lanlark Drive just after 1pm, and was petting a normally friendly Golden Retriever.

    Cops aren’t sure what provoked the animal, but it suddenly turned on the child, mauling the tot from her eye to her cheek.

    The toddler was rushed to Lakeridge Health Centre, where plastic surgeons began examining the damage. It’s believed her eyesight will be O.K. but she may require surgical repairs to her cheek.

    The same people looking after the child were also looking after the dog for the day.

    ‘They were petting the dog,’ relates Richard Ovila, the babysitter’s husband. ‘I don’t know if they were patting together or what, when all of a sudden the dog turned around and took her on the left cheek.'”
    (the article can be read in its entirity here.

    So we have a “pitbull” that attacked someone who more-or-less broke into his home & a golden retriever that attacked a kid for petting it. I’d love to see how you’ll spin that one.

    (or since you seem to think that if it involves law-enforcement officials, it is undeniable, here’s one about a cop’s golden retriever biting a girl.)

    -& I’d lead the effort to put Jovanovich in the zoo.

  • billy

    I am a pitbull owner in been one for 30 years and every pitbull that I Ever owned has never bit no one are turn on me. I Would’nt own no other breed then a pitbull .it always ban pitbull that a bunch of bull,what about all these other breed that have turn in bit some,I had a next door neighbor who had own a saint bernard in bought him at the age of 8 or 9 weeks old just right before he turn a year old this saint bernard had got out of his back yard in almost killed a freind of his he bite this guy on his face in put over 175 stiches are more then later turn on his on owner he was’nt a pitbull he was a full blooded saint bernard so are we suspose to try in ban that breed, then a other case my oldest brother had own a old english sheep dog and red nose pitbull his two boys 10 and 11yr old was playing in thier backyard one day and his 10yr old come running in his house one day with his top lip hanging well you know what it was the old english sheep dog that attacked him. I guess we all need to try in ban old english sheep dog too I REALLY THINK ALL THESE PITBULL HATER NEED TO LAY OFF these loving and caring dogs

  • “billy” – Your barely-literate ramblings mark you as the stereotypical pit bull owner. Congratulations. You are a caricature of yourself.

  • Billy gets a response from Elliott…? 🙂

  • Is that a Bill Elliott joke, Doc? 😉

  • Yeah, sure, if you like…

    I was thinking of the movie (now turned into a musical by Elton John) about a kid from a poor mining town who wants to be a ballet dancer.

  • Oh. Never heard of it. :-/

  • valarae S

    I’m disgusted with the person who wrote this, and I hope his throat is ripped out by a beagle, and his eyes eaten by a husky! This is a classic case of IGNORANCE!

  • Dr. Dreadful:

    Wait a second here. Let me see if I get this straight…

    My sarcastic and humorous response to “valarae’s” I-hope-you’re-eaten-alive-by-wild-dogs comment was deleted, but her comment stays?

    Perhaps if I’d merely wished she’d die a horrible, agonizing death in the near future, it might have been allowed?

    Is that about right?

  • I didn’t see Valarae’s comment, RJ. That was posted on Chris’s watch, and if he was OK with it, far be it from me to overrule him.

    Yours – viewed from the comments editing tool – came across as a blatant personal attack, and so it had to go.

  • STM

    I’ve got a really vicious English border terrier.

    Just the other day, she tried to lick the postman to death.

    She actually is highly dangerous … she can’t keep her feet on the floor when she’s excited and easily jumps to the height of my chest whilst scrabbling at her victim with her paws, which can lead to cuts and scratches on the forearms and hands.

    Any person or other animal coming into contact with a tail wagging at light speed is also in danger.

    However, as much of a people lover as she is, she will attack and try to kill or injure small and not so small animals (including possums and cats that she doesn’t know, and even dogs that are annoying her), and has a very loud bark that seems to intimidate visitors at the door, because that’s what she was bred to do – and therein lies the problem with American pit bulls.

    Case in point: American staffordshires are the same breed as pit bulls genetically, but the staffie lines have had much of the aggression bred out of them, yet they will still attack other dogs in certain circumstances, as will an English staffie. English Staffordshire bull terriers are famous for their loyalty and gentleness with people, but their genes make them want to fight and kill other dogs, because originally that’s what they were bred to do.

    People mix up American staffies and pit bulls because they look the same – the problem with pit bulls is that inappropriate breeders have bred aggression back into these dogs, and to them attacking is just a natural reponse.

  • Emjay

    Today, July 26, I was walking with my girlfriend and her two small poodle’s We were on Stanton Point Road, Ingleside Illinois when a Pit Bull mix charged at us
    One of her dogs,. Rex, is still under surgery at the Vet’s. We just found out that some of the puncture wounds aroud the dog’s neck were dangerously close to the juglar vein. The Vet has to keep the dog longer than expected. The man that owns the home maintained the dog was not a pit bull, we thought it was. We are extremely distraught,
    her clothes bloodstained, her hands smeared with blood. We cannot touch the dogs, they are frightened and medicated.

    The dogs owner lied to us. We said, You have a Pit Bull, he said the dog was not a Pit Bull. When the police came, the policeman verified that the owner did say the dog was a Pit Bull.

    I am still terrified and wonder why I cannot walk down the street for some fresh air and excersize without having a 100 pund Pit Bull chage at me like a Freight Train.
    The dog charged, ran and evaded the electronic fence, baring it’s fangs and canine teeth, snarling and salivating. We had our dogs on leashes, the leashes wrapped
    around our legs and we were powerless. I was frozen with fear and loathing.
    I called the police and have the Police Report. Our call to Animal Control was futile, I guess we would have to be dead in order to light a fire under them. Oh, but
    then I could not tell you the facts.
    I intend to follow through and press charges, then go to small claims to see what they can do. This is a beautiful sunny day, it has been ruined for me. I am sore all
    over, achy from muscle contraction and terror and generally sick to my stomach.
    If you have any suggestions, please, I will follow them.

  • Oh, yeah, THIS sounds like a wise investment:

    The loss of Booger the pit bull terrier was almost more than Bernann McKinney could bear.

    Now she is happy, minus $50,000 and her house, and owner of five cloned Booger puppies.

  • PitBull Lover

    i have a 7 week old pit bull and she is amazing, i think that pit bulls arent always mean just because some people dont know how to train or take care of it doesnt mean to kill every single dog of that breed you dont see us going against little fuckin ankle biters do ya? GROW up personally i love pit bulls and i plan on getting another one so you can take your opinion and shuv it 🙂

  • SICK:

    Motivated by whatever inspires the minds of the sadistic, three or four youngsters burned a pit bull to a crisp Thursday.

    The kids first took the dog for a walk. Then, when they got to their destination – the rail tracks near the Olney train station – they went to work, covering the pit bull with a towel, dousing it with lighter fluid and finally setting the mutt ablaze, said George Bengal, chief law-enforcement officer for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

    PSPCA officials yesterday announced a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the sickos who burned the pit bull to death.

    Kids who do things like that should be lobotomized.

  • Marcia Neil

    Who gave them the lighter fluid?

  • tyr


  • RJ
  • Ewert

    You people who think that pit pulls should be wiped out or killed are ignorant and need to open your minds. It is not the breed that displays the signs of a “killer”. It is the way the animal was raised and trained. I am a PROUD owner of an 80 pound American Bulldog/Pit Mix and I have NEVER seen this dog hurt a fly. He sleeps with my 10 yr old daugher every night and has watched over her protectively and gently since she was 4 yrs old. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dog breeds and they were know in England to endure pain to the DEATH. Does this make them demonic and just so aweful that we should just kill em all? There was a story in CT where a pack of pit bulls took down a horse and killed it. Wolfs do this as well. It is true, with ANY dog breed, you have to monitor them and you never trust a dog completely. They have pack instincts, it in their blood, you cannot erase genes. What about the Golden Retriever that bit the kids face off years ago?? That was not so highly publicized was it? All I am saying is, sure, be leary of the breed, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beleives, but, do not get so emotional and wrapped up in media, that you feel like any animal should be wiped out. That is when we cease to become “human”.

    Eileen from Connecticut

  • bliffle

    IMO the concern about pit bulls is that while any dog might go berserk, whether by incitement or craziness, the pit bull has extraordinary weapons for inflicting damage, and that makes them more dangerous.

  • RJ

    A pit bull owned by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison bit his 2-year-old son in the thigh, but the boy is expected to recover as he remained hospitalized Friday, the player’s agent said.

  • Jessicaa

    Huh. Getting rid of small pox was a good thing, but the white man deliberately infected the native americans with small pox. So, they should have killed the white man. Problem solved? If a pit-bull is trained to be violent, it will be violent, because that is what it was trained to be. Dogs are like humans. Humans can be angry for no reason too. THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE KILL THEM! If someody has a problem with the way pit-bulls act, make people get a liscence to own them. Make sure people are capable of handling them. Don’t kill them!

  • noneofyourbussiness

    All of you anti pitbull fucks are just uneducated idiots. We need proof in the media that these dogs are even pitbull. stupid fuckin people see any medium terrior breed and instantly decide to say it was a bitbull. Put bad owners to sleep not owr countries greatest breeds!!!!!

  • TWISTED Philippines

    Why do you judge pits as monsters? have you tried bringing up one? Punish the owners not the breed…

  • claire

    some people cant take not having a reason, or a good enough reason to make themselves happy, for tragic events. maybe thats why people started this whole pits are evil crap. any dog can turn on someone. but the media and people want a reason for it, and stories. thats why they decided to say that pits are these “monsters” why cuz they look mean sometimes? or are strong? well thats a great reason to think that huh?? not really, sorry. i have 2 pit mixes and they are the most amazingly kind dogs i have seen. i also had their mother, but we gave her away to become a tharapy dog, cuz when she gave birth to her pups she bit the another dog [lab/rott/mix] in the ear. and my mother already promised my borther we could keep her puppies, and the dog that got bitten was hers. we we fostering the mom pit, so we decided to find her a home fast, the ONLY reason she bit the other dog was cuz she got close to her pups and wanted to play and she tought that the other dog was trying to harm them, she didnt try to hurt her but she nipped at her to show that she didnt want her playing with her pups, right after she was born. ANY mom would do that. human moms would yell at another person if they tried doing something to their baby that it shouldnt of been doing at one yr old [like throwing it up and catching it] these dogs are misunderstood for sure. the puppies have never shown a side of evil at all. and they are going on 7 years old. any pit i have come in contact with has been sweet. most attacks that happen by pits are cuz they were not trained to be around other animals/people, unless they are fighting them…why not put an end to dog fighting and what not, not the breed that is mostly used for the fighting?? oh hey why not ban people?? most people that dog fight are younger men, lets do away with them!, dosent sound right does it? well doing away with the actual victim isnt either. you dont see police locking up rape victems do you? if pits were so bad why have they saved lives, and are used for tharapy dogs? they are the perfect animal if you just train it right. all animals are if they are trained right. what about all the other breeds that attack people too, you dont see people baning them. this is rediculous, people just want to feel in control and picking what lives and dies….this is todays generation of hitler/bin laden in a sence. so to all of you pro pit ban congrats on ultamitly trying to kill pits you are following the footsteps of one of the worlds most hated men.

  • RJ

    I love that this post still gets comments. Every comment merely serves to provide further proof that pit bull owners have the lowest IQ of any group on the planet, with the possible exception of the institutionalized population (although there is likely some overlap).


    Lots of people are scared of the breed, no thanks in part to some very damaging myths, the deeds of unscrupulous breeders/owners and the media coverage that has been plaguing this breed for years. What some people don’t see is the kind and loving dogs they really are! [gratuitous profanity deleted by comments editor]

  • RJ
  • Trevor

    If you think that pit bulls by nature are just mean, then you have either never owned a dog or have done NO research on training a dog. It’s simple, show the puppy love, and he will be as gentle as can be. I have so many friends who own pit bulls, and i have become “uncle trevor” to many of them. They have never been violent, in fact ive seen a person jump my friend’s (pit bull owner) fence and look terrified of what was on the other side (Rolex the blue pit), only to find that the pit bull charged up to…. lick the hell out of our intruder.

    People are just afraid of big dogs, if thats the case, go buy yourself a purse dog with no personality and be happy, leave us real dog owners alone and realize that with love and respect in training and raising of the animal, it will love and respect humans back (and other animals as well).

    We all know animals reflect the personality of their “owners.”

    I think I’ve suffered more damage from my parents cats than i have from a friend’s pit bull (even the one my room mates girlfriend owns, whom i see 7 days a week)

  • Trevor

    @RJ, yeah, because the guy was trying to snare and capture him….. what would u do?

  • Dara

    Save the Whales, Kill the Pits!

  • RJ
  • RJ

    Mount Vernon Man In Hospital After Pit Bull Attack

    Horrified Witness: “They Were Eating The Guy.”

  • RJ
  • RJ
  • RJ
  • RJ
  • RJ
  • RJ
  • RJ

    Police: 4 Attacked By Pit Bulls In Nassau County – Inside 30 Minutes, 2 Wild Dogs Altered The Lives Of A Teen Boy And 3 Women