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Pisces Stepmother Struggles With Stepdaughter: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa!

A few months ago I moved in with my boyfriend. He has full custody of his nine-year-old daughter, and I of my two-and-a-half year old daughter.

I am having some major problems getting along and dealing with his daughter. To be completely frank, I think she is a spoiled, disrespectful, manipulative brat! She doesn’t think she needs to listen to me because I’m not her mother. She contradicts everything I say. She treats my daughter very poorly — taking things away from her, yelling at her, threatening her. I am at my wit’s end with her and my boyfriend is not supporting me with this. He thinks we just need to try to get along.

I am wondering if you have any advice on how I can solve my dilemma.

Thank you,
Pisces Living in Hell

pisces tarot fabric fishesDear Pisces,

I could go and on I’m sure, but the bottom line is, if this girl’s father is not going to get involved, you don’t have a hope in hell of resolving this. She will just keep doing what she is doing until you give up and move away. Seriously, there is no way to win.

And if you think about it, your problem is not really with her — it is with him. He sounds completely ineffectual at best, but it may be even uglier. To me, he sounds passive-aggressive, as he allows his daughter to pick fights with you and to pick on your daughter while he stands by whining, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Why doesn’t he take some action? Instead, he is letting his nine-year-old act out the family anger while he stands there, clean as a whistle. Sorry, maaan. I don’t buy it.

See, the girl’s chart is pretty good. I don’t think she is a brat or particularly devious or anything like that. She’s a little girl with a pretty good chart that wants her daddy to herself, which is normal. And here you show up to compete, with a cute little baby to boot. That there is going to be a problem is a given.

But it’s a problem only Daddy can solve, so this is where I would focus if I were you. Is he or is he not going to step up to the plate? Good luck.

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  • deann

    I went searching today for some info on parenting a step-daughter and found this article that hits home completely. Mine is a sixteen year old that manipulates both her mother and father. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and doesn’t take much of a stean either because the ex-accuses us of bullying her. I have a great relationship with my man but am about to walk away if the situation doesn’t change quickly!