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Pink to Play Janis Joplin

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According to NME.com, Pink is going to play Janis Joplin in a movie. That’s right, the not quite pop, not quite rock star who is responsible for that song about “let’s get this party started.”

Umm. Yeah. I won’t totally rule her out as an actress before she takes her shot, but I am not hopeful.

    PINK has been signed up to play JANIS JOPLIN in a new movie about the tragic ’60s rock singer, who died of a heroin overdose at the height of her fame.

    The as-yet-untitled project sees Pink up against Renee Zellweger, who is set to star in a rival film about Joplin called ‘Piece Of My Heart’.

    Pink, real name Alecia Moore, won the role after a screen test in which she had to sing Joplin numbers.

    “After trying to make a picture on Janis’ life for 15 years, I’d call Alecia’s screen test the most gratifying moment in my film career,” director Penelope Spheeris told Variety.

    Shooting is expected to start this summer, with the film being released before Zellweger’s.

(This article first appeared on RockDummy.com)

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  • HW Saxton Jr

    I could see UK SOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUL singer
    Joss Stone in the part. She sounds a bit
    like JJ anyway.I suppose that she’s too
    young for the part but would be a much better choice than Pink or Renee Z.

  • P!nk is the perfect person to play Janis Joplin in this film. P!nk has liked her since childhood, just coz’ Joss Stone looks like her a bit that doesn’t make her be the best lady for the part. P!nk has written a song about her even!


  • NOOO

    I hate Pink musics, but I hope she do a decent job for this movie or Janis zealots will literally kill her.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m not sure how many Janis “zealots” there are amymore

  • Jess

    i think P!nk is the perfect role 4 this movie. I am utterly obsessed with P!nk and Janis so I just can’t wait til’ the movie comes out. i love P!nk so much every nite i dream of meeting her so that chik who h8s P!nks music is a fucking loser who has no life and is probably gay enough 2 lyk christina aguilera ur sumfin

  • Jess

    any P!nk fans out there who wanna chat email me on pinkslilpinkgal@hotmail.com

  • katie

    i have never herd of the movie but im so sure that pink would be perfect for the3 part and i LOVE her music because me and my sister in law can relatet 2 alomost all of it