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Pink proposes

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Now here’s a perfect, beautiful romantic gesture:

Alecia Moore aka Pink proposed to her macho motocross-riding boyfriend Carey Hart during a race:

The proposal to the motocross star came during the Pro 250 class finals. The 25-year old Grammy winning singer, whose real name is Alecia Moore, reportedly wrote ‘Will you marry me’ on a pit board as Hart was racing.

Hart reportedly ignored the singer and left Pink without an answer until she turned the board over and scribbled ‘I’m serious.’ Hart then pulled off the track, letting his competitors pass him, and gave his future wife a kiss.

Guess I’m a sucker for stuff like this. Ah, young love.

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  • Loser, pun intended

  • JR

    Since when is a motorcycle a car?

  • Maybe the motorcycle had a sidecar?

  • JR

    Not in motocross. Although they do race those on road courses. Highly entertaining. If you think the guys who race motorcycles are crazy, you should see the guys in the sidecars.

  • “…macho motorcycle-driving boyfriend…” Hmm, somehow it seems less impressive. It shouldn’t given the amazing feats of Carey Hart, but it does. To me.

  • Ah, he races motorcycles rather than cars. My bad. I don’t keep up with racing sports.

    Actually that seems if anything slightly more macho than racing cars, or at least more courting of danger- which would be the macho part of the deal.

  • JR

    He races motocross (dirt bikes), which is not as dangerous as most forms of car/motorcycle racing. However it is more physically demanding.

    But the guy is a total pussy if actually dropped out of a race like that.

  • Let me know when she proposes to Corey Hart. Now that’s newsworthy! By the way, she ain’t that great.

  • Al you’re supposed to change it in the text when it’s a factual error. The corrections came before it went into archives and beyond your scope.

    Now after I fix that .. sheesh, it was anice lil’ bit of news and this post has been digitally replicated over at Advance.net, a place affiliated with about 10 newspapers around the country.
    One such site is here.
    Also please let your contact know, if you had one, that this article, is published at one more place. That helps to show they get two?, three? for the “price” of one.
    Thank you.
    Temple Stark

  • Yeah, my bad. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

  • Except I said I’d change it when I commented there – and I didn’t. Doh.

  • Fixed now.

  • Ike

    For all those who called Carey Hart a pussy I will give you a fact. Carey hart has broken about 60 bones in his body. Dale Jr. can not say that. Carey Hart has invented and done allot for motorcross. Hart is a bigger man than Mick Vick, Brett Farve, and anyone you want to throw in the mix. JR pull a superman or a backflip and we will see what danger means too your idea of sport. RAIDER IKE

  • Natasha

    Carey Hart is hot as hell didn’t know who he was until recently but if you ask me seriously don’t know what he is doing with Pink… weird match but anyway I don’t think he’s a pussy at all!!! later you guys

  • Anne-Marie




  • Jamie

    I think carey hart is so fucking hot and I didnt know about him untill i seen surreal life but im glad I did he is sexy and Im with everyone else he can do so much better than PINK…he way to hot for her

  • jamie


  • flipper

    Pink is so gay I don’t think any of the girls need to worry… or maybe they should!

  • Tayla Mercep

    Hi Pink, I am a 10 yr old girl who lives in
    Australia and I’m a really big fan of yours. My aunty took me to see your live concert on the 26th May this year and it was my birthday that day. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had and will remember it forever.

    They announced on the radio that you left your husband for another woman. Is that true? If so, I don’t care at least your happy. As long as you love life and live it to the fullest you’ll never look back wondering!!

    I would love to hear back from you.

    Your biggest fan in Australia

    Luv Tayla Mercep xxxx