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Pink Floyd Reuniting for Live 8

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Other bands performing include Coldplay, Elton John and Paul McCartney, but they have now officially been over-shadowed. It has been rumored for years that Pink Floyd was going to do a reunion show at various points in time. I recall one rumor that said they were going to play on New Years Eve 2000, which obviously never materialized. At least the band has its priorities straight though.

    “Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if reforming for this concert will help focus attention then it’s got to be worthwhile.”

    -David Gilmour

It should be interesting to see just how good those harmonies sound after all these years. I wonder if a reunion tour isn’t too far away, given this special reunion?

We can hope, right?

So, what material do you think will be in their set list?

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  • keyman

    the stage set with a wall partition deviding it in half. First gilmour and friends appear and start:
    The Show Must Go On
    all of a sudden a figure smashes through the wall, Roger Waters! Hand shake, grins then:
    Wish You Were Here
    Not Now John
    Hey You
    Comfortably Numb
    Run Like Hell
    Us And Them (Encore)

  • David Moats

    Best news I’ve heard in years!!!!!
    I (and obviously lots of others) would love to see a permanent “ironing out” of differences and further collaberation in the near future.

    Harrisburg, PA. USA

  • Jackson Floyd

    The show should start with Shine on you crazy Diamond , then entire Dark side of the moon should be played, followed by Welcome to the machine, then One of these days, and Comfortably numb, end on Wish you were here, and for an en core, Run Like Hell

  • I am not sure if they will have that long of a set, but certainly a very good selection.

  • Wow outrageous news. i’m not going to be able to sleep until wednesday now! they will almost certianly headline the thing wont they? david and roger will be enjoying it so much they wont stop untill the plug is pulled on them. There are going to be sparks flying between them i just know it!

  • Eric Olsen

    wow, that’s really something – thanks Craig!

  • Forrest

    Yet another reason the Live8 concert in London will be the grandest gathering of musicians this decade.

    As much as the PF onstage reunion piques my curiosity, almost as interesting will be any scuttlebutt over the next several weeks about any pre-concert Floyd rehearsals. (And, Gawd, I hope they are rehearsing. Can you imagine what Roger Waters’ voice actually sounds like now? Hear me, Roger: where have you been?)

    It’ll be kind of interesting, too, to see where PF ends up in the July 2 line-up.

    Here’s my ‘dream set’ and wishes that that their “few numbers” consist of the following:

    • Open with “The Post War Dream” (just to use Roger Waters’ voice early and get in an anti-war jab)
    • Jam on all 9 parts of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
    • Segue into “The Gunner’s Dream”
    • Close with “Sheep”
    …with the lighters out and crowd threatening to thrash Hyde Park, PF will return to the stage and close out with an encore of “Money” and fan fave “Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)”.

    Wish I could be in London July 2 or, at least, still living in Philly just to be able to participate.

  • Brandon Butler

    As a Pink Floyd Fan who only became aware of thier existance about 10 years after they broke up, I am simultaniously pleased and saddened at a reunion. Pleased, because they’re doing a show for a worthy cause and that’s really what the entire thing is about, but also saddened because this may open the door for hounding of them to work together again.

    They broke up for reasons, and some of them very good ones. I don’t want to see them as some other group touring around trying to capture the magic and grab some cash. If that’s what all these reunions have been all about — and most of them are — these groups should have just stuck it out like the Rolling Stones, put up with one another and earn thier money.

    Pink Floyd’s original lineup should only come back together in any cohesive sense if it’s got something new to say and while I think thier past rancors really have been petty and selfish they were THIER petty and selfish rancors. I can’t think of a band that would have more cultural relevance in a return but they get along fine in life without one another and any reunion would be bound to end unhappily.

  • Jeff Charreaux

    Maybe Syd will be on hand. Probably not. It would be great if they could forget that “The Wall” made the band the favorite of 10th grade, Hobbit reading stoners across the U.S. If Roger and Dave could just dash off four new songs each, let the other guys write a few, everyone would appreciate the effort. It took an army of Red Cross Rockers to revive Jerry Lee Lewis. Pink Floyd could restart their own hearts and unite the world through sheer grisled stubborness. Don’t let Bono or Sir Bob write any liner notes though. PLEASE.

  • I hate to be petty, but I predicted this just over a year ago. It is good news indeed, and I guarantee this will set the stage for a world tour next year. I am guessing that the royalties coffers are running low for the boys.

  • MikeF

    One of these should be played to show all of the BANDWAGON fans how deep the Floyd really go…

    Set the controlls for the heart of the sun
    Astronomy Domine
    Interstellar Overdrive
    Summer of ’68
    The Nile song
    and of course my personal favorite
    Carefull W/That Axe Eugene

    Any of these would be a Fine addition to any floyd set.
    Especially with Roger in the lineup
    then they could play any of thier well known works

  • nobody

    my dream set for this reunion for the worthiest of causes:

    Grantchester Meadows—>
    Astronomy Domine
    “Dark Side of the Moon”
    Welcome to the Machine—>
    Pigs:3 Different Ones
    Goodbye, Blue Sky—>
    Comfortably Numb—>
    Run Like Hell—>
    Not Now John—>
    Bring the Boys Back Home

    Careful With That Axe, Eugene—>
    Shine on, You Crazy Diamond
    One of These Days I’m Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces

    (that is, if they can play for that long without David and Roger killing each other)

  • I could totally get on board with a performance of Echoes. That is by far my favorite track out of all the PF songs in the catalog.

  • It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off. Bet there are quite a few people who are a wee ticked off they didn’t announce this before the deadline closed to get onto the list for tickets.

  • George Zook

    Sir Geldolf Reunites Syd Barrett! Stepping in where the greatest psychiatric and witch doctors of our time have failed, Sir Bob was able to reunite the personality of Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett which blew apart in an anonymous backstage dressing room in 1967.

  • Live 8 will be worth watching just for that. Hopefully a tour and DVD follows Awesome news.

  • arizona kid

    Dark Side of the Moon was released in early 1973.

  • The Duke

    > And, Gawd, I hope they are rehearsing.

    > Can you imagine what Roger Waters voice

    > actually sounds like now? Hear me,

    > Roger: where have you been?

    Roger’s voice sounds fine, better than it did in the 80’s. He’s been quite active since ’99, doing several US tours and a world tour in 2002 (in which his voice sounded better than in ’99/’00). He’s finished his opera and is mostly done with a new studio album which he had planned to tour behind in 2006. Also, since reuniting with Nick onstage in 2002 (I was there!) he’s rekindled his friendship with him and they’ve been seen out in public together a few times over the past few months/years. Rick also attended one of his US ’99 shows (though they didn’t quite “make up”) but the biggest issue will be between Dave and Rog. It was also apparently Dave (not Roger) who was apprehensive about this reunion, what’s the matter Dave – you don’t want to risk not being the top dog this time around?

  • i wonder how the rest of the guys are going to react when they find out that they’ll only be playing songs from Roger Waters’ solo records?! 😉

  • Good one, Mark. Good one.

    I wonder if Roger Waters will even make eye contact with anyone other than Nick.

    You know why he agreed to do this… he hasn’t gotten to fire Rick Wright in two decades and he missed that.

    I am curious as to how they will sound.

  • If it doesn’t sound good in rehearsals, they will just start pumping reverb and other various effects into the vocal mix until it sounds perfect. Plus, I am sure they will have a chorus of backup singers for the parts on Dark Side of the Moon. Oh, not to mention one tremendously talented woman to sing the parts from The Great Gig in the Sky.

  • It is funny – all these supposedly legendary bands/artists now have to travel with an army of sidemen/women to re-create the music of their prime.

  • Fredie

    They won’t have much time…half hour tops….
    In The Flesh
    Us & Them
    Wish You were Here
    Pigs on the Wing
    Comfortably Numb..


    Just play Echos!

  • The Duke

    > i wonder how the rest of the guys are
    > going to react when they find out
    > that they’ll only be playing songs
    > from Roger Waters’ solo records?! 😉

    …but can Gilmour pull off the Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton guitar parts?!

    > You know why he agreed to do this…
    > he hasn’t gotten to fire Rick Wright
    > in two decades and he missed that.

    Rick was using coke heavily and couldn’t pull his own weight, the firing was agreed upon by all members and Gilmour has since admitted he was present at the “firing”.

    > It is funny – all these supposedly
    > legendary bands/artists now have to
    > travel with an army of sidemen/women
    > to re-create the music of their
    > prime.

    ?? Floyd have used sessions players from the early seventies and on, even live. Even with Dark Side, you’re talking about an album with numerous over-dubs, sax and female backing vocals. At the original live shows, they had augmentation. I’d agree that on the more recent tours they’ve had a second drummer, keyboardist, 1 or sometimes 2 extra guitars, etc – but that may be a function of having to make it sound as close to studio as possible for the live album(s). I think we’ll see a pretty stripped-down band for Live 8 though, with maybe Snowy White on rythym guitar in addition to the singers / Dick Parry on sax.

    My guess is they’ll do nearly all of Shine On with another song or two if time permits. It’s the perfect song, both Dave and Roger sing and each musician has their time to “shine” during the length of it.

  • Much as I love Floyd, I advise against the 4 rusty musicians ploughing through Echoes…

    I think Wish You Were Here would work, as well as stuff from Dark Side…

    Failing that, the studio side of Ummagumma… 🙂

  • Despite the tone of my comments, Duke, I am excited about these four guys reuniting. It will never have the same magic as before but I am glad it is happening.

    My bit about Rick Wright really was just a joke. He admits he wasn’t pulling his weight musically during that period.

    The Stones have always had a horn section and often background singers, etc on tour with them. I was not just taking shots at Floyd (I love Floyd and the Stones). I am sort of on the fence as far as the practice is concerned. Part of me wants the live performance to be somewhat close to the studio counterpart. Part of me likes the idea of stripping away studio gloss and gimmickry on stage. I guess I would like to see bands like Floyd and the Stones (and others, there are lots of others to which this would apply) do portions of their set with outside help and stretches without it.

  • Brandon Butler

    With the scissor sisters on the bill, I wouldn’t doubt both groups will do thier versions of “Comfortably Numb” — the only song done TWICE at any Live Aid thingamajig.

    Heh, heh, heh…


    (of course, it will be “greatest hits” time and they will only play like 5 songs, but we can all dream… whoever said they should play Final Cut tracks needs to listen to any album before 1975)

  • Mike Edwards

    Please, please, please, not “Money” or “Another Brick In The Wall”! Those have been played to death. How about Paintbox or Childhood’s End? Gotta at least close with Brain Damage/Eclipse!

  • I thought I was the only person on earth who was sick of “Money.” I mean it is a great song and really is a pace changer on Dark Side, but outside the context of the entire album, I really don’t have time for it anymore.

  • In light of the theme of the show I cannot imagine they won’t play “Money.”

  • august klotz

    I agree, Pink Floyd should play “Fearless” along with
    any of their other songs.

  • Soul4l

    A very unilluminating interview with Nick Mason on ITN News last night said they would only be playing four songs. Not my personal choice but reckon these will be from the following:

    Brain Damage/Eclipse
    Wish You Were Here
    Welcome to the Machine
    One of these Days
    Us and Them
    Great Gig in the Sky
    Another Brick in the Wall Pt II

  • ferstbaseman

    i think it’s great that the guys are getting back together for a set but i could live without the roger waters element. he is very talented but he drives me nuts with all of that neurotically never-ending political whining.

    please roger … no more animals, wall, or final cut naivety (though i do admit the music was tasty). step awayyyy from the soap box roger! if they do anything new in the studio i hope they cover a little bit more neurological ground than “war is bad and the white house is evil – blah blah blah” …

    division bell and lapse, dark side and wish you were here, meddle and saucer… now that was good stuff! sell the boatload of anti-establishment stuff somewhere else dude!

  • MikeF

    To me it’s not the lyrics that puts me in a Pink Floyd mood. The music itself gets me way out there.. (with the help of a little miricle plant. 😉 but seriously, when you hear Daves guitar sustain a note for an eternity and the slide guitar on Saucerfull of secrets, to me that is the ambiance of a good Floyd Song. Spacy feeling and then the Lyrics are just the salt and pepper , just there to keep your mind on life support while you take a trip out into the music and let yourself go.

    I to hope they DONT do money, toooooo Overdone. Something Rare, something that all of us will go ” WOW I can tbelive they Pulled it off!”

  • They walk on stage, their setlist is a most anticipated mess because how the hell are they going to play the tens and tens of songs each fan wants to hear – so they decide to do something completely different:

    (you MUST visualise this to appreciate the impact it would have on the world..)

    Song 1. Roger will do an amazingly awful rendition of Enya’s “Orinoko Flow” in full falsetto (wearing a traditional green silk neck-to-toe Celtic dress). Dave will play the plucky string parts on his nostril hairs. Nick will play the bongos. Rick will cry.

    Song 2. Dave will sing “Babooshka” by Kate Bush doing the strange poses and motions as seen in the original film clip while roger and the band act as backup dancers mimicking the moves in bright orange spandex leotards.

    Song 3. The band will take turns farting into the microphone.

    Song 4. The entire band will be given mics for their boyband cover of “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys with synchronised (c)rap dancing and 10 back-up dancers.

    The crowd will think it’s arty-farty bliss and applaude for 2 years afterwards.


  • ..obviously NOT meant to be taken (too) seriously..

  • In keeping with the theme of the event (which is in danger of being overshadowed by the celebrity media blitz), Floyd should play in this order:

    1) Us and Them
    2) Learning to Fly
    3) Goodbye Cruel World
    4) Hey You
    5) The Show Must Go On

  • In danger of??? That shit happened two weeks ago. This is a circus. It’s a bunch of self-important artists looking to boost sagging careers and album sales as much as anything more charitable.

    And some people think I am cynical.

  • mr velotti

    a short set will unfortunately consist of all favorites.
    – is there anybody out there?
    – welcome to the machine
    – money
    -another brick in te wall pt2
    – wish you were here
    -confortably numb
    – run like hell

    wish they could play for hours. does any one know of a dvd version of a pink floyd concert that was on pay per view like 7 years ago. the first part of the show was a mixture of floyd tunes. the 2nd half was the dark side of the moon. any help?

  • VV

    From and interview with Saint Bob:
    “He also revealed that Pink Floyd, reunited with
    founder member Roger Waters for the first time in more
    than 20 years, will play three songs: Breathe,
    Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here. ”
    – Cheers my fellow Floydians.
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