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Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

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Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon


Rarely in my life have I actually said that word after finishing an album. After Scenes From A Memory I was speechless, but that’s the only time an album has forced me to speak or not to speak.

SFAM is very similar to DSOTM. It’s a concept album, the title track is an excellent opener with underlying album themes later to come (Cash registers from money, Choir), they both feature gospel choirs, and did I mention they’re both progressive groups?

‘Dark’ opens wonderfully with the eloquent “Speak To M”e and “Breathe” paired together perfectly. “Speak To Me” is not so much musical, but it has a melody and a very strange one at that. I wasn’t sure what to think after that. I respected Floyd for being different…

Then Waters comes in and begins “Breathe.” This track is so powerful and emotional. It sets the course for the rest of the album with poetic lyrics like “Run Rabbit run/Dig that hole, forget the sun/And when at last the work is done/Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one” which show futility and struggle in one’s life.

“Speak To Me/Breathe” is a one-two combo that K/O’d me. But that was only 4 minutes or so. The best was yet to come.

“On The Run” is another poignant instrumental. Truly, Floyd really knows what they’re doing here to catch your attention. It’s odd, but it keeps you in suspense for what will happen next.

“Time.” Where can I begin with “Time”? How about this: It made me realize that I am fortunate to be young and I need to do what I can with this time of my life. It has only pushed my passion to be a musician further.

The lines: “Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain/You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today/And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you/No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun” backed by the truly tear-jerking melancholy instrumental accompaniment are jawdropping.

The “Breathe” reprise they threw in here is also quite welcome and grabs you by the throat and makes you remember what they said in “Breathe.” It helps you connect all the previous tracks together as a story.

Once again, an instrumental. However, it is much better than DT’s instrumentals. Conveying more raw emotion than some songs with vocals, this song has soundclips of an old man accepting his fate and a gospel singer singing with guitar and keyboard. Almost, if not, definitely haunting.

“Money” is legendary. The lyrics are simply perfection and the accompanying gritty guitar mixed with a great bass line and cash registers is truly technically brilliant. This song is one of the most famous PF songs ever… and for once, it’s justified.

“Us And Them” is one of the most heartwarming songs I’ve ever heard and its spot on the CD would be missed if it were taken off. Simply grips you from the beginning and the near 8 minutes you will spend listening to this will go by too fast. My personal favorite on the CD.

“Any Colour You Like” is the 2nd best instrumental on the CD if only because it leaves you with a strange taste in your mouth. I for one, don’t know what to think of this track.

“Brain Damage” is without a doubt my 2nd favorite track on the CD for its uplifting melody and breath-taking chorus. While I think it should be the title track of the CD, it’s not too big of a deal.

“Eclipse,” with its simplistic melodies and ever growing instrumentation is a grand finale to an album that seems all too short.

Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon deserves every rave review it gets. Not overrated, far from it in fact. Every A+ it recieves is deserved. And I give it just that. An A+. One of my, if not the favorite, albums in my collection.


Song to DL: Us And Them.

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks and welcome Michael! It’s always fun and exciting to experience a classic through the eyes (or ears) or someone discovering it for the first time.

    Who is After Scenes From a Memory by? It isn’t in Amazon.

  • Echoes

    I think its worthwhile mentioning that DSOTM was released in 1973, 2 decades before DT had their success with IaW and SFAM. The Capitol release date of 1990 is misleading.

  • Eric, “Scenes From A Memory” is a Dream Theater album – very much on Amazon. It’s listed as “Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory”

  • Eric Olsen

    ah, I have given away my total lack of knowledge of Dream Theater

  • gurveen

    The greatest album of 21 century Dark side of the moon.

  • Hate to break it to you -but it’s an album of the 20th century

  • Sue

    Dream Theatre has done some of the PF songs – Hey You, I remember…but its nothing compred to the original..
    The only Dream Theatre number I really like is Take Away My Pain…what say others?

  • Neil

    Actually, Dream theater did a cover of the whole DSOTM live, along with some extra stuff (some song from the wall, etc.)

    That’s also a very good album along with my favorite of all time Scenes from a memory

    Definitely two albums you should get your hands on.