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Pieces of Me: Losing Weight Online with Weight Watchers

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About a month ago I decided I would join Weight Watchers. My battle with weight has been lifelong and I finally decided I need to take firmer action. I do not want to end up one of those guys who just never wakes up because he had a massive heart attack. Can you say John Candy?

While I am not the size of that great comedian, nor am I anywhere near as funny, the threat to my life because of my weight is very real.

I have often said that I could do this with no help. I am a man after all! I do not need anyone to tell me how to shed this extra person I carry around. But all that got me was, well, heavier. Kinda counterproductive, don’t you think?

So I swallowed my pride (there are no calories in pride, right?) and I joined Weight Watchers. Because I feel my weight loss is a personal battle I decided I would join online. So I logged on, signed up, and paid my dues.

I am no novice to weight loss battles. I know full well that it takes time to lose what you have spent a lifetime putting on. So I read through the program and began planning my attack.

Based on the information I entered, the program allotted me 42 points to use. Man, I thought, that’s not very much. So I was concerned. Especially since I entered what I had eaten the day before and realized that I would have used 60 points. This was going to be tough.

The plan also set a goal for me. Sixteen pounds, or the equivalent of five percent of my total weight. Again, I thought this would be tough.

I had signed up first thing in the morning on April 18, and figured there was no sense in pushing off the start day. Something had told me to sign up that morning so it must be indeed time to begin.

So I did. I was very cognizant of what I ate that day, recording everything into my points calculator. At the end of the day, I was pleased to see that I had used only 38 of my 42 points. I was hungry but not starving. I had also tripled the amount of water I had been drinking. Believe it or not, drinking water between meals helps me to feel fuller longer.

The first week passed, then the second, the third and finally the fourth. I had been keeping track of my weight loss on every Sunday and had even begun measuring my waist. I wanted to see how much I would change.

To my surprise I had lost 16 pounds in the first month. If I was capable of it, I would have done a backflip off the scale. I grabbed the measuring tape and measured my waist. Again I was thrilled. Three inches are gone.

This Sunday will mark week number five. Since I achieved my first official goal in the Weight Watchers system, my points have been lowered. I am at 41 instead of 42. I am again striving for another five percent (based on my starting weight) weight loss.

What Weight Watchers has done for me is made me aware. I think about how many points something is worth before I mindlessly grab it and gobble it up. It stops me. I truly think: is the serving of Cheez-Its (27 for 3 points) worth it? Or, should I just have a tangelo, which is more filling and only 1 point? The tangelo wins out.

What I really enjoy is the online aspect of it. I don’t like the way I look. I know that. While I don’t keep myself sheltered away from the world, I do not go out of my way to talk about my size. By being online, I am able to be accountable to myself. I am able to see plainly the effects of my actions without sharing it with everyone. If you are like me, then this just might be the answer for you.

Perhaps as I gain more confidence I will be more inclined to join a group. Not sure. But in truth that is not a primary goal for me. My goal is simple. Lose the weight.

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About P-rickey

  • Having recently learned that I weighed 16.5 stones, I am tagging along with and supporting my wife in doing weight watchers.

    We are allowed 22 points a day and I have lost over a stone of weight in two weeks and am actually rather enjoying the process.

  • LWG

    I really liked your article. I have recently joined the WW online program. Several people that attend WW meetings told me that they thought I shouldn’t do the online program because you aren’t accountable to anyone. I don’t agree with them because I am accountable to someone…me. I believe that if you get yourself into the right frame of mind, anything is possible.

  • Paul Jameson

    Extremely interesing read. I also need to loose weight. Found it very uncomfortable when I went along to the nearest WW to me, I was confronted by about 35 pensioners, no men. Ashamedly I didn’t go back, instead tried to moderate my eating, took up cycling and boxing, have lost 9.5lbs so far, still along way to go but really am starting to enjoy which I never thought I would.