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Picture This…. Vol. 2

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Welcome back. I am going to guess that most of you did not see last weeks edition of Picture This…. and it was probably for the best. I am not much of a photgrapher, occasionally I get lucky and get a great looking shot, more often than not it looks like, well I will refrain from saying (typing?) what I’m thinking.

While you ponder the artistic worth of my pictures, take a look at three more.

1. A cd cover that caught a reflection.

2. This is after a snowstorm last year, I like the stark white look.

3. Your guess is as good as mine.

Thus concludes this pollution of the cultural pool.

Please don’t forget to come by next week for another wave of mind garbage. Maybe then there will actually be a good shot.

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  • On #2 I would suggest cropping out the building on the left. It’s distracting. Might be a cool pict without that. It will really be stark then. Making it black and white will also increase the starkness of the image.

  • #3: I particularly like the cat watching from the open door…

    (nod to Steve Martin in LA Story)