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Picture Sharing — the New World Order

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Picture taking has come a long way. It wasn’t that long ago when I’d take extra care when taking pictures because my camera’s film cartridge only held 35 pictures and then it cost me almost 10 dollars to get them developed. It was only then that I would find out if the pictures even turned out. Was someone making rabbit ears on me, or were my eyes closed? Was everything in focus? Don’t bring your film through the x-ray machine at the airport for fear of your film being ruined.

Fast forward to the present day. Digital pictures have become mainstream. When was the last time you heard of anyone using film in their camera? Because of this transformation, the one mainstay of the film world, Kodak is heading towards bankrupcy. My Twitter and Facebook friends share pictures constantly. Sometimes those pictures are of things I want to see, and sometimes they aren’t (I hope they’re not reading this). My SD card holds over 1,000 images of which I can delete any I don’t like within a second or two. And I print only certain ones—after I crop, and modify their color elements of course. And both my phone and camera allow me to upload pictures to my Twitter and Facebook accounts almsot instantaneously to share.  

There are a multitude of photo sharing websites and applications that have appeared recently that allow people to do more than just share pictures with their Facebook friends. Many of these now allow people to share pictures with everyone, their friends, affinity groups, or some combination. Some photo sharing websites and applications allow you to do both, which is share with your close friends on Facebook as well as certain pictures with the rest of the world. Others like DeviantArt are niche players. It allows people to share highly artistic photographs and other artwork—and has quite a following. People who do the photo sharing always have to keep in mind that once they post and share a photo, it becomes infinitely part of the internet world. Sometimes this is good, other times, not so much.

So where is this all headed? Sharing information and pictures with the world or just your friends is the new world and culture that we live in. People have a lot to choose from when sharing pictures and photos, with many new picture sharing applications out there as well as the more mature ones on the block like Twitter and Facebook. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words as you look at the details, colors, and scenes. Online photo sharing is likely only in its infancy as it continues to evolve.

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