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Photography Contest at Wired.com

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Announced late last night at Wired.com is an awesome new photography contest, whereupon the subject is the elusive and oft-captured shadow.

The contest trounced across my computer screen and into my head just a few hours later and I have not been able to forget about it! It's like a song you hear on a television commercial and cannot get out of your head, nor can you fill that space with another song.

I have been shooting regular (as opposed to unleaded?) photography for a couple of decades and stock photography for a few years. I have become accustomed to the fact that the shadow will, on the norm, kill a good stock photograph. Kill it!

That has not deterred my fascination, neigh obsession for capturing the shades of gray human form, nor has it allayed my desire to do so, but there has, fortunate for me, not been that many opportunities to suspend the aforementioned form in a digital format, as I shoot in a digital format.

The fine print entails that the submitted photograph be one that you shot, the bigger the better (800×1200 is the accepted minimum), and a description of the image to include exposure, employed hardware, along with whatever else you would like to include. It must also be hosted on a Web site and the link submitted to enter the contest.

The winning image will be selected by popular vote. The top ten of those will be displayed on the Wired.com homepage.

Here is my chance! Here is your chance! And this is our chance to shine like the brightest photographic stars that we are.

So, go! Rush out into the streets, the alleys, the caverns, the piano mills, and the shopping malls.

Aim for the gray, the other side of the road, defy the wind, the rain, and the obnoxious and go for the gold! This is your chance.

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