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Any image created when light falls on a light sensitive surface (photographic film) or an electronic imager is a called a photograph or photo. Since the first photograph was created by the heliography process in 1825, the photograph has been used to mark significant milestones like births, engagements, coronations and weddings.

One of the most commons uses for the photograph is to mark the wedding milestone. Wedding photographers are an essential part of the special day. A combination of casual and formal photos works best for most weddings.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs that have to do with photographs in one way or another – whether they're Photoshop blogs, photographer blogs or even just humor blogs – photographs continue to be a huge part of our art & society. It's hard to believe that photographs can look more realistic than the high resolution ones being produced today – one thing is certain, a photograph still says a thousand words and isn't going away anytime soon.

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