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Photo Reveals “Real” Reason Nicole Richie Fired From The Simple Life?

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YUCK!!While Paris Hilton has been burning for weeks over her falling out with former The Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie, the hotel heiress famous for being famous still refuses to say what prompted the feud.

In April, Hilton had this to say about her one-time best friend: “It’s no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it.”

Rumors over “what Nicole did” have been buzzing around the Internet ever since, from reports of Richie falling off the wagon (she once spent time in a “drug-diversion” program after pleading guilty to a felony heroin possession charge in 2003) to plans for releasing a competing sex tape.

However, the recent photographs of Richie in Star Magazine seem to point the finger at Nicole’s drastic weight loss.

This was verified by a source close to both women, who revealed that Hilton, in a last-ditch effort to save their friendship, even went so far as to arrange for Nicole to co-star in her recent commercial for Carl’s Jr., “just so she (Nicole) would eat something,” said the source. “But Nicole wouldn’t cooperate, so Paris had to cut her loose.”

“It was a really painful decision by Paris,” the source revealed. “But at the end of the day, there’s just no way she (Paris) was going to share screen time with someone skinnier and skankier-looking than she is.”

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  • Jessica

    I think Nichole looks absolutely wonderful! Paris Hilton, should DEFFINETLY get a nose job… its not very pretty to look at. I own the book “Confessions of an Heiress” its crap. She sounds just as much of a ditz as in person.

    So what is Nichole is around 97 lbs. She looks amazing. Same with Lindsay Lohan. They weren’t even fat before, just bigger than they are now. So because they lost weight their all of a sudden Anorexic? umm no!
    Thats retarded. Their Beautiful! Paris is just jealous that Nichole was always more liked, and now that she is getting more plublicity, shes MASSIVLEY jealous.
    Go fuck urself Paris. btw.. House of Wax SUCKED. Best part::: When the guy impaled your character in the head and lol. It was hot.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jessica, is there such thing as “too thin”?

  • Liz

    yeh, jessica, they’re (nicole & lindsay) pretty girls, but itz a shame that they’re obviously anorexic. sry, but i gotta agree with eric here, they’re TOO skinny. 97 pounds is extremely unhealthy for people of their age!

  • This goes beyond anorexia; that (at least from the view presented in that particular photograph) is cachexia. She is clearly not at a healthy weight. I don’t care what she is auditioning for or trying to prove.

  • i think one look at this photo proves it’s possible for someone to be too thin.

    and, i think judging by paris hilton’s antics, one could also make a case for the possibility of being too rich.

  • Jenna

    OMG, can you say, anorexic? i dont wanna be mean, but seriously, she needs to gain weight. thats not healthy! gosh, she weighs less than me, and im 14! wow, not “hot”

  • B. Lyle

    Yikes! What has happened to this girl as
    of late? I thought she looked good the
    way she was. She seemed like she was a
    good looking babe with the right amounts
    of thickness in the right places, gents
    I think you know what I’m saying.

    But that pic is F’ed up.Even the *skinky
    supermodel on heroin types are not that
    damn thin. Man oh man, she looks bad.

    Not that I’d ever have a chance in hell
    to get to know her but the way that she
    is looking now I wouldn’t even want to.
    And I’m desperate!!!

  • HW Saxton

    Damn,that’s thin. She used to look good.
    Nice and thick in all the right places.
    You fellas know what I mean…

    Now,she looks as if she’s auditioning
    for the part of Skeletor’s wife in the
    big screen remake of “He-Man… So sad.
    I ain’t being mean but she’s like got to
    know she ain’t looking all too healthy.

  • Jillian

    man, you guys need to stop dissing her, her best friend since they were like born, just dumped her!!!!!! I would not eat and go on shit tooo!!!

  • Poor Nicole 🙁 I hope they’ll become friends again after all.

    Roman – Ultimate-Nicole.com

  • pingu

    nicole… eat something!

  • shorty

    holy shit!! yah ok i’m 16 and i’m like 5’1″ and i weigh 108 ok and all my friends think i’m too skinny but jesus christ i mean look at her…you can count all of her bones…i had a friend that was anorexic and she looked exactly like nicole, so i don’t care how much you like her, she needs some help and if you like her that much then, you’ll see it and admit it too, its ok to like and actress but when they’re doin something wrong to their body you gotta realize it….WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ANOREXIA

  • td

    Many parenting groups would like the minimum weight at which you are required to sit in a booster car seat to 100 pounds.

    Pass this as law and I guarantee an end to teenage anorexia in the time it takes a one of these rib displays to force puke their lobster brisk.

  • Mihos

    That’s bullshit. Nicole was responsible for
    Paris’s mobile phone debacle.

  • Eric Olsen

    note the “Satire” heading

  • Ashley

    Nicole looked good befor she lost all them pounds now she looks so ulgy! Paris looks the best out of them all! So Jessica shut up!

  • hayley

    ok u ppl don’t jude they both look good and i am very fawned of both of them but they were friends since they were 2 and they stick up for each other like in the simple life if u watch every epasode u will c what i mean if i could c them right now i would remind them of that and mabe they would relize that this is all stupid and should get back toghter again bc i love them both and i was looking fowred for a simple life 4 with them toghter

  • meg

    i think lindsay lohan looks good
    shes in shape, she looks skinner and yah ppl will talk…nicole looks good too not in the above pic shes changing her look …if she has enough will power to lose the extra weight all the power to her and by the way ..nicole is like 5’2 soo 100 pounds is pretty much a healthy weight for some one that short

  • Joe

    Nicole…u were one of the finest chicks that i had ever seen…getback to the way u were..and forget about paris and do something on ur own..

  • rofl

    talk about being retards. As to all the chicks on this forum who is saying she looks good, wait until she passes out from exhaustion – humans need fatty tissue for backup energy, when the body doesn’t have it, it’s prone to shittons more diseases, injuries, it’s just plain bad. No, she doesn’t look good, she looks like chopsticks help together with wood glue. She was recently on Howard Stern on which she was weighted at 95 pounds. How old is she?

    For the good of humanity, don’t follow suit- especially since girls tend to be so emotionally fragile. If you are a little overweight, there’s no need to starve yourself as this hollywood addict has done – you’ll DIE, and yes that’s no overstatement, YOU’LL DIE YOU RETARDS

    and to the first post – Jessica. What are you stupid? i’m sorry – it’s sad, pathetic, commiserable that people like you exist who actually would push these people on. She ISN’T EATING, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU. IS LOOKING GOOD (and obviously you need to put your fake color contacts back in you materialistic schmuck) MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING HEALTHY?


  • Trevor

    I think Nicole looks much better skinny. The first season everybody had eyes on Paris because she is thin. NO body paid attention to fatty Nicole. Now she is skinnier and looking hot. I personally would like to see her lose about 10 more pounds and then go get breast implants. I hope she has the courage to continue dieting.

  • Obviously anorexic? Why, because she isn’t fat like you? You can be thin without having a problem.

  • juicy-tube

    I can’t believe that half of the people who have commented on here reckon that nicole looks good. it’s time to face the facts people NICOLE HAS A PROBLEM whether u like it or not, and if u dont think she has a problem mayb u shood re-adjust ur eyes coz ur clearly not seeing her properly… she is only skin and bones. It’s not healthy!

  • phil

    Is it that Nicole is too thin, or is it just that her dress, in the pic, is 3 sizes too big…??? Some women are just real skinny, people who complain about it are usually probally too fat. Some people eat to live , some live to eat.

  • Lucy


  • kittygogo

    What is also sad is the incoherent text message typing and the shouting in all caps. Why? What did we do Lucy that you need to scream at us at the top of your cap key?

  • Sarah

    i dont understand why stars find the need to look skinny, they should be happy in their own skin for who they are, not who they where designed to be! nicole and lindsay are taking this weight thing to far its unhealthy! im turning 16 im 5’6/5’7 and i weigh like 69, but thats because i have a high metabolism rate, not because i wanna look skinny!

  • Sarah

    haha lol i mean i weigh 96 pounds, not 69 jeez sry about that

  • M&A

    ok nicole richie was so much prettier before why did she go annorexic???

  • M&A

    SARAH HOLY J*SUS GAIN SOME WEIGHT! i have a friend and shes 5’0 and 70 lbs. and shes 12. AND she even looks underweight like… omg! ok the healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9. and your 11.1. SHIT! come on thats not healthy! it doesnt matter how fast your metabolism is that not healthy!

  • cortney

    first of all shes that skinney because shes doing way to many drugs and she lost her appetite not that hard to figure out, and lindsay lohan and hilary duff look like there on the same track. its not hard to figure out who has a drug problem in the music industry as there are pictures everywhere and when they get so skinney that they look like shit and their bones stick out like mad that might be the time to go to rehab and get it fixed.

  • steve knows better

    JEZUS CHRIST!!! THEY LOOK LIKE CRAP please gain some pounds

  • Okay..wow people seriously need to mind their own business! she doesnt have an eating disorder..she was thin her whole life until she went into rehab thats when she gained all the weight & now she has a personal trainer which helps uhm if you watched that interveiw they asked if she had an eating disorder and she said NO! so seriously quit the drama!

  • Karina

    ok, she’s anorexic, look at her face, its not normal to look like that. and i know of what im talking about ive been anorexic for 2 years. but now im so happy that friends helped me. OMG ppl that think shes hot like that, you guys have a problem! and she WASNT fat before she was just perfect. and i dont say shes ugly because im jalous. im 5p5 109lbs and i want to gain some pounds! …. so pleaseeeeee dont fallow her exmple its sooo not healty.

  • stop watching tv and start being productive

    If you have ever ventured away for your television and thought about doing something other than idolizing stars that are actually no different than you, than maybe you have come across healthy BMI and Nicole is way under her healthy BMI for someone of her height and so is anyone else who is 5’1″ and under 105 lbs. I don’t care if you’re one of these stupid girls that actually thinks at 5’2″ and 95 lbs you still need to lose weight, if you have any other ambition beyond your weight, than you’re going to have to continue living and therefore eating. Are you all really so vain and caught up in the not so important issue of looks that you could careless about your actual health? Good luck living a fullfilling life because as long as this is all you care about, you’re going to be miserable forever.

  • OMG!!!!!!what happened shes on dope or something
    she is skinny like i dont know what u can see her bon from her neckdown.You can see her ribs and all that is so sad i think she wanna be like paris skinny like hell.

  • sam

    I think its really sad that she got so skinny. I can’t believe her breast just disapeared. In some of the pictures of her you can see the ridges in her sternum really easily. Maybe she’s on heroin again? If so, she needs to get some help.

  • Celeste

    She looks fragile, feminine and beautiful. She simply looked like a harlot before.

  • oh my gosh oh no i said gosh uhhh i said gosh again darnet uh o im sorry please forgive my language

  • angela

    I think nichole Richie looks absolutely cute Jessica waz right nichole looked pretty before but now she is georgeus yall are just jealous that yall cant look like that.got a problem with that?I wish I looked like her (nichole richie)!Sara its not hard to gain weight (JUST EAT!)Im 5’0 and 80 pounds and im 13.I eat hamburgers pizza spaggiti and all those fatty foods but i work out!I dont starve myself.GOSH!

  • jessica aka hottie101

    Angela you are absolutely right so is jessica Nichole Richie looks stunning so yall little girls need to stop dissi’n skinny little girls like us. Im 5’1 and 79 pounds.Dont h8 us. gotz a prob?[Deleted in line with BC Comments Policy. Comments Editor.]

  • Jenna

    well for that guy saying she needs to lose 10 more pounds and get breast implants thats stupid your obviously 1 of those peple hoo cares bout the hole weig ht issue i think she looked hot b4 and she is still hot but she should gain just a tad of weight it would b way hotter and people should stop judging her look at paris no1 says she is anorexic and look how thin she is

  • Angela

    how come no 1 ever types any more! NICHOLE RICHIE is pretty now. but she was fat before and was known as paris hilton’s chubby side kick. but she has gone to far she’s not gettin married now because she is to thin.anywaz i cant wait for the simple life it comes on again. anybody no when?Im confused why r nichole and paris working 2gether i thought they h8ed each other. someone unconfuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jodie

    Nicole Richie looks beautiful in my opinion. Yes, she obviously didn’t need to go as far as she did but she looks so elegant and so much better than when she had horrifying colored streaks in her hair and wore slutty clothing. Before she just looked trashy compared to Paris but now I think she looks gorgeous. She didn’t need to lose as much as she did..I don’t support anorexia if that’s how she did it..but I think she looks beautiful now and shouldn’t be attacked for how much weight she lost.

  • stephanie

    I think Nicole looks beautiful ,but she did lose too much weight.All that matters is that she fills good about her self and that she likes the way she looks, people should not judge one another. Nobody knows what’s going on in her life to say some of the shXt you guy are saying ,people go through changes in life its normal I am not trying to say being skinny were you can see bones is healthy I ‘am just saying we don’t know what she’s going through .

    Stephanie Franco

  • jenny

    hey! well i think nicole looks stunning and i think she has a body 2 die for! if only i had her body! well iam workin on it!


    jessica you couldnt have said it better. paris is jeolous she’s a fuckin slut that cant deal with the fact dat nicole is a million times better than her in every aspect of the word. yes, nicole is a bit skinny but come on if she aint complaining why the fuck should we? i mean i know nicole richie wouldnt give a fuck if you was 24 and weight 97lbs so just get over it, nicole is hot and paris is the biggest nicole richie hater. paris get a nose job with all that money, you stingy bitch!

  • Saddie

    I love Nicole i think she is a beautiful person. Personaly i have just recovered from anorexia and pictures of these pint sized stars did fuel my obession to be thin. i just hope that if nicole does have a problem that she gets help before it harms her. the pictures of her do show an alarming weight loss and i was a little thinner than her when i was hospitalised so nicole stay healthy, your better than Paris no matter how much u weigh!!!!!

  • anonymous

    i think you all need to have a good look at the definition of anorexic. i hate it when thin people are automatically judged as being anorexic. i think nichole richie is beautiful nomatter what her weight, as long as she eats! I’m 15 and i am only 92 pounds and people comment on me as being anorexic, but i’m not! my family is naturally thin, and nomatter whjat i eat, i never gain more than a couple of pounds. believe me i’ve tried. its because of people like you that i have become so down about my weight. calling someone skinny and anorexic is just as insulting as calling someone fat and obese.

  • krissy

    Hey guys i know nicole heres this ALOT of crap but i will always back her up shes my girl and i am her size but with a little meat on me but she should NOT! put her self thur hell exspeacialy with that slut paris hilton, if paris wasnt like a ms.princess butt hole shed still have nicole,nicole MAKES The Simple Life happen. she rocks thats all to it.

  • krissy

    ok im back i see pictures of Nicole and Paris ok they look so cute but they need to work things out together and make The Simple Life be the way it was People loved the old way they did it i dont know we just kind of miss it.

  • Sarah

    ok–this should stop. im 5’1 or 5’2 and 14 at the beginning of the week i weight at 110 and i was pretty disappointed i meen come on seriously 110 had gone a little two far. so i told myself to stop eating and let me tell ya that did not work..haha. but then i relized all you need to do is cut your meals down eat breakfest not a large bowl of cearel a small bowl -let me remind you breakfest is the start of the day not for the whole day- and for lunch instead of having a whole totinos pizza for yourself cut it down to a light ham sandwitch w/ some chips-may i also remind you not the whole bag of chips but just a few- and for dinner insted of having 2-3 servings, keep it at one. i did this and im at the weight i want to be at i might not look like some of the famous people but i know i will be famous one day and not be 30 years old and weigh 97 lbs. but i think that we all should just stay out of there lives you dont know what its like to be in there situation. “Its a painful world hollywood is and if your going to be there then you have to know the rules!” get too it~!

  • Cheyanne

    She looks fantastic, she should be getting compliments for her healthy weight loss. Paris is just jelous because Nicole has a better body than her!

  • Cheyanne

    Uhh sorry liz but she is only like 5′ 2″ and thatt is definitly NOT under wieght for her hieght, it does not matter how old she is it is all based on hieght

  • natalie

    hi im natalie. fiist of all i think nicole looks starving she needs to gain 10 lbs and she’ll b perfect. she looks way betta though! lova ya nicole you will make it through!

  • Vanessa

    AGE has to do with healthy weight as much as height does. For a girl her age at 5’1″, 5’2″, the ideal weight should be about 110-115 lbs. NOT 98 lbs. her low weight and low body fat will result in irregular cycles amongst other health problems. she can be in denial all she wants, but she is NOT healthy.

  • Eric

    Jessica, get a life and take a remedial English course.

  • Naomi

    OMG she looks totally tooo skinny!

  • Jami

    yes nicole richie is definitly putting her life in danger she really should stop her disorder and gain some more weight every one loved her b4 and they always will she does not have to be skinny to be loved

  • deeekin

    i want to bang nicole richie.

  • Carol

    I think looks great hoever she is.But what i would like to say for a change is that although im more of a nicole fan when i watched the season 4 of the simple life you could tell that nicole is the reason why paris and her are not talking.Everytime somebody would ask them why they are not talking,or just whats going on,paris would always look sad and would say something.On the other hand nicole would look angry and would change the subject and she would always make nasty comments about paris while paris didnt.

  • Just because nichole richie is thin she’s anorexic? thats pathetic. nichole richie is gorgeous and should stay the way she is.

  • la

    You may think she looks good, but it is by no means healthy. She’s an unhealthy weight and her periods have probably stopped, meaning she might not be able to have babies. Surely no girl wants that!? Also when you’re that skinny you can have a heart attack.

    Nicole even revealed herself in a magazine that she didn’t like the way she looked at the moment, and she didn’t want any young girls looking towards her as a role model.

  • Maryam r

    She is just perfect . very amazing and cute!I like her appearance

  • Maryam r

    She is just perfect . very amazing and cute!I like her appearance

  • mimi

    hi i love nichol richy sooooooooooooooooooo much i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • mimi

    hi i love u much nichol

  • Amanda G

    I just feel bad for Nicole. She does look pretty, but she is unheathily thin. Your body can only go so low, and after it hits that point, it’s very hard to get yourself below your natural weight range.

  • katie

    I was 18 and 78lbs.That was 30 years ago when I knew nothing about eating problems.I tried and tried to gain weight.Now I am over 50 years old and overweight.I eat hardly anything at all as Iam tube feed,I wa born a very tiny baby and my esphogas doesn’t work anymore.So sometimes believe it or not,people can’t help it.

  • Lindsay

    I think that Nicole looks great. She lost weight gradually, so it was probably healthy weight loss. Anorexics will lose that much weight in a couple of weeks!. She has a lot of stress with everybody accusing her of being anorexic. I am sympathetic because I am a 13 year old who has been accused of an ed many times, even though I’m naturally thin. A healthy weight can be different, even for 2 people of the same height. For ex, my friend is 5’1″ and 100lbs. That’s her healthy weight. I’m 5’2″ and 80 lbs. My doctor says that’s healthy for me.

  • Lindsay

    Maybe the media stress and accusations of being anorexic are part of the reason why Nicole lost weight. I personally find it is hard to eat when under pressure. The media is very fastidious. When people are overweight, they tell em’ to lose some lbs. When the celeb does that, they’re accused of being anorexic. This is why I’m glad I’m only famous in the national spelling bee. Nicole’s life must suck now.

  • nicole can do anything she wants you should not judge people about what there doing or what there going to do but i gess u can speak ur mind if u want. i bet you guys did things bad or what ur going to do so think about that before u say something?! I KNOW I’V DONE THINGS BAD ha ha

    p.s pairs i gess ur ok nicole ur hot

  • bec

    poor girl, but shes getting better now!!!

  • treasure

    oh my god! about weight again? Stop it guys! people could be healthily fat and healthily skinny! I’m 5’4, 95 lbs, 38 years old. yes, you may well think that I’m sick, anorexic…. but I’m not! and strangely, I don’t even look that skinny like Nicole in the picture. I eat 3 meals a day, have great appetite for most of the food, especially fried stuff and ice cream. I do 8 hours of sports every week, and have a full time job as a marketing manager. I take medical check every year, and all my health indexes are healthy, apart from weight. I guess it is time to re-define what the healthy bmi or whatever weight/height ratios are.

  • Starlight*