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Philly Film Fest – Day Two: Is Slevin a Real Name?

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Ran into Scott Weinberg and Eugene Novikov at the District 13 screening tonight. It was just as I remembered it, though the first half has a lot more “wow” factor than the second half. I also didn’t realize, the first time I saw it, that David Belle is one of the leads. This is significant because (now I know) David Belle is the Tony Hawk of parkour, the sport featured in the film’s blistering opening chase.

Eugene and I stuck around for Lucky Number Slevin while Scott went off to see Feed. Scott has a far stronger stomach than either of us. I mention this because the Travis Crawford, the curator of the Danger After Dark series (all the shoot-em-up and/or splatter at the fest) threw up the first time he saw Feed. I’m guessing Scott will be just fine.

Anyhoo, Slevin is a decent crime flick, which starts off all giggles and body count and ends more with the body count and not so much with the giggles. The cast is impressive, with Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci, Robert Forster, Bruce Willis, and some newcomers turning in solid support, though I think Sir Ben Kingsley has the most fun with his role as one half of an endless criminal cold war with Freeman.

The real, well, I won’t quite call it a revelation so much as a vote of confidence, is Josh Hartnett, who proved to me that maybe, just maybe, he can pull off the lead in the upcoming The Black Dahlia .

Tomorrow: Cuba Gooding Jr. returns to Indiewood.

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