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Philly Film Fest, Day One: The State Does The Ten

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The 2007 Philadelphia Film Festival got off to an absurdist start with The Ten, named after the Ten Commandments made famous by that TV series by Kieslowski. Paul Rudd is our guide through ten short segments each based on one of the commandments. If The State made a movie about the Ten Commandments, it would probably look like this. In fact, it basically is The State making a movie about the Ten Commandments since David Wain is directing after co-writing it with Ken Marino, and several State members appear.

Although its sense of humor is very similar, The Ten, unfortunately, is not as consistently funny as The State (well, the small amount of The State that I've seen). Some of the skits are hilarious, others are "I see your point as to why that would be funny" as opposed to funny funny. Still, you have to respect a film that casts Winona Ryder in the "Thou Shall Not Steal" segment. In total, about four out of ten commandments stick the landing, especially "Thou Shall Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain."

David Wain, Paul Rudd, and producer Jonathan Stern were consistently funny in their Q&A, claiming they stole the idea from Kieslowski and shot the film in 11 days. When asked about the possibility of a State movie, Wain said he'd love to but it would be a "logistical nightmare." Paul Rudd talked about how weird it was to act with a guy wearing a William Shatner mask when asked about his first role in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers.


David Wain, Paul Rudd and Jonathan Stern.

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