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Phil Simms – World’s best TV football analyst

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Phil Simms, CBS Sports’ top pro football analyst, has a new book out.

I just ordered it ($16.97 at amazon).

Simms, who works with play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz, has become my favorite NFL commentator.

He’s insightful, smart, funny as heck, and has a really pleasant voice, which he improved in the off-season by losing some of his native Kentucky (he attended Morehead State) twang.

My next favorite broadcast team is Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth, and Troy Aikman on Fox.

They’re followed by Joe Theisman, Paul McGuire, and Mike Patrick on ESPN.

John Madden and Al Michaels on ABC?

Fourth place.

Madden’s gotten kind of annoying, his folksy manner no longer wearing so well, over the years.

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  • bhw

    I love Phil! And he has done more than lose his accent. He used to say stuff like, “Look at dat right dere.”

    But what happened to Greg Gumbel?

  • Joe Theisman, Paul McGuire, and Mike Patrick are the most annoying announce team in the NFL. They are from the Bob Costas school of broadcasting. They overdramaticize everything with their “important storylines” and they kill me with the pummeling of pandering statements they make about individual players for the whole game. For example, if I ever hear them talk about Ray Lewis ever again, my head might explode. How many times in a game do you need a crew to tell you someone is good? We are all watching the same game right?

    Simms is good though.

  • I would agree that Phil Simms in becomeing easily the best football announcer in the game today!

    Besides the fact that he was one of the best QB’s the Gaints ever had!

  • Ron S.

    I like Phil Simms too, it makes a difference when the guy speaking has already proven himself through his actions, in my opnion. I never noticed his Eastern accent but I always thought he had a little trouble with his “l’s”, which was no big deal – so does Tom Brokaw. And yeah, I forgot about Greg Gumble, is he not broadcasting anywhere? To me, Paul McGuire is THEE absolute WORST, bar none.

  • Jill

    I went to the book signing and met Phil Simms….a dream come true! He was so nice, took the time to talk to each one of us and posed for pictures. He’s a true athlete that appreciates his fans. It was a pleasure meeting him and I hope meet him again.

  • Moose

    I couln’t disagree more. Simms seems uninformed, ill-prepared. He makes a large list of statistical, grammatical and factual mistakes throughout a broadcast that he never corrects. His analysis seems bland and panders to a very general audience, without any real insite into the schematics behind a play.

    Aside from his intellect, his voice and drawl impair his sound, and his speech patterns border annyoning.

    Living in an area where your local team is a leading AFC competitor, its actually disappointing to keep getting assigned the CBS permiere team.

  • I think Simms has gotten better and better over the years, much like the course of his quarterbacking career. He tend toward the bland from time-to-time, but overall he’s among the best.

    My favorite team at present is Madden/Michaels at MNF. Madden is a love or hate kind of personality, but I’ve always found him great. He has passion, the knowledge of a great coach, and a knack for adding entertaining comments where appropriate. I actually think he’s cleaned up his act a bit for a national audience after the last several years of his teaming with Summerall, which got a little sloppy at times.

    Monday Night Football feels like “MNF” again with Madden and Michaels in the booth.

    McGuire is the worst of the worst: boorish, annoying, irritating.

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • Fabulous

    I really like Chris Collinsworth about the best. When he played for the Bengals, he seemed like a big, goofy guy that was always joking around– not entirely unlikeable, necessarily. But as a commentator, he is, in my opinion, one of the best around. He doesn’t resort to some of the kind of statements Madden and some of the others make, such as “He’s thinkin’ I better get over there and knock that guy’s block off.” I personally hate that when the sportscaster is talking about what some guy is thinking. How do they know?!? They should stick to what they know.

    And that’s what I enjoy about Collinsworth– he’s just meat and potatoes, insightful comments. And now, paired with Troy Aikman (who’s become a fine commentator in his own right,) you’ve got a really strong team.

    Next, I think I like Greg Gumbel, as well. Madden’s fun for goofiness, and just the likeability factor, and I think Al Michaels does a pretty good job as well. I think Summerall, in his heyday, was really great. And in my book, Phil Simms is also excellent. I even like his friendly southern drawl. Heck, what’s wrong with that?

    If you want to knock some guys, how about Dennis Miller on MNF? The guy (who I ordinarily like,) was always making some esoteric reference to Chaucer, or God knows what else. I think I’m a reasonable well-read and intellegent guy, but I didn’t get where he was going at all!

    But hey, in the end, it’s just sports, and it’s meant to be lighthearted FUN. So can we forgive some guys for not being perfect? It just adds to the entertainment.

  • frank cole

    Thiesman on Ricky Williams

    Recently, Joe blasted the CFL Argos for signing the drug user called Williams.

    I say Joe is right on all counts and back him fully. Everyone knows that Williams is a problem child and that the only reason he went back to Miami is because he had to pay off the 8 mill signing bonus.

  • Merckens

    Disagree. Simms, of course, must have a tremendous wealth of knowledge; I wish he would share it with us. I learn nothing from his broadcasts, as with most NFL broadcast teams. It’s mostly just idle talk about the stars in the game.

  • Smith

    I like watching my hometown team-the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! In my book they are the greatest!!, but when I listen to Phil call a game-I would think that they were less!! I thought that commentating a sports event was all that you did-Opinions-after opinons is what I hear! The old saying goes-Opions are like a——s! Everybody has got one!!! Just call the game and keep your comments to yourself!!

  • Mog

    Simms sucks, and I hope he dies a horrible death.

  • parker805

    Moose has got it right. Simms has to be the worse commentator out there. He constantly makes moronic statements and back peddles moments later when he is proved wrong. He is very biased and I seriously cannot understand why anyone would want to listen to his blabber. I dread any game when he is announcing.

  • eli

    My 2 cents is that phil simms is horrible i seriously hope this man gets aids or cancer and is raped and murdered i can not stand him. When hes commentating on the colts especially! all he does is talk about how he cant wait to give peyton manning head after the game and how great the colts are. I feel bad for anybodys team that phil doesnt like because he blabs about the other team for the game. It has gotten to the point where i just push mute on my tv.

  • Brew

    Phil Simms sucks as an announcer. Here’s what I’ve learned from that knuckle head. New England is the greatest. The quarterback always wins the game and is really the ONLY player on the field. He screams like he’s on the line of scrimage and no one can him. He sucks, he’s loud and he sucks.

  • The game

    Phil Simms is a terrible announcer. His voice is annoying and is boring to listen to.

  • The Game

    The best thing CBS could do is get rid of him and get a diffrent announcer. Can anybody be more brutal?

  • skiman

    Why does cbs employ such a moron? I agree with many other bloggers that phil simms is quite biased in his commentary and if cbs wants to keep nfl viewers, they’ll fire phil simms. If by some unknow act of god phil does not get fired, I promise to track all of phil simms biased ignormaic comments, post the weekly results on line and optimize the website so that it generates more unique visitor traffic than cbs.com. Anyone else want to join in the fun for 2009; just let me know and we all can cohesively rid the nfl of one of the worst commentators ever, phil simms.

  • luke

    Phil simms is an ass. He’s probably the worst analyst on TV.

  • sue

    Well, I guess he just showed his true side. Displayed amazingly sarcastic impatience with Nantz about the incomplete pass/fumble call (Jets/Chargers playoffs). Nantz kept his mouth shut until Simms must have realized how he sounded! Give ’em enough rope, etc.

  • Phil Simmses

    Can someone put me out of my misery?

  • Mike

    Funny? Pleasant voice? Phil Simms is absolutely the worst broadcaster I have ever heard. He just keeps on talking and doesn’t know when to shut up. And has such a condescending tone. CBS, please FIRE this guy!!!!

  • I tell ya Jim….

    I personally can not stand this man. He constantly has to say “I tell ya Jim” like Jim Nance has forgotten his first name. Phil Simms has the most annoying voice. “Everytime” he speaks I cringe. Troy Aikman is the second worst. Talk about two guys that never shut. I personally think Phil Simms gets paid by the word…..

  • Me

    Simms style is no worse than most in my opinion, but his bias is ridiculous. As a Steelers fan I unfortunately have to listen to this jerk a lot. Every iffy call is always “right on the money” when it’s against the Steelers, but “Oh, I don’t know, Jim, I don’t think you can make that call” when it benefits the Steelers. Same was true of Madden, every close call in the Steelers favor and Madden would go on and on about how close it was.

  • Boolsheet

    I’d rather hear a retarded ape with Nantz

  • Tait

    I’ve never liked Simms. God forbid Jim Nantz disagree with him, he’s right about everything. Much of the time Nantz is just doing his job and Simms will argue with him. He’s better this year than in past years but that’s probably because the producer told him to shape up or they would ship him out. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are the best.

  • Tom

    Phil Simms SUCKS! I’m watching the packers and Broncos play and all he does is talk about Aaron Rodgers. I mean he sounds like he wants to smell his jock and have sex with the guy. Phil, in this case Aaron is a guy. You sick sick dude.

  • paul

    Phil simms has never said anything enlightening while broadcasting. I really just don’t get it.

  • witchduck

    Simms is the worst. I’m a pats fan and he is in love with them and I still can’t stand him. He never shuts up and allows a fan to watch the game. I agree, I cringe every time he speaks and cheer when my game doesn’t have him in the booth.